Third Annual Anniversary Chat [#dotr] - March 29, 2002

[21:40] <furiosity> MARK
[21:40] <furiosity> push play, peeps
[21:40] <furiosity> :)
[21:40] * furiosity sings 'just push play'
[21:40] <aks1> push?
[21:40] <aks1> push now?
[21:40] <Oneiroman> NOW!!!!!!!!
[21:40] <Nerje> lol
[21:40] <furiosity> yes now
[21:40] <aks1> now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:40] <aks1> lol
[21:40] <Nerje> now when are we pressing play?
[21:40] <furiosity> wheeee
[21:40] <aks1>
[21:40] <furiosity> LMAO
[21:40] <Oneiroman> fucking yesterday ax!!!!!!!
[21:40] <aks1> lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lololol
[21:40] <Peock> how bout everyone stop at the code at the begging
[21:40] <Oneiroman> yeah, I love watchin' 'im
[21:40] <aks1> SHAD UP! one
[21:40] <furiosity> ok
[21:40] *** Random1 has quit IRC
[21:40] <furiosity> bye Random
[21:40] <aks1> begging?
[21:40] <aks1> lol
[21:40] <Nerje> is everything in place?
[21:41] <Oneiroman> Random quit, lol
[21:41] <furiosity> beginning
[21:41] *** Random1 has joined #dotr
[21:41] <Nerje> wb
[21:41] <furiosity> hi Random
[21:41] <furiosity> where is everyone?
[21:41] <Hal6K> Welcome back!
[21:41] *** Mutuki has joined #dotr
[21:41] <Random1> wierd!
[21:41] <aks1> i'm at the wavy green WB sign
[21:41] <Peock> ok when are we starting
[21:41] <furiosity> hi Mutuki!
[21:41] <Nerje> I'm here
[21:41] <Oneiroman> hey Mutuki.....
[21:41] <aks1> hello Mutuki
[21:41] <Nerje> have we started?
[21:41] <Oneiroman> NOW!!!!!!!!
[21:41] <furiosity> we were supposed to start a minute ago
[21:41] <furiosity> so start NOW
[21:41] <Mutuki> hey
[21:41] <Oneiroman> DAMMIT!!!!
[21:41] <Rainbows> lol
[21:41] <aks1> now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!
[21:41] <Nerje> I'm at the lobby scene
[21:41] <Hal6K> Hi Mutuki
[21:41] <furiosity> lol
[21:41] <Oneiroman> lmao
[21:41] <Peock> im at the opening code
[21:41] <aks1> code...streaming...
[21:41] <furiosity> I forgot how annoying the beiginnings are
[21:41] <furiosity> opening code people
[21:41] <furiosity> let's go
[21:41] <furiosity> move it
[21:41] <Oneiroman> trin's about to whup up over here........
[21:41] <Rainbows> i'll already at do it, do it now..
[21:41] <aks1> ringing....
[21:42] <aks1> its my date!
[21:42] <Oneiroman> are we starting again??????
[21:42] <Random1> "I know kung fu" scene here
[21:42] <furiosity> jeez, lol
[21:42] <aks1> lol
[21:42] <furiosity> LMAO
[21:42] <aks1> what???
[21:42] <Oneiroman> helicopter just hit a building....what?
[21:42] <furiosity> ok seriously is everyone set?
[21:42] <aks1> your waaayyy to far in the future Random!
[21:42] <Peock> Morph believes hes the one
[21:42] <Oneiroman> wait!!!!!!
[21:42] <Mutuki> neo knows not kung fu but overbalancing
[21:42] <Random1> just kidding LOL
[21:42] <Oneiroman> are we starting over???????
[21:42] <Nerje> yep thats where I am Peock
[21:42] <aks1> Neo Fly's!
[21:42] <aks1> Great movie guys..
[21:42] <Oneiroman> I don't want you bein' pissed for me being ahead again!!!!!
[21:42] <Oneiroman> lol
[21:42] <aks1> see you later!
[21:42] <aks1> lol
[21:42] <NeoThe1> this sucks
[21:42] <Oneiroman> lmao
[21:42] <Peock> into the 0
[21:42] <aks1> hehehehehehehhehheheee
[21:42] <Oneiroman> hahahahahaha
[21:42] <aks1> lmao...
[21:42] <Oneiroman> No.
[21:42] <Rainbows> youre all crazy
[21:42] <Oneiroman> kick the pigs ass!!!!
[21:43] <furiosity> lol
[21:43] <Peock> i wonder what will heppen to the poliece>?
[21:43] <aks1> cops sneaking in the halls...
[21:43] <Rainbows> crazy crazy crazy
[21:43] <aks1> guns drawn.
[21:43] *** s-shh has quit IRC
[21:43] <Oneiroman> shoot 'em, shoot 'em dead!
[21:43] <aks1> BAm!
[21:43] <Inity> Mutuki hi ;) we already started the movie... rush to sync with us ;)
[21:43] <furiosity> he gave up
[21:43] <Nerje> Kicking open the door.... now.
[21:43] <Peock> bang
[21:43] <Oneiroman> lol
[21:43] <Peock> freeze
[21:43] <furiosity> police
[21:43] <Nerje> DO IT! DO IT NOW!
[21:43] <Peock> damn shes hot
[21:43] <furiosity> hands on your head
[21:43] <aks1> Agents! beware
[21:43] <Oneiroman> fuck.......I'm ahead......
[21:43] <NeoThe1> whatever. im outta here. this sucks.
[21:43] <Nerje> haha
[21:43] <Nerje> I was too
[21:43] <furiosity> no, ONe, you're an asshole
[21:43] <aks1> Inity's peeople are here...
[21:43] <furiosity> pee-pole
[21:43] <Inity> I'm jut llittle aghead...
[21:43] <Nerje> bye Neo!
[21:43] <furiosity> bye NeoThe1!
[21:43] <Oneiroman> later neo!
[21:43] <Nerje> juris my coction
[21:43] <aks1> Take care Neo
[21:43] <Rainbows> hmmm, they're jumping rooves here
[21:44] <NeoThe1> yeah bye :) i vgot work to do, have fun
[21:44] <Oneiroman> will do!
[21:44] <Peock> shes not a girl
[21:44] <aks1> .....ass...
[21:44] <Hal6K> So long Neo
[21:44] <Rainbows> bye nt1
[21:44] *** NeoThe1 has left #dotr
[21:44] <aks1> Hubby is missing his best part...
[21:44] <furiosity> phew
[21:44] <Oneiroman> lmao
[21:44] <Inity> computer freezes. Why I installed divX 5, it's so slow ;( ;)
[21:44] <Hal6K> lol
[21:44] <aks1> Kick Ass Trin!
[21:44] <Nerje> no leiut. your men are already dead
[21:44] <furiosity> "shit"
[21:44] <Oneiroman> we got rooves!!!!!
[21:44] <Nerje> shit
[21:44] <Oneiroman> lemme know when she makes the big jump, k?
[21:44] <Peock> damn trins good
[21:44] <Nerje> you're way ahead
[21:44] <aks1> ........
[21:44] <Nerje> there's no time
[21:44] <Mutuki> random running
[21:44] <Nerje> you have to focus
[21:44] <aks1> go!
[21:44] <Peock> are there any agetnts?
[21:45] <Peock> you can make it
[21:45] <aks1> running....
[21:45] <Nerje> yep almost exactls aks yay!
[21:45] <furiosity> GO
[21:45] <Mutuki> carrie anne is the only one who can do martial arts properly
[21:45] <Oneiroman> thanks Trin :)
[21:45] <Inity> Hmm... I think I';m ahead then too
[21:45] <aks1> roof running...
[21:45] <Rainbows> i'm at the rubbish truck
[21:45] <Peock> good music here
[21:45] <Rainbows> :/
[21:45] <furiosity> One that wasn't the big jump
[21:45] <Rainbows> and ringing phone
[21:45] <Oneiroman> oh, lol
[21:45] <aks1> "Catch me if you can"....neener neener neener
[21:45] <furiosity> that was what I was hearing onscreen
[21:45] <Random1> roof running...
[21:45] <Oneiroman> shitty
[21:45] <aks1> lol
[21:45] <aks1> Ever see a Roof Run?
[21:45] <aks1> Its quite interesting...
[21:45] <Peock> big jump NOW!
[21:45] <Nerje> big jump... NOW
[21:45] <Nerje> agent jump... NOW
[21:46] <Hal6K> Big jump now
[21:46] <furiosity> nownow
[21:46] <Oneiroman> ever see someone jump through a window?
[21:46] <Oneiroman> lol
[21:46] <Random1> big jump
[21:46] <Peock> thats impossible
[21:46] <Nerje> yeah
[21:46] <Nerje> me many time
[21:46] <aks1> If you free your mind....EVERYTHING is possible...
[21:46] <Mutuki> random truck
[21:46] <aks1> closed minded cops...
[21:46] <Inity> possible, possible :)
[21:46] <Oneiroman> let me know when she jumps through the window, lmao
[21:46] <Peock> i love LOve LOVE trinity
[21:46] <Random1> I have, but on my way out, not in LOL
[21:46] <Nerje> if you ingest alcohol
[21:46] <furiosity> lol
[21:46] <Mutuki> only female character
[21:46] <Nerje> just then lol
[21:46] <Rainbows> am i already on an ad break!?!?
[21:46] <Inity> Why didn't they destroy phone booth a minute later :)
[21:46] <Peock> i have had the same Q
[21:46] <furiosity> ad break?
[21:46] <Inity> playing cat and mice with rebels isn't best game :)
[21:46] <aks1> Off subject...but did you see CAM in the movie Chocolate?
[21:46] <Mutuki> runnng
[21:46] <Peock> maybe they wanted to see if it was the correct phone
[21:46] <Nerje> truck in phone booth.... NOW
[21:46] <Rainbows> i'm watching a tv movie copy trin
[21:47] <Rainbows> complete with ads
[21:47] <Oneiroman> lmao
[21:47] <Oneiroman> lucky girl ;)
[21:47] <aks1> What a big difference from this role and even the one in Red Planet...
[21:47] <Rainbows> had to fstforward
[21:47] <furiosity> oh right rainy
[21:47] <furiosity> I forgot
[21:47] <Peock> oh, no ... did she make it?
[21:47] <furiosity> sowwy :)
[21:47] <Random1> crash
[21:47] * Inity watches MPEG-4 in english...
[21:47] <Rainbows> yep, we did chocolat in english aks
[21:47] <Rainbows> thats k :P
[21:47] <Hal6K> I thought she was really good in Chocolat, aks.
[21:47] <Mutuki> Hi inity
[21:47] <aks1> That was such a great movie....
[21:47] <Nerje> haha we did Two Hands in English
[21:47] <aks1> Hey Hal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:47] <Mutuki> inity show them who's the daddy of the matrix
[21:47] <Rainbows> yeah, and johnny dep was the best part
[21:47] <aks1> Search has begun...
[21:47] <Hal6K> Hey aks!!!!!!!!!! lol
[21:47] <Nerje> Search
[21:47] <Mutuki> agentsare good. not evil
[21:47] <Nerje> AN NAHAR!
[21:47] <Random1> what is a Metuki?
[21:47] <Peock> into the phone
[21:47] <aks1> That poor phone booth, it never knew what hit it...
[21:48] <Peock> lol
[21:48] <Inity> Heh, it can't be proven easily :)
[21:48] <Oneiroman> hehe
[21:48] <Peock> i have heard people say this song is good, personally i don't think so
[21:48] <Mutuki> what that the phone bothe is poor?
[21:48] <furiosity> I like it
[21:48] <Hal6K> I looove this song!
[21:48] <furiosity> A lot
[21:48] <furiosity> it's one of my favs, actually
[21:48] <furiosity> it grows on you
[21:48] <Oneiroman> I like it too.
[21:48] <Rainbows> you don't exist...
[21:48] <Nerje> "Hey Tony, didja hear poor bob got hit by a truck?"
[21:48] <furiosity> I hated it at first, too
[21:48] <Hal6K> I bought mezzanine just to have this song!
[21:48] <aks1> brb....egg check...I never know when to stop boiling them. I usually wait till I see alot of cracks in them...
[21:48] <Peock> we all have our seperate tastes
[21:48] <Oneiroman> you got something growing on you?
[21:48] <Oneiroman> ewwwwww
[21:48] <Mutuki> wake up neo
[21:48] <Inity> Mutuki is new friend of mine ;) author of "the Poorly Rendered matrix" site as well... from UK
[21:48] <Peock> the matrix has you
[21:48] <Peock> .
[21:48] <Peock> .
[21:48] <Peock> .
[21:48] <Inity> haven't joined the forum yet :)
[21:49] <Mutuki> no it has you
[21:49] <furiosity> Agent Mutuki, pleased to meetcha!
[21:49] <Rainbows> and it has you too
[21:49] <furiosity> :P
[21:49] <Rainbows> :P
[21:49] <Nerje> KNOCK KNOCK
[21:49] <Oneiroman> the matrix can bite me.
[21:49] <Mutuki> thanx
[21:49] <Hal6K> Yes, welcome Mutuki!
[21:49] <Mutuki> lol
[21:49] <Random1> Sorry, I know what a Menuki is, but not a Mutuki.
[21:49] <Nerje> I'll bite you
[21:49] <Inity> :)
[21:49] <Oneiroman> no Nerje.
[21:49] <Oneiroman> ;P
[21:49] <furiosity> Vel is late
[21:49] <Rainbows> yeah, one will like that
[21:49] <Peock> look at the book title when Neo puts the cash
[21:49] <furiosity> Simulacra and Simulatoin
[21:49] <Rainbows> i bet vel will come like, three mibutes before it ends
[21:49] <Oneiroman> screw that, look at Dejour, *growl*
[21:49] <Oneiroman> :)
[21:49] <Rainbows> minutes
[21:49] <Hal6K> Her fault.. Christianity at it's finest!
[21:49] <furiosity> probably
[21:49] <Nerje> "Spot goes to the park" by Jean Baudrillard
[21:49] <Peock> Djour is considerably hot
[21:49] * Inity thinks of bringing some coffee... otherwise I don't know if I'm sleeping or in real...
[21:49] <Random1> Hey, my room is a mess too!!! LOL
[21:50] <Inity> My room is worse :))
[21:50] <furiosity> DuJour is cool
[21:50] <Random1> but I don't have a book fulla cash...
[21:50] <Oneiroman> Du even
[21:50] * furiosity neither
[21:50] <Mutuki> djour is so burmese!!!!!
[21:50] <Peock> lol
[21:50] <Oneiroman> lol
[21:50] <furiosity> lol
[21:50] <Mutuki> one fit burmese bird there!!!!
[21:50] <Oneiroman> I'm burmese :)
[21:50] <Peock> itll be fun
[21:50] <Nerje> see the chick with the jewels on the left?
[21:50] <furiosity> I'm from Tibet
[21:50] <Nerje> I know her
[21:50] <furiosity> what about her Nerj?
[21:50] <furiosity> oh yea, you told me agbout that
[21:50] <furiosity> a while back
[21:50] <Nerje> she went to my school last year
[21:50] <Mutuki> really burmese?
[21:51] <furiosity> Nerje --> how is your name pronounced?
[21:51] <Oneiroman> a little....
[21:51] <Random1> Yes, really!
[21:51] <Peock> oh boy, trinity again!
[21:51] <Nerje> also, DuJour is in home and away and a heap of kids from that show go to our school
[21:51] <Nerje> NAIR - JAY
[21:51] <Mutuki> Narsus says hi - co creator of poorly rendered
[21:51] <Nerje> NAIR like HAIR
[21:51] <Nerje> or BEAR
[21:51] <furiosity> Like the HAIR removal lotion, gotcha
[21:51] <furiosity> ;p
[21:51] <aks1> ....still brb'ing....I've got to setup the food coloring for my Niece to Decorate Eggs...
[21:51] <Inity> while first watching te movie I thought DuJour is Trinity :)
[21:51] <Peock> music is very good here
[21:51] <Oneiroman> like Nair, the hair remover?
[21:51] <Random1> I prefer NIRGE
[21:51] <Oneiroman> lol
[21:51] <Peock> mindfields by prodigy
[21:51] <Nerje> nirje lol
[21:52] <Hal6K> most guys do hahahaha
[21:52] <Random1> AND I PREFER NERDJE
[21:52] <furiosity> Dragula/Mindfields very nice combo
[21:52] <aks1> My Father just came out, and he's like "ooh The Matrix, haven't seen that in awhile"...
[21:52] <Nerje> I am a Nerd, Jay
[21:52] <Peock> TTRIN i AGREE!
[21:52] <Mutuki> prodigy n manson roxx!
[21:52] <Inity> "I thought you were a guy... - This was long ago too" :)
[21:52] <aks1> and I told him there are 8 of us here chatting & watching it at the same time and he's all "really, wow thats neat"...
[21:52] <furiosity> I like how it merges the songs
[21:52] <Nerje> lol
[21:52] <Peock> its the Q that drives us
[21:52] <furiosity> I know why you're here Neo.. priceless line
[21:52] <furiosity> just fuckin' priceless
[21:52] <furiosity> nothin like it
[21:52] <aks1> Its looking for the Answer that drives us...
[21:52] <Oneiroman> to pick up girls?
[21:52] <Nerje> beep beep beep
[21:52] <Peock> intergration of alarm and music is comming
[21:53] <Nerje> cortechs yay
[21:53] <Mutuki> yes wake up!
[21:53] <Peock> wash
[21:53] <Peock> wash
[21:53] <furiosity> squeak squeak
[21:53] <Peock> listen to this scenee
[21:53] <Nerje> obviously you're a knob
[21:53] <Mutuki> problem with authority!
[21:53] <Oneiroman> hehe
[21:53] <Peock> rules do not alpply to you
[21:53] <Nerje> and employee has a problem, they sue and we pay them lots of money
[21:53] <Hal6K> That's some of the greatest sound work in the movie, the alarm and the squeegees.
[21:53] <Peock> sounds familer
[21:53] <Oneiroman> time to make a choice....
[21:53] * Inity yawns.... fortunately i don't have to go to work today... or I;d be like Neo :)
[21:53] <Rainbows> ou know it took me ages to work out what peeps meant by the squidgee sound//
[21:53] <Rainbows> sound.. evem
[21:53] <Nerje> find another job, Neo! Do it! DO IT NOW!
[21:53] <Mutuki> Yes his name is mr anderson . not neo!
[21:54] <Mutuki> LOLOLOL
[21:54] <Peock> OH BOY
[21:54] <Peock> the hand is comming for YOU
[21:54] <furiosity> LOL Peock
[21:54] <Mutuki> what twat calls himself neo?
[21:54] <Nerje> aaaaaaaaaaaaagh
[21:54] <Random1> oh no....THE HAND!!!
[21:54] * furiosity doesn't have the hand... DVD
[21:54] <Hal6K> Lol Mutuki!
[21:54] <Nerje> watch out Neo it's a bom- phone! The radiation will give you cancer!
[21:54] <Oneiroman> lol
[21:54] <Random1> DVD here too, but I can IMAGINE!!!
[21:54] <Mutuki> SHIT its a phone! it Rings!!!!
[21:54] <Oneiroman> it talks!
[21:54] <Peock> hello
[21:54] <Rainbows> they edited the hand out of the tv version too
[21:54] <Random1> it cooks!
[21:54] <Nerje> talking phone! NOOOOO!
[21:54] <furiosity> good for them
[21:54] <Oneiroman> it's cuts!
[21:54] <Mutuki> do you know who this is - no!
[21:54] <furiosity> Have a nice day, motherfucker
[21:54] <Oneiroman> it even
[21:54] <Random1> it slices!
[21:55] <furiosity> I thought that would be a nice touch
[21:55] <Oneiroman> it dices!
[21:55] <Nerje> stand up, slowly, and take off your pants.
[21:55] <furiosity> lol
[21:55] <Oneiroman> it even does the dishes!
[21:55] <Peock> ok
[21:55] <Nerje> haha
[21:55] <Rainbows> it gnooms too
[21:55] <Mutuki> nice phone ill have it. now piss off
[21:55] <Random1> now for a limited time only...
[21:55] <Peock> slowly
[21:55] <Peock> the elev
[21:55] <Oneiroman> it's a gnoomer, lol
[21:55] <Peock> look who it is
[21:55] <Mutuki> agents kick ass!!!!!!!!
[21:55] <Oneiroman> agents suck ass.
[21:55] <Peock> and get there asses kicke
[21:55] <Nerje> run into a cops' legs
[21:55] <Rainbows> the only ringing, talking, slicing, cutting, gnooming phone ever to be invented yeah..
[21:55] <Peock> d
[21:55] <Random1> Agents can't dress.
[21:55] <Hal6K> Gnoomer lol
[21:55] <furiosity> agents explode into lots of green bits
[21:55] <Rainbows> brought to you by the hand
[21:55] <Peock> lol
[21:55] <Peock> lol
[21:55] <furiosity> lmao
[21:55] <Peock> i wonder what will happen...
[21:56] <furiosity> The Hand on the Briefcase (TM)
[21:56] <Random1> if
[21:56] <Mutuki> agents kick neos ass
[21:56] <Mutuki> samsonite
[21:56] <Random1> when?
[21:56] <Nerje> no they dont
[21:56] <Peock> nad neo kikckes there asses
[21:56] <furiosity> yep
[21:56] <furiosity> that's the ticket
[21:56] <Nerje> jump out the building. I'll catch you at the bottom
[21:56] <Peock> lol
[21:56] <furiosity> lol
[21:56] <Random1> Peock needs a spellcheck LOL!!!
[21:56] <Oneiroman> now jump!
[21:56] <Oneiroman> lol
[21:56] <Mutuki> who is this wiedo running behnd my back?
[21:56] <Rainbows> oh it really is ads now, hang on have to fastforward
[21:56] <Nerje> don't worry, I'm secretly a trampoline
[21:56] <Random1> or a kickass dictionary
[21:56] <Oneiroman> hehe
[21:56] <furiosity> or a break
[21:56] <Peock> lol
[21:56] <Random1> ;)
[21:56] <furiosity> >:(
[21:57] <furiosity> I'm gonna go for a smoke, be back soon
[21:57] <furiosity> don't destroy the world w/o me
[21:57] <Oneiroman> yeah right!
[21:57] <Random1> :evilgrin
[21:57] <Mutuki> yes look down - thats smart
[21:57] <Peock> long way down
[21:57] <Rainbows> ack, I really had this scene
[21:57] <Oneiroman> don't drop.......the phone.
[21:57] <Mutuki> simon west is such a dick!
[21:57] <Random1> dropping a Nokia 8110i...even smarter.
[21:57] <Rainbows> it's just so...gross...
[21:57] <Peock> slow mow
[21:57] <Nerje> that's a killer phone
[21:57] <Nerje> it could be dangerous in the wrong hands
[21:57] <Rainbows> now if he were dropping an erisson i'd understand..
[21:57] <Random1> you mean WAS
[21:57] <Nerje> or falling from a skyscraper
[21:57] <Hal6K> Poor pedestrians though!
[21:58] <Peock> oh boy trinity!
[21:58] <Random1> LMAO Rainy
[21:58] <Nerje> lands on the trampoline
[21:58] <Peock> this is one of my lesser favorite scenes
[21:58] <Mutuki> yes neo you are a dick!
[21:58] <Random1> she almost looks like she knows how to ride...
[21:58] <Oneiroman> lmao
[21:58] <Rainbows> yeah, 36 year old woman killed by killer phone! more on te news tonight!
[21:58] <Oneiroman> I bet she can ride :)
[21:58] <Peock> lol
[21:58] <Peock> we will ses in reloaded
[21:58] <Mutuki> i taught her how to be riden
[21:58] <Peock> lol
[21:58] <Peock> !
[21:59] <Oneiroman> I bet
[21:59] <Mutuki> I ride her anyday!
[21:59] <Peock> i would
[21:59] <Nerje> good work Mutuki
[21:59] <Nerje> now wake up and change hands
[21:59] <Oneiroman> lmao
[21:59] <Oneiroman> !!!!!!!!
[21:59] <Random1> cold water on Mutuki
[21:59] <Rainbows> lol
[21:59] <Mutuki> sorry!
[21:59] <Hal6K> Watch Hugo Weaving's hands in this scene, it's hilarious!
[21:59] <Peock> yeah
[21:59] <Oneiroman> that's ok, you're not the only horny one here.
[21:59] <Oneiroman> ;)
[21:59] <Random1> My fav, I confess...
[21:59] <Random1> scene that is
[21:59] <Oneiroman> Random you traitor ;)
[21:59] <Mutuki> only female for gods sakes!
[22:00] <Mutuki> humnanity is a virus
[22:00] * Inity is back with coffee
[22:00] <Random1> bring cold water too, Inity LOL
[22:00] <Oneiroman> Couldn't come back with some boones, couldja?
[22:00] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:00] <Mutuki> i give you the fing - cheeky bastard and rude!
[22:00] <Nerje> lol
[22:00] <Nerje> cheeky
[22:00] <Mutuki> no wonder the agents hate him
[22:00] <Peock> finger time!
[22:01] <Peock> what good is a phone call...
[22:01] <Mutuki> there was no reason for him to be so rude
[22:01] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:01] <Mutuki> YOUR MOUTH!!!!
[22:01] <Peock> ahhhh
[22:01] <Peock> !
[22:01] <Nerje> your face is melting
[22:01] <Inity> hm, but they didn't give him the phone call :)
[22:01] <Oneiroman> yeah, I mean, if I got arrested and thrown into the interrogation room, I'd be nice ;)
[22:01] <Peock> whhhmmmmph
[22:01] <Rainbows> yuck this is so gross
[22:01] <Nerje> no more plastic surgery for keanu!
[22:01] <Rainbows> that bug
[22:01] <Mutuki> BRB looking at new fanfic
[22:01] <Rainbows> erk
[22:01] <Peock> ahh
[22:01] <Peock> agg
[22:01] <Mutuki> cool
[22:01] <Random1> Mutuki's never been up against THE MAN LOL
[22:01] <Peock> weather you like it or not
[22:01] <Inity> New fanfic?
[22:01] <Oneiroman> nope Random, lol
[22:01] <Peock> that thing is REAL!
[22:01] <Inity> I want to see it too ;)
[22:01] <Nerje> little spider thing
[22:01] <Nerje> aaaaaaaaaagh
[22:01] <Peock> mmmpph mpph mmmmhjph
[22:02] <Oneiroman> you ok Peock?
[22:02] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:02] <Rainbows> i love this line "i must be brief" and then he talks for like, ten minutes or somethign
[22:02] <Nerje> hurry up TT smoking dont take that long
[22:02] * Inity returns to cofee... oh my the bug. ;(
[22:02] <Nerje> lol
[22:02] <Peock> ring ring ring
[22:02] <Rainbows> do you have a collection of little bugs inity??
[22:02] <Rainbows> :P
[22:02] <Peock> you'd probably be dead
[22:02] <Inity> yes, wear them on the necklace :))
[22:03] <Oneiroman> hehe
[22:03] <Nerje> I want to frolick in the rain with Neo
[22:03] <Oneiroman> dude, you're scarin' me.
[22:03] <Rainbows> lol
[22:03] <Random1> cold water on Nerge
[22:03] <Nerje> lol
[22:03] <Oneiroman> 16 ton acme anvil on Nerje
[22:03] <Peock> for our protection from YOU!
[22:03] <Nerje> that wasn't innuendo but trust you to find it that way
[22:03] <Nerje> :P
[22:03] <Peock> coppertop[!
[22:03] * furiosity is back
[22:03] <Nerje> listen here, komm per tomp
[22:03] <Random1> NErdgay
[22:03] <Oneiroman> wb
[22:03] <Peock> 20 questions,
[22:03] <Hal6K> Welcome back
[22:03] <Inity> I so dislike Switch in this scene...
[22:03] <furiosity> no time for 20 questions
[22:03] <Rainbows> wb tt
[22:04] <Nerje> :P
[22:04] <Peock> that was NEO's 20th Q
[22:04] <furiosity> me too Inity
[22:04] <Hal6K> I like her!
[22:04] <Peock> pretty cool, huh
[22:04] <Hal6K> She's taking care of business!
[22:04] <Random1> DOES ANYONE LIKE SWITCH IN any SCENE? lol!!
[22:04] <furiosity> I like her in general, but not in that scene
[22:04] <Peock> where does the freaken road end?
[22:04] <furiosity> in the sewers...
[22:04] <Inity> in any... may be in "Not like this"... scene.
[22:04] <Oneiroman> Hey Random, '65 lincoln down at the local body shop just got finished, sittin' outside......think I should ad car theft to the list?
[22:04] <Inity> Not sure.
[22:04] <Oneiroman> hehe
[22:04] <Inity> :)
[22:04] <Hal6K> Switch is protecting her team, I think that's cool.
[22:04] <Peock> oh
[22:04] <Nerje> I like Belinda, she's a lovely woman, but I think Switch has a penis
[22:04] <Nerje> very androgynous
[22:04] <Rainbows> this is buggy. buggy says hi. hi buggy. fly buggy. buggy dead
[22:04] <Random1> DO IT....DO IT NOW!!!!
[22:04] <Peock> lol
[22:04] <Rainbows> no more buggy
[22:05] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:05] <Peock> its on the mnove
[22:05] <furiosity> buh-bye, buggy
[22:05] <Mutuki> bill and ted moment
[22:05] <Rainbows> and more ads
[22:05] <Rainbows> :/
[22:05] <Nerje> back seat bondage mmmm
[22:05] <Peock> lol
[22:05] <Mutuki> he likes to swear
[22:05] <Peock> !!!
[22:05] <Random1> Nice one, Nerje!!! LMAO!!!!
[22:05] <furiosity> jesus christ that thing is real
[22:05] <Peock> that things real!
[22:05] <Peock> cool camera
[22:06] <Peock> down the cener of the stairs
[22:06] <Peock> be honest
[22:06] <Nerje> this is it. your entire life culminates in THIS ROOM. Prepare to regain your virgini- oh. Sorry. Keep.
[22:06] <Rainbows> oooh its the mysterious morpheus
[22:06] <Oneiroman> more than you could imagine.
[22:06] <furiosity> more htan you can imagine
[22:06] <Random1> Who invited the Keanu fans??? LOL
[22:06] <Oneiroman> lmao Nerje
[22:06] <aks1> I'm sooo sorry guys...crazy night with the eggs...those with children around the age of 4 know how crazy and demaning they can be...
[22:06] <Inity> :)
[22:06] <Peock> morph is the ippitamy of cool
[22:06] <furiosity> eggs flying all over the place
[22:06] <Nerje> silly eggs
[22:06] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:06] <Nerje> woohoo!
[22:06] <Rainbows> wlecome back aks
[22:06] <furiosity> Morpheus is awesome
[22:06] * Nerje throws an egg at TT
[22:06] <aks1> movie is still going...and I'm still in movie sync with you all...
[22:06] <aks1> lol
[22:06] <Peock> good
[22:06] <aks1> brb....hee hee...
[22:06] <Hal6K> Cool aks!
[22:07] * furiosity dodges egg
[22:07] <Inity> if I were Neo I'd run away from Morpheus being too scared...
[22:07] *** Random1 has quit IRC
[22:07] <Rainbows> sit down! sit down sit down
[22:07] <furiosity> bye random
[22:07] * Oneiroman throws brick at nerje
[22:07] <Nerje> argh
[22:07] <Peock> he looks uncomfortable
[22:07] <Rainbows> nerje?
[22:07] <Oneiroman> hehe
[22:07] * Nerje throws a hotrod off a bridge
[22:07] <Oneiroman> fuck!!!!!!
[22:07] <Peock> CONTROL key word
[22:07] <Nerje> bwa hahahaha
[22:07] * Oneiroman catches it
[22:07] <Peock> spin the pill, spin the pill
[22:07] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:07] * Nerje pushes One
[22:07] * Hal6K throws Suzy the keys
[22:08] * Oneiroman kicks nerje in the head
[22:08] *** Random1 has joined #dotr
[22:08] * Rainbows removes the chinmney
[22:08] <Hal6K> Welcome back
[22:08] * Oneiroman hits rainbows
[22:08] <Rainbows> oh you came back!
[22:08] <Rainbows> lol
[22:08] <Hal6K> ROFL Babyrain!
[22:08] <furiosity> fight, fight, fight
[22:08] <Oneiroman> the matrix is everywhere
[22:08] <furiosity> it is allll around us
[22:08] <Rainbows> one loves me too much to fight
[22:08] <Inity> love this scene indeed....
[22:08] <Rainbows> right?
[22:08] <Hal6K> I love Fishburne's cadence in this scene.
[22:08] * furiosity paid her taxes already
[22:08] * Oneiroman does the tahitian skeleton pull of death on Nerje
[22:08] <Peock> window, TV, WORKchurch, taxes
[22:08] <Mutuki> ctrl-alt-del!
[22:08] <Random1> ouch!
[22:08] <Rainbows> now i'm behind you guys
[22:09] * Nerje perform the Guatemalan death chant and summons a bolt of lightning on One
[22:09] <Mutuki> fishburne is a really silly person in real life. for the worse that is
[22:09] <Random1> watch your backs!!
[22:09] <Nerje> dont take it Neo!! It's a Guatemalan death pill!
[22:09] <Rainbows> Oh I love this part - you are a slave, born into bondage
[22:09] * furiosity waves an ancient druid sceptre over Nerje
[22:09] * furiosity chants "VLAVOTU! VERANATTA! NUTTKTU!"
[22:09] * furiosity waits as nothing happens
[22:09] * furiosity busts the sceptre over Nerje's head. That's GOTTA hurt!
[22:09] <Peock> yeah
[22:09] <Hal6K> I've never met him, have you Mutuki?
[22:09] <Random1> Ignore him.
[22:09] * Oneiroman does the brazilian scissor kick of knocking nerjes fucking head off!
[22:09] <Rainbows> do you think the pill tastes like cinnamon or cherry?
[22:09] <Peock> sunglase time
[22:09] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:09] <Mutuki> take the blue pill!
[22:09] <Inity> why 90% of my mail seems to be Harry Potter forum notifications? I have to think about it... (looks ahead innocently)
[22:10] <Nerje> ouch
[22:10] <furiosity> cherry
[22:10] <Mutuki> he takes the red out of curiosity
[22:10] <Rainbows> one fails at the brazilian scissor kick
[22:10] <Nerje> well I'm stuffed now arent I
[22:10] <Peock> red pill!
[22:10] <Rainbows> at chicago they had cinnamon flavoured gross gross
[22:10] <Rainbows> hot cinnamon
[22:10] <Peock> yesss, i knew he'd choose the right one
[22:10] <Random1> what if you're color blind????
[22:10] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:10] <Hal6K> Hey, I got those! :PP
[22:10] <Inity> "At last he took red pill! He've been taking blue one 10 times already" - Morpheus says ;)
[22:10] <Rainbows> lol
[22:10] <Nerje> well I wasn't expecting THAT pill
[22:10] <Mutuki> no he should have chosen blue
[22:10] <Hal6K> I thought they were good!
[22:10] <Hal6K> lol
[22:10] <Random1> Nerje chooses the V pill
[22:10] <Nerje> Bye bye Kansas, nice meeting you
[22:10] <Mutuki> he's all been misled into believing a fanatics half truth
[22:11] * furiosity wrote Neo Takes the Blue Pill
[22:11] <furiosity> don't fuck with that
[22:11] <furiosity> ;p
[22:11] <Peock> i didn't know NEo looked like dorthy!
[22:11] <furiosity> lol
[22:11] <Inity> I'd grab both considering them to be vitamines :))
[22:11] <Rainbows> no - you started neo takes the blue pill :P
[22:11] <Oneiroman> That pill was nice......somebody rub my back.......
[22:11] <furiosity> lol Rainy - touche
[22:11] <Random1> LOL
[22:11] <Nerje> woah, hallucinations. Don't mix alcohol with red pills
[22:11] <Inity> If he's Dorothy where is his doggy.
[22:11] <Rainbows> I love the music here
[22:11] * Nerje rubs One's back
[22:11] <furiosity> kinky
[22:11] <Peock> its cool
[22:11] <Random1> yuck!
[22:11] <Oneiroman> thanks dude.......ahhhhhhh
[22:11] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:11] <Peock> sfx
[22:11] <furiosity> my fav fav scene is comin gup
[22:11] <Peock> on the mirror are cool
[22:11] * Nerje - with a KNIFE!
[22:11] <furiosity> coming up, even
[22:11] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:12] <Nerje> BWA AH GAHAHAHAHA
[22:12] <Oneiroman> damn dude, that ain't nice.....
[22:12] <Peock> dream on
[22:12] <Rainbows> what would happen in neo never touched the mirror?
[22:12] <Rainbows> we wouldn't get the woah song that's what
[22:12] <Peock> ive wondered the same
[22:12] <Hal6K> You guys know the "All About Eve" reference in that line, right?
[22:12] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:12] <Random1> the mirror would have touched him.
[22:12] <Rainbows> no, what is it hal?
[22:12] <Peock> lol
[22:12] <Oneiroman> lol@Ran
[22:12] <Rainbows> creepy!
[22:12] <Nerje> wow, that sounds like an Atari 2600
[22:12] <Oneiroman> I have my 2600 downstairs :)
[22:12] <Rainbows> this part always reminds me of when the amtrix won the oscar
[22:12] <Nerje> NEO! Put some clothes on, you'll freeze to death
[22:13] <Peock> out of the matrix... NOW!
[22:13] <Rainbows> the mirror part I mean
[22:13] <Peock> slime ... ooze
[22:13] <Rainbows> not the gunky human part
[22:13] <Nerje> how fucking COLD would that be though
[22:13] <Peock> music here is cool with chorus
[22:13] <Nerje> *shivers think about it*
[22:13] <Inity> "Sorry", said Tank, "seems that neo's location is another powerplant some thousands miles from here..."
[22:13] <Hal6K> In that movie, Bette Davis is an older actress, whose life a younger actress is trying to steal. Trying to steal her hubby, her jobs, etc. And one night at a party she gets really angry and drunk and tells the room, "Buckle your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!" In a way only Bette Davis could.
[22:13] <Nerje> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
[22:13] <Peock> wow, thats big
[22:13] <Rainbows> ohhh, okay hal
[22:13] <Oneiroman> shadup Nerje or the skullfucking will begin.
[22:14] <furiosity> my fav fav scene ever
[22:14] <Peock> lol
[22:14] <Nerje> cant wait
[22:14] <Peock> great mmusic
[22:14] <Nerje> my BBV is pretty inense right now
[22:14] <Rainbows> well i haven't seent aht movie..surprisingly enough
[22:14] <Peock> BBV?
[22:14] <Rainbows> your fave scene si the gunky one trin?
[22:14] <furiosity> Bitch Brain Volume
[22:14] <Nerje> BrainBloodVolume
[22:14] <Oneiroman> hey look Hal, he's bald on the Outside
[22:14] <Oneiroman> *P
[22:14] <Nerje> the pressure on your brain
[22:14] <Peock> ;p;
[22:14] <Hal6K> I think you'd like it. Lots of cattiness and stuff. Bald on the Outside, ROFL!
[22:14] <Mutuki> FLUSH!
[22:14] <Nerje> :P at TT
[22:14] <Peock> flush
[22:14] <furiosity> ;p
[22:14] <aks1> Flush?
[22:14] <aks1> Not there yet...
[22:14] <Peock> down he goes...
[22:14] <Nerje> what's on his chest?
[22:15] <Peock> down, down down
[22:15] <Oneiroman> that's a big tube you got there son.....
[22:15] <furiosity> Se. givl yjod Rmh;odj vts[///
[22:15] <furiosity> :D
[22:15] <Peock> lol, not funny
[22:15] <Rainbows> the bleeding heart according to christian fanatics
[22:15] <aks1> he's about to be unplugged!
[22:15] <Oneiroman> don't do that in here, lol
[22:15] <Mutuki> hair - white men have that
[22:15] <furiosity> lmao
[22:15] <aks1> unplugged.....
[22:15] <Rainbows> but the brothers said it was unintentional i think..
[22:15] <aks1> and flush!
[22:15] <Random1> How'd ya like to plunge that toilet?
[22:15] <Peock> how could the neb be so close to the power plant with out AI knowing?
[22:15] <aks1> slip & slide
[22:15] <aks1> Hi tech scramblers....
[22:15] <furiosity> yep Rainy they dd say it was just debris
[22:15] <Nerje> they're sneaky
[22:15] <Rainbows> ad break
[22:15] <Random1> AI is dumb, remember?
[22:15] <Peock> cool
[22:15] <Peock> welcome
[22:15] <Oneiroman> hehe
[22:15] <aks1> or since its close to the sewers or maybe he feeeelllll down miles
[22:16] <Mutuki> AI is way more smart than humans now
[22:16] <aks1> and undetectable down that far
[22:16] <Peock> am i dead
[22:16] <Peock> far from it
[22:16] <Nerje> yes
[22:16] <furiosity> far from it
[22:16] <Random1> speak for yourself LOL!
[22:16] <Peock> needes needles
[22:16] <Oneiroman> why do my eyes hurt?
[22:16] <Nerje> acupuncture mmmmmmm
[22:16] <Hal6K> Did you spot the minihoover?
[22:16] <Oneiroman> you've never used them before.
[22:16] <aks1> we've found him...
[22:16] <Nerje> I spat in your eyes, One
[22:16] <aks1> am I dead
[22:16] <Inity> Ah they called AI dumb... nevermind, nevermind :)
[22:16] <aks1> far from it
[22:16] <Oneiroman> thanks nerje
[22:16] <furiosity> that boy soprano is awesome
[22:17] <Nerje> lol
[22:17] * Inity just drinks coffee :)
[22:17] <Rainbows> was there a minihoover!?!?
[22:17] <aks1> I think I'm behind a second or two.
[22:17] <Rainbows> and I missed it??
[22:17] <aks1> I'm forwarding a second...
[22:17] <Peock> wake up time
[22:17] <Rainbows> I love this music too
[22:17] <furiosity> minihoover!
[22:17] <Nerje> thats what One said too
[22:17] <Nerje> I think I'm a little ahead
[22:17] <Nerje> When?
[22:17] <Nerje> 2199
[22:17] <Hal6K> Of course! It's in the deleted scene that will be restored in the director's cut... but they left a few frames in ;)
[22:17] <furiosity> 2202, Nerje, welcome to the real world
[22:17] <Mutuki> would you want to live in a world like that?
[22:17] *** Gil-Rhuve has joined #dotr
[22:17] <Rainbows> what few frames??
[22:17] <Oneiroman> hey Gil
[22:17] <furiosity> hi Gil-Rhuve
[22:17] <Rainbows> :P
[22:17] <Nerje> :P @ TT
[22:17] <Rainbows> hi gill rhuve
[22:17] <aks1> I wonder if how much blood an unplugged Human actually has in their body compared to one who is like Tank...
[22:17] <Hal6K> Hi Gil-Rhuve
[22:18] <Peock> morph arrives
[22:18] <Gil-Rhuve> Hi, Mutuki, cheers for the help
[22:18] <Peock> when!
[22:18] <aks1> Hi Gil...
[22:18] <Nerje> most of my crew, you already know
[22:18] <Rainbows> are you an agent too gil?
[22:18] <furiosity> looks like it
[22:18] <Mutuki> Hello Narsus!
[22:18] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:18] <Rainbows> wow, I'm way behind
[22:18] <Rainbows> I'm still on when
[22:18] <furiosity> 3 agents in one room
[22:18] <Nerje> I'm miles ahead
[22:18] <Peock> the nebachenezor
[22:18] <Gil-Rhuve> Afraid so, am associate of Inity
[22:18] <Peock> this is main deck
[22:18] <Oneiroman> let's kill 'em >:)
[22:18] <furiosity> That darn Inity
[22:18] <Mutuki> We are all agents and you will become our MINIONS!!!!!
[22:18] <furiosity> ;)
[22:18] <Inity> Wow Narsus hi ;) join the fun
[22:18] <Nerje> woohoo!
[22:18] <Inity> Mutuki be polite ;))))
[22:18] <furiosity> btw, Inity: remember that conversation we had about dmoz?
[22:18] <Nerje> maiming agents is my favourite sport
[22:18] <Oneiroman> mutuki, uhm, no.
[22:18] *** Mutuki is now known as L1FF3R
[22:18] <aks1> I think I'm talking to myself...
[22:19] <Gil-Rhuve> Inity, I decided I could go without sleep
[22:19] <Rainbows> the room is raining with agnets
[22:19] <Inity> we arer nice, white and fluffy ;))))
[22:19] <Random1> peock forbgod sake, grab the dictionary
[22:19] <Hal6K> There's a minihoover on the bed behind Neo too Rainy ;)
[22:19] <furiosity> r33t h4x0r
[22:19] <Rainbows> lol
[22:19] <Rainbows> that was too funny
[22:19] <L1FF3R> Ph33r my l4ck 0f 5k1ll5!!!
[22:19] <Peock> i type too fast
[22:19] <Rainbows> missed it again hal!!
[22:19] <Rainbows> ;)
[22:19] <Random1> me too LOL
[22:19] <Inity> Narsus, great... start the movie from the moment we're at? ;)
[22:19] <Gil-Rhuve> Ph33r my naked skills L1FF3R!
[22:19] <aks1> He's getting his toor of the Neb...
[22:19] <furiosity> naked agents...EWWW
[22:19] <aks1> fuck if I can't type right tonight!
[22:19] <aks1> pardon my language..
[22:19] <Oneiroman> omg, aks swore!
[22:19] <Random1> Neo's flying off into the sunset...
[22:19] <furiosity> holy shit
[22:19] <Rainbows> carful aks, you'll hurt one's ears
[22:19] <aks1> :-O
[22:19] <Rainbows> ;)
[22:19] <Peock> into the WHITE room on my mark...
[22:19] <Inity> where is X from the channel by the way?
[22:19] <Rainbows> careful even
[22:20] <Peock> NOW
[22:20] <furiosity> Inity: on vacation
[22:20] <Rainbows> in the bahamas
[22:20] <Peock> i like this scene
[22:20] <aks1> He's getting jacked in right now...
[22:20] <Rainbows> he forgot to take me >:
[22:20] <Nerje> aaah! It's the Quatemalan death construct
[22:20] <Inity> oh happy X
[22:20] <aks1> he's trying to relax
[22:20] <furiosity> kick back, take it easy
[22:20] <Peock> wow, this is great fun
[22:20] <Hal6K> She swears like a sailor, does our aks! You should hear her!
[22:20] <Rainbows> are you doing a hoover count hal?
[22:20] <Hal6K> 17 so far
[22:20] <aks1> This is the construct
[22:20] <Random1> I want that ol' TV
[22:20] <Peock> residual self image, a topic of MUCH debate
[22:20] <Rainbows> 17! lol!
[22:20] <furiosity> it's our loading program
[22:20] <Inity> Rainbows: Ryszard was asking if your site going to be updated (wondered if you abandon it...)
[22:20] <aks1> lol!!!!!!!!!!
[22:20] <aks1> lies...
[22:20] <Nerje> you'll have to explain this hoover thing
[22:20] <furiosity> RSI, indeed
[22:21] <aks1> all f'in lies!
[22:21] <Rainbows> um, don't know
[22:21] <Rainbows> I have no time
[22:21] <Hal6K> Lol aks!
[22:21] <aks1> :-)
[22:21] <Rainbows> with senior year and all
[22:21] <Oneiroman> this is the world that you know.........
[22:21] <L1FF3R> half truths
[22:21] <Nerje> thats a very wet desert
[22:21] <furiosity> dark and gloomy
[22:21] <furiosity> ew
[22:21] <L1FF3R> it was us that scorched the skies
[22:21] <Gil-Rhuve> And who destroyed the Earth may I ask
[22:21] <Peock> into the TV we go
[22:21] <L1FF3R> the ais saved humanity from themselves
[22:21] <Oneiroman> gnooms!!!!!!!
[22:21] <Peock> this is cool
[22:21] <L1FF3R> whats a btu?
[22:21] <Peock> DESERT OF THE REAL!
[22:21] <furiosity> nice pan from top
[22:22] <furiosity> NICE
[22:22] <Random1> Gnooms, every one of them did it!
[22:22] <Hal6K> Gnoomers and peots.
[22:22] <Rainbows> gnooms??
[22:22] <furiosity> especially peots
[22:22] <Rainbows> where are the gnooms?
[22:22] <Random1> damned peots.
[22:22] <Oneiroman> yes, the peots, how could one forget?
[22:22] <Hal6K> A btu is a unit of power.
[22:22] <Nerje> that's where we are, in the DOTR. Look carefully - there we are in the distance!
[22:22] <furiosity> I gnoom, therefore I don't peot
[22:22] <Rainbows> and fluffy agnets
[22:22] <L1FF3R> oh
[22:22] <Peock> lol
[22:22] <Hal6K> Lol
[22:22] <Rainbows> lol nerje
[22:22] <furiosity> something Thermal Unity
[22:22] <furiosity> Unit, even
[22:22] <furiosity> if I'm not mistaken
[22:22] <Rainbows> bio?
[22:22] <Nerje> Bio?
[22:22] <Rainbows> biothermal unity?
[22:22] <furiosity> BioThermal Unit
[22:22] <Random1> British Thermal Unit
[22:22] <L1FF3R> the babies scene isn't as sick as you think it is
[22:22] <Nerje> yeah what she said
[22:22] <furiosity> LMAO
[22:22] <Rainbows> unit
[22:22] <Peock> lol
[22:23] <Nerje> British?
[22:23] <L1FF3R> it is the most efficient way
[22:23] <Random1> YES
[22:23] * furiosity doesn't think it's sick at all
[22:23] <furiosity> I bet Nerje doesn't either
[22:23] <furiosity> ;p
[22:23] <Peock> OMG
[22:23] <L1FF3R> where else are they going to get food from?
[22:23] <Oneiroman> yeah, you shoudl have saved some jokes Nerje
[22:23] <Nerje> I know what IS sick...
[22:23] <Peock> shut the #*!@& up about the babieds
[22:23] <Nerje> should have
[22:23] <Peock> *ababies
[22:23] <Peock> *babies
[22:23] <L1FF3R> fields?
[22:23] <furiosity> ababies, that's cute - I like that 8)
[22:23] <Peock> cool as spiders
[22:23] <Peock> *ass
[22:23] <Gil-Rhuve> Human protein is the best type of protein for humans
[22:23] <Peock> you are sick
[22:23] <Random1> Huh?
[22:23] <furiosity> now that's a load of hooey, Gil
[22:23] <L1FF3R> oh humans destroyed the environment so there can be no sun based food sources
[22:23] <Peock> out of the TV
[22:24] <Random1> Somebody failed biology
[22:24] <furiosity> yep, Random
[22:24] <L1FF3R> exactly gil
[22:24] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:24] <Rainbows> hmmm, sepaking of babies
[22:24] <Nerje> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand vomit
[22:24] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:24] <Nerje> lol
[22:24] <Gil-Rhuve> What else is there to eat though?
[22:24] <furiosity> ew, I HATE the vomit scene
[22:24] <Peock> into this!
[22:24] <Rainbows> you know when they breed halfhuman/half orc creatures in lotr
[22:24] <L1FF3R> excuse me someone here is a proffesional biologist
[22:24] <Oneiroman> Cockroaches Gil ;)
[22:24] <Rainbows> do you think they do it the natrual way??
[22:24] <L1FF3R> that happens to be gil
[22:24] <aks1> I did fail Biology
[22:24] <Random1> I dunno, EAT ME?
[22:24] <Peock> let me out !!!!!
[22:24] <Nerje> yeah croaches and goop
[22:24] <Gil-Rhuve> You want to eat cockroaches?
[22:24] <L1FF3R> gil is sooo right
[22:24] <aks1> I wouldn't disect a crustacian (sp???)
[22:24] * furiosity is a professional artificial inteligence developer
[22:24] <furiosity> :rolleyes:
[22:24] <L1FF3R> its not like they know what they are eating
[22:24] <aks1> But then I passed it in my Senior year...
[22:24] <Peock> breathe
[22:24] * Oneiroman is a professional bullshitter
[22:25] <Oneiroman> :)
[22:25] <Peock> nasty
[22:25] <Random1> LOL One
[22:25] * aks1 seconds that
[22:25] * Nerje is paid to be One's loveslave
[22:25] <L1FF3R> look at star trek - they eat their own faeces but reproccessed
[22:25] * furiosity laughs at Nerje
[22:25] <Oneiroman> Nerje is not payed
[22:25] <Gil-Rhuve> Reprocessing is the key
[22:25] <Oneiroman> he volunteers
[22:25] <aks1> lol
[22:25] <L1FF3R> this human flesh is reprocessed and liquidated
[22:25] <aks1> barf!
[22:25] <furiosity> liquefied ;p
[22:25] <Nerje> not by you, but there are certain people who want you to stay.... distracted
[22:25] <aks1> I wonder who cleaned up Neo's mess?
[22:25] <furiosity> if we're going to be professional
[22:25] <Peock> lol
[22:25] <Peock> cypher
[22:25] <L1FF3R> we drink reprocessed urine
[22:25] <L1FF3R> in real life
[22:25] <furiosity> that's nice
[22:25] <Nerje> Waterworld
[22:25] <Peock> thanks for the FYI
[22:25] <furiosity> I drink water 8)
[22:26] <furiosity> lol Peock
[22:26] <Oneiroman> me too :)
[22:26] <furiosity> *high five*
[22:26] <aks1> He looks like a child laying in the bed with Morpheus talking to him...
[22:26] <Nerje> I drink beer
[22:26] <L1FF3R> tap water has been thru at least6 peeps
[22:26] <furiosity> poor baby
[22:26] * furiosity drinks Evian
[22:26] <furiosity> like Kira
[22:26] <L1FF3R> beer is unhealthy
[22:26] <Oneiroman> nope, mines well water thanks :)
[22:26] <Rainbows> that's why I drink botted spring water
[22:26] <Hal6K> Like Kira lol
[22:26] <furiosity> 8)
[22:26] <aks1> Beer tastes a little nasty...
[22:26] <Random1> LMFAO T_T!!!!
[22:26] <furiosity> And don't EVEN get me started on the bubbles they put in Perrier!
[22:26] <Rainbows> beer is an aquired taste
[22:26] <Nerje> depends what beer
[22:26] * furiosity sneers
[22:26] *** Random1 has quit IRC
[22:26] <Nerje> South Australian beer = mmmmmmm
[22:26] <aks1> I drink Pure Flo bottled drinking water...
[22:26] <furiosity> bye Random
[22:27] <Nerje> agh
[22:27] <aks1> I like beer if its super super cold...
[22:27] *** Random1 has joined #dotr
[22:27] <Nerje> where is it?
[22:27] <Peock> your TRAINING - oh boy
[22:27] <aks1> after that...forget it...
[22:27] <Oneiroman> wb ran
[22:27] <Hal6K> Welcome back
[22:27] <Nerje> next to Kansas
[22:27] * furiosity hates Pepsi
[22:27] <Nerje> damn I just left there
[22:27] <aks1> Hi Randome...
[22:27] <furiosity> hey Random
[22:27] <aks1> ...
[22:27] <furiosity> 10 hours straight... a machine
[22:27] <furiosity> yeah baby
[22:27] <Nerje> I'm drinking pepsi right now - and it is shit
[22:27] <Random1> troubles here...anyone else?
[22:27] <Oneiroman> 10 hours is nothing :)
[22:27] * furiosity hates pepsi
[22:27] <furiosity> nope, no troubles here
[22:27] <Peock> ZION ZION ZION ZION
[22:27] <Peock> i can't wait to see it
[22:27] <furiosity> the last human city
[22:27] <aks1> I wonder what type of individuals are at know? like what professions?
[22:27] <Rainbows> lol, do you remember that review where the guy said it was promoting homosexuality and all the guys were gay?
[22:28] *** Random1 has quit IRC
[22:28] <Peock> no comment
[22:28] <furiosity> no spoilers please
[22:28] <Nerje> how about, stud muffin training. "Julia Roberts? I'm going to"
[22:28] <Gil-Rhuve> Strange
[22:28] <Peock> my bad
[22:28] <Inity> :)
[22:28] <Peock> sorrt
[22:28] <Peock> *sorry
[22:28] <furiosity> N-O S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S
[22:28] <furiosity> not directed at you, Peock
[22:28] <furiosity> just being careful
[22:28] <Peock> yeah
[22:28] <furiosity> what with one of the news gurus being in here
[22:28] <Peock> sure thing
[22:28] <Inity> Tank is a lot like one my friend (but he doesn't believe me :)
[22:28] * furiosity doesn't want to know a THING about the sequels
[22:28] <L1FF3R> eveen after all that training keanu cant do kung fu
[22:28] <Nerje> who's a news guru. I see no guru. :P
[22:28] <Gil-Rhuve> Good point
[22:28] <Peock> i'd pay to have a role in the matrix
[22:29] * furiosity is a professional kung fu instructor
[22:29] <L1FF3R> OH no it's this really crappy dojo scene
[22:29] <Peock> even an extra
[22:29] *** Random1 has joined #dotr
[22:29] <L1FF3R> what fo you think gil?
[22:29] <Nerje> they dont acept such offers
[22:29] * Oneiroman is bruce lee
[22:29] *** Random1 has quit IRC
[22:29] <furiosity> lol..
[22:29] <Peock> hell yeah
[22:29] <Rainbows> hmmm
[22:29] <aks1> I think he has legwarmers on his wrists/hands...Tank that is...
[22:29] <Nerje> in and out, Random. I remember...
[22:29] <Gil-Rhuve> Don't get me started on the lack of balance
[22:29] <Rainbows> I think random and ut are distracted..
[22:29] <furiosity> I'm no bastard, I'm Bruce Lee!
[22:29] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:29] <L1FF3R> They both overbalance so badly
[22:29] <furiosity> DishWasha!
[22:29] <Gil-Rhuve> Typical
[22:29] <Peock> i know KUNG FU - ahhhh
[22:29] <furiosity> Where's Random when you need him *rolleyes*
[22:29] <L1FF3R> but are YOU ORIENTAL!??
[22:29] <Nerje> let go of my FRIGGIN FOOT!
[22:29] <Peock> this scene is very VERY coo
[22:30] <Oneiroman> yeah, no shit, eh trin?
[22:30] <aks1> 10 hours...he's like a machine...
[22:30] <L1FF3R> so do i!
[22:30] *** Random1 has joined #dotr
[22:30] <aks1> "I know Kung Fu"
[22:30] <L1FF3R> the blocking tapes are way cooler
[22:30] <aks1> Show me
[22:30] <Peock> yeah
[22:30] * Inity is recalling "Computer Boy" parody... this fight was so hilarious...
[22:30] <Gil-Rhuve> Point... blocking tapes are the real thing
[22:30] <L1FF3R> even tho they use cardboard rolls as weapons
[22:30] <Nerje> yeah it was funny as heck
[22:30] <aks1> Random!!!! In or Out Dear???
[22:30] <Hal6K> It was Inity!
[22:30] <aks1> lol
[22:30] <aks1> Dojo scene!!
[22:30] <Nerje> BREAKDANCING!
[22:30] <Peock> adaptation
[22:31] <Peock> music REALLY goes with the fighting
[22:31] <Inity> ;)
[22:31] <Nerje> The Matrix Reloaded: Electric Boogaloo
[22:31] <aks1> so life like, even with the sun shine rays coming through the windows
[22:31] <Hal6K> lol
[22:31] <furiosity> but your weakness is not your technique
[22:31] <Gil-Rhuve> Salutes higher ranking Agent Inity
[22:31] <furiosity> that's a good mix, too
[22:31] <aks1>
[22:31] <furiosity> not on the soundtrack
[22:31] <L1FF3R> you think your breathing air?
[22:31] *** Random1 has quit IRC
[22:31] <Oneiroman> awesome mix
[22:31] <Hal6K> I love Morph's insulting little hand wave
[22:31] <Inity> Glad you liked it ;)) Computer Boy is cool :)
[22:31] <Peock> slow mo
[22:31] <furiosity> shit, Random's in a pinch
[22:31] <Oneiroman> I bet, lol
[22:31] <furiosity> I don't want to know One
[22:31] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:31] <Peock> damn , great music
[22:31] <Hal6K> Computer Boy is very funny!
[22:31] <aks1> II would have loved to have been there during that whole scene while it was being filmed....
[22:31] <Peock> really goes well
[22:31] <L1FF3R> so obviously speeded up
[22:31] <Nerje> again!
[22:31] <furiosity> sped...
[22:32] <Peock> i would have liked to direct the scene, or acted in it
[22:32] * furiosity snickers
[22:32] <Oneiroman> hehe
[22:32] <aks1> naaa..not me...
[22:32] <Peock> back FLIP!
[22:32] <Peock> what a dumb as
[22:32] <Rainbows> i like this song
[22:32] <aks1> Just watching it be filmed is all...
[22:32] <furiosity> lunatix rollercoaster mix
[22:32] <Nerje> KNOW YOU ARE. (no, YOU are. No, YOU ARE!!!)
[22:32] <aks1> to see it all "naked" so to speak...
[22:32] <Peock> morhpeous is great with these lines
[22:32] <furiosity> lol Nerje
[22:33] <furiosity> He looks like a frog in that Air you 're breathing now moment
[22:33] <L1FF3R> where is everybody????
[22:33] <furiosity> when he looks up
[22:33] <Inity> Good phrases...
[22:33] <Rainbows> I loved those raised eyebrows, lolo
[22:33] <Peock> breathing noww... huh
[22:33] <Peock> lol lol
[22:33] <Peock> yes, yes, yes
[22:33] <aks1> I like how Morpheus smirks at his "you think that's air your breathing"....
[22:33] <Peock> great music again
[22:33] <Peock> hes fast
[22:33] <furiosity> froggy morph
[22:33] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:33] <furiosity> neural kinetics are way above normal
[22:33] <Oneiroman> michigan J baby!
[22:33] <Nerje> lol
[22:33] <Peock> your're faster than this, no shit he is
[22:33] <Nerje> okay, load up the "leapfrog" program
[22:33] <furiosity> lol Nerje
[22:33] <Hal6K> I think he looks great! I always thought he looked like a lion in that scene.
[22:33] <Peock> wow, VERY FAST
[22:33] <furiosity> I like the swish up in the jump program
[22:34] <Peock> yeah, me too
[22:34] <Peock> very cool camera effect
[22:34] <furiosity> very skillfully done
[22:34] <Nerje> Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah splat
[22:34] <Nerje> how far ahead am I?
[22:34] <furiosity> lol I always laugh at that scene
[22:34] <furiosity> pretty well ahead, Nerje
[22:34] <furiosity> ;p
[22:34] <Peock> im just on the jump scene
[22:34] <Oneiroman> Bitch at him Trin.
[22:34] <Rainbows> froggy..
[22:34] <Peock> there goes morpheous
[22:34] * furiosity bitches at Nerje
[22:34] <Rainbows> my friends call me froggy
[22:34] <Oneiroman> pfffft
[22:34] <furiosity> he looks like a mosquito
[22:34] <Peock> whoa
[22:34] <aks1> Jump program...
[22:34] <Peock> damn righ
[22:34] <Peock> *right
[22:34] <furiosity> lol, that 'Whoa' is stil priceless
[22:35] <aks1> Let it all go Neo...
[22:35] <aks1> fear/doubt/disbeleif
[22:35] <furiosity> free your mind
[22:35] <Peock> common
[22:35] <Nerje> what;s that around Morph's neck?
[22:35] <furiosity> okey dokey
[22:35] <Oneiroman> I totally lugied on that good dead me!
[22:35] <furiosity> that pendant.. onyx or something
[22:35] <L1FF3R> free your attitude
[22:35] <aks1> Mimic...
[22:35] <Nerje> look down her top
[22:35] <Peock> whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[22:35] <Inity> would be cool to have Wacchowski's on one of these sync viewings....
[22:35] <L1FF3R> pervert
[22:35] <Peock> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:35] <furiosity> NEWSLFASH: Pot calls kettle black!
[22:35] <furiosity> NEWSFLASH, even
[22:35] <Oneiroman> hehehe
[22:35] <Peock> damn that would be awesome to have the W's
[22:35] <Rainbows> lol!
[22:35] <Nerje> the first one was or something wasn't it?
[22:35] <Inity> why didn't he die? It was tooooo high for falling
[22:35] <aks1> ...and this is where I think that Cypher makes up his mind to betray them all...
[22:35] <L1FF3R> walking scene
[22:35] <furiosity> it's a program, Inity
[22:35] <L1FF3R> red dress
[22:35] <furiosity> it's designed to be rubberized
[22:35] <Hal6K> It would be cool.
[22:35] <Gil-Rhuve> Ooooh
[22:36] <furiosity> so he doesn't smash himself
[22:36] <Inity> i think Cypher pnned that for longer
[22:36] <aks1> Either that or when he sees Trinity bring Neo food...
[22:36] <L1FF3R> chris walken
[22:36] <Nerje> lawyers lol
[22:36] <Inity> planned
[22:36] <Nerje> I walk down the street all the time
[22:36] <L1FF3R> wow shes fit!!!!
[22:36] <Nerje> its never that busy
[22:36] <Inity> he was the "onformant" in the eginning... I think
[22:36] <Nerje> and all those twins
[22:36] <Nerje> ehhehehe
[22:36] <furiosity> lazy mouse
[22:36] <L1FF3R> priscilla tranny scene
[22:36] <aks1> pnned?
[22:36] <Gil-Rhuve> Oi!
[22:36] <aks1> ohhh.
[22:36] <aks1> planned.
[22:36] <aks1> lol
[22:36] <L1FF3R> she can actually fight
[22:36] <furiosity> look we got us anohter punk
[22:36] <aks1> You think Inity?
[22:36] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:36] <Inity> hmm, why no female agents in that movie :)
[22:36] <Nerje> the sig pic I'm using right now is a close up of that fountain U took myself
[22:37] <L1FF3R> random pigeon
[22:37] <furiosity> cool Nerje
[22:37] <Gil-Rhuve> They were too go for it, Inity
[22:37] <aks1> oh duh, huh...but maybe he still wasn't completely sure...
[22:37] <L1FF3R> go up at 4 ok gil?
[22:37] <Nerje> shoot the pigeon, smith!
[22:37] <Inity> aks:L yes I think Cypher betrayed them first when they tracked Trinity...
[22:37] <furiosity> for some reason your sig doesn't show up at TMC boards
[22:37] <Oneiroman> these people are still a part of that system.......
[22:37] <Inity> that "the line wasn't clear" and "informanttt was right""".... it was Cypher who dod it....
[22:37] <Hal6K> I'm at the trin/cypher conversation, am I behind?
[22:37] <Gil-Rhuve> My vision is going... gonna have to shut down for a while
[22:37] <L1FF3R> i feel sorry for cypher although he is a backstabbing bastard
[22:37] <Peock> GREAT MUSIC
[22:37] <Rainbows> I'm still at red dress
[22:37] <Oneiroman> or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?
[22:37] <Nerje> I'm ahead, I know that much
[22:37] <Peock> GREAT MUSIC
[22:37] <Peock> look again
[22:38] <aks1> Neo is all getting knocked around by the peeps walking....its cracks me up...
[22:38] <L1FF3R> Neb scene
[22:38] <furiosity> Rob Dougan is something
[22:38] <Oneiroman> he kicks ass!
[22:38] <aks1> I'd be like...'get the hell out of my way'
[22:38] <Nerje> We got trouble
[22:38] <Peock> you are one of them
[22:38] <Rainbows> I love the whole twin thing
[22:38] <Oneiroman> have you listened to any of his other stuff Trin?
[22:38] <Gil-Rhuve> L1FF3R, talk Sunday or something
[22:38] <Rainbows> looking for the twins
[22:38] <Rainbows> Kind of like where's wally but not really
[22:38] <L1FF3R> ok gil
[22:38] <Nerje> ehhehehe
[22:38] <Hal6K> I'm just at red dress.
[22:38] <aks1> Inity: True....but I still think he had a small hope....
[22:38] <Nerje> Where's Wally in: The Matrix
[22:39] <Gil-Rhuve> Later, Inity
[22:39] <L1FF3R> sentinels arent they cute
[22:39] <Inity> Gil-Rhuve : how about showing your new fanfic by the way? Eager to see it.
[22:39] <Peock> yup
[22:39] <L1FF3R> laters
[22:39] <Rainbows> I love this - Are you trying to tell me I can dodge bullets?
[22:39] <Nerje> EMP on
[22:39] <furiosity> armed and ready
[22:39] <Peock> no neo
[22:39] <Rainbows> foreshadowing yeah
[22:39] <L1FF3R> yeah upload it somewhere
[22:39] <Peock> when you are ready you won't have to
[22:39] <aks1> How many of you watch Morephues' glass while Morpheus speaks rather than Morpheus himself?
[22:39] <aks1> Nerje: lol
[22:39] <Peock> we got trouble
[22:39] <Nerje> beanie Morph
[22:39] <Peock> very cool cg
[22:39] <Gil-Rhuve> It's only a beta but do you want me to send it via ICQ, Inity?
[22:39] <aks1> your waay ahead of me TTrin
[22:40] <aks1> Morph hasn't gotten the call yet..
[22:40] <aks1> ringing...
[22:40] <Inity> Gil-Rhuve - try to send it, hope it will work ;)
[22:40] <Inity> please
[22:40] <aks1> ditto
[22:40] <Nerje> I gotta write more of my ADS series of fanfics
[22:40] <Peock> the cg look real
[22:40] <L1FF3R> its very good inity
[22:40] <furiosity> let's all talk about our fanfics 8)
[22:40] <Nerje> WOAH! Neo
[22:40] <Oneiroman> hehe
[22:40] <Nerje> you scared the bejesus outta me
[22:40] <aks1> I still have to download ICQ on my Mothers computer...which is what I'm on...
[22:40] <L1FF3R> the rebel scum will hate us for it because it is credible
[22:41] <Gil-Rhuve> It's in Word doc format, Inity
[22:41] <Peock> dang yourre far ahead
[22:41] <Rainbows> let's talk about TT finishing her fic!!
[22:41] <Rainbows> no pressure or anuthing tho :P
[22:41] <Peock> guess, what trinity's hot
[22:41] <Nerje> lol
[22:41] <Inity> Gil-Rhuve - okay, try to send pls, thanks
[22:41] <Peock> oh boy, sentinals
[22:41] <furiosity> yep... let's also talk abou tour underwear and what we had for breakfast
[22:41] <Nerje> why oh why, didn't I take the BLUE pill?
[22:41] * furiosity is a professional fashion designer
[22:41] <Inity> heh.. go TT! :)
[22:41] <Gil-Rhuve> Inity, should be sending now
[22:41] <Nerje> my underwear is grey
[22:41] <Rainbows> and how many dots are on the ceiling
[22:41] <Nerje> jockey short
[22:41] <furiosity> and what we see outside our window
[22:41] <Nerje> and I had no breakfast
[22:41] <L1FF3R> trinity's hot
[22:41] <L1FF3R> <Nerje> lol
[22:42] <Rainbows> thx for sharing nerje...
[22:42] * furiosity is a professional rugby player
[22:42] <Oneiroman> the moon
[22:42] <L1FF3R> overused line
[22:42] <Peock> cypher turns off the screens, i wonder why>?
[22:42] <L1FF3R> <Nerje> my underwear is grey
[22:42] <L1FF3R> <Rainbows> and how many dots are on the ceiling
[22:42] <Nerje> I see my swimming pool, it is blue. I like my swimming pool
[22:42] <Nerje> what a midjob...
[22:42] <L1FF3R> ?
[22:42] <Peock> all i see is little green letters
[22:42] <furiosity> what's a midjob
[22:42] <Nerje> mindjob even
[22:42] <furiosity> is that like a blojob only milder?
[22:42] <furiosity> ;p
[22:42] <Rainbows> hey, I can see by blue swimming pool too nerje
[22:42] <L1FF3R> mmmm steak - reprocessed foood!
[22:42] <Peock> i don't know, maybe like a blojob
[22:43] <Peock> oh you already sauid that
[22:43] <L1FF3R> lol ttrinx
[22:43] <Inity> Gil-Rhuve - i see nothing ;(
[22:43] <Peock> good shit huh>?
[22:43] <furiosity> lol Peock - great minds think alike
[22:43] <Nerje> lol TT you have a grotty mind (me too, funny that)
[22:43] <furiosity> shut up ONe
[22:43] <Peock> yup
[22:43] <Oneiroman> :)
[22:43] <furiosity> (that was a preemptive "shut up One")
[22:43] <Nerje> we are in the same room,. Rain! incredible!
[22:43] <furiosity> 8)
[22:43] <furiosity> Nerje and Rainy sitting in a tree
[22:43] <furiosity> ;p
[22:43] <L1FF3R> blowjobs are great!!!
[22:44] <furiosity> wheee!
[22:44] <Nerje> ENOUGH!
[22:44] <Peock> and why would you know
[22:44] <L1FF3R> BRILLIANT!
[22:44] <Oneiroman> yeah, ya give any lately?
[22:44] <Peock> lol
[22:44] * furiosity is a professional cactus inspector
[22:44] <Peock> lol
[22:44] <L1FF3R> cos im male
[22:44] <Peock> sweet dreams
[22:44] <Oneiroman> cactus insp?
[22:44] <Nerje> I'm just pissed I ain't getting any. One's all "take take take" and no give
[22:44] <Rainbows> nooooo, you found us out trin
[22:44] <Oneiroman> lmao
[22:44] <Rainbows> :P
[22:44] <L1FF3R> no ussually recieve
[22:44] <furiosity> lol Rainy
[22:44] <furiosity> ok toilet humour check!
[22:44] <Oneiroman> awwwww, come on L1, you can tell us........spit or swallow?
[22:44] <furiosity> what's on everyone's screen peeps?
[22:44] <Rainbows> yeah but one likes to get around
[22:44] <Peock> ignorance is bliss
[22:44] <Rainbows> first hero, now you..
[22:45] <Nerje> go look in the barroom trin
[22:45] <Peock> wow great line to use there
[22:45] <furiosity> that harp playing is awesome
[22:45] <L1FF3R> digital pimp?
[22:45] <Inity> yes
[22:45] <Oneiroman> Mr Reagan is on my screen
[22:45] <Peock> yup
[22:45] <Inity> truly
[22:45] <Peock> nothing
[22:45] <Hal6K> Harp
[22:45] <L1FF3R> i prefer it if the girl savours
[22:45] <Peock> an actor
[22:45] * Inity seeks for Fluffy sleeping in the corner under harp's sounds :))
[22:45] <Peock> he alreay is
[22:45] <Nerje> ehhehehe first blowjobs, now I look at the screen and theres.... *goop*
[22:45] <Hal6K> an actor
[22:45] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:45] <L1FF3R> great feeling. but then it scares me some times
[22:45] <furiosity> rich, someone important
[22:45] <aks1> ICQ is setup and running...but unfortuneatly...its not bringing up my ICQ Contact list...
[22:45] <L1FF3R> gil talks of biting
[22:45] * furiosity is a professional ICQ uninstaller
[22:45] <Oneiroman> lol
[22:46] <Peock> lol
[22:46] <furiosity> oh you swing THAT way now huh
[22:46] <Gil-Rhuve> Hey, you know you like it, L1FF3R
[22:46] * Nerje is a professional wanker
[22:46] <L1FF3R> wow this chat has degraded
[22:46] <Peock> breakfst of champions
[22:46] <Rainbows> I think you have to start a new contact list for each computer its set up on aks??
[22:46] <Rainbows> I'm not sure though
[22:46] <Peock> bowl of snot, i agree
[22:46] <furiosity> Yep, L1FF3R, thanks for your effort!
[22:46] <L1FF3R> especially when its ajbj
[22:46] <Nerje> on your PC
[22:46] <Inity> hmm, I don't like that digital pimp speak :)
[22:46] <Nerje> RING RING!
[22:46] <Rainbows> chicken!
[22:46] <Nerje> RING RING!
[22:46] <aks1> could be...
[22:46] <Peock> tunnafish, what the ^&%
[22:46] <Nerje> I'm way ahead arent I
[22:46] <Peock> yeah
[22:46] <Nerje> where's everyone up to?
[22:46] <furiosity> It's TAstEE wheat people
[22:46] <aks1> since I didn't write over what was already on here...
[22:46] <L1FF3R> that stuff they were eating was cum
[22:46] <furiosity> not tastey, not tasty
[22:47] <aks1> but bummer...
[22:47] <Nerje> ENOUGH
[22:47] <Inity> L1FF3R and Narsus, are you going to start visiting matrixcommunity forums from now? ;))
[22:47] <furiosity> L1FF3R - that'll be enough.
[22:47] <aks1> I'm not on this computer much, only when we do things like this...
[22:47] <Peock> i desinged her
[22:47] <L1FF3R> bill and ted!!!
[22:47] <Peock> i wish i could do that
[22:47] <Oneiroman> to deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human.......
[22:47] <L1FF3R> whoa dude excellent
[22:47] <Nerje> WHERE ARE YOU ALL UP TO?
[22:47] <Rainbows> that's so not true
[22:47] <Oneiroman> where?
[22:47] <Peock> damn if i could design a woman
[22:47] <furiosity> Try reading the screen Nerje 8)
[22:47] <Oneiroman> fasten seat belt......
[22:47] <L1FF3R> l8rs
[22:47] <Peock> WHOA that would be great
[22:47] <Gil-Rhuve> Might give it a try, Inity
[22:47] <Rainbows> denying our impulses is what makes us human
[22:47] <furiosity> I agree Rainy
[22:47] <Rainbows> otherwise we'd just be like...animals..
[22:47] <Nerje> oh yeah, sorry TT I'll try that now
[22:47] <Peock> the OARACLE!
[22:47] *** L1FF3R has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:47] <furiosity> a gorilla doesn't deny its impulses
[22:47] <Oneiroman> agreed Rainy:)
[22:47] <Peock> great great great music
[22:47] <furiosity> Thanks PEER!!!
[22:48] <furiosity> ;p
[22:48] <Rainbows> but then do machines deny impulses??
[22:48] <Peock> yeah
[22:48] <Hal6K> Going to see the oracle
[22:48] <Oneiroman> lmao trin
[22:48] <aks1> We're going in!
[22:48] <Hal6K> Fasten seatbelt
[22:48] <Peock> here we go --- into the MATRIX!
[22:48] <aks1> Its off to the Oracle in a sec...
[22:48] * furiosity is a professional peer
[22:48] <Peock> love the music
[22:48] <aks1> ditto Peock...
[22:48] <Peock> watch neo
[22:48] <Peock> he moves his head here
[22:48] <aks1> Heeellloooooo....
[22:48] <furiosity> they did an awesome job with the music throughout the film
[22:48] <Peock> some epople think thats a mistake
[22:48] <Rainbows> having impulses is what differentiates humans from machines, and denying them differentiates humans from animals
[22:48] <aks1> whoooo iiiissss iiiittt....
[22:48] <furiosity> really a marvel
[22:48] <Gil-Rhuve> What's L1FF3R don't now... Anyway...
[22:48] <Peock> but we all know the W's don't make mistakes
[22:48] <Gil-Rhuve> Done now even
[22:48] <Inity> he's disconnected....
[22:49] <Peock> why does cypher drop the phone?
[22:49] <Nerje> how'd I get so far ahead?
[22:49] <Gil-Rhuve> Daft bloke... I'll get him later
[22:49] <furiosity> Peock: so the agents can trace the location
[22:49] <Nerje> in the elevator
[22:49] <Rainbows> do you know I didn't pick up on really good noodles for ages and ages
[22:49] <Peock> yeah, but they can use thier EAR things
[22:49] <Rainbows> I had to watch it and watch it to work it out
[22:49] <Peock> oh wiat
[22:49] <furiosity> I think it's more complicated with the rebels
[22:49] <Rainbows> because of those bloody american accents!
[22:49] <furiosity> because they are using a pirate signal?
[22:49] <Hal6K> Really Rainy? Oh, lol!
[22:49] <Gil-Rhuve> Talk to you later, Inity
[22:49] <Peock> yeah
[22:49] <Nerje> someone say when they're in the elevator
[22:49] <Peock> my bad
[22:49] <Inity> See you ;)
[22:50] <Inity> on forums too ;)
[22:50] <furiosity> it's just what I think though - not sure
[22:50] <Peock> no
[22:50] <furiosity> we had a huge discussion about it awhile back, it's somewhere in archive
[22:50] <Peock> old man in chair
[22:50] <furiosity> is he blind or isn't he?
[22:50] <Peock> i think he is
[22:50] <Hal6K> Nerje: elevator now.
[22:50] <furiosity> why does he nod if he's blind?
[22:50] <Rainbows> he's blind
[22:50] *** Gil-Rhuve has quit IRC
[22:50] <Nerje> she's never wrong
[22:50] <Nerje> "she's never wrong"
[22:50] <Inity> is she?....
[22:50] <Hal6K> Yes, but I think it's a commentary on eyes/sight/seeing/reality/unreality.
[22:50] <Rainbows> he's blind but he's free so he can see
[22:50] * furiosity is still not sure about the blind man
[22:50] <Nerje> when do they say that?
[22:51] <Nerje> I think I'm enar you guys now
[22:51] * furiosity always thought it was a subtle stereotype attack
[22:51] <Nerje> geez I was miles ahead
[22:51] <Rainbows> I think his rsi is blind but because he is enlightened that doesn't restrict him anymroe
[22:51] <furiosity> re: wearing dark round glasses doesn't make one blind
[22:51] <Nerje> that I would find One, behind the sofa
[22:51] <Hal6K> I think (my own interp.) is that he's one of the Oracle's minions, and he's there to suggest that she has powers beyond what we are used to.
[22:51] <furiosity> just like skin colour doesn't make one anything but themselves
[22:51] <Rainbows> but white tipped cane usually does
[22:51] <Nerje> hey guess what
[22:51] <Nerje> I'm interviewing HER!
[22:51] <Hal6K> He's guarding the door, but incognito because "blind".
[22:51] <Peock> you have to walk throuhg it
[22:51] <furiosity> white tipped cane doesn't have to either
[22:51] <Nerje> Deni Gordon! Used to be on play School!
[22:52] <Nerje> The Priestess! YAY!
[22:52] <furiosity> It took me ages to find info on her for my site.
[22:52] <Nerje> finally a proper interview for TMO
[22:52] <Peock> lol
[22:52] <Rainbows> but its a symbol of blindness and movies are about symbols
[22:52] <Hal6K> Good for you Nerje!
[22:52] <Nerje> yeah she's from Play School
[22:52] <furiosity> Not the Matrix :P
[22:52] <Rainbows> they don't come and tell us "he's blind" but they show us he's blind - show don't tell and all that
[22:52] <Peock> look at the TV
[22:52] <Peock> it has bunnies
[22:52] <Peock> on it
[22:52] <Peock> what the heck is that about
[22:52] <Rainbows> playschool rocked
[22:52] * furiosity thinks the Matrix is subversive
[22:52] <Nerje> mmm spoon
[22:52] <Hal6K> Yes, but blind people are reputed to have developed other senses far more than we have, right?
[22:52] <Rainbows> subversive?
[22:52] <Peock> spoon boy
[22:52] <Nerje> the truth
[22:52] <Nerje> what truth
[22:52] <furiosity> reputed, but not neccessarily
[22:53] <furiosity> depends on care they receive, how the blindness came about, etc
[22:53] <Hal6K> Yes, but I think that's what the W's were trying to symbolize.
[22:53] <furiosity> subversive - shows a white cane, makes you think he's blind [symbol] but he's not
[22:53] <furiosity> Maybe we'll see in the sequels 8)
[22:53] <Hal6K> Again, as I said, just my opinion.
[22:53] <Peock> lol
[22:53] <Peock> no spoilers
[22:53] <Peock> lol
[22:53] <furiosity> lol
[22:53] <Hal6K> lol
[22:53] <Rainbows> blindness is a symbol of limitation, and it stand for the matrix which is a limitation imo
[22:53] * furiosity doesn't know any spoilers
[22:53] <Nerje> almost done
[22:53] <furiosity> why blindness, though?
[22:53] <Peock> wow good point rainbow
[22:53] <furiosity> why not a paraplegic?
[22:53] <Nerje> *shrug*
[22:54] <Rainbows> like hal said earlier about oracles minions
[22:54] <furiosity> that is even more of a limitation
[22:54] <Hal6K> Because no one who was trying to sneak up on the Oracle would suspect that he would be able to warn her.
[22:54] <furiosity> anything is possible
[22:54] <Peock> wgat vase
[22:54] <Nerje> when I'm famous and being the writer/director for The Matrix 4, 5 and 6 I'll find out for you
[22:54] <Oneiroman> sometimes you have to close your eyes to see.
[22:54] <furiosity> a paraplegic couldn't either :P
[22:54] <Nerje> NOODLE BAKAGE!
[22:54] <Peock> lol
[22:54] <Hal6K> Sure they could!
[22:54] <Peock> great line
[22:54] <furiosity> 4, 5, 6?
[22:54] <Hal6K> Cel phone!
[22:54] <furiosity> HEATHEN
[22:54] <furiosity> lol
[22:54] <Hal6K> But a blind man wouldn't know who was walking by, right? ;)
[22:54] * furiosity is of the 'a trilogy is good enough' ccamp
[22:54] <Nerje> :P but if I wrote/directed it would be okay
[22:55] <furiosity> he might
[22:55] <Rainbows> hal said "He's guarding the door, but incognito because "blind" " and i agree with that, yeah
[22:55] <Peock> LISTEN CLOSELY the oaracle never says the NEo's not the one, NEo does it himself
[22:55] <Rainbows> yeah? even
[22:55] <Hal6K> Yeah Rainy.
[22:55] <Rainbows> what do you mean a triology is good enough?
[22:55] <furiosity> yep
[22:55] <furiosity> well I dont' want Matrix 4, 5, 6
[22:55] <furiosity> or more
[22:55] <Nerje> and a spin off anime series
[22:55] <Nerje> so nyer
[22:55] <Hal6K> I know, Neo takes her words to fit his beliefs, doesn't he Peock.
[22:55] <furiosity> I think a trilogy will be enough
[22:55] <Nerje> mmmm thats interesting
[22:55] <Peock> yeah
[22:55] <Nerje> but what?
[22:55] <Rainbows> oh, don't worry I thought you said TrinX is sick of the 'triology...'
[22:56] <Rainbows> oops
[22:56] <Nerje> SORRY KID
[22:56] <Hal6K> Next lifetime actually fits too.
[22:56] <Rainbows> yes, a triology will be enough
[22:56] <Hal6K> Though he misinterprets it.
[22:56] <Peock> yup
[22:56] <Rainbows> otherwise its like a book series that is ruined because they write thirty or forty crap books instead of a few good ones
[22:56] <furiosity> yep!
[22:56] <Peock> yeah
[22:56] <Peock> i agree
[22:56] <Rainbows> neo isn't the one though, not in this life
[22:56] <Hal6K> Yeah, but Rowling's fourth was as good as the first, because she's an artist!
[22:56] <Peock> i could use one of those cookies right now
[22:57] <Nerje> well i WAS joking but I think you're right
[22:57] <furiosity> The misinterpretation of Oracle by Neo is actually an error many, many people make when listening to others
[22:57] <Rainbows> I think hp is different because it's been planned right from the beginning to be seven
[22:57] <furiosity> the TYPE of misinterpretation
[22:57] <Nerje> 3'll do me fine
[22:57] <Peock> why the helll does the oaracle have to smoke
[22:57] <Hal6K> I think the Bros. could do great sequels forever.
[22:57] <Nerje> because she can
[22:57] <Rainbows> but if she kept writing about them after hogwarts I'd have my doubts about it
[22:57] <Peock> i agree
[22:57] <Peock> one of you is going to die, and ONE does
[22:57] <Peock> lol
[22:57] <Hal6K> But we'll see how they handle Rel. and Rev. before I fully make up my mind. :)
[22:58] <furiosity> how interesting, conversation right back to The Matrix all of a sudden..
[22:58] <Inity> what's she smoking :) what cigarettes... (interested)
[22:58] * furiosity wonders why that might be
[22:58] <furiosity> Newports, Inity
[22:58] <Rainbows> I think the w bros will do fine, I'm jsut not sure about warner bros
[22:58] <Peock> right as rain
[22:58] <Rainbows> like them scratching tank!! as if they couldn't pay him enough!
[22:58] <Nerje> eww Newports
[22:58] <Nerje> Peter Stuyvesant
[22:58] <Rainbows> Where's one gone?
[22:58] <Oneiroman> :)
[22:58] <furiosity> I think he fell off hte chair
[22:58] <furiosity> oh nevermind
[22:58] <furiosity> 8)
[22:58] <Peock> lol
[22:58] <Peock> oh boy the woman in red
[22:58] <Peock> !
[22:58] <Inity> loove the music
[22:59] <Peock> agreed
[22:59] <Peock> all the music of the matrix is great
[22:59] <Nerje> thats Cypher, always grinning
[22:59] <furiosity> the whole film is musically brilliant
[22:59] <Peock> yes
[22:59] <furiosity> what a performance by Joey Pants though
[22:59] <Hal6K> Because the Oracle stuff is at the heart of the mythology, is my guess r3n73r. I agree.
[22:59] <Nerje> brilliantly musical
[22:59] <furiosity> priceless stuff
[22:59] <Nerje> deja vu
[22:59] <Nerje> I think I've seen this scene b4
[22:59] <Peock> lol
[22:59] <Peock> !
[22:59] * furiosity rollseyes
[22:59] <Inity> my favorite music theme it was....
[22:59] <Hal6K> Did you hear they're going to use Dogstar music in one or both sequels?
[22:59] <Nerje> yeah
[22:59] <furiosity> yeah, I heard about that
[22:59] <Peock> i wonder why the W's use a BLACK cat?
[22:59] <furiosity> bad luck
[22:59] <Rainbows> i love that frame right when they all step out of the door (heaps earlier back but this reminds me of it)
[23:00] <Hal6K> Bad luck
[23:00] <furiosity> superstition
[23:00] <Rainbows> just all in slo mo
[23:00] <Peock> wow, have i mentioned that trinity is hot
[23:00] <furiosity> deja vu itself is cloaked in superstition
[23:00] <Hal6K> Ladies, we should start discussing Neo's package.
[23:00] <furiosity> lol
[23:00] <Nerje> NO
[23:00] <Hal6K> Hahahaa!
[23:00] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:00] <furiosity> remmeber that closeup picture Hally?
[23:00] <Nerje> we'll discuss One's package (he likes to anyway)
[23:00] <Oneiroman> lmao
[23:00] <Peock> why does mouse have to die
[23:00] <Peock> he is so cool
[23:00] <Peock> a digital pimp
[23:00] <Nerje> thats why
[23:00] * furiosity feels sorry for Mouse too
[23:00] <aks1> Guys...i'm egg broke...
[23:01] <Hal6K> I know, Mouse was so cool!
[23:01] <furiosity> awww
[23:01] <aks1> we discovered that the eggs that my Sis In Law sent over...were raw...
[23:01] <aks1> lol
[23:01] <Nerje> find it fast
[23:01] <Peock> go trin go
[23:01] * furiosity goes
[23:01] <Hal6K> That's so nice that you're doing eggs for the kids aks!
[23:01] <aks1> So its a good thing my Niece dropped one...
[23:01] <Nerje> lol
[23:01] <furiosity> ;p
[23:01] <Peock> find it fast
[23:01] <aks1> Otherwise come Easter Sunday, some kids and parents will have a big surprise...
[23:01] <Nerje> lol
[23:01] <Peock> 8th floor
[23:02] <Rainbows> you do have chocolate eggs though aks?
[23:02] <aks1>'ll brb...again...didn't mean to leave for so long w/out saying anything...but you know who surprise side tracks are...
[23:02] <aks1> :-)
[23:02] <aks1> Thanks Hal!
[23:02] <Nerje> Go Cypher, Fuck it up for everyone
[23:02] <Hal6K> Take your time hon!
[23:02] <Peock> lol
[23:02] <aks1> Okay...brb....Its a good thing my 3 Dozen are she can color more
[23:02] <Peock> the part on revisited about inside the wall
[23:02] <Peock> was cool
[23:02] <aks1> ....the thing is that...she colored all 11 eggs and decorated them and THEN dropped it...
[23:02] <Nerje> this is the point I wanted to punch Cypher's head in
[23:03] * Rainbows still hasn't seen revisited
[23:03] <Peock> great symphonic music here
[23:03] <aks1> So now we have to boil the 11 colored
[23:03] <aks1> Damn Cypher and his evil sneeze!!
[23:03] <Hal6K> Wow Rainy!
[23:03] <Nerje> me either
[23:03] <furiosity> coat them in that special varnish stuff aks
[23:03] <Hal6K> It's really worth watching.
[23:03] <furiosity> then the paint won't come off
[23:03] <aks1> Chocolate...yes....
[23:03] <Inity> did Cypher do it on suppose?
[23:03] <Rainbows> have the dvd but not the right player
[23:03] <Peock> ACHHEEWWW!
[23:03] <aks1> although I'm only doing the real ones...
[23:03] <Nerje> do they sell it here in Aus, Rainy?
[23:03] <furiosity> not chocolate, it's some nail-polish looking stuff
[23:03] <Inity> purpose i mean
[23:03] <Inity> or suuddenly?
[23:03] <Rainbows> not yet I don't think nerje
[23:03] <aks1> someone else is doing the candy/coins for the fillable plastic eggs...
[23:03] <Nerje> crap eh?
[23:03] <aks1> okay...BRB...
[23:04] <Nerje> BANG BANMG BANG go Apoc shoot them all WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
[23:04] <Nerje> The Great Morpheus
[23:04] <Nerje> and you are?
[23:04] <Nerje> Smith, James Bo- smith
[23:04] * Inity notices she's got pudding... why not eat it (hungry :)
[23:04] <Nerje> eat toilet, punk!
[23:04] <Rainbows> yep! then smoeone sent it to me from the States but you need an international dvd player which I don't have L(
[23:04] <Peock> what is the gas that they drop?
[23:04] <Inity> Jamees Bo... hehe Nerje :))
[23:04] <Rainbows> sure it's not pie inity?
[23:04] <Rainbows> ;)
[23:04] <Rainbows> a smith
[23:04] <Peock> the great morpheous - hell yeah he is
[23:05] <Rainbows> agnet smith
[23:05] <Inity> pudding :) ahh :) yum.
[23:05] <Nerje> take him... to the store for some ice cream
[23:05] <Inity> aganet :)
[23:05] <Rainbows> mmm, anyone up for some bellybutton gunk??
[23:05] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:05] <Nerje> mmm thanks
[23:05] <Hal6K> Eeew!
[23:05] <furiosity> yuk!
[23:05] * Rainbows passes gunk over to nerje
[23:05] * furiosity puts on EMF
[23:05] <Peock> take him...
[23:05] <Rainbows> it tastes like chicken..
[23:06] <Nerje> yay!
[23:06] <furiosity> brain eaters are back
[23:06] <Rainbows> ;)
[23:06] <Peock> oh no
[23:06] <Nerje> tastes like children... mmm
[23:06] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:06] <Nerje> eating children is my favourite sport
[23:06] <Peock> OMG!
[23:06] <Peock> you freaken queer
[23:06] <Peock> wow trinity is hot here
[23:06] <Nerje> what do you have against gay people?
[23:06] <Peock> nada
[23:06] <Nerje> good
[23:07] <Hal6K> Double good
[23:07] <Inity> none... I have two new friends gays, funny dudes :)
[23:07] * Rainbows agrees ont he good
[23:07] <Peock> cypher is stupid
[23:07] <Rainbows> question: why are the nicest guys always gay and so unavailable??
[23:07] <Inity> 8))))
[23:07] <Nerje> I'm not gay but god damn prejudiced people FUCK ME OFF so BADLY
[23:07] <aks1> F'in Cypher!
[23:07] <Hal6K> Lol, I wish I knew!
[23:07] <Oneiroman> they fuck you off, huh?
[23:07] <Nerje> I'm tired Trinity
[23:07] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:08] <Hal6K> lol
[23:08] <Nerje> lol
[23:08] <Nerje> well you do, anyway
[23:08] <furiosity> tired of that jackoff and all his bullshit
[23:08] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:08] <aks1> Por Tank and Dozer...what a easel....
[23:08] <Nerje> dont have much say in it
[23:08] <Inity> Cypher was stupid to give these speeches off instead of doing his job fast.
[23:08] <aks1> what a tiny little piece of weasel sheit...
[23:08] <Oneiroman> I bet ya never saw this comin'.....
[23:08] * furiosity felt especially bad for Dozer
[23:08] <Nerje> brb
[23:08] <Rainbows> cypher's an artist is he aks? ;) :P
[23:08] <Peock> i would enjoy being in cypher position right here
[23:08] <aks1> Cypher has to relish in his evil glory...
[23:08] <Oneiroman> yeah, too bad they didn't develope his character more.
[23:08] <Peock> wow, right on top of her!!!!!
[23:08] <Peock> ahhhhhhh
[23:08] <Hal6K> Eew, you'd want to be on a woman that's repulsed by you?
[23:09] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:09] <Peock> lol
[23:09] <Oneiroman> answer the question dude, lol
[23:09] <furiosity> Cypher is yucky
[23:09] <Oneiroman> ;)
[23:09] <aks1> lol
[23:09] <Nerje> back now, so suffer
[23:09] * furiosity suffers
[23:09] <Hal6K> Welcome back
[23:09] <Nerje> Trinity... fiiz pop NO!
[23:09] <aks1> ...that "easel" word was an evil gremlin typing on my that time
[23:09] <Rainbows> lol, I know aks :P
[23:09] <Hal6K> lol
[23:09] <aks1> Cypher is a little whiny ass....
[23:09] <Peock> i choose the matrix... as the best movie
[23:10] <Oneiroman> not like this....
[23:10] <furiosity> vpfr r00lz the b04rd5 0nc3 4g41n!!!
[23:10] <aks1> RIP apoc....
[23:10] <furiosity> Mouse, Dozer, Apoc, Switch :(
[23:10] <Rainbows> ugh, is so sad
[23:10] <Peock> not like this
[23:10] <Rainbows> needless death
[23:10] <Hal6K> I hate this whole scene.
[23:10] <Nerje> man I'm ahead again
[23:10] <Peock> me too
[23:10] <Rainbows> my fabourite subject...not.
[23:10] <Hal6K> Half of the time I can't even watch it.
[23:11] <Nerje> I reckon my DVD is fast
[23:11] <furiosity> I can't help but watch it
[23:11] <Peock> yeah
[23:11] <aks1> "dont hate me Trinity"
[23:11] * Rainbows is only listening, not watching
[23:11] <Peock> miracle
[23:11] <Peock> if hes dead!
[23:11] <Peock> oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[23:11] <Nerje> you're hurt
[23:11] * furiosity needs a smoke
[23:11] <Rainbows> last time we did this nerje I kept pausing to catch up - my dvd kept getting ahead
[23:11] <Nerje> I'll be alright
[23:11] <furiosity> be back soon
[23:11] <aks1> I think Cypher should have suffered a little more...
[23:11] <Nerje> me too
[23:11] <Nerje> I need to pause again
[23:11] <Peock> yup
[23:11] <aks1> Zap his ass just enough to knock him out...
[23:11] <aks1> jack him back into the Matrix...
[23:11] <Peock> belive it or not you piece of shit you still can burn
[23:11] <aks1> and kick his ass around for awhile...
[23:11] <Peock> you bet he can
[23:11] <Hal6K> That's the only part I like, when he flies across the room.
[23:11] <aks1> and then Unplug him!
[23:12] <Peock> lol
[23:12] * Rainbows is finally out of her maccas uniform and into normal clothes in case you were wondering...
[23:12] <Nerje> yay!
[23:12] <aks1> no spoilers....
[23:12] <Rainbows> well you probably werent
[23:12] <Nerje> I'm still nude, blam One for that
[23:12] <Hal6K> Would your husband approve of you not wearing his clothes?
[23:12] <Oneiroman> :)
[23:12] <Peock> helo
[23:12] <Peock> *hellocopter
[23:12] <aks1> every once and awhile Spunkmeyers story pops into my head....and I've got to seperate it from a movie...
[23:12] <Rainbows> lol, did you notice ut and random never came back?
[23:12] <Hal6K> I did notice that.
[23:12] <Oneiroman> hehehehe
[23:12] <Peock> OBLIVIOUS!
[23:13] <Nerje> see that view between the two buildings there?
[23:13] <Rainbows> tough shit for ronald, huh hal?
[23:13] <Hal6K> I've had that too aks, his stories are so good.
[23:13] <Oneiroman> she's a really good cook, he's probably just thanking her.
[23:13] <Nerje> about two streets to the left is my school
[23:13] <Hal6K> Lol babyrain!
[23:13] <Nerje> it's almost in shot
[23:13] <Rainbows> lol one
[23:13] * aks1 is also in her jammies...
[23:13] <Hal6K> That's cool Nerje.
[23:13] * aks1 changed earlier during my original bathroom break
[23:13] <Peock> oh, no in goes the injection
[23:13] <aks1> lol...Nerje
[23:13] <Nerje> barroom
[23:13] <Oneiroman> barroom leak, lol
[23:13] <Rainbows> have you gone sequel hunting nerje??
[23:14] <Peock> to this, the peak of your civilization
[23:14] <Inity> Smith's Speech is very similar to O'Brian speech in "1984"....
[23:14] <Nerje> many times
[23:14] <Nerje> many. many times
[23:14] <Peock> yeah
[23:14] <aks1> hhmmmm.....they are up to something...
[23:14] <aks1> lol
[23:14] <Peock> 1984 was a good book
[23:14] <aks1> But I think they started their movie early..
[23:14] <Nerje> some of my reports have been pretty revealing
[23:14] <Rainbows> was 1984 a book first??
[23:14] <Rainbows> oh, almost jinx
[23:14] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:14] <aks1> I know was so visual...
[23:14] <Hal6K> You even went to a casting call, right Nerje?
[23:14] <Nerje> 1984 was an awesome book, but the year was better (I was born in it)
[23:14] <Nerje> yeah
[23:14] <aks1> One: lol
[23:14] <Nerje> not to get cast
[23:14] <aks1> oh god...
[23:14] <Nerje> but to get interviews from the staff
[23:14] <Inity> great book indeed
[23:15] <aks1> now I've got Jim W's story in my head...
[23:15] <aks1> lmao!!!!
[23:15] <aks1> The one with Mooopheus!
[23:15] <Rainbows> 85 was better nerje :P
[23:15] <Nerje> "Hi! I'm from TMO, I wanted to know-" "Confidentiality clause" "crap"
[23:15] <Nerje> :P @ Rainy
[23:15] <Hal6K> 1984 was a great book. Very prescient.
[23:15] <Nerje> This CANT be just coincidence
[23:15] <Nerje> is cant be
[23:15] <Rainbows> it's so sad...
[23:15] *** NeoThe1 has joined #dotr
[23:15] <Rainbows> you're going to kill him, kill morhpeus
[23:16] <Peock> you were a father
[23:16] <NeoThe1> hello again
[23:16] <Peock> oh no
[23:16] <Peock> what will happen
[23:16] <Oneiroman> hey neo
[23:16] <Hal6K> Welcome back Neo
[23:16] <Peock> stop...
[23:16] <NeoThe1> so whos killing who
[23:16] <Nerje> me
[23:16] <Nerje> I'm killing you
[23:16] <Nerje> BWA HA HA HA
[23:16] <NeoThe1> oh no!
[23:16] <Peock> ha ha NOT
[23:16] <Rainbows> 1984 is only a book not a movie?? the way inity said made it sound like a movie reference, and since i have such an, uh, extensiveknowledge of movies...
[23:16] <Nerje> no neo, thats not true. It cant be true
[23:16] <Rainbows> wb nt1
[23:17] <NeoThe1> 1984 movie rox also, though the book is betetr
[23:17] <Hal6K> We're at the scene where they go back in to rescue Morpheus.
[23:17] <Nerje> extensive ehhehehe
[23:17] <Rainbows> i love this music
[23:17] <Peock> this is loco!
[23:17] <Nerje> he was ready to give his life for what he believed
[23:17] <Peock> 3 of them
[23:17] <Rainbows> what is loco?
[23:17] <Inity> it was book and later movie
[23:17] <Peock> crazy
[23:17] <NeoThe1> crazy is spanish i think
[23:17] <Hal6K> Crazy in Spanish
[23:17] <Peock> yes
[23:17] <Hal6K> jinx
[23:17] * furiosity is back
[23:17] <Hal6K> lol
[23:17] <NeoThe1> heh
[23:17] <Oneiroman> wb trin
[23:17] <Nerje> wb TT
[23:17] <Hal6K> Welcome back
[23:17] <Peock> wb
[23:17] <aks1> WB Neo....are you only here for the carnage?
[23:17] <furiosity> ty all
[23:17] <NeoThe1> uh. sure :)
[23:17] <Nerje> carnage lol
[23:17] <Peock> ttrin, do you look like trinity?
[23:18] <furiosity> nope, more like Christina Ricci
[23:18] <aks1> NO?
[23:18] <furiosity> lmao
[23:18] <aks1> Let me tell you what I beleive
[23:18] <Peock> lol
[23:18] <Inity> thinking like Trinity is more important... :)
[23:18] <furiosity> they call me Wednesday at work
[23:18] <Oneiroman> christina ricci??? lol
[23:18] <Peock> you aren't going anywheere else
[23:18] <Rainbows> i believe you can go to hell
[23:18] <Hal6K> I think she's prettier than both of them, Peock.
[23:18] <aks1> "I beleive you can go to hell"
[23:18] <Nerje> she looks like a moose - like in that photo, with those two hot girls and that moose in the background. Who were those girls, TT? They're almost more attractive than you, moose girl. :P
[23:18] <Rainbows> well said inity
[23:18] <aks1> "Tank, load us up"
[23:18] <furiosity> Hally you're sweet
[23:18] <Peock> i love this speech by smith
[23:18] <aks1> "i'd like to share a revelation"
[23:18] <Peock> it is utter genious
[23:18] <furiosity> Hugo does an amazing job here
[23:19] <Rainbows> !! my bros turned it off!!
[23:19] <Peock> agreed
[23:19] <aks1> ooohhh the classification of our species speech....
[23:19] * Inity just looks at Smith and whispers how cool is he indeed ...
[23:19] <Hal6K> I love his hands during "equalibrium", lol!
[23:19] <furiosity> those poopies
[23:19] <furiosity> give em hell Rainy
[23:19] <aks1> but you know...its a truthful speech
[23:19] <Peock> yes
[23:19] <Nerje> a cancer of this planet
[23:19] <Peock> the hands are everything
[23:19] <Rainbows> kay, its back on
[23:19] <Peock> a VIRUS!
[23:19] <furiosity> ok the suspense is killling me. I'm going to run one regression and be right back. I want to know if I got results in my study
[23:19] <aks1> BRB....
[23:19] <NeoThe1> mhumm. im going to study DHTML. appy polly loggies.
[23:19] <Rainbows> in lotr rings h.w. call the human race weak, here we are a virus...
[23:19] <Peock> lol
[23:19] <Rainbows> what are we? weak or a virus??
[23:19] <Rainbows> neither
[23:19] *** NeoThe1 has left #dotr
[23:19] <Hal6K> Neither
[23:20] <Nerje> I think both
[23:20] <Peock> wow, that is alot of guns
[23:20] <Rainbows> both and neither
[23:20] <Nerje> yeah
[23:20] <Hal6K> The key Tank presses for "guns lots of guns" has the astrological symbol for Pisces on it.
[23:20] <Rainbows> we act like both but are neither?
[23:20] <Peock> cool
[23:20] <Rainbows> does it??
[23:20] <Inity> pisces? Hmm
[23:20] <Rainbows> what sign are you hal?
[23:20] <Peock> NOW!
[23:20] <Nerje> we act like neither and are both
[23:20] <Hal6K> I think it's extra cool since I am one :)
[23:20] <Inity> it should have hidden meaning....
[23:20] <Nerje> we're ruining the world, and we're weak, but we act righteous
[23:20] <Peock> smell scene!
[23:20] <Hal6K> Pisces of course :)
[23:20] <Rainbows> no, our behaviour is like a disease and we act like we are weak
[23:21] <Nerje> its the smell!
[23:21] <Rainbows> I thought so! thought i'd check tho ;)
[23:21] <Nerje> well yeah
[23:21] * Oneiroman is going on 60 hours of sleep dep :)
[23:21] <Hal6K> Billions more humans are kind than are mean.
[23:21] <Rainbows> but inherently humans are neither..
[23:21] <Rainbows> I don't know
[23:21] <Hal6K> We just don't see it on the news.
[23:21] <Nerje> GO ONE!
[23:21] <Peock> saturated!
[23:21] <Nerje> next time you'll hire me in smaller hourly blocks, right?
[23:21] <Hal6K> Wake up, little Suzy!
[23:21] <Oneiroman> hehe
[23:21] <Oneiroman> :)
[23:21] <Nerje> 85 hours is way too much
[23:21] <Nerje> boots
[23:21] <Nerje> coat
[23:21] <Oneiroman> 85 hours is nothin' kiddo ;)
[23:21] <Rainbows> lol
[23:21] <Nerje> back of head
[23:21] <Hal6K> Seriously, I hope you can sleep soon.
[23:22] <Nerje> metal detector
[23:22] <Peock> oh boy, almost to the lobby shootout scene!
[23:22] <Rainbows> is One going:??
[23:22] <Peock> good music, once again
[23:22] <Nerje> holy shit!
[23:22] <Nerje> BAM
[23:22] <Oneiroman> nope he's not.
[23:22] <Rainbows> damn..
[23:22] <Rainbows> :P
[23:22] <Oneiroman> gee, thanks.
[23:22] <Oneiroman> ;)
[23:22] <Hal6K> Hahahahahahaaaaa
[23:22] <Rainbows> no, I didn't mean that
[23:22] <Rainbows> :P
[23:22] <Hal6K> Hahahaaa lol
[23:22] <Oneiroman> roight
[23:22] <Peock> backup send bcakup
[23:22] <Peock> yeah, you go trin
[23:22] <Nerje> BANFG BNAGBAGNBDpIOhyedgfoiuhegragi;uhaeg;oiuahresg;oaijrepokdsakjfvgadsrgpoueargijewargfiuahrego [popk[saekfjhwefg send backup jejfgaijshdgfliadgfkjgsekjsdfkjafg;oiafdsglkjgagiuhgkjihdgropikjlkaklfpsjkdfg (my interpretation of that scene)
[23:22] <Oneiroman> oh yeah baby, love the music......
[23:22] <Peock> wow, she is very hot in that outfit
[23:23] <Nerje> I learnt to play this on bass recently
[23:23] <Rainbows> fascinating nerje...
[23:23] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:23] <Rainbows> so precise yet so complex...
[23:23] <aks1> I'm back...and just in time...
[23:23] <Peock> great musit
[23:23] <aks1> Lobby scene
[23:23] <Peock> go go go
[23:23] <Peock> !!!!
[23:23] <aks1> Full FOrce!!!
[23:23] <Peock> !
[23:23] <Peock> !
[23:23] <Peock> !
[23:23] <Rainbows> backup! send backup!
[23:23] <Nerje> TVs at full volume
[23:23] <Hal6K> I wish I could play this on bass. It's great.
[23:23] <aks1> Your behind me Peock....
[23:23] <Peock> up the wall she goes
[23:23] <Nerje> agh you're behind
[23:23] <Rainbows> I loooove this music!!
[23:23] <Peock> go NEO kick some ass
[23:23] <Peock> love the music
[23:23] <aks1> ....wake up! little suuuUUUzzzy...Wakeup!
[23:23] <Nerje> it's easy, but repetetive and makes my little finger sore
[23:23] <Peock> love the action
[23:23] * Rainbows turns on
[23:23] <Peock> love trinity
[23:23] <Rainbows> .
[23:24] <Peock> love the movie
[23:24] <Nerje> haha
[23:24] <Peock> !
[23:24] <Rainbows> WHOOPS
[23:24] <aks1> I did...
[23:24] <Rainbows> typo
[23:24] <Peock> great move by trinity
[23:24] <aks1> I gave back up to Hall in her little song...
[23:24] <Nerje> I can do that cartwheel
[23:24] <Rainbows> turns on soundtrack that is
[23:24] <Oneiroman> brb, gotta get some fresh air.
[23:24] <Nerje> I'll tape it and digitise it and show you
[23:24] <Rainbows> (my keyboard fell on the floor)
[23:24] <Peock> damn
[23:24] <Peock> at the best part
[23:24] <Peock> ?
[23:24] <Hal6K> I'd like to see that Nerje!
[23:24] <aks1> Trinity still looks so mutch in this scene...
[23:24] <Peock> cartwheel
[23:24] <Peock> !
[23:24] <aks1> Cartwheel time...
[23:24] <Peock> great great great
[23:24] <Peock> !
[23:24] <Rainbows> because I don't have a tray to hold my keyboard on anymore, it broke off and now I have to kind of hold it on my knees
[23:24] <Peock> im lovin it
[23:24] <Nerje> me and james are making a videa called Ex-Gymnasts On Rampage
[23:24] <Peock> and the last of them
[23:24] <Peock> ...
[23:25] <aks1> lol
[23:25] <Nerje> it's us doing crazy shit in public
[23:25] <Peock> are down
[23:25] <Peock> !
[23:25] <aks1> mutch...
[23:25] <Peock> great ending to this scene
[23:25] <Peock> with an overview of the room
[23:25] <Rainbows> its wild listening to the CD at the same time!!!
[23:25] <Nerje> dooo DIdooo DI-DOOOOO
[23:25] <Peock> lol!
[23:25] <Peock> cool idea
[23:25] <aks1> caught!
[23:25] <Nerje> I think they're trying to save him
[23:25] <Peock> oh YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH trinity is taking off her coat!!!!!!
[23:25] <Peock> wow!
[23:25] <Rainbows> I love they go and press the elevator
[23:25] <Peock> this is great
[23:25] <aks1> One: Do you smoke?
[23:25] <Nerje> Peock, here's a booth, be quick
[23:25] <Rainbows> amidst all that chaos this normality
[23:26] <Oneiroman> back.
[23:26] <Hal6K> Welcome back
[23:26] <Peock> oh man trinity is so fuc*#&@ hot!
[23:26] <Oneiroman> no, don't smoke, just needed some air.
[23:26] <Peock> how do they get out of the elevator shaft?
[23:26] <Nerje> I repeat, we are under attack!
[23:26] <aks1> You know when they walk in on Agent Smith...the other two agents walk in on him...with looks like they catch him KISSING Morpheus
[23:26] <Peock> NERJE - youre ahead again
[23:26] <Nerje> I know
[23:26] <Peock> go NEO
[23:26] <Hal6K> It does look like that aks!
[23:27] <Nerje> I'll pause 4 thirty secs
[23:27] <aks1> "we are under attack"
[23:27] <Oneiroman> only this
[23:27] <Peock> oh, no its an agent!!!
[23:27] <Rainbows> my brother cracks up when the showers turn on
[23:27] <Peock> wow, look at how fast the agent moves
[23:27] <Nerje> TRINITY! HELP!
[23:27] <Rainbows> he starts to giggle
[23:27] <Peock> HELP!!!
[23:27] <Hal6K> Lol Rainy!
[23:27] <Peock> ahhh
[23:27] <Peock> wow
[23:27] <Peock> these are awesome effects
[23:27] <Peock> NO SHIT!
[23:27] <Peock> wow
[23:27] <aks1> How does she get around that AGent so fast...
[23:27] <Peock> love this part
[23:27] <Nerje> Dodge this!
[23:27] <Nerje> BLAM!
[23:27] <Peock> only huma
[23:28] <Peock> dodge this you peace of shit
[23:28] <Peock> yeah trinity
[23:28] <aks1> Hal: about the kissing part?
[23:28] <aks1> totally!
[23:28] <Inity> she knew cheat codes.....
[23:28] <Nerje> mmm kissing keanu is... oh.
[23:28] <aks1> One: do you smoke?
[23:28] <Oneiroman> no
[23:28] <Nerje> nope he dont
[23:28] <Peock> oh boy, trinity's gorgeous eyes!
[23:28] <Peock> what an ass!
[23:28] <aks1> It says "they've just pissed on their parade"
[23:28] <Nerje> NO!
[23:28] <Rainbows> you mean, neo's gorgeous eyes!!
[23:28] <Rainbows> neo's just so sexy!
[23:28] <aks1> the sprinkler part
[23:28] <Hal6K> Yes aks, the kissing part.
[23:28] <Peock> lol, no
[23:28] <Rainbows> neo's just so hot!
[23:29] <Nerje> bit of debris is slowmo
[23:29] <Hal6K> And what a package!
[23:29] <Peock> how does Neo not hit morhpheous
[23:29] <Peock> ?
[23:29] <Peock> he must be good
[23:29] <Hal6K> Hot hot hot!
[23:29] <Hal6K> lol
[23:29] <Rainbows> I know!! so yes hal!!
[23:29] <Peock> the revisited section on this scene is cool
[23:29] <Nerje> shoots in circles
[23:29] <Peock> oh, yeah i guess
[23:29] <Nerje> shut up about RV I'm jealous
[23:29] <aks1> I don't see Neo blink throughout this whole scene with the gatlin gun
[23:29] <Peock> get up get up
[23:29] <aks1> did you all notice that?
[23:29] <furiosity> Peock: he was taught to shoot, bu toffscreen
[23:30] <Peock> great music here
[23:30] <furiosity> just like he was taught to operate the machinery on the Neb
[23:30] <aks1> Hal: lol
[23:30] <furiosity> they didn't show everything
[23:30] <Nerje> Blam blam blam
[23:30] <Rainbows> get up get yup!!
[23:30] <Nerje> hes not gonna make it
[23:30] <Rainbows> I love that conection to the neginning
[23:30] <Nerje> gatcha
[23:30] <Peock> oh no, hes not going to make it!
[23:30] <Rainbows> beginning even
[23:30] <aks1> I wanted Morpheus' be longer
[23:30] <Inity> effects are cool done indeed....
[23:30] <Nerje> I love you man! I love you too, Neo
[23:30] <Rainbows> get up trinity, just get up - then get up, get up
[23:30] <Peock> gotsha
[23:30] <Peock> *gotcha
[23:30] <Nerje> dakka dakka dakka
[23:30] <Nerje> AWA building
[23:31] <aks1> Trinity has pretty eyes
[23:31] <Oneiroman> wakka wakka wakka
[23:31] <Peock> ooooh trinity flying a helocopter!
[23:31] <Nerje> BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP
[23:31] <Peock> talk about centrifical force!
[23:31] <Nerje> letting go
[23:31] <Rainbows> wow, look at neo!!
[23:31] <Nerje> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh splat
[23:31] <Nerje> catch that copter, Neo m'boy
[23:31] <Rainbows> no bouncing floors here neo..
[23:31] <aks1> ......and she just knows he is going to remember he is hooked up to the rope and save her....
[23:31] <Nerje> sliding
[23:31] <aks1> ahhhh
[23:31] <aks1> true love....
[23:31] <Nerje> feet on the edge
[23:31] <Peock> trinity!
[23:31] <aks1> whompa whompa whompa
[23:31] <Peock> dman right you don't want her to die
[23:32] <Nerje> BLAM
[23:32] <Peock> waves!
[23:32] <Nerje> that's one big motherfucker of an explosion
[23:32] <Peock> lol
[23:32] <aks1> She is so tough...
[23:32] <Rainbows> look how stroooong neo is
[23:32] <aks1> He is so mucho sexy
[23:32] <Peock> look at trinity in that suit, oh yaeh
[23:32] <aks1> He is lucky I'm already married
[23:32] <Oneiroman> there's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path
[23:32] <Rainbows> I knew it!
[23:32] <Nerje> The Oracle... is dead. Sorry Buddy. Thats all.
[23:32] <aks1> nerje: potty mouth
[23:32] <Peock> lol
[23:32] <Hal6K> lol
[23:32] <Nerje> yeah sorry
[23:33] <Nerje> it happens when I'm excited
[23:33] <aks1> lol
[23:33] <Nerje> I try to keep it down when women are present :/
[23:33] <Oneiroman> lmao
[23:33] <Oneiroman> ouch
[23:33] <Hal6K> Why just women Nerje?
[23:33] <Rainbows> ack!! don't say that nerjge!!
[23:33] <Rainbows> that's soooo insulting
[23:33] <Nerje> why?
[23:33] <aks1> morpheus' right left cheek...looks like it has green die on it...
[23:33] * Oneiroman takes the shovel away from Nerje, stop digging!!!
[23:33] <Rainbows> point him to gender and swearing thread hal
[23:33] <Hal6K> Read my thread on "My delicate ears"
[23:33] <Hal6K> jinx lol
[23:33] <Peock> there not out yet!
[23:34] <Peock> -great line
[23:34] <Rainbows> but the ads are out!
[23:34] <Nerje> it's not because I think girls are weak, it's coz a respect girls and most girls I know find it rude and cheauvinistic to swear
[23:34] <aks1> Subway...
[23:34] <Hal6K> Suce ma bite
[23:34] <Nerje> so nyer
[23:34] <aks1> Morpheus is out...
[23:34] <Peock> yup
[23:34] <Nerje> RING
[23:34] <Peock> cool cg
[23:34] <aks1> Bum is all shocked
[23:34] <Nerje> everything but this
[23:34] <aks1> Agent in the know
[23:34] <Rainbows> I fine it rude and chauvinistic that people can't swear in front of me *because* I'm female
[23:34] <Peock> lol
[23:34] <Oneiroman> fuck you punk rock!!!
[23:34] <Hal6K> Btw Nerje I just told you to suck my dick in French
[23:34] <Peock> wow, shes hot!
[23:34] <Rainbows> I'm sooo behind you acks!!
[23:34] <Nerje> well okay then: fuckedy fuckedy freaking fuck :P
[23:34] <Rainbows> aks even
[23:34] <aks1> Nerje: Are you Male?
[23:35] <Oneiroman> nope
[23:35] <Rainbows> fuck you too one
[23:35] <Oneiroman> hehe
[23:35] <Rainbows> :P
[23:35] <Peock> lol, lets not fight
[23:35] <aks1> Swear all you want, just don't be rude about it...
[23:35] <Oneiroman> fuck you peacock!!!!!!
[23:35] <Peock> oh, no
[23:35] <Hal6K> We're not, we're playing!
[23:35] <Nerje> oooh I'll remember that Hal :)
[23:35] <Nerje> peacock lol
[23:35] <Hal6K> Do read the thread, if you get a chance. It might help free your mind.
[23:35] <Nerje> yeah I'm a guy
[23:35] <Oneiroman> hey guy.
[23:35] <Peock> oh boy, special effects
[23:35] <aks1> lol
[23:36] <aks1> I apologize Nerje...
[23:36] <Rainbows> It's really actually a really interesting thread
[23:36] <aks1> I assumed female...
[23:36] <Peock> around and araound they go
[23:36] <Nerje> roundhose CRACK
[23:36] <Nerje> :)
[23:36] <Peock> i love how neo gets up
[23:36] <Rainbows> hey you sav...
[23:36] <Oneiroman> never heard of that kind.....
[23:36] <Rainbows> is sav female or male?
[23:36] <Nerje> it's all that talk about One isn't it? He's always giving me bras to wear
[23:36] <Peock> once again, the music goes
[23:36] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:36] <aks1> Kick his ass Neo!
[23:36] <Peock> yeah
[23:36] <Rainbows> One has a nice collection of shiny pink g-strings
[23:36] <Rainbows> he told me about them once
[23:36] <aks1> broke my glasses
[23:36] <aks1> "now I'm pissed"
[23:36] <Oneiroman> Hey guys, watch this...........
[23:36] <Nerje> yeah he makes me wear them too
[23:36] <Peock> no, i;m going to enjoy watching YOU die agent Smith
[23:36] *** Oneiroman sets mode: -o furiosity
[23:37] <Oneiroman> lmao
[23:37] <Nerje> lol
[23:37] *** Rainbows sets mode: +o furiosity
[23:37] <Nerje> excercising power. POWER!
[23:37] <Oneiroman> lmao
[23:37] <aks1> Rainbows: lol
[23:37] <Rainbows> you're a fuckwith one :P
[23:37] <Rainbows> fuckwit even
[23:37] <Peock> the music makes everything ten times better!
[23:37] <Oneiroman> I know, hehe
[23:37] <Rainbows> :P
[23:37] *** Hal6K sets mode: -o Oneiroman
[23:37] <Peock> oh no! hes killing him!
[23:37] <Oneiroman> awwwwww
[23:37] <aks1> ewe blood
[23:37] <Rainbows> lol!!
[23:37] <Hal6K> Hahahahaaa!
[23:37] <Nerje> bang into the wall
[23:37] <Peock> lol
[23:37] <Nerje> drum solo
[23:37] <Nerje> drum roll on his chest
[23:37] <Peock> Nerje you have a screwed up dvd player
[23:37] <Oneiroman> I sat here for over 24 hours just to op......
[23:37] *** Hal6K sets mode: +o Oneiroman
[23:37] <Nerje> budubudududbdudbdu
[23:38] <Oneiroman> :)
[23:38] <Nerje> yeah I think I do
[23:38] <aks1> ...did you see the chock in A. Smith's face...
[23:38] <aks1> when Neo got up?
[23:38] <Rainbows> you didn't one!
[23:38] <aks1> lol
[23:38] <Peock> 5 kicks in one jump, whoa!
[23:38] <aks1> love it!
[23:38] <Peock> !!!
[23:38] <aks1> LOL
[23:38] <Peock> fast punches
[23:38] <Nerje> he did
[23:38] <aks1> SHOCK
[23:38] <Nerje> he's been here for ages
[23:38] <Peock> thats gotta hurt
[23:38] <Rainbows> he was here last night, hey??
[23:38] <Nerje> that is the sound of inevitability
[23:38] <Nerje> yeah and silent the whole time
[23:38] <Peock> into the wall!
[23:38] <Rainbows> hmmm, I'm still at the punches
[23:38] <Oneiroman> wasn't here all the time.
[23:38] <Nerje> Neo is jumping away from the train
[23:39] <Hal6K> I love this line! My name is NEO.
[23:39] <Peock> that is the sound of your death!
[23:39] <Peock> good bye, NOT!
[23:39] <Peock> i love that line too
[23:39] <furiosity> No results :(
[23:39] <furiosity> so far
[23:39] <Nerje> backflipping off the tracks
[23:39] <Peock> you can see the wires in this scene
[23:39] <Rainbows> too bad trin
[23:39] <Peock> when he jumps up
[23:39] <aks1> At 9pm I've got to shut off the should be over though in 21 minutes...
[23:39] <aks1> you think?
[23:39] <Nerje> screeeeeech
[23:39] <aks1> Peock: Totally!
[23:39] <Rainbows> what time is it aks for ya?
[23:39] <Peock> oh. no its a smith again!
[23:39] <aks1> 8:39pm
[23:39] <furiosity> :\
[23:39] <Hal6K> R3n73r, you'll find results, I'm sure.
[23:40] <Nerje> BEEP BEEP BEEP
[23:40] <Nerje> oh shit
[23:40] <Oneiroman> mr wizard, get me the hell out of here
[23:40] <furiosity> lucky Ax
[23:40] <aks1> My Mother wants to watch Dark Angel at 9pm
[23:40] <furiosity> it's almost midnight here
[23:40] <Peock> sentinals!!!!
[23:40] <Nerje> kick her ass, aks
[23:40] <Rainbows> for once it's a normal time here
[23:40] <aks1> She missed "Strange World" on the Sci-Fi Channel at 8pm
[23:40] <Peock> yeah 11:42 PM for me
[23:40] <Nerje> shit thats my phone! that guys got my phone!
[23:40] <Rainbows> not like last time - I got up 4:30 in the morning, ack!
[23:40] <aks1> lucky me?
[23:40] <Peock> thats my phone!
[23:40] <Hal6K> I read a great book one time called "How To Lie With Statistics", it showed how you can find results in any data!
[23:40] <aks1> how so?
[23:40] <aks1> Hey Nerje!
[23:40] <Oneiroman> Where do you live Peock?
[23:40] <aks1> That's my Momma!
[23:40] <Peock> oh shit!
[23:40] <furiosity> lol Hally - I read that book too
[23:40] <aks1> eek!
[23:40] <Nerje> lol
[23:40] <furiosity> but we're not supposed to be using it...
[23:41] <Peock> look at the poor little girl!
[23:41] <furiosity> our prof read the book too
[23:41] <furiosity> lol
[23:41] <Hal6K> Great, so you know you'll find results then! :D
[23:41] <aks1> She lost her Mom!
[23:41] <Rainbows> really hal?? lol, that sounds greaat
[23:41] <Peock> help!
[23:41] <Nerje> thats why you're obliged to cause her pain. You did it at birth, so you should continue the trend
[23:41] <Peock> door!
[23:41] <aks1> "need a little help"
[23:41] <Hal6K> Too bad the prof read it :(
[23:41] <aks1> "dorr"
[23:41] <Oneiroman> here they come......
[23:41] <Nerje> other left!
[23:41] <aks1> up the stirs...
[23:41] <furiosity> the other left
[23:41] <furiosity> hilarious
[23:41] <aks1> across the hall...
[23:41] <Hal6K> It is a great book Babyrain.
[23:41] <Peock> lol
[23:41] <aks1> your other left....
[23:41] <Nerje> THE BACK DOOR!
[23:41] <Hal6K> I love that other left line too!
[23:41] <Peock> old lady with knife
[23:41] <Nerje> into the garbage!
[23:41] <aks1> Nerje: You are evil...
[23:41] <Peock> always watch out when your grandmother...
[23:41] <Nerje> yeah I am
[23:41] <aks1> I can't completely hog the living room TV...
[23:41] <Nerje> >:)
[23:42] <Rainbows> nonhoovering moment!!
[23:42] <Hal6K> That's considerate of you aks.
[23:42] <aks1> especially since my Niece, who although likes the matrix, gets bored easily
[23:42] <Nerje> I dragged mine into the study lol
[23:42] <Rainbows> the other left!!
[23:42] <Peock> cool cg here
[23:42] <Hal6K> Non hoovering, exactly, other left!
[23:42] <Peock> sentinals kick ass!
[23:42] <aks1> I started her early on Keanu and Morpheus...
[23:42] <Nerje> it's alright, I'm only joking, just don't leave the chat when you shut off the film
[23:42] <Hal6K> All Roads Lead To The Minihoover.
[23:42] <aks1> oh heck no!
[23:42] <Nerje> room 303!
[23:42] <Rainbows> hmmm, the beginnin is loaded with minihoovers
[23:42] <aks1> Hubby is out with the boys...
[23:43] <Rainbows> but as they get caught up in the story the hoovers are less and less throughout
[23:43] <aks1> I've got all night...I already knew this would a "no sleep weekend"....
[23:43] <Hal6K> The whole thing is loaded with minihoovers!
[23:43] <Peock> i have spring break!!!
[23:43] <Rainbows> until you come to monumental nonhoovering moments
[23:43] <Rainbows> like, it's symbolism, you know??
[23:43] <Nerje> they're inside
[23:43] <Rainbows> like, it so kewl, like right??
[23:43] <aks1> Those Smith's are bad shots...
[23:43] <Hal6K> Like, totally!
[23:43] <Peock> up the ladder - it would be cool if neo "flew" up the ladder
[23:43] <aks1> "hurry neo"
[23:43] <Rainbows> like, all roads lead to the minihoover!! yes!!
[23:43] <aks1> uh oh
[23:43] <Peock> hurry neo, oh damn shes hot
[23:43] <aks1> slo mo hall way scene
[23:43] <aks1> Bamn!
[23:43] <Rainbows> like, hurry neo
[23:43] <Peock> tink, tink
[23:43] <Rainbows> lol, i like, love saying like like
[23:43] <Nerje> alright Britney-hal and Christina-rain, enough of your ditsy speak
[23:44] <Peock> ring, ring
[23:44] <Hal6K> Like, he's all shot, but he's still all hot!
[23:44] <aks1> Bang!
[23:44] <aks1> hot shot!
[23:44] <Rainbows> like yeah!!
[23:44] <Peock> oh noooooooooooooooooooo!
[23:44] <Hal6K> Hahahaha!
[23:44] <Nerje> lol
[23:44] <Peock> hes dead, ..... or is he?
[23:44] <Peock> flat lined
[23:44] <Nerje> he's gone
[23:44] <Nerje> (bye bye)
[23:44] <Hal6K> Who cares, he's still all hot!
[23:44] <Rainbows> he's hot, that's what he is peock
[23:44] <Hal6K> Jinx lol
[23:44] <Rainbows> jinx!!
[23:44] <Rainbows> +
[23:44] <Nerje> laser beam!
[23:44] <Rainbows> oops
[23:44] <Rainbows> lol
[23:44] <Peock> hes gone
[23:44] <Peock> !
[23:44] <Hal6K> lol
[23:44] <Peock> oh no
[23:44] <Peock> poor neo
[23:44] <aks1> Did you see the hurt/shock/pain on Morphues' face when he said "can't be"...
[23:44] <Peock> goodbye
[23:45] <aks1> Tears are ready to flow from that man!
[23:45] <Rainbows> I loooove the sound editing
[23:45] <Peock> i love the sybolism of the names
[23:45] <Hal6K> See he's all dead and shit but she's still all hot for him... hot hot hot!
[23:45] <Nerje> because I love you
[23:45] <Oneiroman> now get up
[23:45] <Nerje> lol
[23:45] <Peock> whoa dang she is sooooooooooooo bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeaaaaaaauuuuuuutifull
[23:45] <Nerje> lol Peacock
[23:45] <aks1> morbid!
[23:45] <Rainbows> hothothot, who cares about intelligence when you look likeh im??
[23:45] <Peock> b/c i love you .......... and I love YOU!
[23:45] <Oneiroman> dude, peacock, you need to get a girl, lol
[23:45] <Rainbows> like him even
[23:45] <Peock> lol
[23:45] <Nerje> he's not the only one
[23:45] <Hal6K> Hahahaaa!
[23:45] <aks1> smochie smoochie
[23:45] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:45] <aks1> was it good for you dead boy?
[23:45] <Nerje> smoochi smoochies!
[23:45] <aks1> lol
[23:45] <Nerje> lmao
[23:45] <Peock> is there something wrong with thinking some is beautiful?
[23:46] <Hal6K> I do think the christ symbolism is too much here.
[23:46] <Peock> get up!
[23:46] <Rainbows> goodbye mr anderson!
[23:46] <Oneiroman> no, but every sentence? lmao
[23:46] <Hal6K> No Peock, it's just there's more to this movie than pretty faces.
[23:46] <Peock> no!
[23:46] <aks1> He is One Hot Shot
[23:46] <Nerje> well holloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Neo
[23:46] <Peock> i no
[23:46] <Rainbows> lol aks!
[23:46] <Peock> i no
[23:46] <Hal6K> One Shot Hottie!
[23:46] <aks1> He is a badass hot shot undead boy now!
[23:46] <Hal6K> Hahahahaa!
[23:46] <Rainbows> lol
[23:46] <aks1> I just love the synchronization of them Agents
[23:46] <Peock> love the syphonic music here
[23:46] <Oneiroman> Keanu just penetrated Smith.....hahaha
[23:46] <aks1> "he's the one"
[23:46] <Hal6K> I do too.
[23:46] <Peock> great, great great
[23:46] <aks1> bum bum bum buuuuum!!!
[23:46] <Hal6K> LOL One!
[23:46] <Peock> seeing in matrix - cool
[23:47] <Nerje> pause for a moment, One, let us catch up
[23:47] <Rainbows> one, you're always in the gutter aren't ya?
[23:47] <aks1> lol
[23:47] <Oneiroman> yep
[23:47] <Peock> look ma , one handed
[23:47] <Nerje> or my bed
[23:47] <aks1> One: lmao!
[23:47] * Inity sits musing at Narsus' fanfic... watching the movie with one eye
[23:47] <Rainbows> I love the sound when she says now get up
[23:47] <aks1> There go those glasses again!
[23:47] <Hal6K> Lol Nerje
[23:47] <Peock> into a smith
[23:47] <Nerje> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh smash
[23:47] <Rainbows> oooh, it's the get up phrase again
[23:47] <Rainbows> third time
[23:47] <aks1> Smith's caugh something!
[23:47] <aks1> Cooties
[23:47] <Rainbows> three = trinity
[23:47] <Peock> into his head
[23:47] <aks1> ...Hot Cooties...
[23:47] <Nerje> NEO!
[23:47] <Peock> bye bye agent smith
[23:47] <Inity> now sleeping beauty scene is coming... ;(
[23:47] <Peock> time for a little bending
[23:48] <Nerje> screeech scratch aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh beeyooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[23:48] <Peock> NEO!!!!!!!!
[23:48] <Nerje> vooooooooooom
[23:48] <Hal6K> I have always had a big problem with how he supposedly hears her.
[23:48] <aks1> My poor neck...
[23:48] <Nerje> silence
[23:48] <Rainbows> my brothers giggling again
[23:48] <Rainbows> yeah hal??
[23:48] <Peock> in come the sentinals
[23:48] <Peock> did he make it?
[23:48] <Hal6K> She's in the Neb yelling, and supposedly he hears her while in the Matrix?
[23:48] <aks1> Now....
[23:48] <Hal6K> Puhleez.
[23:48] <Oneiroman> I know you're out there.......
[23:48] <aks1> Does she say Neo?
[23:48] <Nerje> I know you're out there
[23:48] <aks1> or does she say Now?
[23:48] <Nerje> afraid
[23:48] <Nerje> change
[23:48] <Hal6K> Either way.
[23:48] <Peock> silence
[23:48] <aks1> Hal: Of Course
[23:48] <Nerje> futere
[23:48] <Nerje> end
[23:48] <aks1> Its true love!
[23:48] <Nerje> begin
[23:48] <aks1> :-)
[23:48] <Nerje> hang up
[23:48] <Hal6K> lol aks
[23:48] <Nerje> phone
[23:49] <Nerje> show them
[23:49] <Nerje> the world
[23:49] <Oneiroman> a world where anything is possible........
[23:49] <Rainbows> changes everything...
[23:49] <Nerje> without YOU
[23:49] <Hal6K> Here comes the Superman bit!
[23:49] <Nerje> a world, where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
[23:49] <Oneiroman> RAGE
[23:49] <Rainbows> especially when its those two
[23:49] <aks1> afraid of change
[23:49] <aks1> :-)
[23:49] <Nerje> RAAAAAAGE!
[23:49] <Peock> i love, love, love the music for this end scene, it is great, the W's are great, the matrix is great - love it
[23:49] <Inity> music is good....
[23:49] <aks1> I came here to tell you how it is going to begin
[23:49] <Oneiroman> lol Nerje
[23:49] <Oneiroman> I love this song too!!!!
[23:49] <aks1> I'm going to hang up this phone and shows these people ....
[23:49] <Peock> S Y S T E M F A I L U R E
[23:49] <Oneiroman> makes me wanna kill something!!!!!
[23:49] <Oneiroman> lol
[23:49] <aks1> what you don't want them to see
[23:49] <Nerje> first song I learnt on Bass
[23:49] <Peock> oh yeah
[23:49] <aks1> where we go from there is a choice i leave to you...
[23:49] <Nerje> fucking awesome
[23:49] <Peock> hang up the phone and start the music
[23:49] <Peock> !
[23:50] <Nerje> COME ON!@
[23:50] <Hal6K> Me too, this song is great! It makes me want to dance, not kill though, lol!
[23:50] <furiosity> got a significant correlation! Didnt' notice it before!
[23:50] <aks1> kewl music
[23:50] <Peock> !!!!
[23:50] <Peock> !
[23:50] <Peock> !
[23:50] <Peock> !
[23:50] <Peock> !
[23:50] <Peock> !
[23:50] <Peock> yeah
[23:50] <furiosity> Fly Neo Fly
[23:50] <Peock> lol
[23:50] <Rainbows> superneo!
[23:50] <Hal6K> Go r3n73r!!!
[23:50] <Peock> i love this movie
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