What is the Matrix?
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On Saturday 28 March 2015 we propose to remember the 16th anniversary of the theatrical release of The Matrix (31 March 1999), the film that kicked off our passion, with another Synchronised Viewing. The Viewing would be accompanied by discussing the film, Matrix Community matters and lots of other topics under the sun in our IRC channel #dotr. Especially exciting was the fact that several of our "lost" members could rejoin us after discovering messages in unused secret letterboxes or hearing the news about the event on the grapevine ...

See the raw transcript of our Matrix Reloaded Anniversary Synchronised Viewing . A final, easier to read version will be released soon! See also the final transcript of the fun-packed Synchronised Viewing on occasion of the 15th anniversary of The Matrix

The Matrix Community has now a new Message Board after the last one got destroyed by hackers! Get your leather, latex and shades on and PLUG IN!

A NEWS BLOG is also available to members of our Community to read and contribute, if they feel like taking a shift ...

If you would like to become contributors to the blog, just drop an e-mail to the Architect. Subscription for reading and following can be done without it. But if you wish to write, let us know to give you contributor status.

We also would love to point former tmc members to a new community in seeds: Allthatscifi.com, where Science Fiction lovers can get their noodle baked

On February 6th 2015 the new film by the Wachowski siblings - Jupiter Ascending - will FINALLY see its theatrical release in the US and hopefully only a few days later everywhere else. Look out for it at your local cinemas! Watch the second HD trailer!

There are consistent rumours out there about the Wachowskis preparing a PREQUEL Trilogy to The Matrix, which should find us all regathered and ready for fresh mental brain flexing!

We have added a Community page to FACEBOOK in order to recruit young rebels and to rejoin the scattered ones from the several diasporas. And as of today (12th July 14) there is also a facebook TMC group as per suggestion by Kira Scurro. Please fave it to give our Community a hub and plug within those social media in order to get people over here! Our new Facebook Hub

These are exciting times! Come and free your mind ... especially from social sharing sites that steel your data and keep you plugged in!

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