Transcript of the Community Chat on occasion of the 15th Anniversary of
the theatrical release of THE MATRIX, accompanied by a Synchronised
Viewing of the film - Date: 29th/30th March 2014, start 12am GMT



- 14 min, 3 sec
(18:25:53)<uT>hullo Dustie_Hats! Identify yourself pls
(18:26:18)<Dustie_Hats>sorry, i was checking the UTC time :D
(18:26:51)<uT>no worries :D You can find the actual countdown on the tmc homepage:
(18:27:18)<uT>meanwhile say Hi to our new AgentWesson :D
(18:28:00)<uT>still 5 1/1 hours to go. I was just test-driving the system :D
(18:28:12)<Dustie_Hats>Hi AgentWesson, whatup?
(18:28:38)<uT>he will respond in a more private medium, sort of digital pimp agent, you know ;)
(18:29:11)<uT>okies, CU later!
- 18 min, 11 sec
(18:47:40)<uT>apropos Dusti_Hats: If you see some dusted matrixers around your corner, make sure to invite them to tonights chat and synchronised viewing pls!
(18:48:37)<Dustie_Hats>yeah, i have some who might
- 9 min, 58 sec
(18:59:34)<uT>welcome to the desert of the real, yoyo_kush :D
(19:00:02)<The_Architect>a lo ha
(19:00:05)<yoyo_kush23>thank you :D i was cought in a sandstorm, where can I brush off the dust from my hat?
(19:00:36)<yoyo_kush23>how's it goin'?
(19:00:42)<uT>just use Cypher's cabin, it's unused anyway
(19:00:59)<Dustie_Hats>the dust is never what coats the hat, it is the hat that coats the fact that there is none
(19:01:04)<Dustie_Hats>so no worries
(19:01:17)<yoyo_kush23>good one
(19:01:24)<uT>well, we are still 5 hours away from the Sychronised Viewing. It's at 12 am (midnight) London time
(19:01:40)<Dustie_Hats>ok :)
(19:01:50)<The_Architect>dustei_hatys is a gifted one ;-)
(19:01:58)<uT>at the moment being we are just dedusting our fingers and digital archives :D
(19:02:35)<Dustie_Hats>i just happen to have Simulacra and Simulation on my lap :)
(19:02:59)<yoyo_kush23>i'm a lillte unfamiliar with all this interesting process that is going on but i'll try and keep up :D
(19:03:06)<uT>oh!!! Baudrillard after lunch? That's ought to give some indigestion :D
(19:03:52)<uT>or is it a digital cat called Simulacra you've got on your lap? ;)
(19:04:49)<Dustie_Hats>i guess the morphology is irrelevant, i have something of Baudrillard's nevertheless
(19:04:52)<uT>have you said hi to our AgentWesson? He loves to get involved and if you ask him matrix questions he might respond in a much more private environment :D
(19:06:56)<uT>ok guys, you just keep dedusting nicely and flexing those brain muscles while I keep setting up stuff ... see you some minutes before struck midnight GMT, with The Matrix film paused at the end of the WB logo ready for countdown, alright?
(19:08:02)<uT>it's gonna be glorious! :D
(19:08:29)<yoyo_kush23>definetly! :D
- 13 min, 9 sec
(19:21:38)<Dustie_Hats>:/WINDOW NEW
(19:21:57)<Dustie_Hats>srry :)
(19:22:55)<uT>stay where you are Dustie-Hats! No rumagging around on board of the Nebuchadnezzar ;) :D
(19:26:42)<Dustie_Hats>technical issues....
- 21 min, 37 sec
(19:48:19)<Dustie_Hats>that was fast
(19:48:24)<yoyo_kush23>hello AgentWesson!
(19:48:52)<AgentWesson>goodbye, The_Architect.
(19:53:18)<The_Architect>agentwesson, how's it?
(19:54:03)<AgentWesson>goodbye, The_Architect.
(19:56:21)<uT>are you guys keeping fresh? Here, have some Dozer's Brew to spice up life!
(19:59:30)<Dustie_Hats>i've got some rum, i keep to the simmulacra for now
(20:08:25)<uT>I wonder how simulacra rum tastes like, maybe it tastes like chicken or tuna ... :D
(20:08:58)<Dustie_Hats>i tell you for certain, it does not taste like zion moonshine
(20:09:55)<uT>for chrissake, that stuff is all reserved for Commander Locke :D
(20:10:17)<yoyo_kush23>no wonder it's always gone
- 5 min, 42 sec
(20:16:27)<uT>yeah right, damn military! They have no imagination, that's why they drink zion moonshine :D Dozer's stuff is reserved for real rebels at heart ...
(20:21:10)<Dustie_Hats>we should brew some, maybe it'll do the trick, kill the chypher inside us
(20:22:55)<uT>why would we want to kill the Cypher in us, it's the only thing that makes us human(ly week) ;)
(20:27:45)<Dustie_Hats>Good point, that brings the choice into perspective, how many layers of simmulation are we willing to exist under? More and thus cling tu humanity, or eliminate a few layers and become homologues to our foe?
- 5 min, 42 sec
(20:33:27)<uT>I'd rather be the last defective human clinging onto her humanity, ineffective, faulty, sluggish, but human nontheless :D
- 7 min, 29 sec
(20:40:56)<Dustie_Hats>your humanity is allready mostly lost, either pretend your IV is chicken, or your porridge. You can only choose under how many layers your simulacrum of an existence lays.
(20:44:25)<uT>and there comes the Oracle telling us that we all have to make a choice, it's rather the choice ...
- 5 min, 43 sec
(20:50:08)<Dustie_Hats>wow, i just realised something i should have seen allready
(20:53:49)<Dustie_Hats>the matrix is a metaphor for the simmulacrum, we can only really choose between layers. And even the number of the layers is lost and even irrelevant now. We can orient ourselves in this fourth dimension though... we can go deeper or escape some layers
(20:54:19)<Dustie_Hats>this reminds me of a play we studied in school, let me search for it
(20:54:41)<Dustie_Hats>and also, we are too stiff in this conversation, everybody should join, right?
(20:56:12)<Dustie_Hats>yeah, the play is Iona, but it only has a romanian wikipedia page, sorry :D
(20:58:36)<Dustie_Hats>Hi, threeseas
(20:59:11)<yoyo_kush23>hello threeseas:D
(21:00:55)<uT>hiya 3seas!!! So good to see you!
(21:02:28)<uT>you're early, Synchronised viewing starts in 3 hours, just in case. But if you feel like it, just hang on in there, we are still test driving the dusted desert of the real :D
(21:03:39)<threeseas>just wanted to make sure I could find the place and trying to get an irc program I can make the text bigger.
(21:06:15)<threeseas>I'll be back
(21:06:31)<uT>that's fab!! CU at midnight London time :)
- 28 min, 5 sec
(21:34:36)<uT>welcome to the desert of the real, jazbeck :)
(21:34:58)<jazbeck>Evening : )
(21:35:16)<uT>you will find that we are still dedusting the place, with still 150 minutes left to countdown for Synched Viewing :0
(21:35:33)<uT>just trying to make sure everything is in place ...
(21:36:38)<uT>we will have some dinner for champions before everything runs wild :D
(21:36:50)<jazbeck>No problemo, I'm actually just checking if I'm not that rusty on the ol' irc thing, but it seems alright. I mean, last time I was here...
(21:37:11)<jazbeck>I think I was in high school
(21:38:03)<yoyo_kush23>so there has been some time
(21:38:42)<jazbeck>I'm trying to think of matrix-related puns about the passage of time, but I can't think of anything
(21:40:06)<jazbeck>Anyways, it's great to see ya, I'll be plugging back in in a couple of hours, have a good one : D
(21:42:07)<Dustie_Hats>ol' IRC shit is a bit dusty, you have your IP readily apparent after your name
(21:42:10)<Dustie_Hats>i think
(21:44:42)<uT>Agent Smith!!! Welcome! We've missssssed you! Do you like what we've done with this place? :D
(21:45:35)<uT>oh c'mon jazbeck!!! TIME is always against us!!
- 8 min, 58 sec
(21:54:33)<uT>ok everyone, 2 hours to go! CU soon! Dinner for Champions now :D
- 23 min, 38 sec
(22:18:11)<threeeas>for some time to kill while waiting maybe checkout
- 10 min, 13 sec
(22:28:37)<Dustie_Hats>hi :)
(22:28:47)<Scraps>Who is this?
(22:29:11)<Scraps>Sorry if we have not met before :D
(22:29:34)<Scraps>Yes, Hi Dustie_Hats, I'm Scraps
(22:29:59)<Dustie_Hats>hi Scraps... it's the first time i join your channel
(22:30:08)<Scraps>Then WELCOME!!!
(22:30:41)<Scraps>I am from the "old" Matrix group ;)
(22:31:30)<Scraps>& I will be back
(22:31:44)<threeeas>Old or original?
(22:32:51)<Dustie_Hats>scraps: awesome, i'll probably stick around too
(22:36:09)<uT>Hiya Scraps!! WELCOME to the desert of the real :)
(22:39:23)<uT>Hiya SpaceBuddha, thanks for joining us!
(22:39:44)<uT>Countdown is running: 1 hour 20 mins to go!
(22:40:00)<Scraps>u_T!!! Hugs!!!
(22:40:16)<Scraps>I am setting up my display
(22:40:34)<uT>hiya Scraps you sweet fluffy bunny! Hugs back at ya :)
(22:41:25)<Scraps>Sweet..fluffy..bunny O.o
(22:41:54)<uT>:)) Feeling like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole?
(22:42:43)<Scraps>3 seas! Hi!
(22:43:11)<Threeseas>Finally.. guess it was my misspelling.... Hey Scraps!
(22:43:27)<uT>oh that's better 3seas, the previous one was a tad cryptic ;) :D
(22:44:00)<Threeseas>Mirc setup thing 30 day trial
(22:44:29)<uT>yeah I know! My 30 days trial expired in 2006 I guess ;)
(22:44:54)<Threeseas>I was using Virc but my eyesight need bigger letters
(22:45:12)<uT>or thicker glasses
(22:46:13)<uT>same here! I sometimes feel like Neo after being blinded. But I can still see the energy ...
(22:47:43)<uT>we are still expecting a whole number of old time tmcers like Kira, Oneiromancer, Aamir, Gambit, I hope they're going to make it. The sewers are crawling with sentinels :D
(22:48:59)<Threeseas>speak of the one
(22:49:00)<uT>oh and Negah, Bester and Graphic Enemy
(22:49:17)<Scraps>Sorry, I am not in contact with anyone directly anymore.  I have a snail mail address for 1 peep
(22:49:25)<uT>Onederdude!!!!! WELCOME t'was about high time ,)
(22:49:32)<Scraps>Overdue hugs!
(22:49:43)<Oneiromancer>Hey everyone :)  Hugs
(22:49:55)<Scraps>*falls down*
(22:49:57)<Oneiromancer>Sorry, I was watching Disney movies, am I late?
(22:49:58)<uT>I just typed your name and you materialised!
(22:50:24)<Oneiromancer>Pffffft, she ain't got nothin' on me :)
(22:50:28)<uT>nope, you are early, it's still one hour to go, but better early than late
(22:51:23)<Threeseas>Watching Mirage Men ....
(22:51:25)<Oneiromancer>So I only recognize about half the people here...
(22:51:32)*uT slaps Oneiromancer around a bit with a large trout
(22:51:42)*Oneiromancer slaps uT around a bit with a large trout
(22:51:50)<uT>gosh I missed THAT!
(22:51:58)<Scraps>LOL forgot about that
(22:52:00)<Oneiromancer>careful deary, I know how to sling fish as well :P
(22:52:08)<uT>reality is stale without some good trout slapping!
(22:53:35)<Oneiromancer> is everyone?  It's been a few years, you must all be pretty old by now.
(22:53:43)<uT>let me introduce you all to our nice neighbourhood agent called AgentWesson. Just ask him some matrix questions and he will enlighten you in his private chnnel
(22:54:02)<Oneiromancer>nice agent?
(22:54:09)<uT>I am even older :D
(22:54:17)<Oneiromancer>no, not you :)
(22:54:18)<Scraps>I can still kick your ass
(22:54:29)<Oneiromancer>in your dreams
(22:54:45)<Scraps>In any dream OR reality & esp in the MATRIX
(22:54:50)<Threeseas>what is the matrix?
(22:54:51)<AgentWesson>hmmm... the matrix is control
(22:54:58)<uT>and I can still put the doily of shame on you!
(22:55:09)<Oneiromancer>oh not, not the doily....
(22:55:14)<Scraps>I have pictures
(22:55:22)<Oneiromancer>we all do :)
(22:55:31)*Scraps is happy
(22:55:56)<Scraps>One, do you have children?  Married?
(22:56:07)<uT>what is a tmcer?
(22:56:11)<Scraps>Hi Agent Wesson
(22:56:14)<Oneiromancer>No kids, although I just got engaged a few months ago :)
(22:56:35)<The_Architect>congrats one!
(22:56:38)<Oneiromancer>Thank you :)
(22:57:03)<Scraps>u_T, The Matrix Community peeps?
(22:57:07)<uT>May I introduce the Architect to you? His name is Oliver and he's my NEO :D
(22:57:24)<Scraps>Hello Architect/Oliver
(22:57:34)<The_Architect>Hi Scraps ;-)
(22:57:37)<Oneiromancer>Hello Oliver, nice to 'meet' you!
(22:57:55)<Scraps>SpaceBuddha bailed?
(22:57:57)<The_Architect>nice to meet you too, One - 've been hearing A LOT about you ;-)
(22:58:01)<uT>AgentWesson, a round of Dozer's brew for everyone pls!
(22:58:01)<AgentWesson>uT: huh?
(22:58:11)<Oneiromancer>He reached space nirvana, scraps
(22:58:26)<Oneiromancer>Architect.....good things I presume ;)
(22:58:29)<The_Architect>whois the one?
(22:58:29)<AgentWesson>the one is simply overrated
(22:58:49)<The_Architect>of course! :D
(22:59:53)<uT>SO let's all pinpoint our location in the matrix!
(23:00:20)<uT>Me's now in Londinium, the city of sin and greedy bankers (me's no banker!)
(23:00:27)<Oneiromancer>You want us to give our locations away to the Agents?  uT, you should know better.
(23:00:44)<The_Architect>they'll be tracking you anyway :P
(23:00:49)<uT>we've got them surrounded, don't worry!
(23:00:53)<Oneiromancer>Let them come.
(23:01:03)<uT>One kicks mighty ass!
(23:01:11)<Scraps>Same house in Colorado
(23:01:28)<uT>wow!!! Scraps, that's a space-time continuum!
(23:01:33)<Oneiromancer>I do, I know Ju-Jitsu and Muay Thai now.  I've been busy in the construct :)
(23:02:00)<Oneiromancer>Still in sunny-snowy Maine :)
(23:02:00)<The_Architect>Agent_Smith, go play somewhere else
(23:02:13)<uT>yeah I know, it is you who is using up all the cool paisley and leather clothes from the construct
(23:02:26)<Oneiromancer>You caught me, lol
(23:03:04)<Oneiromancer>Hey 3Seas, how have you been?
(23:03:06)<uT>of course! I am the construct's secret chambermaid :D
(23:03:41)<Threeseas>Hey One, as you said... older.... congrats on Engagement
(23:04:10)<Oneiromancer>Thank you
(23:04:30)<uT>You won't believe it. We're just watching Blues Brothers and they're singing "Sweet Home in Chicago", rings a bell eh?!
(23:04:55)<Oneiromancer>Nice, I haven't seen that movie in a while.
(23:05:04)<The_Architect>neither did we... ;-)
(23:05:07)<uT>it's on TV here in UK
(23:05:21)<uT>pure coincidence ... ;)
(23:06:08)<Oneiromancer>I love the police chase in that's a shame none of mine turned out that way, lol
(23:06:35)<uT>YOU would have been the perfect Jake :D
(23:07:07)<uT>racing, swearing, more car racing ... ;)
(23:07:14)<Oneiromancer>more swearing.....
(23:07:44)<uT>AgentWesson: what about the Oracle?
(23:07:44)<AgentWesson>wish i knew, ut
(23:08:10)<uT>shit, that agent is becoming more intelligent than its masters :D
(23:08:37)<Oneiromancer>uno momento, por favor, I must deliver dinner......brb
(23:08:59)<uT>you're excused, but hurry! Countdown in 40 mins or so!
(23:09:24)<Threeseas>who is neo?
(23:09:24)<uT>what's the time at your end Scraps?
(23:09:41)<uT>It doesn't know!
(23:10:33)<Threeseas>7:10pm here
(23:10:44)<uT>wow, that's a good time for the chat I guess. It 11:11 here
(23:10:55)<Oneiromancer>I am back.  She's a lovely woman, but she always tells me she is going to start a home for battered men, and that I will be her first client.  The beast has been fed.
(23:11:28)<uT>AgentWesson who is Neo?
(23:11:28)<AgentWesson>Neo is ONE version six-dot-o
(23:11:34)<The_Architect>to say the least: she's got taste :)
(23:11:54)<The_Architect>men covered in tempura... LOL
(23:12:16)<Oneiromancer>Expensive taste too, sea scallops and clams.  Spoiled.....
(23:12:42)<The_Architect>scallops are overrated though *me thinkls
(23:12:43)<uT>yeah, tempura to stick better to the wireworks in the Dojo
(23:14:05)<uT>so guys, if you still have an open channel to some old time tmc-ers, this is the time to give them a call and have them joining!
(23:14:24)*uT slaps Scraps around a bit with a large trout
(23:14:26)<Oneiromancer>I sent out a few messages, but not sure who received them...
(23:14:55)<Oneiromancer>Of course, I told them I would be here, so that might be a deterrant...
(23:14:56)<uT>Hey Scraps, are you aslake or aweep? ;)
(23:15:14)<uT>Hah! That explains it all indeed Onester!
(23:15:29)<Scraps>I am trying to get my $#&@ laptop to cooperate
(23:15:29)<AgentWesson>scraps is a motherlore of crisp matrix gossip
(23:15:59)<uT>Scraps, tell the Operator to get you a new laptop from the construct!
(23:16:18)<Scraps>It has been many years & hearts and minds should be fresh
(23:16:44)<uT>indeed! A round of red pills for everyone!
(23:16:48)<Oneiromancer>You're lucky you have a laptop, I had to fire up the boilers an hour ago to generate enough steam to run my PC.
(23:17:58)<Scraps>The laptop is being used as a video player for now
(23:18:39)<uT>Onester the ol' steampunk rebel!
(23:20:07)<uT>I have my hammer and chisel and a clay tablet here to code the matrix :D
(23:20:45)<uT>you know the Oracle One, she's verrrrrry old
(23:21:58)<uT>One, the car chase in Chicago is one and it goes straight through that "flyover" where we stood in 2000!!
(23:22:11)<uT>on TV I meant
(23:22:46)<Oneiromancer>I thought it did.  It's been a while since I've looked at the pics from that trip.
(23:23:08)<uT>we all should do that again!
(23:23:17)<Oneiromancer>We have to do another meet sometime soon.
(23:23:22)<Scraps>I have my scrapbook in front of me.
(23:23:27)<Scraps>I would LOVE that
(23:23:30)<uT>that's great!
(23:24:06)<uT>but this time we would have to go to Sidney where they ACTUALLY shot the film to compare with the places in Chicago ... ;)
(23:24:09)<Scraps>I last saw Aks, Hal & Spunk at ComicCon maybe 8 or 9 years ago
(23:24:26)<Scraps>I think 9 years
(23:24:44)<Oneiromancer>I was thinking Australia would be the place to go.  I remember that was the close second behind Chicago.
(23:24:56)<Oneiromancer>Would be neat to have time for a stopover in NZ as well.
(23:24:57)<Scraps>That's a LOT of $$$
(23:25:46)<uT>we could film a matrix spoof first, put it on youtube, get filthy rich and do the tmc gathering in Sydney afterwards :O
(23:25:57)<Scraps>Oh, RIGHT
(23:26:20)<Oneiromancer>That's much better than my start a meth lab idea.
(23:26:32)<Oneiromancer>Matrix spoof it is!
(23:26:40)<The_Architect>don't liose that thought, One! ;-)
(23:26:43)<uT>or we all meet up in Zion. It has been rebuilt I've been tolf :D
(23:27:15)<Oneiromancer>If Bob Marley's there, I'm in.
(23:27:21)<uT>and it has nice tall walls ...
(23:27:29)<Oneiromancer>padded, no doubt.
(23:27:32)<uT>yeah, let's jam bro!
(23:27:42)<uT>LOL One!
(23:28:33)<Oneiromancer>So, who is Dustie Hats and YoyoKush?
(23:28:41)<Oneiromancer>Matrix peeps, or wrong room?
(23:28:56)<uT>yeah, who the ... are they? We need some outcoming here!
(23:29:05)<Dustie_Hats>we noobs
(23:29:09)<Dustie_Hats>east europe
(23:29:12)<uT>or wrong wroom?! :D
(23:29:23)<Oneiromancer>I think yoyo kush is some kind of weird strain of weed, and dustie hats is what you sprinkle on it?
(23:29:26)<Oneiromancer>Oh hi!
(23:29:47)<Dustie_Hats>no? shure it is :))
(23:29:48)<yoyo_kush23>but i might desing that strain some day
(23:30:32)<Dustie_Hats>yup, we're biologists
(23:30:41)<Dustie_Hats>i study in vienna and she in denmark
(23:30:43)<yoyo_kush23>however I am not willing to interfere with nature's own course for my own benefits
(23:30:44)<uT>no worries from my end, I've survived the Andromeda strain, I shall survive yoyo kush just as well
(23:31:27)<Oneiromancer>uT is being modest, she survived the Jurrassic period as well ;P
(23:31:34)<uT>Great! So after this nice introduction a heartfelt welcome from this old gang of diehard matrixers to the two of you!
(23:32:00)<Dustie_Hats>:D it's awesome seeing you guys talk
(23:32:07)<Oneiromancer>We know.
(23:32:12)<Dustie_Hats>gives off an awesome sense of community
(23:32:23)<Scraps>Bwahahaha same ole' One
(23:32:39)<Scraps>We were many more before the purge
(23:32:45)<Oneiromancer>Just smarter and stronger and better in every way.
(23:32:54)<uT>be glad you see us only typing. Getting a more complex glimpse of the lot of us might be sanity endangering
(23:33:07)<Oneiromancer>BRB, I think I have rum.
(23:33:30)<Scraps>u_T, don't you have photos on your site?
(23:34:24)<uT>ok, a round of brain cell killing green brew for everyone! Make sure you've got some in real life. The operator is taking orders for the construct. Less than 25 mins to go for the Synched Viewing!
(23:34:53)<uT>I do!
(23:35:00)<uT>hang on Scraps!
(23:35:05)<Scraps>I don't have any :(
(23:37:45)<uT>that's for a start :)
(23:38:08)<Oneiromancer>I DO, I HAVE RUM!!!
(23:38:34)<Oneiromancer>Awwwwwwww, it's ok Scraps, I'll drink enough for the two of us!
(23:39:49)<uT>we do have bathtub gin, the architect and myself :D
(23:39:54)<Oneiromancer>Damn, I remember that week, I think I got about four hours sleep.
(23:40:00)<The_Architect>altruism, thy name is ONE ;-)
(23:40:05)<uT>welcome to the crazed Desert of the Real, Kira!
(23:40:20)<Oneiromancer>Kira!  No shit!  How are ya?
(23:40:27)<kira>hey there!
(23:40:28)<Threeseas>Hi Kira
(23:40:39)<kira>great! so glad to see all you folks!
(23:40:50)<kira>hi scrap!
(23:41:02)<Scraps>I see you still type the same ;)
(23:41:03)<AgentWesson>oneiromancer is probably a matrix shaman cooking evil-smelling mushroom cookies
(23:41:05)<uT>Kira pls tell us you will be involved in the making of the new Matrix Prequel trilogy ;)
(23:41:16)<kira>what the heck is that?
(23:41:19)<Scraps>AW: accurate
(23:41:38)<kira>someone's doing a trilogy. i'm waiting for jupiter ascending
(23:41:58)<Oneiromancer>Dammit dude, I told you not to mention the cookies in public.
(23:42:03)<uT>what the heck is what? Agent Wesson? He guards all the gates, all the keys to dotr ;)
(23:42:16)<kira>a matrix prequel? is someone doing that?
(23:42:31)<kira>oh, UT! hey!
(23:42:40)<uT>I saw the news on the grapevine
(23:42:48)<kira>i sure do, scrapsLOLOL
(23:43:18)<Scraps>Kira, do you still keep in contact with any of the "old" Matrixers?
(23:43:28)<kira>wow! i'll have to check into that. jupiter ascending looks fantastic...
(23:43:53)<kira>only, socrates. we're on FB together. are any of you guys on fb?
(23:43:59)<Scraps>I AM!!!
(23:44:12)<uT>I chose not to
(23:44:16)<kira>kewl! friend me...under Kira Scurro...
(23:44:28)<uT>too many agents on FB!
(23:44:32)<kira>no, ut? it's great...i love it.
(23:44:44)<kira>hahahaha...that could be true...
(23:44:50)<uT>AgentWesson, have you seen Paisleymancer?
(23:44:50)<AgentWesson>ut: wish i knew
(23:45:04)<Oneiromancer>My family convinced me to join, the more I read, the less like my family :)
(23:45:07)<Scraps>I sent a request...Julie Mullins Youngren
(23:45:17)<uT>who is Paisleymancer?
(23:45:18)<AgentWesson>Paisleymancer is a previous version of one. he tried and failed miserably I heard...
(23:45:36)<Oneiromancer>This Wesson mother fucker has to go.
(23:46:30)<kira>agent wesson, hi! 3seas! hi!
(23:47:05)<kira>ok, i'll be back. gotta get my food and drink together...
(23:47:11)<uT>Kira, the Wachowskis will be doing the Trilogy. It is on the grapevine and I am pretty sure they will shoot at Babelsberg, Germany, where they did all their last flicks
(23:47:36)<kira>wow! that's sooooo great, UT! can't wait to research that...
(23:47:52)<uT>you know guys what that means?! Fresh unplugged ones!!!! :D
(23:48:02)<kira>aren't you guys waiting for jupiter? have you seen the trailers?
(23:48:14)<kira>hahahaha, UT!
(23:48:16)<uT>I certainly am!
(23:48:44)<kira>wow...the 2nd one just came out. google it. mila kunis and the fabulous channing tatum...
(23:48:52)<uT>what did you fine rebels think of Cloud Atlas? I LOVE IT!
(23:49:02)<kira>i loved it too....
(23:49:08)<Oneiromancer>Me too
(23:49:08)<kira>ok, BRB..
(23:49:22)<The_Architect>imdb for jupiter
(23:49:50)<Threeseas>finished watching Mirage Men
(23:49:56)<uT>Am reading the book by Mitchell over and over! Kind of new obsession. High time for a new Matrix prequel trilogy to divert me!
(23:50:14)<uT>don't know that one, 3seas
(23:51:14)<Threeseas>its new and on YEKRA and about government UFO coverups
(23:51:19)<Oneiromancer>I just finished reading the back of a Captain Morgans bottle.  Apparently I shouldn't be drinking this if I'm pregnant.
(23:52:15)<Oneiromancer>Will have to check that out 3Seas.  I've been attending some local UFO conventions for the past few years, and have heard some really great information.
(23:52:33)<uT>GUYS!! I advice you set up your gear, your Tasty Wheat and the Brew, 8 minutes to countdown!
(23:54:10)<kira>ok, back for a sec until my coffee is ready for my mexican coffee brew. where again are we starting from? damn, haven't seen the matrix in sooo long. this will be sweet!!
(23:54:30)<uT>Remember: Pause your DV-Bluray-Vinyl-shellac version of THE MATRIX at the first frame of the Warner Bros Logo and wait for my countdown :)
(23:55:24)<uT>temperature's rising ... so is the pulse ...
(23:56:43)<uT>to clarify: WB logo fully there and letters appear below the logo. That is the frame you want to halt until Countdown
(23:57:25)<Threeseas>The frame with the sub "A time Warner Entertainment Company"?
(23:57:38)<uT>exactly 3seas
(23:58:21)<Scraps>Hi Jazbeck
(23:58:46)<uT>welcome back yazback! WE've misssed you. Quick, load your version of The Matrix and stop it at the fully loaded Warner Bros logo, once the subtitle under the logo appears. We all start together when my countdown gets to ZERO
(23:59:05)<jazbeck>On it!
(23:59:09)<jazbeck>Also, hi all!
(23:59:12)<Scraps>Cued up!
(23:59:41)<jazbeck>Alright, I'm there
(23:59:48)<uT>quick, another handout of brew and tasty wheat and another cookie


(00:00:24)<uT>One hold back with that second bottle of Rum!
(00:00:29)<kira>how many minutes
(00:01:17)<Oneiromancer>unHoly shit, I just looked for my copy of the matrix and found it missing, had to tear through a new one like a fucking tiger..........just made it, lol.
(00:01:30)<Scraps>I have 3
(00:01:38)<jazbeck>: D
(00:01:51)<uT>is everything in place
(00:01:53)<Threeseas>one, thought you knew jujitsu?
(00:02:05)<uT>no he just likes watching
(00:02:13)* The_Architect knows feng shui
(00:02:14)<kira>nope...i'm behind. so unused to using my dvr. i help me catch up...
(00:02:17)<Oneiromancer>I have about 3 rum and cokes in me, it's not easy ripping through that dvd sticker crap..
(00:02:19)<jazbeck>Man, I missed that old code. I remember not liking that slightly 3D effect they gave the cod in the sequels
(00:02:24)<uT>AgentWesson are you sure this line is clean?!
(00:02:25)<AgentWesson>OK, uT.
(00:02:34)<Scraps>One: par
(00:02:48)<Scraps>kicked in door
(00:02:54)<Scraps>do it now!
(00:03:10)<Scraps>I am ahead!
(00:03:17)*Scraps is ahead
(00:03:18)<uT>this looks like fucking London! All them coppers!
(00:03:18)<Threeseas>note: power lines around the world run at differnt cycles.... sync may get out
(00:03:36)<kira>tell me when trin leaps
(00:03:47)<uT>an unsynched synched viewing is even more fun!
(00:03:49)<Scraps>nice ass
(00:04:12)<Scraps>I meant you, One
(00:04:21)<Oneiromancer>I know
(00:04:26)<uT>I've been training that Trin rise ever since but gravity is against me
(00:04:29)*Scraps chortles
(00:04:50)<kira>ok, let me know when shes at the phone booth....
(00:05:10)<Oneiromancer>she's still running across the buildings...
(00:05:16)<The_Architect>phone booth.....
(00:05:29)<jazbeck>Leaping... Now!
(00:05:42)<jazbeck>"That's impossible"
(00:05:42)<Scraps>Smith is da bomb
(00:05:46)<uT>I've been training that too, again, gravity is always against me
(00:05:53)<kira>damn i still get chills...
(00:05:59)<uT>me too
(00:06:13)<uT>get up Trinity
(00:06:17)*Scraps fell down the stairs last June, gravity is against me too
(00:06:20)<uT>phone booth KIRA!
(00:06:23)<kira>guns out at the bootm of the stairs
(00:06:31)<kira>almost to the phone booth
(00:06:39)<Threeseas>in phone booth now
(00:06:39)<Scraps>phone booth
(00:06:46)<Scraps>pretty close
(00:06:48)<kira>i'm with you guys...
(00:07:07)<uT>damn Kira while you get to the booth Trin is already in Ha-WAY
(00:07:12)<jazbeck>Hugo Weaving was basically an English teacher to me
(00:07:21)<Scraps>say WHAT?
(00:07:28)<The_Architect>and a cvery good one i assume ;-)
(00:07:28)<kira>the search has already begun
(00:07:34)<Dustie_Hats>Massive Attack - Girl Dissolved
(00:07:36)<jazbeck>He's got such great enunciation, he speaks slowly
(00:07:36)<kira>search on neos screen
(00:07:38)<uT>yeah he's got that lovely 50s speech
(00:07:44)<kira>lovely neo sleeping
(00:08:05)<Scraps>wake up Neo
(00:08:09)<jazbeck>I always wondered why they didn't include that song in the soundtrack
(00:08:22)<uT>Trin should have kissed him then! All the hassle would have been avoidable :D
(00:08:30)<kira>yeah, i had to look all over for it...
(00:08:48)<Oneiromancer>Knock Knock
(00:08:55)<Scraps>is it in the extras with the movie? (forgetting)
(00:09:01)<uT>Belle Dujours
(00:09:15)<jazbeck>Was the matrix stuck in the late 90s forever? I hope so.
(00:09:20)<Dustie_Hats>i have a copy in my hand
(00:09:43)<uT>it's not the baddest thing to be stuck in the late 90s!
(00:10:08)<uT>Definitely! That girl has taste!
(00:10:10)<Scraps>nice nose/ear hangy thingy
(00:10:30)<Oneiromancer>slave chain?
(00:10:37)<uT>I wonder, is this the same CLub Hel as in the sequels?
(00:10:51)<jazbeck>Hadn't thought of that
(00:10:53)<Scraps>that's your expertise, One
(00:10:55)<uT>or do they have other hangouts?
(00:11:12)<jazbeck>Maybe s&m stuff is really popular in the matrix. Slavery as a fetish and stuff, it'd make sense.
(00:11:15)<Scraps>She knows ALL about Neo!
(00:11:23)<Threeseas>The IRS dbase hack actually happened and by a woman too
(00:11:34)<uT>fabulous, 3seas!
(00:12:20)<uT>did she get jail or a job at NSA? Hi NSA guys, welcome to the desert of the REal!
(00:12:37)<Oneiromancer>I remember feeling so energized by this point in the movie, I knew my life was going to change :)
(00:12:47)<jazbeck>Love the transition, from the music to the alarm
(00:12:51)<uT>didn't we all :D
(00:12:53)<Threeseas>It wasn't that sort of hack, But I too thought it was a guy.
(00:13:05)<uT>all guys do!
(00:13:13)<Scraps>Yes, too!
(00:13:37)<jazbeck>Neo is thinking the window cleaners suck at their job
(00:13:39)<uT>Thomas Anderson?
(00:14:00)<Oneiromancer>When you drop the cap off the rum trying to pour yourself another drink, does that mean something?
(00:14:01)<kira>love all the squeaking...
(00:14:03)<uT>Nice to hear that name again
(00:14:23)<Scraps>It means you are drunk
(00:14:37)<uT>One: It means you are one bottle too many into the matrix
(00:14:48)<Oneiromancer>No silly, it's just time to change the ratio.
(00:15:20)<uT>woohoo! Pour one for me as well, willya!
(00:15:35)<jazbeck>"Now, take off your pants"
(00:15:50)<Oneiromancer>So is Fishburne out of money, what's with the Matrix Kia commercials?
(00:16:00)<Oneiromancer>Jaz, lol
(00:16:03)<Scraps>That's the porn version, Jazzy
(00:16:09)<Scraps>He's in Hannibal
(00:16:27)<uT>Is Hannibal another agent?
(00:16:49)<uT>oh Dear! Freight of Height!
(00:16:53)<Scraps>TV show with Mads somebody -- Hannibal Lechter
(00:17:01)<jazbeck>Is everyone on DVD or blueray?
(00:17:21)<kira>on fishburne...they probably made him an offer h couldn't refuse...
(00:17:21)<uT>Bluray is soooo unmatrixy!
(00:17:28)<Threeseas>drops cell phone
(00:17:39)<Scraps>same as you, 3
(00:17:43)<uT>manta ray
(00:17:49)<Oneiromancer>sting ray
(00:18:00)<uT>it had to be in your case, One!
(00:18:06)<jazbeck>Oh, cool, I'm on DVD too. The first one, not the one that came with the trilogy package
(00:18:08)<kira>the boxed set....was it blu ray? that's what i'm in other room
(00:18:11)<uT>My fav line of Agent Smith!
(00:18:26)<uT>It seems you've been living twwwwooooo livvves
(00:18:30)<Scraps>Mine isn't blu ray, Kira
(00:18:39)<kira>LOLOL..yes UT!
(00:18:41)<Threeseas>Shouldn't it be greenray for this?
(00:19:05)<jazbeck>That's the thing, and I'm gonna sound like a huge nerd now
(00:19:05)<kira>ok, scraps...probably mine neither...was blu ray even a thing then?
(00:19:08)<uT>or smelly ray, remember there is no such a thing as smell
(00:19:09)<Oneiromancer>I can't get into the whole blueray thing, most of the movies I've watched in that format seem really awkward as far as motion goes...
(00:19:13)<jazbeck>But I don't know if you noticed
(00:19:16)<kira>carry out her garbage...
(00:19:33)<Scraps>I don't think so, Kira, but they have it on blu ray now of course
(00:19:45)<uT>most dangerous man alive ( and there was me beliving that was my boss!)
(00:20:14)<jazbeck>But they really overdid the green tint effect in all the versions of the film that came with the boxed package
(00:20:18)<Threeseas>Agentwesson: Who is Morphus?
(00:20:25)<uT>how about I give you the finger and you give me my bathtub gin!
(00:20:31)<kira>yeah, sure...wonder if there even was blu ray in like 2000
(00:20:45)<Oneiromancer>I think I've got a better one....
(00:20:58)<kira>the finger! the finger!
(00:21:07)<Threeseas>Agentwesson must be busy watching too
(00:21:16)<Scraps>(Smith makes that noise)
(00:21:31)<kira> speak...that's my fav line...
(00:21:36)<jazbeck>They also did some slight color correction to stuff. Like, the agents' suits. They were a very dark shade of brown, now they're black.
(00:21:46)<uT>AgentWesson, who is Morpheus?
(00:21:50)<Scraps>Very green here
(00:22:00)<uT>sloppy agent, fast asleep!
(00:22:28)<uT>ooops, what is happning!
(00:22:36)<jazbeck>Must have been too much for them
(00:22:52)<jazbeck>Some minds can't handle the truth.
(00:22:58)<Scraps>WB One
(00:23:07)<Scraps>lol uT
(00:23:44)<uT>right now there is only one rule: Our way or the highway, that is for you as well, Paisleymancer!
(00:24:06)<Threeseas>We lost Dusty Hats and AgentWesson, must have been a battle
(00:24:07)<jazbeck>Love the whole water-as-code thing in these scenes
(00:24:12)<Oneiromancer>Still love that Lincoln.
(00:24:28)<uT>Still love those suicide doors :D
(00:24:29)<kira>jazbeck, yeah!
(00:24:42)<jazbeck>"Please neo, that song sucks..."
(00:24:47)<Scraps>I had not realized that before
(00:25:01)<uT>in London town they are giving out those bugs for free with your Starbucks coffee
(00:25:10)<Scraps>oh yay
(00:25:27)<Scraps>WB AW
(00:25:52)<uT>AgentWesson welcome back there is no chat without you!
(00:25:53)<AgentWesson>OK, uT.
(00:26:08)<uT>So tell me AgentWesson, who is Morpheus?
(00:26:08)<Oneiromancer>wb, AgentWesson
(00:26:08)<AgentWesson>Oneiromancer: sorry...
(00:26:13)<Oneiromancer>you should be.
(00:26:14)<jazbeck>Grids! On the walls! On the floor!
(00:26:35)<uT>Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole
(00:26:37)<AgentWesson>morpheus is the bloke who deals with dodgy pills, man...
(00:26:39)<jazbeck>Frames within frames!
(00:27:39)<uT>he is a quick thinker, Neo that is!
(00:27:40)<jazbeck>Imagine yourself as neo here. You see that room, dudes don't seem to know what a broom is... Would you drink that water?
(00:28:11)<Oneiromancer>I'd ask him if he wanted to sell that chair.  That's a cool chair.
(00:28:16)<The_Architect>I'd have a coke instead :_)
(00:28:37)<Oneiromancer>Don't forget the rum!
(00:28:40)<Scraps>hard to swallow pills with coke
(00:28:44)<uT>now listen, there comes Morpheus the trickster!
(00:28:46)<Scraps>OR rum
(00:28:48)<The_Architect>certainly NOT :)
(00:29:20)<uT>I still take the purple one, every day, so I can enjoy it more often :D
(00:29:42)<Oneiromancer>Purple :)
(00:29:45)<uT>Apoc are we online?
(00:29:58)<jazbeck>Neo was probably just looking for some quality weed hookups
(00:30:07)<Scraps>I live in Colorado ;)
(00:30:14)<Scraps>legal here
(00:30:18)<Oneiromancer>Jaz, he was looking for the Yoyo Kush :)
(00:30:20)<uT>Jazbeck, you were asking for a time quote in the matrix, there you are! Time is alwazs against us!
(00:30:28)<jazbeck>And now he's Ike "we'll, shit, is might seem
(00:30:41)<jazbeck>"I might seem rude if I don't take it"
(00:30:57)<Scraps>good lord, are you that far ahead?
(00:30:58)<Oneiromancer>Hey uT, I thought you said a California tanned Afro was going to be here tonight?
(00:31:13)<uT>not sure if rude applied in front of that Morpheus Dude
(00:31:46)<Scraps>you mean bester?
(00:31:50)<kira>buckle your seatbelt, dorothy
(00:31:53)<uT>yeah he promised, but you know how unreliable those Californian Afros are! They do not even know their time zone :)
(00:31:54)<Oneiromancer>yeah, that sounded dirty, sorry.
(00:32:02)<jazbeck>That's some quality Geoff Darrow there. Lovely,lovely production design : D
(00:32:17)<uT>and eerie too!
(00:32:33)<uT>Bester where art thou?
(00:32:49)<Oneiromancer>I've tried calling him, but Bruce Campbell keeps answering his phone.
(00:32:55)<uT>and in Japan a crazy tattoo master is dodgy as well!
(00:33:11)<Oneiromancer>yeah, Graphic, that bastard.
(00:33:20)<jazbeck>It was never clear, at least to me, if the whole mirror thing happened or if neo was just hallucinating and everyone was just trying not to laugh at him having a bad trip
(00:33:47)<uT>Neo was not chosen for being clever!
(00:33:56)<Oneiromancer>The broken image he knew his whole life was becoming clear :)
(00:34:13)<Scraps>Thumbs up, Onederdude
(00:34:13)<kira>we will never's in the wachowskis heads
(00:34:14)<Oneiromancer>Seeing himself for the first time.
(00:34:38)<uT>remember the Oracle stating: "Not too bright though"
(00:34:56)<Oneiromancer>I do not want to go to this spa retreat.
(00:35:12)<uT>or any retreat for that matter
(00:35:15)<The_Architect>in UK it's cal;les "CentreParcs" :)
(00:35:26)<jazbeck>I like to imagine there's a bunch of deleted material of the neb's crew fucking around with neo, telling him it was a test.
(00:35:29)<uT>Club Med!
(00:35:52)<Scraps>Awe, Neo is the prize!
(00:36:17)<uT>I want that accupuncturist and for free please!
(00:36:19)<Oneiromancer>Yeah Scraps, but they had to spend almost $10 bucks to get him.
(00:36:32)<The_Architect>SURprise, you mean, Scraps :)
(00:36:35)<kira>lol, one...
(00:36:52)<jazbeck>"Why do my eyes hurt?"
(00:36:56)<Threeseas>pin cushion
(00:37:00)<uT>The awakening scene of Neo in his Neb cabin is ever so awesome!
(00:37:01)<jazbeck>"You don't have any eyebrows"
(00:37:02)<Scraps>No, I mean prize
(00:37:11)<kira>the answers are coming...
(00:37:33)<uT>damn, as always I am far ahead ;)
(00:37:46)<Scraps>Neo taking out IV
(00:37:52)<kira>i don't think so, ut..
(00:37:59)<jazbeck>I'm pretty sure trinity drew some eyebrows on neo with a marker
(00:38:03)<uT>The one you don't know Tank!
(00:38:03)<kira>it's just the time it takes to input..
(00:38:16)<Scraps>Sharpies are hard to come by in the real world
(00:38:22)<Threeseas>ut slow down
(00:38:31)<jazbeck>Maybe some grease.
(00:38:32)<uT>then we all have to improve our neukinetics to type FASTER!
(00:38:48)<Scraps>Kira, we are sync'ed
(00:38:56)<uT>LOVE the switch to the construct!
(00:39:05)<jazbeck>"The main what?"
(00:39:12)<uT>training simulations, anything we need!
(00:39:14)<jazbeck>"The main dEck"
(00:39:31)<uT>Neo: Right now we are inside a computer program? Oh c#mon Neo!
(00:39:34)<Oneiromancer>Most of my crew you already know, this is a hottie in a welding mask.....
(00:40:02)<uT>hehehhe, One! Is that a new fetish of yours?
(00:40:10)<Scraps>Who was shaving Neo?
(00:40:12)<Oneiromancer>Well, I am a welder......
(00:40:48)<uT>that too, yeah One!
(00:41:00)<uT>as we gave birth to A.I.
(00:41:07)<Scraps>mental projection of your digital self
(00:41:22)<Oneiromancer>The construct, they can load anything.....clearly Morpheus has been watching a lot of Antiques Roadshow...
(00:41:23)<uT>tell that One, Scraps!
(00:41:34)<Scraps>Those sunglasses were SO cool
(00:41:52)<jazbeck>I love how the movie is so well constructed these scenes are basically holding our hand and delivering exposition
(00:41:54)<uT>Ohhhh the Fields!!!
(00:42:06)<jazbeck>But it's clear, and nice, and interesting.
(00:42:15)<kira>yes, the desert of the real
(00:42:16)<jazbeck>Neo is the perfect audience surrogate.
(00:42:17)<Oneiromancer>Jaz, we're all biased, but this first movie is a work of art.
(00:42:23)<Threeseas>birth to ai
(00:42:29)<kira>of course, one..
(00:42:32)<jazbeck>It is!
(00:42:41)<uT>"Neo is the perfect audience surrogate." Ditto, Jazbeck!
(00:42:47)<kira>and jaz..
(00:43:18)<Scraps>Oh, the talks we had at the Matrix board...
(00:43:21)<uT>it IS a work of art in all senses and it still holds up despite the passage of time!
(00:43:57)<Scraps>WB Dustie_Hats
(00:44:05)<Scraps>Still my favorite movie
(00:44:12)<Oneiromancer>uT, do you know, does that little cinema in the Turkish district of Berlin still play The Matrix at midnight?
(00:44:21)<uT>Before we started I mentioned that the Wachowskis apparently are preparing a prequel trilogy to the matrix, shedding a light onto the lives of the previous ONEs and this so reminded me of our meeting in Chicago and our reading of Spunkmeyer's script!
(00:44:59)<uT>One, they don't but if I ask them nicely, they do a private function for 100 EUROS if you take the DVD to them!
(00:45:19)<jazbeck>I'd watch it if they instead made an anthology, similar to the animatrix, wth different directors and crews working different stories
(00:45:33)<jazbeck>On like netflix or hbo
(00:45:38)<Scraps>I'd love to read his stories again
(00:45:53)<Threeseas>I think I have a copy of his script somewhere
(00:45:55)<uT>so would I, Scraps
(00:46:09)<uT>so do I, seas
(00:46:14)<Scraps>I have that script in my scrapbook
(00:46:37)<uT>Zion is where the party would be. Guys face it, we have to go to Zion! :)
(00:47:20)<kira>i still have them online...i think. if not online i could put them up in a jif...
(00:47:37)<Scraps>ALL his stories?  Really?
(00:47:55)<uT>we should read them again and record that, putting it online on the tmc website for streaming
(00:48:03)<jazbeck>Share 'em!
(00:48:17)<uT>I know Kung Fu! Show me!
(00:48:41)<uT>One: Hit me if you can ...
(00:48:47)*Oneiromancer slaps uT around a bit with a large trout
(00:48:56)<uT>AgentWesson are you asleep?
(00:48:56)<AgentWesson>ut: i haven't a clue
(00:48:58)<Oneiromancer>How you like that?
(00:49:00)<kira>kung fu! lol
(00:49:01)<uT>I KNOW!
(00:49:09)<jazbeck>uT is so far ahead she's not even looking at the movie anymore.
(00:49:21)<jazbeck>All she sees is blonde, brunette, redhead...
(00:49:32)<Oneiromancer>Hey Mikey, I think he likes it....
(00:49:38)<uT>I AM looking, Jazback, I have every single frame of that movie burned into my retina!
(00:50:00)<Threeseas>I know Kung Fu! Show me!
(00:50:10)<uT>Neo is quite the schmock in the Dojo :D
(00:50:43)<Oneiromancer>Damn I wish you guys were all here.  I'm watching my favorite movie, I'm pumped up, I'm drunk.  We need to get together and raise hell!
(00:50:50)<jazbeck>Remember that dumb, dumb video, 'the fartrix'?
(00:50:59)<The_Architect>do you think this is air you're breating now?
(00:51:20)<Scraps>Never seen that, Jaz
(00:51:40)<uT>yeah Scraps, it's jiddish andation in German jiddish it's Schmock, in English transliteration of jiddish it's Schmuck
(00:51:49)<jazbeck>It's... The stupidest thing, but I watched it when I ws like 13, so I found it hilarious
(00:51:51)<Oneiromancer>it's what?  lmao
(00:52:21)<Scraps>It's the same thing, One
(00:52:36)<uT>Jaz, I do remember it as well as the Mootrix and the Homertrix and all the other trixes :D
(00:53:23)<jazbeck>They really ought to at least make more matrix comix
(00:53:41)<uT>guys do you all remember that script of an alternative Matrix with Heather Locklear as Trinity and Stephen Seagal as Neo? We had that on the second board
(00:53:59)<Scraps>no. I hate Seagal
(00:54:15)<uT>that's the whole point, Scraps!
(00:54:23)<Scraps>Not sure I was on that board
(00:54:45)<Scraps>unless you mean REALLY far back, then yes
(00:54:51)<The_Architect>I'd love to see Seagal as Neo in the prequels... :D
(00:54:53)<uT>AgentWesson: Who is Scraps?
(00:54:54)<AgentWesson>Scraps is a motherlore of crisp matrix gossip
(00:55:01)<Oneiromancer>Architect, lmao
(00:55:57)<uT>I love that tune of the agent training program!
(00:55:58)<Oneiromancer>Everybody falls the first time.
(00:56:03)<jazbeck>I like that, since we're in the construct, a digital space created by humans, there are small red details in it, unlike the matrix.
(00:56:19)<jazbeck>In the jump program, there's the red pipe behind neo
(00:56:39)<jazbeck>In the agent training program, there's the woman in the red dress
(00:56:41)<uT>I accompanied me every night during my 49 late night viewings of The Matrix in Berlin in Summer 1999 and when I got some I could of sworn that I was able to kick down that friggin door of mine
(00:56:46)<kira>the body cannot live without the mind
(00:57:13)<Scraps>I am now ahead of you, Kira
(00:57:25)<uT>red is nature's colour of alert
(00:57:35)<Oneiromancer>Settle down Scraps, it's not a competition ;P
(00:58:02)<Scraps>Might be!
(00:58:09)<uT>it sure is, One! YOu are just too lame to accept a challenge :D
(00:58:13)<jazbeck>This is my favorite scene, with all the cloned people, the awesome tune, Morpheus' speech
(00:58:21)<Scraps>No, he's just too lame, period
(00:58:23)<Oneiromancer>really now?..........
(00:58:32)<uT>now and ever, One!
(00:58:48)<kira>it takes me a minute to type...
(00:58:49)<Scraps>How long is your hair, now, One?
(00:59:02)<Oneiromancer>A little longer than it was yesterday.
(00:59:05)<uT>we need to unleash some EMP on One to resucitate him from all that rum!
(00:59:16)<Scraps>Ok, Kira :)
(00:59:26)<Oneiromancer>Rum is good.  I am so drunk right now, hhehe.
(00:59:44)<uT>for a change, One?
(00:59:59)<Scraps>Yes, how is this different?
- 1 h, 0 min
(02:00:05)<Oneiromancer>yeah, I don't usually drink.  I'm a damn light weight.
(02:00:15)<kira>hehehe, one...
(02:00:19)<uT>we KNEW that, One. C'mon give us some new input!
(02:00:28)<kira>feeling pretty good myself..
(02:00:58)<uT>what's your actual project Kira?
(02:01:10)<kira>my project?
(02:01:12)<Oneiromancer>Speaking of dodging bullets.  The US gov't/military is currently buying up ammunition rounds at an alarming rate that are classified by the Goneva convention as being "domestic rounds" of ammunition.
(02:01:14)<Scraps>Gotta say that our Matrix set-up in Chicago was pretty COOL -- Thanks, 3 Seas et al
(02:01:24)<kira>what kinda project?
(02:01:30)<Oneiromancer>pardon my spelling, I'm drunk.
(02:01:31)<jazbeck>By the way, dudes and dudettes, I don't know if you remember her, but Circuit asked me to say hi
(02:01:48)<kira>yeah, did it up right in chicago..
(02:01:52)<Scraps>I DO!  Tell her hi!
(02:01:57)<uT>work related. Any set design of yours?
(02:02:05)<kira>ut, you still have those pics?
(02:02:30)<kira>circuit, yeah!
(02:02:31)<uT>Hi Circuit! Why don't you make your way over to dotr?!
(02:02:42)<uT>sure do, Kira!
(02:02:59)<kira>me? in the matrix movie? ut? dont getcha...
(02:03:01)<uT>I have kept everything of the COmmunity, even the contents of the spittle pots ;)
(02:03:01)<jazbeck>I asked her to come, but she had a date.
(02:03:32)<Scraps>Nothing trumps the Matrix viewings
(02:03:37)<kira>good...would love to see those chicago pics again...
(02:03:37)<Oneiromancer>it's good for two things, degreasing engines, and killing brain cells.....
(02:03:38)<uT>shame! How can you be circuit and have a date with someone else?! ;)
(02:04:33)<uT>Kira, if you go to you will find all those pics
(02:04:36)<Scraps>kira, uT posted some links, maybe before you got here
(02:04:43)<kira>oh, ok...good...
(02:04:50)<kira>can i save this chat?
(02:04:58)<uT>by all means please do!
(02:05:00)<jazbeck>Damn, that steak looks friggin amazing.
(02:05:04)<Scraps>Ignorance is bliss
(02:05:19)<kira>what menu item to save?
(02:05:36)<Scraps>I type the line ahead & wait to hit enter ;)
(02:05:47)<uT>hahaha! Jaz! You are mentioning the stake and I was already at the runny egg breakgfast for Champions scene, it didn't look too amazing :D
(02:05:51)<Scraps>It does, Jaz
(02:05:52)<kira>yeah, i'd like to re-read the whole chat...
(02:06:14)<jazbeck>Hey, hadn't noticed that!
(02:06:29)<uT>I don't know Kira. Does anyone know how to save a transcript of this chat?
(02:06:32)<jazbeck>The runny egg scene is right after the stake scene, to emphasize
(02:06:37)<kira>ok, i don't see a save chat in the menus...
(02:07:08)<Scraps>too bad they couldn't get Cream of Wheat to sponsor...missed out like M&Ms in ET
(02:07:14)<uT>no there is none, Kira. But I remember that we saved previous chats so there must be some trick to do it
(02:07:20)*Scraps hates Cream of Wheat
(02:07:43)<Threeseas>at leats it doesn't taste like chicken
(02:07:48)<Scraps>3 Seas, do you know?
(02:07:55)<uT>Is this the same Oracle that made the prophecy?
(02:08:00)<kira>ok, lemme know if you figure it out...
(02:08:06)<Oneiromancer>I think it's somewhere under "Tools" "log files" has been many years since I've had to do it.
(02:08:28)<uT>same here, IRC is soooo 90s and that'S why I LOVE it
(02:08:53)<uT>Hello Neo you are right on time!
(02:08:57)<kira>hahaha, ut...
(02:09:27)<Scraps>really good noodles
(02:09:28)<Threeseas>Scraps, maybe chicken I eat is supposed to taste like cream of wheat.... Who know with GMO
(02:09:54)<uT>fuck FB and twitter and youtube, good ol' firetalk and ICQ and IRC is the way to go for steam punks like us :D
(02:10:11)<jazbeck> I like that, in that car trip to the oracle, despite having a really fake background, the light looks really natural, it's like a dream
(02:10:21)<Scraps> is that still around?
(02:10:44)<jazbeck>Check out "KYM" scratched on the elevator wall in the background
(02:10:52)<Scraps>3 Seas, everything tastes like chicken
(02:10:57)<uT>they used that old techniques of the car running on a carrussel with the blurry background on purpose for its fake feel!
(02:11:05)<Scraps>Yes, one of the designers
(02:11:20)<kira>yeah, it feels like philosophically like we should stick with the old stuff, but it's gonna make it harder to enjoy as the years go past...
(02:11:32)<jazbeck>She seemed like a really cool person in the behind the scenes stuff
(02:11:49)<uT>Scraps I think it is, although I am not using it. But I remember well catching my first glimpse of Oneiromancer's lovely features on the first videochat ever, Firetalk :D
(02:12:49)<Scraps>There is no spoon.
(02:13:18)<jazbeck>"Hey, you're that kid from dark city" "and you're that dude from bill £ ted!"
(02:13:40)<uT>I sure am :D
(02:14:01)<Scraps>WHY are the Oracle's cookies so damn hard?
(02:14:22)<The_Architect>because they're cooked with love! :P
(02:14:33)<jazbeck>HARD LOVE
(02:14:42)<uT>she's overcooked them cookies to make the rebels exercise their teeth since they hardly ever do with Tasty Wheat!
(02:14:42)<Oneiromancer>KIRA, go under "Tools", "log files", double click on dotr log file, then right click on the task bar (?), (the border on the top of the window......sorry, I'm about as non-techie as they come), then hover over "buffer" and then click "save as."  Bam, non-techie drunk guy.  This shit is easy, haha ;P
(02:14:52)<The_Architect>yeah man, that's the way
(02:15:24)<Scraps>balls to bones
(02:15:45)<jazbeck>I need to remember to use that expression more often
(02:16:22)<jazbeck>"Your next life, maybe"
(02:17:25)<uT>AgentWesson what is a doily of shame?
(02:17:25)<AgentWesson>a doily of shame is the equivalent of the Shroud of Turin for Neo's funeral
(02:17:42)<uT>right, can you hand that out to Oneiromancer? :D
(02:17:59)<jazbeck>a thing I really, really liked and hoped to see more of in the sequels was the problem with Morpheus' blind faith
(02:18:01)<kira>his first moral obstacle
(02:18:04)<Oneiromancer>AgentWesson, can you tell uT to kiss my ass?
(02:18:04)<AgentWesson>oneiromancer: no idea
(02:18:06)<Scraps>Gads, that was a hilarious time!
(02:18:20)<Scraps>right as rain
(02:18:25)<Oneiromancer>wow.  lmao maybe?
(02:18:31)<kira>and you alone
(02:18:33)<uT>One, where oh where would I start?!
(02:18:47)<Oneiromancer>Damn, you've gotten meaner.
(02:19:05)<Scraps>Who has?  Haven't we all?
(02:19:07)<uT>and smarter :D
(02:19:08)<Oneiromancer>Hey Kira, did you see the instructions I gave above to save chat logs?
(02:19:35)<Oneiromancer>uT, that's up for debate....
(02:19:36)<Scraps>deja vu
(02:19:48)<uT>One, you should have seen Kira doing it through your bottle of Rum!
(02:20:12)<uT>they're in the Walls!
(02:20:27)<Oneiromancer>The bottle is getting more translucent as we speak.
(02:20:37)<Scraps>bye bye Mousie
(02:21:01)<uT>One, y?ou mean you are adding more water to it
(02:21:02)<jazbeck>Mouse' guns were awesome
(02:21:15)<uT>beyond awesome, jaz!
(02:21:17)<Oneiromancer>No, it's getting light uT, :P
(02:21:30)<uT>The Great Morpheus, we meet at last!!
(02:21:30)<jazbeck>Hahah, I love that cypher is such a shitty actor
(02:21:41)<Oneiromancer>I have stopped though.  I need to be able to type :P
(02:22:43)<Scraps>NOW they're in the walls
(02:22:45)<uT>how many coppers it takes to take out a Morpheus?
(02:22:55)<Scraps>Even in the walls, Trinity is badass
(02:23:05)<Threeseas>they're in the walls
(02:23:05)<uT>especially there, Scraps!
(02:23:43)<uT>guys I am a lightyear ahead of you! Is the matrix clocked faster in British lands? Will stop and hold for a moment
(02:23:51)<jazbeck>Neo shoots blindly, can't hit the guy that's directly in front of him
(02:24:11)<Threeseas>ut tell us where you stop and we'll tell you to go
(02:24:22)<Oneiromancer>uT, I think you have the abridged version :P
(02:24:24)<uT>Trin appearing in the repair shop
(02:24:28)<jazbeck>The "not like this" moment?
(02:25:10)<Oneiromancer>Hey everyone, hit fast forward, uT is running "cliff-notes matrix", pfffft!
(02:25:25)<Scraps>Hell no, she can pause
(02:25:27)<uT>One, you aren't per chance an abrigded version of a human? :D
(02:25:39)<Oneiromancer>Right now I am, lol!
(02:25:59)<uT>I KNEW it from the very beginning One!
(02:26:09)<uT>Ok I have resumed viewing
(02:26:12)<jazbeck>Bet they wouldn't have sent so many cops after Morpheus if he was a white rebel.
(02:26:21)<Scraps>Sorry, Cypher.  NO one likes you
(02:26:25)<Oneiromancer>Ooooooh, snap.
(02:26:59)<uT>Trin is certainly the hottest asset in that repair shop!
(02:26:59)<Threeseas>ut go repair shop and fix your version
(02:27:00)<Scraps>IDK, Fishbourne is a big man
(02:27:10)<Dustie_Hats>uT likes his humanity :)
(02:27:16)<uT>I so do!
(02:27:32)<uT>welcome back Dustie Hats! Had a nice nap?
(02:27:39)<Oneiromancer>lol uT.
(02:28:00)<jazbeck>If they ever make any more matrix movies, I hope they can get Idris Elba involved.
(02:28:50)<uT>I really wonder what had happened if Morpheus had shoved that red pill right up his a*** you think it's aIR you're breahting now?
(02:29:29)<kira>jaz? edris & the matrix?
(02:29:57)<Oneiromancer>The Matrix isn't real.
(02:30:12)<uT>his big pretty eyes .... errrmm, are we talking about Neo???!!
(02:30:13)<kira>cypher is out
(02:30:41)<jazbeck>Cypher was actually jealous of trinity
(02:30:46)<Dustie_Hats>i loved her character
(02:31:01)<Threeseas>pretty eyes
(02:31:18)<uT>Cypher was jealous of every single coppertop who had NOT been unplugged!
(02:31:25)<jazbeck>Switch is awesome. You gotta be a badass to pull off being a visual pun.
(02:31:41)<Scraps>you're still gonna burn
(02:31:42)<uT>damn right jaz
(02:31:43)<Oneiromancer>Believe it or not you piece of're still gonna burn.
(02:32:15)<uT>My fav monologue of SMith! I have studied your specccciesssss ...
(02:32:37)<uT>Evolution, Morpheus, Evolution, like the Dinosaurs ...
(02:33:49)<jazbeck>Seriously, Hugo weaving.
(02:33:52)<uT>are you all aslake or aweep gus+
(02:33:57)<Threeseas>so first matrix was garden of eden?
(02:34:04)<Scraps>Hugo is da bomb!
(02:34:12)<uT>exactly 3seas!
(02:34:13)<kira>you're about a minute 90 secs ahead still ut...sorry..
(02:34:27)<uT>A silly simulacrum of the faulty Garden of Eden, how silly of A.I.!
(02:34:37)<Oneiromancer>uT and I are synched.....
(02:34:48)<Oneiromancer>We must have the same version....hehe
(02:34:56)<uT>I am again ahead, kira, it's my neuralkinetics, they are way above normal ... :D
(02:35:10)<kira>lol...must be, ut...
(02:35:12)<jazbeck>Lol, ut
(02:35:30)<Scraps>never send a human to do a machine's job
(02:35:55)<uT>yeah, tell that One, Scraps 'D
(02:36:13)<Scraps>This can't be just coincidence
(02:36:41)<uT>and since I am the ranking officer on this (sining) ship ...
(02:36:44)<Threeseas>no he is not the one, he is the sixth
(02:36:49)<jazbeck>Jesus, Carrie-Anne is seriously gorgeous here.
(02:37:05)<Scraps>those eyes
(02:37:07)<kira>he's about to get a wakeup call..
(02:37:24)<uT>a serious one, Kira!
(02:37:24)<kira>yep, she is...
(02:37:35)<kira>yep, t!
(02:37:36)<uT>a Virus!
(02:37:48)<uT>you're a plague!
(02:37:50)<jazbeck>No spoilers!
(02:37:58)<uT>it's only the truth
(02:38:06)<kira>spoliers!! LOL11
(02:38:21)<kira>tank oad us up
(02:38:22)<uT>Guns lots of guns! Wake up One, this part is for you!
(02:38:37)*Scraps high fives Kira
(02:38:55)<kira>where do you guys get the signals
(02:38:58)<Oneiromancer>No no, I'm totally against violence as a means to an end.
(02:39:12)<uT>I thought so One :D:D:D
(02:39:19)<Oneiromancer>Wait, wait a minute...........lmfao!
(02:39:19)<kira>high fives and such...
(02:40:03)<Scraps>That's why it's going to work
(02:40:06)*Oneiromancer slaps uT around a bit with a large trout
(02:40:13)<kira>ahhh...lots of guns....this nis such a fanboy movie..yay!
(02:40:21)<Dustie_Hats>me 'n Scraps
(02:40:52)<kira>ok, guys! how do you do it????
(02:41:00)<uT>OHHHHHHH! Airwalk boots!!!!! }}}}}}}}}}}}}}heartquake!{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{7
(02:41:15)<kira>the scraps high fives kira
(02:41:30)*Oneiromancer high fives everyone
(02:41:43)<Scraps>type /me then what you want to say
(02:41:49)<uT>you are such a slimer, One!
(02:41:49)<Oneiromancer>type "/" then "me" with no space
(02:42:06)<kira>here we go!!!
(02:42:08)<Scraps>here it comes!!@
(02:42:24)<Scraps>HOLY SHIT!
(02:42:38)<Oneiromancer>Wait a minute, I'm drunk enough for this.......
(02:42:49)<uT>backups we need backups!!! Where is the rum, the fin, the dozer's brew?!
(02:42:57)<kira>i love it!!!!
(02:43:01)<jazbeck>Did anyone else find it hilarious that trinity killed bill pope with her exploding bike in reloaded?
(02:43:06)<LadiesMan>hahahaha, you know it!
(02:43:56)<uT>I mean isn't that symptomatic that a Pope gets blown up by a Trinity bike?!
(02:44:35)*Scraps waits for kira
(02:44:35)<uT>bomb goes off yeah!
(02:44:50)<uT>I repeat we're under attack!
(02:45:12)<uT>dodgy Neo!
(02:45:28)<jazbeck>"What were you doing?"
(02:45:37)<jazbeck>"Well, this is awkward"
(02:45:43)*kira kira high fives snaps
(02:45:45)<uT>OMG Jaz! You're 300 years behind!
(02:45:51)<kira>got it!
(02:45:57)<Threeseas>bomb goes off
(02:46:00)<kira>ut, lol
(02:46:03)<jazbeck>D :
(02:46:10)<Scraps>There is no spoon
(02:46:15)<kira>there is no spoon!!!!
(02:46:20)<kira> where is nospoon???
(02:46:24)<jazbeck>My bomb just went off
(02:46:30)<uT>Tank I really do need a pilot program for a whatever helicopter!
(02:46:35)<Oneiromancer>I still have to laugh about the first time I saw this movie.  I had NOT ONCE seen a trailer for The matrix before I went to see it.  I wore my trenchcoat and black military fatigues to the theatre.  The looks I got from people walking out of there (because of "The Lobby" scene), it was hilarious!
(02:46:45)<Scraps>FInd them & destroy them!
(02:46:54)<kira>LOL, one!
(02:46:54)<uT>Oh Lord would you buy me a Mercedezs Benz ...
(02:47:24)<Dustie_Hats>my neigbours all drive porsches, i must make amends
(02:47:26)<uT>LOL ONE!! That is sooo you!
(02:47:36)<Oneiromancer>My friends all have Porsches, I must make amends...
(02:47:41)<Scraps>Dodge this
(02:47:44)<uT>don't do Dustie Hats!
(02:47:48)<kira>dodge this!!
(02:48:03)<uT>get up Morph Dude!
(02:48:05)<Oneiromancer>drive, rather.
(02:48:29)<kira>pilot program helicopter
(02:48:50)<Scraps>Snarling NO!!!
(02:49:30)<uT>I guess we have a German version of the DVD which goes like "suban - estrujen and bajen - and done with the film! No matter how often I stop, I still keep ahead of you guys :D:D:D
(02:49:33)<Scraps>smoking machube gun
(02:49:49)<Threeseas>he's not going to make it
(02:49:58)<Scraps>Morpheus: RAWR!!!!
(02:50:10)<Oneiromancer>You Germans try to over-engineer things, this is what you get >;P
(02:50:27)<uT>Touche One!
(02:51:23)<uT>there we go, The Architect just handed over another glass of bathtub gin and now the viewing may resume :D
(02:51:36)<Oneiromancer>haha, CHEERS!
(02:51:44)<kira>trinitty trinity
(02:51:51)<uT>One, I am not much behind you - drinkwise :D
(02:52:26)<Scraps>He's the ONE
(02:52:33)<kira>he's the one...definitely...
(02:52:38)<Oneiromancer>Well..........I have run out of Cola, sweetheart, which means, in the world of racers, I am known as an "alky-burner" right now ;P
(02:52:58)<kira>lol, allky burner, one?
(02:52:59)<uT>definitely! Especially when he wears tights and takes a lift :D
(02:53:11)<kira>the path...
(02:53:14)<Scraps>One wears tights?
(02:53:27)<uT>always, Scraps!
(02:53:36)<Oneiromancer>yes, a motor that runs on pure alcohol.....only for tonight though, you're all a bad influence, lol :P
(02:53:37)*Scraps snickers
(02:53:40)<uT>that's what hold him together :D
(02:54:09)<uT>them tights I mean
(02:54:19)* The_Architect rolls over the floor
(02:54:19)<Scraps>I know, resisting replyine
(02:54:26)<uT>AgentWesson remember Oneiromancer?
(02:54:26)<AgentWesson>ut: no idea
(02:54:37)<uT>I thought so!
(02:54:44)<uT>What is an Oneiromancer
(02:54:45)<AgentWesson>i heard an Oneiromancer was a matrix shaman cooking evil-smelling mushroom cookies
(02:55:06)<Scraps>Why does the Agent repeat himself?
(02:55:19)<uT>because he is programmed to do so!
(02:55:20)<Scraps>Mr. Andersonnnnnnnnnnnn
(02:55:33)<Scraps>He's beginning to believe
(02:55:37)<kira>he's beginning to believe....
(02:55:39)<Oneiromancer>They won't be that good, I only have portabella mushrooms in teh fridge.
(02:55:48)<kira>lol scraps
(02:55:48)<Oneiromancer>teh, hehe
(02:55:54)<uT>You're empty, so are you!
(02:56:12)<kira>we're actually together
(02:56:13)<Scraps>Kneck popping
(02:56:22)<jazbeck>Love smiths neck pop
(02:56:36)<uT>Pure delicious evil!
(02:56:37)<Scraps>broken glasses glare
(02:56:39)<kira>mr anderson
(02:56:47)<uT>and Neo is again that very Schmuck!
(02:57:09)<uT>I can fight you see, here's me muscles!
(02:57:26)<kira>he's killing him
(02:57:40)<Scraps>dusty Bruce Lee post
(02:57:42)<kira>i so love keanu
(02:57:55)<Scraps>kneck chop
(02:58:09)<uT>Kira, you aren't per chance any reincarnation of Keanuette, are you?!
(02:58:17)<uT>ANyone remember Keanuette_
(02:58:30)* The_Architect so loves Hugo :)
(02:58:32)<Scraps>I remember Smurfette
(02:58:38)<kira> not yet. bet she'd love to be here...
(02:58:45)<Threeseas>sounds familiar
(02:59:07)<jazbeck>"My name... IS NEIL."
(02:59:09)<Scraps>my name is NEO!!!
(02:59:10)<kira>sure i remember her. se was in england...
(02:59:25)<Scraps>Maybe I remember her a lil'
(02:59:49)<Oneiromancer>I feel genuinely disheartheartened to admit, that after taking ju-jitsu, the general choreography in this movie is exceptionally slow.  I still love it though.
(02:59:56)<kira>keanuette...only one could chosen that
(03:00:14)<uT>LOL One!
(03:00:25)<kira>i think its stylistic, one...
(03:00:28)<Scraps>probably easier to choreograph & film that way
(03:00:48)<uT>have a look here Kira:
(03:00:59)<Oneiromancer>it is Kira, and it's wonderful.  It just changes your perception after you've actually done it.
(03:01:18)<Scraps>NO, THE OTHER LEFT!!!
(03:02:01)<kira>wow! i lost a bunch of pics. that's in lithuania. gotta check that gallery out..
(03:02:17)<Dustie_Hats>you guys aren't watching the movie
(03:02:27)<uT>we are!
(03:02:36)<Scraps>Heart o'the City
(03:02:47)<Scraps>We know it by heart ;)
(03:02:48)<kira>yep, we are too
(03:02:55)<kira>hes going to 303
(03:02:57)<Scraps>& soul
(03:03:08)<uT>Dustie Hats: This is my One Hundred thirty Ninth Viewing of The Matrix
(03:03:20)<Scraps>Wow, I have not kept track
(03:03:28)<uT>I do!
(03:03:51)<kira>i think it's only my 51, or 52
(03:03:52)<Threeseas>when you get to 303 viewings something special happens
(03:04:10)<uT>I am sure, 3seas! I am gonna pop!
(03:04:13)<kira>it's been years, tho!!!
(03:04:21)<jazbeck>Haha  good ol' blood splatter before neo hits the wall
(03:04:25)<kira>so sweet! thank you ut!!
(03:04:37)<uT>you're welcome Kira!
(03:04:43)<Scraps>it went thru him with the first shot, Jaz
(03:04:49)<Dustie_Hats>uT: yup, i'm not that far....
(03:05:01)<uT>I am the Archivist of TMC ;)
(03:05:04)<kira>that man...the man that i loved
(03:05:43)<Scraps>Now GET UP!!!
(03:05:45)<Oneiromancer>Very special time right now.  My twelve year old nephew is sitting on the couch, asking me all kinds of questions about The Matrix.......time to unplug another potential :)
(03:05:55)<jazbeck>: D
(03:06:45)<uT>Oh Dear! Am I afraid for that potential or what?!
(03:07:05)<kira>go, one!
(03:07:17)<uT>If One is fiddling with his mind, he might as well become Cypher v. 2.0
(03:07:31)<Oneiromancer>Hey, I'm sobering up quick here, lol
(03:08:05)<jazbeck>Brown and jones should have hugged first.
(03:08:07)<uT>you've always been a poor liar One! That makes you luvable :D
(03:08:31)<Scraps>Eh, he's fairly lovable anyways
(03:08:44)<Scraps>Jaz, no time for them to hug
(03:08:54)<Scraps>SHIT! Almost over!
(03:09:07)<uT>ermm, may I ponder about that statement, Scraps?
(03:09:16)<kira>system failure
(03:09:22)<Scraps>the lovable one?
(03:09:40)<Oneiromancer>A world without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible :)
(03:09:42)<Dustie_Hats>wake up
(03:09:46)<kira>WAKE UP!!!
(03:09:52)<uT>that would be our world, one!
(03:10:00)<Oneiromancer>Damn right!
(03:10:32)<Scraps>Just as enjoyable, every second!
(03:10:35)<uT>Hah, that got your attention, right, you guys from NSA?
(03:11:09)<uT>One, would you please go and kick their arses?!
(03:11:25)<kira>ok, if anyone else is one facebook please friend me. i wanna stay in touch. kira scurro. ut i'll email you. i'll put up spunkmeyers stories for anyone who nwants to read them..and let you know ut
(03:11:48)<Scraps>Kira, did you get my request?
(03:12:02)<kira>yeah i already friended you
(03:12:02)<Dustie_Hats>ahhh, you guys are incredible, i paid more attention to #dotr than to the movie
(03:12:10)<kira>at the beginning
(03:12:14)<uT>perfect! I think if there is a trilogy around the corner, we might just want to set up a new discussion board on tmc?!
(03:12:17)<Scraps>DH, of course we ROCK!
(03:12:29)<Scraps>Glad you could be here :D
(03:12:47)<Scraps>I think we should set one up anyway.
(03:12:56)<kira>yeah gotta find out more about this trilogy. makes sense for them to do it since they have note ever realoly had a hit as big...
(03:13:06)<uT>Thanks for joining us, Dustie Hats and Jaz!
(03:13:12)<Scraps>yoyo, you, too...even tho you were quiet ;)
(03:13:19)<Dustie_Hats>it's an honor
(03:13:23)<Dustie_Hats>you guys are OG
(03:13:23)<yoyo_kush23>that's me
(03:13:29)<Scraps>Jaz, you 3!
(03:13:36)<yoyo_kush23>it was refreshing
(03:13:40)<uT>Oh wow, the star dust is back! Hiya yoyo kush! :D
(03:13:47)<yoyo_kush23>just what i needed acctually
(03:14:03)<yoyo_kush23>more faith in passing exams
(03:14:17)<Scraps>If anyone still has my old e-mail from 100 years ago, I still have it
(03:14:29)<uT>3seas, please stay in contact! My e mail is in the announcement on
(03:14:51)<uT>that'S good to know Scraps!
(03:15:03)<Threeseas>I'm tim rue on fb
(03:15:08)<Scraps>u_T, thanks for organizing this!!!
(03:15:19)<uT>ok and now ion to the afterparty!!! :DDD
(03:15:29)<uT>my great pleasure, Julie!
(03:15:33)<kira>friending you, 3 seas
(03:15:35)<yoyo_kush23>thanks for everything :D
(03:15:36)<Oneiromancer>Afterparty?  You all have some catching up to do!
(03:15:41)<Scraps>me, too 3
(03:16:30)<uT>why don't you just all register on the tmc blog and we write and comment and share and get this old community a new life?!
(03:16:32)<Threeseas>brought back some fun memories,, and the folly of shame
(03:16:39)<uT>especially in the wake of a new trilogy to come!
(03:16:51)<kira>cant pull you up 3seas. try kira scurro
(03:16:54)<Scraps>Did not find you, Tim
(03:16:56)<Oneiromancer>doily :P
(03:17:04)<uT>doily, 3seas, doily!
(03:17:26)<Threeseas>oh, my spelling sucks
(03:17:32)<uT>forget about fuggin FB!!! It's an agent hangout!
(03:18:03)<Scraps>It's a way to keep in touch
(03:18:14)<Dustie_Hats>uT, sorry for me being a smartass at the beginning....
(03:18:21)<uT>it's a piece of software connected to the matrix!
(03:18:27)<Threeseas>But what better way to educate agents that they cannot live without us
(03:19:00)<uT>don't worry Dustie Hats! Me loves them smartasses :D
(03:19:28)<Scraps>Yeah, One is a HUGE smartass
(03:19:37)<Dustie_Hats>when is reloaded due?
(03:20:02)<uT>One, you are so quiet, are you teaching your nephew the alpha and omega of tmc ethics?
(03:20:08)<kira>gotcha 3seas...
(03:20:30)<Threeseas>check! Kira
(03:20:32)<Oneiromancer>uT, a 'bit :)
(03:20:44)<Scraps>One: register at u_T's site!
(03:20:59)<uT>I remember Reloaded coming out somewhen in 2002, October maybe, so I will make sure to call for a nother Synched Viewing!
(03:21:02)<Oneiromancer>Already there, Scraps :)
(03:21:09)<Scraps>Anyone talk to Hal???
(03:21:23)<Scraps>I can snail mail Aks, I'm sure she would have been here.
(03:21:41)<Oneiromancer>Scraps, I sent an email to Hal.....late notice though, haven't heard back yet.
(03:21:45)<Scraps>What about Cassie?
(03:21:48)<uT>Oh I would love to see Aks back!
(03:21:55)<Dustie_Hats>uT: and is your website?
(03:21:57)<Scraps>And Rainbows???
(03:22:08)<uT>let's just try to gather them rebels!
(03:22:08)<Dustie_Hats>how do i officialy join the tribe? :)
(03:22:12)<Scraps>Rainbows probably has a family now :D
(03:22:26)<Scraps>There IS a ritual involved
(03:22:34)<Oneiromancer>Might have Cassies address, and I have Rainbows on Livejournal, can try to get in contact.
(03:22:34)<Scraps>No sacrifice tho
(03:22:46)<uT>Dustie Hats: It has been always the Community website, I am just the keeper of it. My personal website is :D
(03:22:59)<Scraps>I'd love them if possible, One...
(03:23:09)<Threeseas>wow names from  the chicago meet
(03:23:27)<Scraps>Spunk is still in Arizona but I haven't talked to him for like 9 years
(03:23:44)<Threeseas>Who was teh woman from Turkey and her son?
(03:24:02)<Oneiromancer>NoSpoon and........I'm drawing a blank........
(03:24:14)<uT>Dustie Hats: Just go to and register. I will make sure to acknowledge you and you can start writing. We had a community message board, which is off at the moment, but if enough people gather, I certainly will set up a new one again
(03:24:24)<Oneiromancer>Thanks Scraps
(03:24:34)<kira>oh, yeah! i'm on fb with satya!
(03:24:51)<Oneiromancer>how is Satya, Kira, I haven't spoken with her in a few years?
(03:25:07)<Scraps>What about Vel?
(03:25:10)<kira>satya would know the women from turkey. they came to chicago...
(03:25:32)<Dustie_Hats>uT: hehe, i also speak a bit of german, and yoyo speaks sweedish.... spanish is on the list
(03:25:33)<uT>3seas: I can look her up in the records#
(03:25:34)<kira>she's great! has 2 kids all on her own. still in the netherlands...
(03:25:47)<Scraps>& Px and Kryptcom..didn't they get married?
(03:25:53)<Oneiromancer>Vel is on my livejournal, although she bought a house a while back, and has been busy with work and travel/family.....
(03:26:07)<Threeseas>wow single parent
(03:26:09)<kira>what about the girl from canada. cant remember her name
(03:26:24)<Scraps>That's Trinity
(03:26:25)<kira>t something
(03:26:30)<Scraps>you nut
(03:26:40)<kira>has she disappeared?
(03:26:41)<Scraps>THAT was hard
(03:27:10)<Scraps>Vel is a single parent?
(03:27:11)<Oneiromancer>She's around, over in Tokyo right now visiting Graphic Enemy
(03:27:21)<Scraps>That's cool!
(03:27:31)<Oneiromancer>No, Satya is, Scraps
(03:27:38)<uT>Trinity is now known as Furiosity and right now she is visiting Japan and I hoped she would join with Graphic Ene,ym
(03:27:40)<Scraps>Oh, ok.  
(03:28:02)<Scraps>She was Furiosity back then
(03:28:05)<kira>yes! furiousity was her last incarnation!
(03:28:22)<kira>what about ngraphic enemy?
(03:28:26)<Scraps>How about Digitah?
(03:28:31)<uT>Vel is living in UK in the Lake District, and she is a teacher. I am in contact with her on linkedin
(03:28:57)<kira>so likedin isnt agenctcy? lol
(03:29:17)<Oneiromancer>You know who I haven't heard from in a while, and he lives right in the same damn state as me, Jungerdude!
(03:29:17)<Scraps>& NT, not sure where he is
(03:29:21)<uT>Digitah never again showed up. She was the Turkish_German girl in our first Berlin meet, right?
(03:29:27)<Scraps>Oh yes!
(03:29:36)<Threeseas>who was the other from UK that got married to ...??? from texas...
(03:29:44)<Scraps>Was in Chicago, U_T
(03:29:52)<kira>digitah is still in la...has a kid. works at trader joes...but i haven't stayed in touch
(03:29:57)<Scraps>Kryptcom & Px, Patricia
(03:30:11)<kira>no she was in chicago
(03:30:18)<uT>Pixie got married to the guy from Texas and she wanted to join us tonight. Her name is Patricia, and she is in the UK
(03:30:33)<kira>patricia...yeah, are they still around?
(03:30:36)<Scraps>Are they still married?
(03:30:59)<uT>she answered to my e.mail yesterday and promised to be around. A shame she didn't
(03:31:15)<kira>ut? excuse me, pelase? but what was the name of the guy you were with?
(03:31:28)<Threeseas>me on linkedin
(03:31:35)<Scraps>Rhat was Random
(03:32:06)<uT>Let's just everyone contact everyone you still are in contact with and tell them to register as a contributor to the blog at and then we can decide what sort of forum we would like for discussions and chat
(03:32:09)<Scraps>My Matrix scrapbook is awsome
(03:32:24)<uT>Random was just a random guy, sorry ... ;)
(03:32:44)<Scraps>and forgive past hurts from so long ago :/
(03:32:56)<uT>He left long ago
(03:33:04)<kira>alrighty then...
(03:33:08)<Scraps>u_T, you 2 made AWESOME programs for the Chicago meet!
(03:33:14)<uT>Time is a mighty healer!
(03:33:44)<uT>yes we did, Scraps. I remember that and I still have some!
(03:33:51)<Oneiromancer>I do too! :P
(03:33:56)<Oneiromancer>:), rather
(03:33:56)<Scraps>They are in my scrapbook!
(03:34:09)<Oneiromancer>I still have the nametag you made for me, lol
(03:34:15)<kira>i'd like to see them again. are they in the gallery, ut?
(03:34:35)<Scraps>I think Spunk put copies of my scrapbook online -- does anyone remember?
(03:34:38)<uT>Why don't we just reboot the matrix
(03:34:53)<kira>how do we do that?
(03:35:06)<Scraps>It was damaged too severely
(03:35:10)<Scraps>I thought???
(03:36:25)<kira>ut, you really have to reconsider facebook. it makes all of this so easy and half the people we're missing are probably on it...
(03:37:18)<Threeseas>its true though, FB contains agents, and many fake accounts
(03:37:44)<kira>sure, the cliches...but the tech is phenomenal
(03:37:52)<uT>no no no Kira, I am very aware of security and facebook is just too evil a commodity! They take away your copyrights of everything! I still own that server and we can still have a strong community with all modern facilities if peeps like
(03:38:18)<Scraps>YES, u_T!!!  YESSSS!!!
(03:38:46)<uT>that's the way! Let's have our own corner without corporate eyes on us!
(03:39:08)<kira>if you post on a message board you lose your copyright, but i'll go with whatever is good...
(03:39:09)<Scraps>Sorry, all...must go.
(03:39:12)<uT>One what does your blurb mean?
(03:39:46)<Oneiromancer>Scraps!  It was good to see you!  Take care, and hope to see you around!
(03:39:57)<kira>aaawww....bye, scraps!!
(03:40:04)<Threeseas>bye Scraps
(03:40:05)<uT>Nope Kira, if we have our own domain, which in fact we do, we own our rights. On facebook they take away the rights for whatever images or media we post
(03:40:06)<Scraps>Indeed -- & congrats on your engagement!  
(03:40:21)<Oneiromancer>my blurb?  You must be more specific....haha
(03:40:23)<uT>Bye Scraps! Stay in touch please!
(03:40:29)*Scraps sniffs from happiness!
(03:40:47)<uT>One, I am more specific than usual!
(03:41:11)<Scraps>One: this:  plus sign )
(03:41:26)*Scraps can't find the f-ing plus sign
(03:41:28)<Oneiromancer>Oh, the +) ?
(03:41:42)<Scraps>cyclops? Wasted?
(03:41:47)<Oneiromancer>It's just the super-happy-grin, lol
(03:41:48)<uT>Look guys, please check out Think if you would like it to  become once more our Community home. I still keep everything and would love to see it revived!
(03:42:12)<Oneiromancer>later Scraps!
(03:42:16)<uT>good! Sleep well, Scraps!
(03:42:20)<kira>i dunno...noones doing message boards anymore. i even have one, but it's not for posts its for archiving articles...
(03:42:39)<kira>byeee, scraps!
(03:42:48)<uT>that's why I have set up a worldpress blog instead, Kira!
(03:42:57)<uT>Everyone could contribute there!
(03:43:00)<Scraps>u_T, it's only 8:45 here.
(03:43:13)<kira>oh, that at
(03:43:20)<Oneiromancer>Waaaaaaaaay past your bedtime, Scraps!
(03:43:30)<uT>ooops. It's 2:45 wheee hours in london, Scraps :D
(03:43:43)<kira>lolol...on the timess
(03:43:45)<uT>The Architect already collapsed by his command post :D:D:D
(03:43:53)<Scraps>Love to all!  /me kicks Onederdude & runs
(03:44:02)<Oneiromancer>Lightweight, huh, uT?
(03:44:06)<kira>where is the architect in the world?
(03:44:12)*Scraps kicks Onederdude & runs
(03:44:13)*Oneiromancer slaps Scraps around a bit with a large trout
(03:44:16)<uT>None like us hardboiled rebels, Onester!
(03:44:30)<uT>good ol rebel oak!
(03:44:40)<kira>is one in europe too?
(03:44:55)<uT>He is stuck in Maine :D
(03:44:55)<Oneiromancer>Nope, I'm still East Coast US
(03:45:03)<kira> where is that blog ut?
(03:45:13)<kira>gotcha one
(03:45:27)<uT>if you go to
(03:45:46)<kira>just a sec...looking...
(03:46:31)<kira>ok, got it...
(03:46:44)<uT>everyone could register as contributor and we can comment on each other and if we like we set up a php community portal
(03:46:58)<kira>but you want us to post on the message board...right?
(03:47:44)<uT>yeah 3seas as an alternative to UBB, but we could always set u psome php portal
(03:48:22)<Threeseas>spelling, I know mine is bad but worldpress?
(03:48:52)<uT>no, I am just looking for feedback to find out what would be the best way for our community to communicate. Our server is set up and I could setup whatever best way of sharing there was nowadays!
(03:49:33)<uT>still it would be ours and now owned by FB or whatever nauseous corporate site there was
(03:49:55)<uT>not owned I meant
(03:50:08)<kira>but you are adamantly against the best way of sharing...sorry, ut, but it's true.
(03:50:40)<kira>i was worried about putting spunkis stuff out there, but i sincerely believe information is supposed to be free...
(03:51:02)<uT>I had an FB account Kira, and I have seen how they take away your copyrights and log everything
(03:51:33)<uT>so yes I am adamantly against the easiest way for it is a bad way
(03:51:33)<kira>i mean i don't have anything that i care about that much
(03:51:48)<kira>i just wouldn't put it up
(03:52:19)<Oneiromancer>I can't really agree that it's the best way of sharing.  Facebook is such a disorganized mess, and not at all easy to hold a coherent conversation.  I still think messageboards are a much better way of conversing than FB will ever be.
(03:52:26)<kira>sorry, butn if we had a matrix group on fb we could get everyone back again
(03:52:53)<uT>well, things like Spunkmeyer's works for instance should remain his and not become property of Mr Zuckerman and alikes! Everything we fought against whilst discussing the Matrix is being impersonated by FB!
(03:53:37)<Threeseas>kira, fb can be useful to point to a message board
(03:53:42)<kira>i've done a few sychronistic viewings on fb and it's been fabulous. possibly because of the likes so everyone knows when people agree with what you say. it's very kewl
(03:53:59)<Dustie_Hats>i'm out, it's 4 AM in vienna, have a nice afternoon :))
(03:54:09)<uT>It is sort of ridiculous, like every matrixer got a comfy plug to connect back to the matrix core through FB!
(03:54:23)<Threeseas>limited use of fb for promotion and getting the word out.
(03:54:25)<kira>ok, whatever you say, guys. i'd just rather have more people than complete privacy...
(03:54:26)<Oneiromancer>In my opinion, FB doesn't even hold a candle to what "MySpace" used to be.  You could at least organize your thoughts and post them before it became a barrage of "selfies" and self-important whiny comments on ........well, a bunch of bullshit.........but I'm a 'bit bias :)
(03:54:48)<kira>why are you bias?
(03:55:14)<uT>Let's talk tomorrow guys! We can meet here in dotr again and discuss the whole shabang!
(03:55:38)<uT>Good night Duie Hats!
(03:55:44)<uT>Dustie Hats!
(03:55:44)<kira>i still have myspace and as a music platform it's un\believable. totally dif from the old, tho...
(03:56:05)<kira>bye dustie!!
(03:56:07)<Threeseas>Ut Thanks for your efforts on this syn viewing its been fun and memory recall
(03:56:23)<Oneiromancer>'Night Dustie
(03:56:29)<kira>eah, that's the most important thing, that we touched base again...
(03:56:30)<yoyo_kush23>bye :)
(03:56:31)<uT>thanks Tim! Thanks so everyone! Just think about my reckoning!
(03:56:39)<Dustie_Hats>bye y'all
(03:56:48)<kira>your reckoning?
(03:57:17)<kira>musta made her does anyome know how to save this?
(03:57:27)<Threeseas>Kira, FB isn't zion, its teh matrix
(03:57:30)<Oneiromancer>Kira, I posted earlier how to save.......
(03:57:31)<kira>the chat?
(03:57:38)<Oneiromancer>Gimme a second, and I'll post again.....
(03:57:39)<kira>sorry..i missed it...
(03:58:06)<kira>yes, but it's all about being aware of that and knowing how to manipulate it...
(03:58:44)<kira>anyone ever read snowcrash?
(03:58:45)<Threeseas>Yeah like FB to find potentials to unplug and bring into zion
(03:59:03)<kira>that's true too, 3
(03:59:29)<Oneiromancer>Go to "Tools", "Log Files", double click on the dotr log, then right click on the boarder above the window (sorry, totally non-techie here), hover above "buffer," and then click "save as"
(04:00:30)<Threeseas>Sorta like a ... how is its spelt .... MORP
(04:01:08)<kira>whoa...that was obscure but i found it and did it...
(04:01:17)<kira>thanx, one...
(04:01:24)<Oneiromancer>Yeah, they make it extra problem.
(04:01:51)<kira>guess cause the habitues of irc channels frown upon
(04:02:20)<Oneiromancer>They definitely don't want to make it easy, lol
(04:02:25)<kira>hahaha...just what i meant. no, 3 seas i aint posting this anywhere..
(04:03:26)<kira>so guys, look for my link to spunks stuff in the forum if youre interested...
(04:04:09)<kira>oh, and i have a 3d matrix site that you can explore if youre interested in that, too
(04:04:11)<Threeseas>your forum url please
(04:04:33)<kira>i was gonna post at the
(04:04:50)<Oneiromancer>Will look for it.
(04:05:09)<kira>think we're the last 3...really good to talk to you guys again...
(04:05:10)<Threeseas>if interested see
(04:05:34)<kira>interested in what? what is that?
(04:05:34)<Oneiromancer>You too Kira!  Take care!
(04:05:43)<kira>bye, one!!
(04:05:52)<Threeseas>gye one