Chat regarding the Chicago gathering, Summer 2000

[19:09] <kirascurr> many do ya think are gonna use the hostel?
[19:09] <kirascurr> should i even lok into hotels?
[19:09] <Furious> I think One and Rainbows have the figurs
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[19:09] <PatriciaX> I think so - different finances and all.
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[19:09] <Furious> this will need a poll?
[19:09] <Furious> I think.
[19:09] <kirascurr> k..i will continue to check hotels..
[19:09] <Furious> or at least peeps who have confirmed their intent to go to confirm their lodging too.
[19:09] <PatriciaX> Does it? - a poll?
[19:09] <kirascurr> should i look primarily downtown..
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[19:10] <Furious> whatever, poll, mail-in, but someone will have to compile that information somehow, px.
[19:10] <kirascurr> i don't think a poll is needed..
[19:10] <kyote> near condemned buildings...%)
[19:10] <kirascurr> cause they'll go where they can afford..
[19:10] <PatriciaX> It might be hard to find the perfect place - cheap rooms with a good enough "base" room.
[19:10] <PatriciaX> And what kind of rooms do US hostels have? Over here- you can get single rooms
[19:10] <Furious> there will be no perfect place for all, naturally.
[19:10] <Furious> depends on the hostel.
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[19:10] <PatriciaX> agreed.
[19:10] <kirascurr> well if we can get 4 into a suite for 60 to 80 dollars..don't see why anyone would want a hostel..
[19:10] <PatriciaX> Hey Casse!
[19:11] <Furious> Did you ever check out that site Rainbows posted, Px?
[19:11] <kirascurr> hi casse..
[19:11] <Furious> You might have answers there.
[19:11] <Furious> hi Casse
[19:11] <PatriciaX> No, I was away at the time. I looked briefly but then I had to go off again!
[19:11] *** X sets mode: +o Casse
[19:11] <Furious> sure, Kira, good idea.
[19:11] <Casse> hello everyone
[19:11] <kirascurr> let's say 3 in a suite..cause folks won't want to sleep in a double together..
[19:11] <Furious> teehee
[19:12] <PatriciaX> depends who it is :)
[19:12] <kirascurr> yes..i guess it
[19:12] <PatriciaX> So, what does everyone require from their accommodation?
[19:12] <kyote> bed-bath
[19:12] * Furious leads a rather Spartan lifestyle.
[19:12] <kirascurr> ok..i'm dying to know what one has found out..but i'll keep looking..
[19:12] <kirascurr> yep..right ky..
[19:12] <Furious> All I need is a place to shower and a place to sleep.
[19:13] <Casse> me too
[19:13] <Furious> it doesn't even need to be all that comfortable.
[19:13] <kirascurr> yeah well i need a bathroom in the room..that's why i can't do hostel..
[19:13] <PatriciaX> I guess. So long as most of us are together - I'm cool with whatever, I think.
[19:13] <Furious> that's what I mean Kira ~
[19:13] <PatriciaX> I know what you mean, K, but the expense might run quite high in a hotel?
[19:13] <kirascurr> what about being in or out of the city?
[19:13] <Furious> at least a semi-private bathroom area
[19:13] <kirascurr> yep trin..
[19:13] <Furious> in/out doesn't matter to me
[19:13] <PatriciaX> I'm stuck in the middle at the mo.
[19:14] <PatriciaX> I'd prefer in the City but that might be problematic with prices?
[19:14] <kirascurr> so if we can train in ya think folks will go for out of the city..
[19:14] <kyote> just need a bushel and a water faucet
[19:14] <Furious> we'll be going *in* the city, so it makes sense to look around there
[19:14] <PatriciaX> yep
[19:14] <Furious> hey, train would be cool
[19:14] <kirascurr> cause it's much cheaper and nicer rooms on the outskirts..
[19:14] <PatriciaX> But how far outskirt are we talking?
[19:14] <Furious> there was an L train in the first draft of the matrix %)
[19:14] <Furious> we could even ride on the roofs
[19:14] <Furious> teehee
[19:14] <PatriciaX> I've got visions of travelling miles and miles - US seems so big.
[19:14] <Furious> and run around ;)
[19:14] <Furious> naw, Px
[19:14] <Furious> well, yeah, miles and miles is about right, but what does it matter if you are in good company?
[19:14] <kirascurr> well this lady i spoke with said she is actually in chicago..but not downtown..
[19:15] <PatriciaX> And also, if a few of us have a late night - how would we get back?
[19:15] <Furious> that is, of course, if you consider us good company :PPP
[19:15] <Furious> cabs do exist in the states, px
[19:15] <Furious> ;p
[19:15] <PatriciaX> Getaway?
[19:15] <kirascurr> they say the trains run late..or you can pitch in for a cab back..i'd figure 20-25 dolars..
[19:15] <PatriciaX> What Im saying is that if its miles and miles - say above 10 - how much would it cost to get home at say 4 am?
[19:15] <Furious> One and I are driving in.
[19:15] <Furious> and One and I are *very* late nighters
[19:16] <PatriciaX> So it will be Trin-Cabs?
[19:16] <kirascurr> so that's one car....ut and random will have a car too..
[19:16] <Furious> exactly
[19:16] <kirascurr> hahahaha...
[19:16] <Furious> and I don't think we will have a lot of splitting off from the group?
[19:16] <PatriciaX> I shouldn't think so.
[19:16] <kirascurr> joel's thinking of coming too..he and his wife will drive too..
[19:16] <Furious> I mean, the point of us going there is to spend time together not to break up into little factions?
[19:16] <kirascurr> agreed trin..
[19:16] <PatriciaX> yep.
[19:16] <kyote> yip
[19:17] <Casse> yes
[19:17] <kirascurr> so i'm gonna continue to look on the outskirts..
[19:17] <Furious> I think housing should be decided according to price and 'relative' convenience, not necessarily distance.
[19:17] <PatriciaX> But then again, some peeps might want to spend, say, an afternoon doing something not many others want to do.
[19:17] <Furious> JMHO
[19:17] <kyote>
[19:17] <kirascurr> this one hotel i've been talking to sounds real kewl..
[19:17] <Furious> what are *some* peeps, Px?
[19:17] <kirascurr> but no bar inside..
[19:17] <kirascurr> looks of restaurants around though..
[19:17] <Furious> how many some are we talkin about..
[19:17] <PatriciaX> No one in particular, but it depends on how many are going
[19:17] <Furious> not all of us
[19:18] <Furious> and c'mon, we're matrix peeps.
[19:18] <PatriciaX> as to how "together" the group will stay for the whole time, I think.
[19:18] <PatriciaX> May be I've explained that wrong -
[19:18] <kirascurr> well we can't decide that now..but no one's forced tpo aprticipate..
[19:18] <Furious> look, I don't think we should decide on a hotel based on a hypothetical situation of someone splitting off and being unable to hail a cab.
[19:18] <Furious> that's all.
[19:18] <Casse> right now, Scraps & I have a room at the Travelodge in the city. But we'd like to stay close to the majority of the group.
[19:18] <kirascurr> trin....shall we move
[19:19] <PatriciaX> No, but getting to and from the city to the hostel is a factor, for me at least.
[19:19] <Furious> well keep me posted on that suite thing kira it sounds sweet
[19:19] <Furious> px, you sound like you're going to be there alone, lol
[19:19] <kirascurr> well, casse i'm gonna try and find suites for about 80 or less..3 to a suite..
[19:19] <PatriciaX> I bloody hope note!
[19:19] <Furious> yup.. on the same floor preferably
[19:19] <Furious> so we can have parties :-))
[19:19] <Casse> ours is about 85 or 90
[19:19] <PatriciaX> A whole floor just for us - now that would be cool!
[19:20] <Casse> that'd be great!
[19:20] <kirascurr> the train from this particular hotel is $5 for a 24 hour period..on the weekends..
[19:20] <PatriciaX> So, how much is the Travelodge?
[19:20] <Furious> and probably less expensive too
[19:20] <Furious> and we're going to have a weekend there
[19:20] <Furious> plus Thursday and Friday
[19:20] <kirascurr> the amerisuites has 26 suites available for that weekend..
[19:20] <Casse> depends on the room, Px. but the one we've got is around $90 per night
[19:20] <Furious> but I think Thursday will be more of a 'meet the peeps' day than any 'venture out' day
[19:20] <PatriciaX> How many does it hold?
[19:21] <PatriciaX> definitely.
[19:21] <Furious> how much, Kir?
[19:21] <kirascurr> they will give us an 84 rate for however many in a room..a meeeting room for 100...
[19:21] <Furious> sounds sweet!
[19:21] <kirascurr> and if you book from travelscape it's only 69..
[19:21] <Furious> whre is it?
[19:21] <Casse> Scraps & I are willing to move to the outskirts, but then we'd need a 3rd roommate
[19:21] <PatriciaX> I'm free?
[19:22] <kirascurr> it's in a place called vernon hills...25 min from downtown by car..
[19:22] <Casse> really Patricia?
[19:22] <PatriciaX> yep!
[19:22] <Furious> Kira: during rush hour or no
[19:22] <Furious> hehe ;-)
[19:22] <kirascurr> once we decide on the hotel a thread should go up for roommates..
[19:22] <Casse> ok, that'd be fine with me. 8)
[19:22] <PatriciaX> K! KEWL!
[19:22] <kirascurr> hahaha...dunno..
[19:23] <kirascurr> hopefully less by train..
[19:23] <PatriciaX> 25 mins sounds good - I was questioning the travel thing as I know in some places - travelling 2 hours to and from town is nothing.
[19:23] <Casse> Patricia, do you have my e-mail?
[19:23] <kirascurr> btw..the train system has a tour too..
[19:23] <PatriciaX> In UK, we don't travel that much as we don't have the land to go on - we fall off if we drive for too long.
[19:23] <Casse> I think a train would be fun
[19:23] <PatriciaX> Do you want to give it to me, Casse?
[19:23] <kirascurr> too casse..
[19:23] <kirascurr> we could take it
[19:23] <Furious> teehee kira
[19:23] <Furious> we couldtoo
[19:24] <Casse> it's actually in Px's Chicago thread, too
[19:24] <PatriciaX> that'd be me then, so yes, I do have it (duh!)
[19:24] <kirascurr> so much for hotels..unless there's more discussion...
[19:24] <Casse> hehe
[19:24] <Furious> Kira ~ so you think this amerisuite thing is good?
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[19:24] *** X sets mode: +o Inity
[19:24] <kirascurr> i really do trin..and they sound very accomodating..
[19:24] * Furious doesn't have much experience with hotels.. most places I go, I have relatives
[19:24] <PatriciaX> Hey in.
[19:25] <Casse> Is AmeriSuite the one you've been calling, Kira?
[19:25] <Furious> except anywhere in the states, lol
[19:25] <kirascurr> what's x doing?
[19:25] <Furious> X is a bot.
[19:25] <kirascurr> of them..
[19:25] <Furious> it gives ops upon authorization
[19:25] <Inity> Greetings :)
[19:25] <Furious> hi inity
[19:25] <kirascurr> i know..what's it setting?
[19:25] <Casse> ok. I've looked at them a bit, and I like what I see so far
[19:25] <kirascurr> oh i see..
[19:25] <Furious> oh, setting mode +o is the same as giving ops.
[19:25] <kirascurr> gotcha..
[19:25] <Inity> :))
[19:25] <kirascurr> the one in vernon hills, casse..
[19:25] <Furious> so shall we venture that as the 'official' matrix hangout then, Kira?
[19:26] <Furious> and have peeps send in cash to book?
[19:26] <Casse> yes, Kira, that's the one I've been looking at
[19:26] <Furious> I'd rather pay for it in advance, myself.
[19:26] <kirascurr> possibly..if so..i'd say folks should be aware of the deep discount if they book with travelscape...$69..
[19:26] <Furious> $69 per peep?
[19:26] <Furious> or per suite?
[19:26] <Casse> I would rather book online, myself
[19:26] <PatriciaX> So thats per night - a room of three would be 20 right?
[19:26] <Furious> I don't order online..
[19:26] <PatriciaX> each, I meant.
[19:26] <kirascurr> per suite..
[19:27] <PatriciaX> and each suite holds 3?
[19:27] <PatriciaX> officially?
[19:27] <Furious> and I think it would be much better if we paid for everyone at once
[19:27] <Casse> only to hold, Trin. then pay when I get there
[19:27] <kirascurr> nope per suite..then trin you can go for the 84 per suite rate thru the hotel..
[19:27] <Casse> true, all at once could be better
[19:27] <PatriciaX> I agree totally! but it might be difficult to administrate - especially if we're depending on allocation of beds?
[19:27] <Furious> wel that's what I'm saying..
[19:27] <kirascurr> i don't think so trin..the hotel suggests we let everyone book their own..
[19:27] <Furious> why do they suggest that?
[19:27] <PatriciaX> That might be easier in the long term.
[19:27] <kirascurr> otherwise we have to be responsible for the reservations..
[19:28] <PatriciaX> yep.
[19:28] <Furious> and why is that a problem?
[19:28] <PatriciaX> Because I believe that everyone is genuine but something may come up which prevents someone coming,
[19:28] <Furious> If you don't book until you have all the cash from those who are going..
[19:28] <PatriciaX> then it would be a problem for the person taking responsibility?
[19:28] <kirascurr> i think we should put up a thread..advising of the hotel..and let everyone try to get partners on their own..
[19:29] <PatriciaX> But then, Trin, we might be unnecessarily delayed. How busy is Chicago in August?
[19:29] <Furious> why would that delay us?
[19:29] <kirascurr> i think we should ask to have everyone booked by july 15th..i'll tak to the hotel about holding the suites till then if possibile
[19:29] <Casse> Patricia, be sure to e-mail me sometime tonight, so we can get things straight, ok?
[19:29] <PatriciaX> waiting for money to come in?
[19:29] <PatriciaX> OK Casse!
[19:29] <kirascurr> huh ps? didn;'t get that..
[19:29] <Furious> PX ~ not many peeps from Europe are going
[19:30] <Furious> and US and Canad money comes in within a week.
[19:30] <PatriciaX> huh?
[19:30] <PatriciaX> Ah right, now I get you.
[19:30] <kirascurr> you book with creit card over the phone..
[19:30] <Furious> I don't have a credit card, and I don't intend to get one 8)
[19:31] <Furious> those things are evil.
[19:31] <kirascurr> don't think you have to pay the full amount till you check out..not sure..but that's how hotels usually do it..
[19:31] <Casse> I don't either, I use my parents'
[19:31] <PatriciaX> Casse, I can't copy and paste and I don't have a pen (I'm in a cafe) - can you e-mail me?
[19:31] *** Her0 has joined #dotr
[19:31] <PatriciaX> I don't have a credit card either - a debit one.
[19:31] <PatriciaX> Hi H!
[19:31] <Casse> ok, but I don't have your addy, Patricia
[19:31] <Furious> PatriciaX - to copy, highlight the text you want to copy, don't let go of the mouse and hit Ctrl-C
[19:31] <Furious> then paste.
[19:31] <kirascurr> well, trin if you're in a suite with someone else then you won't have to worry..they can book..
[19:31] <Her0> howdy doody peeps
[19:31] <PatriciaX> I've tried but it keeps ignoring it!
[19:31] <kirascurr> only one credit card neede to book a room..
[19:32] <PatriciaX>
[19:32] <kyote> hi h
[19:32] <Furious> it can't ignore Ctrl-C.
[19:32] <PatriciaX> I'll try again.
[19:32] <Furious> if it won't Paste thru the right-click, hit Ctrl-V
[19:32] <kirascurr> hi hero..
[19:32] <Furious> you have to keep the text hilighted while you hit Ctrl-C
[19:32] <Casse> ok, Px, got it
[19:32] <Furious> hi Her0
[19:32] <PatriciaX> - yep, it did it that time - learn with Trin!
[19:32] <Furious> lol
[19:32] <kyote> you all understand how hot it is going to be correct?
[19:32] <Furious> Trin the cut and paste wizard ;p
[19:32] <kirascurr> sure..
[19:33] <PatriciaX> no. not really!
[19:33] <Casse> self proclaimed, TT?
[19:33] <kirascurr> chicago is on a lake though..
[19:33] <Casse> lol
[19:33] <Furious> well I taught One how to do it :P
[19:33] <Casse> yes, it is
[19:33] <Casse> I'm just teasin'
[19:33] <PatriciaX> mrs wizard - get me the paste into here!
[19:33] <Furious> I sent him an ICQ message repeating something he'd said several times within 3 seconds of receiving his message
[19:33] <Furious> and he's like, 'how the hell did you type that fast'
[19:34] <kirascurr> i think we should move on to activities..
[19:34] <Casse> hahaha
[19:34] <kirascurr> oh...icq..forgot..
[19:34] <kyote> red rover?
[19:34] <kyote> matrix style
[19:34] <Furious> Hmm activities.
[19:35] <PatriciaX> getting drunk would be good ;) just kidding!
[19:35] <Casse> watching the movie Definately, no matter where or how
[19:35] <Furious> Well how about organizing a great big dinner
[19:35] <kirascurr> do we think most will be in on the 17th?
[19:35] <Furious> that would require making reservations
[19:35] *** Velouria7 has joined #dotr
[19:35] <kyote> anyone bringin a vidcam?
[19:35] <Furious> hi velster
[19:35] <Casse> good idea, Trin
[19:35] <PatriciaX> About time V!
[19:35] <Velouria7> heya :)
[19:35] <Furious> kira ~ doubt it
[19:35] <kirascurr> yeah..hoped to do that sat nite..waddaya think guys?
[19:35] <Furious> some peeps might not make it in till the saturday
[19:35] <Furious> yes I agree kira
[19:35] <Casse> Scraps & I will be in on the night of the 16th
[19:35] <Furious> saturday night wouldbe the best
[19:35] <Velouria7> sorry px - my msg bank was full.. had to delete some b4 i got yours!
[19:35] <kirascurr> hey vel..
[19:36] <Velouria7> hey kira :_
[19:36] <PatriciaX> So, if we all get there for the 17th, do the getting to know you stuff that leaves 18th to start the real playing?
[19:36] <PatriciaX> honey, only joking!
[19:36] <kyote> anyone bringin a vidcam?
[19:36] * Furious doesn't get a Hi back from Vel and kicks her in the shins. HUMPH!
[19:36] <kirascurr> what di you guys think of my movie dinner party idea?
[19:36] <PatriciaX> Definitely ace idea but if peeps can afford it?
[19:36] *** X sets mode: +o Velouria7
[19:36] <kyote> sounds good kira
[19:36] <Velouria7> oops.. hi trin :)
[19:36] <Casse> sounds good to me Kira
[19:36] <Furious> lol
[19:36] <Furious> well we can prolly get a sizable discount
[19:36] <Furious> for a large group
[19:36] <kirascurr> do you think $20 for dinner is ok?
[19:36] <Furious> at least things work that way in Canada.
[19:36] <PatriciaX> I do
[19:36] <Casse> yes, I do
[19:37] <Furious> yup, it's cool with me.
[19:37] <kyote> i'm certain if someone is a bit short on fundage, that we could help 'em lout, eh?
[19:37] <kyote> out
[19:37] <kirascurr> the hotel doesn't cater..but they can refer us to someone for that and audio visual..
[19:37] <Casse> any extras I have, ky
[19:37] <PatriciaX> I was thinking that may be if we get an arrangement on the room, we could get a dinner delievered to the "base" room? would that work?
[19:37] <Her0> LOL 'help them lout'
[19:37] <kyote> hehe
[19:37] <Furious> I think we should arrange the audio visual ourselves..
[19:37] <Furious> cheaper that way?
[19:37] <kirascurr> yeah..that's what i was thinking too, ky..
[19:37] <Furious> catering is more expensive
[19:38] <PatriciaX> Really?
[19:38] <kirascurr> yeah..prob true trin..
[19:38] <Furious> besides... we gotta have a cypher night, lol
[19:38] <Her0> byo?
[19:38] <Furious> he *was* in the matrix ;p
[19:38] <Velouria7> cypher night? :p
[19:38] <PatriciaX> STEAK?
[19:38] <Furious> if you want, lol
[19:38] <kirascurr> well we could order out for kentucky fried or something..but it'd be much nicer to have tablecloths and service..
[19:38] <Velouria7> ohhhhh
[19:38] <Furious> yuk, kfc
[19:38] <Casse> LoL
[19:38] <Furious> yes I agre Kira
[19:38] <Furious> agree, even
[19:39] <Furious> this is the MATRIX party peeps..
[19:39] <PatriciaX> definitely - table cloths would be good. I'm just scared of making it too expensive for someone - I know someone is a student?
[19:39] <Velouria7> a buffet shouldnt be too much
[19:39] <Furious> it's supposed to be MATRIXY
[19:39] <Furious> in all respects
[19:39] <kirascurr> kewl..ok..i'll see about getting some menus..
[19:39] <Furious> we could also eat yoghurt with chick peas immersed in it
[19:39] <Velouria7> eww
[19:39] <Furious> but does anyone really want that?
[19:39] <kirascurr>
[19:39] <Furious> ;p
[19:39] <PatriciaX> what the?
[19:39] <Furious> or bits of corn
[19:39] <Furious> yuk!
[19:39] <kirascurr> want what trin?
[19:39] <kyote> keep me posted..goin..
[19:39] <Her0> but ud have to eat it all day every day
[19:39] <Furious> yoghurt with chick peas/corn
[19:40] *** kyote has left #dotr
[19:40] <kirascurr> breakfast buffet is free at this hotel..
[19:40] <Furious> excellent
[19:40] <PatriciaX> That would be good.
[19:40] <Furious> do they serve tastee wheat
[19:40] <Casse> free is GOOD
[19:40] <Furious> ;p
[19:40] <kirascurr> hahahaha..
[19:40] <Furious> free tastee wheat would be great
[19:40] <Furious> except I hate cereal.
[19:40] <Furious> lol
[19:40] <kirascurr> that may take care of sat..what about friday?
[19:40] <PatriciaX> Do we have the age range of everyone who is coming?
[19:41] <kirascurr> we need it px?
[19:41] <Furious> ok so thursday, al agree is a 'meet th epeeps' day
[19:41] <PatriciaX> I think watching the film as early as poss would be good.
[19:41] <Furious> the peeps, even
[19:41] <Furious> Friday a Matrix night?
[19:41] <Furious> movie that is.
[19:41] <Furious> now now now
[19:41] <PatriciaX> Sounds good to me.
[19:41] <Furious> for *THAT* we'll need pizza
[19:41] <Furious> lots of pizza
[19:41] <Furious> 8)
[19:41] <PatriciaX> I'm not a huge fan of pizza - can I do Thai?
[19:41] <kirascurr> well..clarify we want to watch the film in conjunction with the dinner sat..or before?
[19:41] <Her0> i have an idea!
[19:41] <Casse> OH YES
[19:41] <Furious> sure px
[19:42] <Furious> before, kira
[19:42] <Furious> but the sat dinner isn't the only meal we're going to have, i hope! :eek:
[19:42] <kirascurr> on friday?
[19:42] <PatriciaX> Yeah, cause I can't eat and watch THAT movie.
[19:42] <Furious> yes, but AFTER you watch the movie you get the MUNCHIES
[19:42] <Her0> why dont you have a matrix scavanger hunt across Chigago?
[19:42] <Furious> I do at least
[19:42] <Furious> adrenaline
[19:42] <kirascurr> well it's about getting the room 2 nites..unless we go to the theater..
[19:42] <Furious> what theatre
[19:42] <PatriciaX> That would be great Her - but how much organising would it take?
[19:42] <Her0> not THAT much
[19:43] <Furious> probably too much.. plus people who live there.
[19:43] <Furious> well Her0 if you want to go to chicago a week early and help organize it?
[19:43] <Furious> you have to be on location to do something like that
[19:43] <Furious> unfortunately.
[19:43] <PatriciaX> I suppose it would just involve having a list of things required and then off teams would go and beg, steal and borrow them.
[19:43] <kirascurr> we need someone who knows the city for that..and it also takes money for transpo..wouldn't it?
[19:43] <PatriciaX> Like a bent spoont?
[19:43] <Her0> bah! scavanger hunts arent that hard - just pick a couple of matrix landmarks
[19:43] <Furious> yup.
[19:44] <Her0> you mean NOBODY knows chigago?
[19:44] <Furious> yes and have people getting lost in chicago as they run off in competition.. great.. just great, hehe
[19:44] <Furious> Her0 - d oYOU know chicago?
[19:44] <kirascurr> noep..not so far...hero..
[19:44] <PatriciaX> Who said they'd get involved who lives there - wasn't it Nova Scorpion?
[19:44] <Her0> yes, yes i do! (no idont)
[19:44] <kirascurr> that's one peep..chitown too..that's 2 peeps..
[19:44] <PatriciaX> But it would be a good way of seeing the city?
[19:44] <Furious> so basically, you're saying 'I want someone else to do this cuz I think it would be kewl'?
[19:44] <Furious> :P
[19:45] <Her0> well im not even going in the first place.......
[19:45] <kirascurr> hero are you coming?
[19:45] <Her0> :(
[19:45] <Furious> why not??
[19:45] <PatriciaX> AW, honey - thats a shame.
[19:45] <Furious> it's only 4 days :(
[19:45] <Furious> in august to boot
[19:45] <kirascurr> ok....moving on..unless someone has a way to organize such a thing..
[19:45] <Furious> we may have lost rainbows
[19:45] <Her0> its about a couple of thousdand kms outta my way
[19:45] <Furious> gotta havean Aussie peeps
[19:45] <Casse> why?
[19:45] <kirascurr> why trin?
[19:45] <Velouria7> how come ?
[19:45] *** Random has joined #dotr
[19:45] <Furious> well the Matrix was filmed there
[19:45] <kirascurr> hey there random!
[19:45] <PatriciaX> Hey you! Where you been ? ;)
[19:45] <Furious> besides the idea is havig peeps from all over the world 8)
[19:46] <Velouria7> hey random
[19:46] *** X sets mode: +o Random
[19:46] <Furious> hi random
[19:46] <Casse> hi Random
[19:46] <Random> Hi all!
[19:46] <Her0> hmmmmmm maybe if the next one was in Sydney........
[19:46] <Furious> aw come on..
[19:46] <Velouria7> or london... :P
[19:46] <kirascurr> so..about the film guys..what day..and where?
[19:46] <Furious> Friday
[19:46] <PatriciaX> I'd say Friday.
[19:46] <Her0> (vist it the places SEEN in the film....)
[19:46] <Casse> Friday
[19:46] <Furious> where it's possible to have lotsa peeps in therom
[19:46] <Furious> who can see the screen good?
[19:47] <kirascurr> now you know that means we have to get a viewing room 2 days if we have a dinner sat..
[19:47] <Furious> [not a hotel room w/ a tV]
[19:47] <Furious> why for 2 days?
[19:47] <PatriciaX> Its a top up between good facilities and cheapness?
[19:47] <Furious> the dinner will e at a restaurant no?
[19:47] <Furious> then again someone could dig up a Deep Image TV set
[19:47] <Furious> and we could watch it on that, heheheh
[19:47] <PatriciaX> Id rather keep that separate K - eating and chatting one night and watching the film another, IMHO
[19:47] <kirascurr> well..yes, if we want..but that's why i was thinking of doing it all in a meeting room at the hotel..all at once..
[19:48] <Furious> yes, Px, I agree... except I will NEED pizza after the movie. Or something to eat.
[19:48] <Furious> Adrenaline makes me hungry.
[19:48] <kirascurr> watch the movie..have dinner..then party..
[19:48] <PatriciaX> Yep
[19:48] <Random> sounds nice.
[19:48] <Furious> hey the whole 4 days is gonna be a damn partay!
[19:48] <Furious> 8)
[19:48] <Casse> pizza..... B)
[19:48] <Furious> teehee
[19:48] <PatriciaX> We could do a tour of the city on the sat to work up the appetite for the dinner?
[19:48] <kirascurr> that way..anyone that can't get in till sat..can see it too..
[19:48] <Furious> well I for one would like a dinner in a restaurant on a patio
[19:48] <Furious> so smokers can smoke together :P
[19:48] <kirascurr> good idea the morn afternoon..
[19:49] <Furious> oh I see kira
[19:49] <kirascurr> come trin?
[19:49] <PatriciaX> Early morns might be a prob - esp if we all get gabbing late into the night before?
[19:49] <Furious> well I'm not going to go 4 days without a smoke!
[19:49] <Furious> I'll go nuts and make everybody's life miserable.
[19:49] <PatriciaX> I should hope not - we'dbe quivering in our boots!
[19:49] <Furious> [YES its possible to be more miserable than you all are now! PH33R M3! %)]
[19:49] <Furious> lol
[19:50] <kirascurr> not early morn....start at 11..come back about the movie at 6 or eat..then watch the movie..
[19:50] <Casse> I don't fear you lol
[19:50] <Velouria7> casse, you should if she hasnt smoked in 4 days :P
[19:50] <PatriciaX> then watch the movie some more!
[19:50] <Furious> don't worry, Casse, I'll give you a reason to when we get there 8P
[19:50] <Furious> teehee ;)
[19:50] <kirascurr> well, i'm smoking peeps..sorry...we won't be allowed to smoke everywhere anyway..
[19:50] <Casse> LoL
[19:50] <Furious> I'm smokingtoo!
[19:50] <PatriciaX> So far, then, have we got, 17th - chatting/ 18th watch movie/ 19th tour and dinner?
[19:50] <Furious> maybe kira and I can smoke together.
[19:51] <Furious> :P
[19:51] <Furious> 17th meeting
[19:51] <Furious> [the peeps]
[19:51] <Furious> 18th watch movie
[19:51] <Furious> wait wait
[19:51] <kirascurr> nope..not clear yet...where are we watching the movie?
[19:51] <PatriciaX> and eat pizza!
[19:51] <Velouria7> and px, shes a ferocious smoker really :P
[19:51] <PatriciaX> thats right!
[19:51] <Furious> what, we're gonna watch the movie from morning to night on Friday?
[19:51] <Furious> might we not want to go see some sights?
[19:52] <Casse> I would like to
[19:52] <PatriciaX> NOOOOOO - just as a pencil-in thing.
[19:52] <Furious> we can't wait for *all* the peeps who decide to only spend the weekend to get there.
[19:52] <kirascurr> i'd say sight see on friday..
[19:52] <Furious> and watch the movie at night.
[19:52] <PatriciaX> The sights could come on the Sat - with the tour?
[19:52] <Furious> Perhaps we could make arrangements with an old movie theatre to screen the matrix for us?
[19:52] <Furious> you know the ones I mean..
[19:52] <kirascurr> where are we gonna watch the movie?
[19:52] <PatriciaX> I'd much prefer that - but it might be costly?
[19:52] <Furious> the *really* ald ones?
[19:52] <Furious> [19:52] <Furious> Perhaps we could make arrangements with an old movie theatre to screen the matrix for us?
[19:52] <PatriciaX> Again, we could do with a Chicago peep here to say if it would be poss.
[19:53] <kirascurr> nope..can't get a print from the studio..
[19:53] <Furious> wouldnt' they have it?
[19:53] <Furious> a copy?
[19:53] <kirascurr> oh, no..
[19:53] <Furious> doesnt' each theatre get a copy?
[19:53] <Velouria7> i think it would be a lot easier to hire a DVD player and do it yourselves
[19:53] <PatriciaX> Its either the cinema or hiring eqiupment - is that right?
[19:53] <kirascurr> yeah..but that goes back..
[19:53] <Casse> they don't keep it, Trin
[19:53] <Furious> hmm does it..
[19:53] <Furious> dont' they?
[19:53] <Furious> I know a place in toronto tha tdoes, that's all 8)
[19:53] <PatriciaX> If we deal with the hotel place - if we say we're going to be spending money at there on refreshments etc, they might let us use their room quite alot.
[19:53] <kirascurr> unless casse's deal works..we have to show our own dvd..
[19:53] <Furious> but that's not chicago
[19:54] <Furious> does the hotel have a screening room like that
[19:54] <Furious> with a large enough canvas type thingy
[19:54] <Casse> my deal requires a copy
[19:54] <PatriciaX> could we hire it?
[19:54] <kirascurr> the hotel has a meeting room for $100..
[19:54] * Furious still would like to watch the matrix in a rickety old theatre *sigh*
[19:54] <kirascurr> ..hahaha..furious..
[19:54] <PatriciaX> I would too - but can we actually do it?
[19:54] <Furious> does it have a screen?
[19:54] <Furious> Px ~ in Toronto, we could, hehe..
[19:54] <kirascurr> sure we can..why not?
[19:55] <PatriciaX> So, its all over to yours then, instead?
[19:55] <Furious> but that's no fun
[19:55] <Furious> I wish they'd filmed part of the matrix here
[19:55] <kirascurr> it prob has a projection screen..but we need an lcd projector..
[19:55] <PatriciaX> K- just the cost
[19:55] <Furious> they do a lot of movies here. cheaper
[19:55] <Furious> so we'll put that up to 'items needed' list?
[19:55] <PatriciaX> Yep.
[19:55] <Furious> or we could all crowd into someone's room and watch it on tape, hehe
[19:55] <kirascurr> the dvd is much better than the vhs..and we could have stereo equipment..brb..
[19:56] <Furious> [if al else fails
[19:56] <Furious> ]
[19:56] <Casse> oh, wouldn't that be fun? hahaha
[19:56] <Furious> sure, why not.
[19:56] <Velouria7> ok bed tiem folks... good luck with the organising..see ya'll tomorrow :)
[19:56] <PatriciaX> How many peeps are going, roughly?
[19:56] <Furious> PX ~ unKnown
[19:56] <Casse> all crowded around a little tv?
[19:56] <Furious> well it doesn't have to be little
[19:56] <Furious> HEY
[19:56] <Casse> bye Vel
[19:56] <Furious> Ihave an idea
[19:56] <Random> Bye, Vel!
[19:56] <PatriciaX> Oh, honey - speak to you tomorrow? Go leep now?
[19:56] <Furious> night vel
[19:56] <Furious> I have an Idea i say.
[19:56] <Furious> :P
[19:56] <Velouria7> yep - sleep now :P night ;)
[19:57] <kirascurr> go furious..
[19:57] <Random> speak!
[19:57] <Casse> what is it?
[19:57] *** Velouria7 has quit IRC (Leaving)
[19:57] <Furious> we take all the TVs from our suites..
[19:57] <Furious> pile em on top of each other..
[19:57] <Random> hahahaha!!!!
[19:57] <Furious> and watch the matrix like the Agents watched Neo
[19:57] <Casse> LMAO
[19:57] <Random> Fer sure!! LOL!!
[19:57] <Furious> in themonitors.. when it closes in on the interrogation scene
[19:57] <Furious> :P
[19:57] <Furious> hey it's cheaper than renthing this and that :P
[19:57] <kirascurr> guys..could i have the floor please?
[19:57] <Furious> and it's matrixy
[19:57] <Random> yep.
[19:57] <PatriciaX> Go ahead, K!
[19:57] <Furious> sure kIra
[19:57] <Casse> yes...
[19:57] <Furious> Kira, even
[19:58] <kirascurr> do we want to show the dvd in conjunction with the dinner on sat...only one meet room rental..
[19:58] *** Oneiroman has joined #dotr
[19:58] <Furious> nooo
[19:58] <Oneiroman> is that nooooo for me? lol
[19:58] <Furious> i thin kthe dinner will be good for talking and stuff
[19:58] <PatriciaX> I'd rather not.
[19:58] <kirascurr> why not trin?
[19:58] <Furious> lol One
[19:58] <Oneiroman> oh ok, lol
[19:58] <PatriciaX> Agree, trin.
[19:58] <Oneiroman> perfect timing I guess, hehe
[19:58] <Furious> well cuz some peeps [Px for example]
[19:58] <PatriciaX> huh!
[19:59] <Furious> don't like eating while eating the matrix
[19:59] <PatriciaX> What've I done now?
[19:59] <Furious> watching, that is.
[19:59] <PatriciaX> ha ha!
[19:59] <kirascurr> ok..then the prob is we have to get the room for 2 nites then..that's $200 rather than $100..
[19:59] <Oneiroman> lol
[19:59] <Casse> welcome One (haha)
[19:59] <Furious> well you said so yourself Px ;p
[19:59] <Furious> why 2 nights
[19:59] <Furious> oh
[19:59] <Furious> sorry, mem0ry leak
[19:59] <PatriciaX> Would it be cheaper to go to a restaurant for the dinner?
[19:59] <kirascurr> where will we show it?
[19:59] <Casse> well, kira, that's better than the $500 for the theater
[19:59] <Random> Kira, we can swing $200 if we need to (wink, wink)
[19:59] <Furious> Random you sneak
[20:00] <Furious> stop winking :P
[20:00] <kirascurr> yeah..that's true..we could go to a restaurant..but 40 peeps?
[20:00] <Oneiroman> $200 for what.....fill me in here......thank you:)
[20:00] <Furious> why not?
[20:00] <PatriciaX> to hire the room both nights
[20:00] <Furious> I've worked in a restaurant.. we've had parties of 100 come in
[20:00] <Random> conf room rental at the hotel, $100 per night.
[20:00] <Furious> no biggie.. just a bit more running around for us coppertops ;p
[20:00] <kirascurr> no prob..if a restaurant can handle it.
[20:00] <PatriciaX> One - are there restaurats that can comfortably hold 40 in Chicago? I suspect there are.
[20:00] <Oneiroman> ok.......I would hope so PX, hehe
[20:00] <Casse> I bet there are too
[20:00] <Furious> gosh, this is America we are talking about
[20:01] <Furious> the land of the big and the many :p
[20:01] *** kyoda has joined #dotr
[20:01] <kirascurr> well we wouldn't rent out the whole restaurant..
[20:01] <PatriciaX> I know!
[20:01] <Random> many restaurants will seat a big group in a seperate room, for $$$
[20:01] <Furious> yup.
[20:01] <Furious> actually we did it for free
[20:01] <Furious> the place I worked in
[20:01] <kirascurr> yeah..we could look into that...
[20:01] <Oneiroman> yeah, or you can go in and threaten them random:)
[20:01] <Furious> you just had to reserve
[20:01] <PatriciaX> A place that does great steak and great veggie stuff, perhaps?
[20:01] <Random> LOL!
[20:01] * Furious winks at Random
[20:01] <Oneiroman> it works*)
[20:01] <Furious> perhaps TGIF? :PPPPP
[20:01] <Furious> tee hee
[20:01] <Furious> wiht the bumblebee waitresses
[20:01] <Random> Hi Kyoda!
[20:01] <Oneiroman> hehe
[20:01] <kirascurr> just want you guys to be aware if we watch the movie on a separate nite from anything else then we need the meet room 2 nites..
[20:01] <Furious> I still can't get over uT's incredulous expression when she saw that chick
[20:01] <kyoda> heyo
[20:02] <PatriciaX> Huh?
[20:02] <Furious> ok..
[20:02] <Oneiroman> hey kyote
[20:02] <Azimer> Hello everyone! *hugs everyone here*
[20:02] <Casse> I like TGIF
[20:02] <Furious> why is it necessary to watch the movie at night..
[20:02] <Oneiroman> hey az
[20:02] <kyoda> hey one
[20:02] <PatriciaX> Its OK
[20:02] <Furious> hi Azi
[20:02] <Azimer> what's new?
[20:02] <Casse> hi Azimer
[20:02] <kirascurr> it's not..time doesn't to do it does..
[20:02] <Furious> we're talking about the Chicago meeting
[20:02] <Furious> ok..
[20:02] <Furious> so we're basically booking time or days?
[20:02] <kyoda> we should have a roof party
[20:03] <Furious> i'm not clear on that one.
[20:03] <Furious> cuz if it's by hour ~
[20:03] <Furious> it's diferent
[20:03] <Furious> heck what about watching the matrix early in the morning ;p
[20:03] <kirascurr> we're booking the meet room by time i would think..have to ask about that..
[20:03] <Casse> I think days.....kira?
[20:03] <PatriciaX> We'dneed a good meeting room on the 17th also? Thats why I'm thinking we could perhaps get a good deal if we need a room quite a bit?
[20:03] <Furious> ah.. 2 confilicting things.
[20:03] <Oneiroman> early in the morning? ehhhhhh, hehe
[20:03] <Azimer> hehe... I really should make my presence known there :P Unfortunately I will have a lot of stuff to do this summer :(
[20:03] <kirascurr> i imagine if we had something in the evening..they'd let us in during the day to set up..
[20:04] <PatriciaX> exactly - wheeling and a dealing?
[20:04] <Furious> Azi ~ I work 39.5+ hour weeks! I'm goin! and you live nearby too :P
[20:04] <PatriciaX> One - is Chicago really busy in august? Will we be competing with others for space?
[20:04] <kirascurr> ok..i will check to see if we can get a meeting room for each day..and what they would charge..
[20:04] <Oneiroman> 39, heh 8P
[20:04] <Random> depends on the hotel. Most try to book time slots by groups of two or three hours.
[20:04] <kirascurr> the $100 is bascially for setup and cleanup..
[20:04] <Furious> 39.5+, One
[20:04] <Furious> remember, 2 jobs? ;p
[20:04] <Furious> the + stands for the second one.
[20:04] <Furious> cuz I dunno how long.
[20:05] <Furious> ok.....
[20:05] <Oneiroman> actually Px, from what I noticed, the only really busy hotels are the real expensive ones, usually used for conventions....
[20:05] <PatriciaX> But if everyone sends $50 - I htink that amount was mentioned - it would be paid quite easily.
[20:05] <Furious> so...
[20:05] <Casse> it safe now for me to book a room at amerisuites?
[20:05] * kyoda slaps Trinity with a 3rd job...:P
[20:05] <kirascurr> right..px..
[20:05] * Furious grabs the $ and runs
[20:05] <Casse> I mean, are we all staying there? or most?
[20:05] <PatriciaX> One - do we have rough figures on numbers yet?
[20:05] <Furious> why don't we just book the damn room for 17-19th?
[20:05] <kirascurr> but we have to know what we're speniding it on before we ask for it..
[20:05] <Furious> surely we can cover it.
[20:05] <Random> haven't made plans yet on my end.
[20:05] <PatriciaX> yep, I hear you K.
[20:05] <Oneiroman> right now, I have roughly 20 people going, and it's slowly growing...
[20:05] <Furious> and have a free-for all on Sunday?
[20:06] <kirascurr> casse..let's see what one has first..
[20:06] <Furious> sorta a chaotic last day thing.
[20:06] <Oneiroman> free-for-all would be good:)
[20:06] <Casse> ok
[20:06] <PatriciaX> We definitely need a goodbye party.
[20:06] <kyoda> roof
[20:06] <PatriciaX> I'm filling up atthe thoutht of it.
[20:06] <Furious> do we need the meeting room for it?
[20:06] <Furious> I dunno, meeting rooms remind me of conventions.
[20:06] <kirascurr> you have any hotel info?
[20:06] <PatriciaX> I'd like to go to a rocky-dark/matrix club, for what its work, one night?
[20:06] <Furious> I hope no one will be expecting anyone to make speeches on podiums.
[20:06] <Furious> ;p
[20:06] <kirascurr> one?
[20:06] <PatriciaX> GOD NO?
[20:07] <Oneiroman> yes I do.......I have a few sites Kira, I will put them up on a new thread on the boards....
[20:07] <Random> good stuff, one.
[20:07] <Casse> pelase do, One
[20:07] <Casse> please
[20:07] <Oneiroman> yup:)
[20:07] <kirascurr> ok..cause we've just about decided on the americsuites in vernon hills..
[20:07] <PatriciaX> Thats the one at 69?
[20:07] <kirascurr> yep..
[20:08] <PatriciaX> That sounds neo-perfect to me.
[20:08] <Random> Kira, is that where the $100 for the conference rooms came from?
[20:08] <kirascurr> yep..
[20:08] <Furious> I like the amerisuites idea also
[20:08] <Random> k.
[20:08] <PatriciaX> Even better.
[20:08] <Oneiroman> kira, is that downtown chicago, or no?
[20:08] <Furious> no, One
[20:08] <Casse> kira, I'm not clear on the price deals @ amerisuites. what did you say?
[20:08] <Furious> it's 25 minutes from dt by car
[20:08] <PatriciaX> So if the rooms hold 3 comfortably, thats just over 20 each - are we ever going to get cheaper than that?
[20:08] <kirascurr> nope..2 min by hotel shuttle to train..25 min by car to downtown..
[20:08] <Random> 15 by my car...
[20:08] <Furious> lol Random
[20:08] <PatriciaX> I heard about the driving!
[20:08] <Oneiroman> LOL random........that long? 8P
[20:09] <Random> LOL!
[20:09] <Furious> I heard about the green uT
[20:09] <Random> still missed the damned plane!
[20:09] <PatriciaX> does anyone have any disagreement with the Amerisuite place?
[20:09] <Furious> awww shucks
[20:09] <Oneiroman> I got pulled over last week, but the cop liked my car so he gave me a warning random, lol
[20:09] <kirascurr> 69$ if you book online with travelscape..84 if you book at the hotel rack rate..that's what she'd give us..
[20:09] <Furious> yeah, and a car I was in got hit by a speeder a month ago, ONe
[20:09] <Random> no disagreement, Px, as long as the roaches aren't metallic and shiny...
[20:09] <Oneiroman> perhaps I wasn't speeding bizatch*P
[20:10] <kirascurr>
[20:10] <Furious> [20:08] <Oneiroman> LOL random........that long? 8P
[20:10] <kyoda> heheh
[20:10] <Furious> sorta speaks for itself.
[20:10] <kirascurr> one do you think your places might be better?
[20:10] <kirascurr> waddaya think?
[20:10] <Furious> what was the url again kira
[20:10] <Furious> so one can see it himself
[20:10] <Furious> instead of our sketchy details
[20:10] <Furious> teehee
[20:10] <Casse> kira, how does she know it's us, if we're booking online?
[20:10] <kirascurr>
[20:11] <Furious> whos' she
[20:11] <Furious> oh that she
[20:11] <Oneiroman> uh, place, which is downtown.......thought most people were staying at the hostel, so figured it would be close.....the casshotel......still looking around though....
[20:11] <kirascurr> she doesn't...but i can get with her and identify the names..once i know..
[20:11] <Furious> isn't downtown expensive?
[20:11] <kirascurr> how much one?
[20:11] <Oneiroman> 69 a night
[20:11] <Casse> let me know more about that when you do, ok kira?
[20:11] <kirascurr> single rooms..
[20:11] <Furious> for how many people?
[20:11] <Furious> Kira found one where 3 peopls pay $69 a suite
[20:12] <Furious> so $33 a piece
[20:12] <Oneiroman> actually, that's better......
[20:12] <PatriciaX> Forgive my ignorance, but is that a hotel or a hostel - and I thought the rooms were for 3?
[20:12] <Oneiroman> that'd probably work pretty good
[20:12] <Furious> it's a hotel, PX
[20:12] <kyoda> 23
[20:12] <Furious> the one Kira found.. right?
[20:12] <PatriciaX> thanks.
[20:12] <kyoda> nott 33 :P
[20:12] <kirascurr> the $69 a nite is for a room with foldout bed...2 doubles in the separate bedroom..
[20:12] <Random> may I have the floor for a moment?
[20:13] <Furious> sorry kyote, 23
[20:13] <PatriciaX> k
[20:13] <kirascurr> go random..
[20:13] <Furious> freudian slip, hehe
[20:13] <Furious> good good good Kira
[20:13] <Furious> go random
[20:13] <Random> In US, the front desk at the hotel will ask how many peeps per room....
[20:13] <Oneiroman> I think he's going:)
[20:13] <Random> being careful and sneaky here can pay off.
[20:14] <Oneiroman> lol
[20:14] <Furious> hmmm
[20:14] <PatriciaX> explain?
[20:14] <kirascurr> i asked...she says they don't's for the room not the peeps..
[20:14] <Casse> don't they usually ask how many adults per room?
[20:14] <Furious> does the how many peeps per room affec the prices?
[20:14] <Random> one person can book single, but more peeps can make their way to the room, as long as...
[20:14] <Oneiroman> I think we can manage, lol
[20:14] <Furious> cool kira
[20:14] <Furious> but Random
[20:14] <Furious> why would we book single
[20:14] <kirascurr> she also said if you ask for 2 double beds you can get 6 in them..
[20:14] <Random> they bring sleeping bags, etc.
[20:14] <PatriciaX> I'm not sure I want to totally crash with about 6 peeps per room, though.
[20:14] <Furious> when it'll probably be expensive
[20:14] <Furious> more expensive that is
[20:14] <Casse> kira is $69 per person for a night, or per room for a night?
[20:14] <Furious> Px ~ that's your call to make
[20:15] <Furious> I wouldnt' care
[20:15] <Oneiroman> per room casse
[20:15] <PatriciaX> I suppose.
[20:15] <Furious> the more hte merrier
[20:15] <Random> Just advice for folks wishing to squeeze that last coin.
[20:15] <PatriciaX> you get worse!
[20:15] <kirascurr> per room..not per peep..
[20:15] <Furious> lol
[20:15] <Furious> it's 23 per peep if 3 peeps stay
[20:15] <Casse> ok
[20:15] <PatriciaX> That sounds just brilliant!
[20:15] <Casse> that'll work out VERY nicely
[20:15] <Furious> or we could all rent one room for $69 and sleep all over the place :P
[20:15] <kyoda> i dig that ratio.
[20:15] <Random> LOL!
[20:15] <Furious> I get the bathtub!!
[20:15] <Furious> 8)
[20:15] <kirascurr> k...she said that what we should do is...
[20:16] <kyoda> bring hammocks
[20:16] <Oneiroman> Kyote will want the roof, lol
[20:16] <Oneiroman> 8P
[20:16] <kyoda> %)
[20:16] <Oneiroman> hehe
[20:16] <PatriciaX> K?
[20:16] <Casse>
[20:16] <kirascurr> book online..than i should check back at the end of the month to see how many more rooms are necessary at 84 a nite..
[20:16] <Furious> why 84
[20:16] <Furious> wasn't it 69
[20:16] * Furious is confused
[20:16] <kyoda> online
[20:17] <Oneiroman> Kira, do you have the url to that site?
[20:17] <kirascurr> she wasn't sure how many suites of theirs travelscape had...she said maybe 10..
[20:17] <PatriciaX> ditto!
[20:17] <Casse> so, we should book before the end of this month?
[20:17] <Furious> 10 suites
[20:17] <PatriciaX> That sounds like enough to me, though?
[20:17] <kirascurr> hold up guys..
[20:17] <Furious> that's 30 peeps
[20:17] <Furious> get htemn to hold them
[20:17] <Random> go, Kira.
[20:17] <Furious> we have 20 peeps going right now
[20:17] <Furious> oops sorry.. go
[20:17] <PatriciaX> I don't think they'd do it,though - hold them indefinitely?
[20:17] <Furious> htemn = them
[20:17] <kirascurr> travelscape has a discount rate of 69 a nite..con't..
[20:17] <Furious> no, just till th eend of june maybe?
[20:18] <kirascurr> after those are gone we have to get them thru her...con't
[20:18] <kirascurr> at the rate of 84 a nite..
[20:18] <Casse> oh, I get it
[20:18] <PatriciaX> Well, thats an incentive to book early, then!
[20:18] <Furious> yes!
[20:18] <kirascurr> is..
[20:18] <Furious> but if the travelscape people could hold them till some date
[20:18] <Furious> that would be nice
[20:18] <Furious> :-)
[20:18] <Random> cancellation penalties, Kira??
[20:18] <kirascurr> has anyone looked at the rooms..don't look too bad..
[20:18] <Casse> good question
[20:19] <kirascurr> not sure about cancellation yet..anyone got the site up?
[20:19] <PatriciaX> As long as clean and warm, I'll be happy.
[20:19] * Furious doesn't care what the rooms look like, as long as there is a functional shower :P
[20:19] <kyoda> hey One, do they sell Bali Shag in Chicago?
[20:19] <Random> going there now....
[20:19] <Oneiroman> Bali Shag? what the hell is...?
[20:19] <kirascurr> thanks, random..
[20:19] <kyoda> holland roll yer own tobaccy
[20:19] <Oneiroman> hi, can I get the url Kira? *)
[20:19] <Furious> I also thought that as far as roommates went, it would be sensible to room with peeps who, uh, share your preferences.
[20:19] <Oneiroman> no idea, lol
[20:19] <Furious> ie. smoking/nonsmoking :P
[20:19] <kirascurr>
[20:20] <Furious> or are hotels fully non-smoking in the us now?
[20:20] <Casse> true, Trin
[20:20] <kyoda> no
[20:20] <kirascurr> always smoking rooms trin..
[20:20] <kyoda> trin
[20:20] <Furious> also, early riser/ late riser
[20:20] <Random> The outdoors is still available, Trin LOL
[20:20] <Furious> etc
[20:20] <Oneiroman> thanks:)
[20:20] <PatriciaX> Well, me and Scraps do teh asthma thing.
[20:20] <Furious> oh shadup random ;p
[20:20] <kirascurr> why won't the link work?
[20:20] <Furious> you have to double-click, Kira
[20:20] <Casse> I do it too, Px...a teeny bit
[20:20] <Furious> worked for me
[20:20] <PatriciaX> So - we'd be fine?
[20:20] <Casse> yep
[20:20] <kirascurr> oh yes..forgot..
[20:21] <PatriciaX> I'm getting excited!
[20:21] <Casse> I've been excited for somet time now 8)
[20:21] <Casse> some
[20:21] <Random> can I get to Amerisuites easily from this site?
[20:21] <PatriciaX> yeah, but its really real - in black and white right now :) :D
[20:21] <Random> no search function.
[20:21] <Casse> I went to the Amerisuites homepage the other day. it looks quite nice
[20:22] <kirascurr> yeah....put in the info for chicago for the dates..hotel only..
[20:22] <Random> ok...
[20:22] <kirascurr> travelscape link
[20:23] <Random> thanks, Kira.
[20:23] <PatriciaX> It looks perfect, to me - I've just found it by myself - can you believe it?
[20:23] <Random> BRB....I am wishing a beer....
[20:23] <kyoda> indoor pool...nice
[20:23] <kirascurr>
[20:23] <Casse> so, if I booked a room at amerisuites, I'd be safe in assuming that most everyone would be staying there? or at least a good number of us?
[20:24] <Casse> cuz that's what I wanted to do. 8 /
[20:24] <kirascurr> i think so casse..lemme just check the cancellation policy..and i think you have to pay for the whole thing if you book online..
[20:24] <Furious> looks fine to me..
[20:24] <kyoda>'s right next to Packaging Corporation of America!!!!!YES!
[20:24] <Furious> hell after the latest hotel I've been in..
[20:24] <Casse> I thought that when you book online, you pay at check-in time
[20:24] <Furious> a dinky place on the border of Czech republic and Hugnary
[20:24] <Furious> Hungary, even
[20:24] <kirascurr> know them?
[20:24] <Furious> it looks like fricken heaven
[20:24] <kyoda> naw
[20:25] <kyoda> indoor pool
[20:25] <Furious> Czech republic nothing
[20:25] <Furious> Slovakia
[20:25] <kirascurr> i have no idea..never booked a hotel online..what does it say?
[20:25] <Furious> ack then it was still Czechoslovakia
[20:25] <PatriciaX> to be honest, Casse - if you went ahead and booked it and it went pear shaped, I'd cough up anyways.
[20:25] <Casse> I have, twice. and both times, I've paid at check-in
[20:25] <PatriciaX> Not that I'd be expecting you to book for all three of us, mind - may be we should all book one night each and split the other?
[20:26] <kirascurr> in the next half hour then..let's see what we're gonna DO!! wise..
[20:26] <Furious> don't you book the room alone
[20:26] <PatriciaX> Yep, sorry K.
[20:26] <kyoda> Complimentary ***Bountiful*** Breakfast .....;)
[20:26] <Random> back.....burp. ***
[20:26] <Casse> no, Patricia. let's just figure out this part for us later tonight. ok?
[20:26] <kirascurr> if you don't have a credit card can't book..
[20:26] <PatriciaX> yeah, sure.
[20:26] <PatriciaX> I can get access to one, though.
[20:27] <Furious> can't one peep book for all three roommate peeps?j
[20:27] <kirascurr> oh..kewl..
[20:27] <Casse> later tonight = after chat
[20:27] <PatriciaX> yeah!
[20:27] <Casse> yes, Trin. that's what I'm getting at
[20:27] <kyoda> TANK: Load the Jump Program at the Indoor Pool....***splash***
[20:27] <kirascurr> yep..definitely..only one peep will be responsible anyway..
[20:27] <Random> Yes, Trin, one can.
[20:27] <PatriciaX> So, are there any other activities that we havent discussed that peeps would be desperate to do?
[20:27] <kirascurr> let's detail this itinerary...
[20:27] <PatriciaX> Should we do the blowing thing for instance?
[20:27] <Casse> ok
[20:28] <kyoda> blowing?
[20:28] <Casse> blowing?
[20:28] <PatriciaX> sorry - bowling LOL!
[20:28] <PatriciaX> ha ha ha ha!
[20:28] <kyoda> hehehe!
[20:28] <Random> Hahahaha!!!!
[20:28] <kirascurr> what's happening on the 17th?
[20:28] <PatriciaX> Patsy goes very very red!
[20:28] <Furious> meet the peeps!
[20:28] <PatriciaX> I'm dying here guys!
[20:28] <Casse> meeting/ get to know day
[20:28] <Furious> most peeps won't arrive till later prolly
[20:28] <kirascurr> what does that mean? the peeps?
[20:28] <Random> STRIKE!
[20:28] <Furious> well later that day that is
[20:28] <Furious> just meet up at a place we'll decide on
[20:28] <Furious> preferably at/near the hotel most are staying at
[20:28] <Casse> yes
[20:28] <kyoda> how close is the airport to the hotel?
[20:28] <Furious> [or all are staying at]
[20:29] <kirascurr> at a restaurant for dinner say?
[20:29] <PatriciaX> I suspect people would be coming in in dribs and drabs all day. Which might be better as we'd all be shouting at each other otherwise?
[20:29] <Furious> uhh I thought we were starting in the morning?
[20:29] <Random> which airport, Kyoda?
[20:29] <kirascurr> looks like about a half ky..
[20:29] <Furious> wel, closer to nooon, anyway.
[20:29] <kyoda> shite, i dunno, the nearest one.
[20:29] <Casse> midway or o'hare?
[20:29] <Furious> yeah px - yeah that
[20:29] <PatriciaX> One?
[20:29] <kyoda> 1/2 hour?
[20:29] <Random> we can take a look a little later....four airports in Chi-town.
[20:29] <kirascurr> yeh..think so..
[20:30] <kyoda> kewl.
[20:30] <kirascurr> it says so on that page..doesn't it?
[20:30] <Casse> Scraps & I will most likely be arriving at the Midway airport
[20:30] <kyoda> dunno, was reading on bountiful free brakfast and drooling
[20:30] <Random> Chicago ORD is the big one (O'Hare International)
[20:30] <kirascurr> nope..doesn't mention airport..
[20:30] <Random> And I finally know how to get there. ;)
[20:30] <Casse> lol
[20:31] <kyoda> who me?
[20:31] <PatriciaX> K- were you going to summarise the itinery so far?
[20:31] <kirascurr> please..lets..
[20:31] <Random> please
[20:31] <Random> drum roll....
[20:31] <kyoda> nope.
[20:31] <Furious> go..
[20:31] <Random> fans are waiting...
[20:32] <Random> fruit starts flying...
[20:32] <Casse> and waiting....
[20:32] * Furious ducks fruit
[20:32] <Furious> baaad English
[20:32] <Random> the curtain opens, and......
[20:32] <Random> and....
[20:32] <kirascurr> well, guys?
[20:32] * Furious gasps
[20:32] <Random> the drummer gets tired....
[20:32] <Furious> IT'S A BIRD!
[20:32] <Furious> IT'S A PLANE!
[20:32] <Furious> NOOOOOOOOOOO!
[20:33] <Casse> It's.......
[20:33] <Furious> A SENTINEL!!!!!!
[20:33] <Furious> ;p
[20:33] <kirascurr> gotta go at 6, guys..
[20:33] <Casse> 8D
[20:33] <Casse> ok, so on the 18th I have movie day. right?
[20:33] <Random> Kira, would you be kind enough to offer your view of the itinerary so far?
[20:33] <kirascurr> is that thurs?
[20:34] <PatriciaX> no fri.
[20:34] <Casse> Fri
[20:34] <kirascurr> well..really..all i think we've come up with def is..
[20:34] <kirascurr> we want to have a party dinner..sat..
[20:34] <kirascurr> we want to watch the movie..but i'm not sure what nite..
[20:34] <PatriciaX> I thought Fri.
[20:34] <PatriciaX> for the film.
[20:35] <Casse> I have: 17=meet, 18=movie day, 19=tour/dinner, 20= ?
[20:35] <PatriciaX> Yep! Good one C
[20:35] <kirascurr> 6 flags..if we can swing it..+20
[20:35] <Casse> Yea!
[20:35] <PatriciaX> Sorry, but what is 6 flags?
[20:35] <Furious> yes, 20 is free for all
[20:35] <kyoda> amusement park
[20:35] <kirascurr> amusement park..
[20:35] <Random> amusement park...big time!
[20:35] <Furious> and some of us will be leaving on the 20th
[20:35] <Furious> cuz some of us have towork on the 21st
[20:35] * Furious can only get 2 days off work.
[20:35] <Random> awwww...
[20:35] <Casse> and some of us will be leaving on the 21
[20:35] <kirascurr> sure..this is for folks staying over..
[20:36] <Furious> so I think we should be fair and not plan anything *big* for the 17th and 21st
[20:36] <PatriciaX> So, if we did something general on the 20th, it wouldn't be so bad if some peeps missed it?
[20:36] <Casse> right
[20:36] <Furious> yup Px that what I mean.
[20:36] <kirascurr> so you dont have to leave till late sunday...what is it a 5 hr drive?
[20:36] <PatriciaX> Thats what I meant, even.
[20:36] <PatriciaX> Echo!
[20:36] <Random> sounds reasonable, Px
[20:36] <Furious> Kira ~ I have to wake up at 5:00 am Monday morning.
[20:36] <kirascurr> that's why i suggested 6 flags..general..
[20:36] <PatriciaX> oooooooooh!
[20:36] <Furious> and I can't not sleep unless I sleep all day sunday
[20:36] <Furious> heey then again..
[20:37] <Furious> I could sleep on the drive back :P
[20:37] <Random> Would you like some cheese with that whine?? LOL ;-)
[20:37] <Furious> 5 hours is enuff ;p
[20:37] <Furious> oh shadup random
[20:37] <Furious> you dont' work in HR :P
[20:37] <kirascurr> always go without sleep..teeheee..
[20:37] <Furious> not for htis job, Kira..
[20:37] <PatriciaX> Could we do a club on the Friday night? I like to dance ;)
[20:37] <Furious> uhh, what about the movie, Px?
[20:37] <kirascurr> i think a club would be nice too.
[20:37] <Furious> what about dinner and a club on Sat?
[20:37] <PatriciaX> I thouht we were watching that earlier in the evening?
[20:37] <Furious> instead of fri
[20:37] <Random> Movie then club, no prob!!
[20:37] <Furious> I'd like to watch it well into the night, myself
[20:37] <Casse> could be fun....good idea Trin
[20:38] <kyoda> club
[20:38] <PatriciaX> The resaon I say Fri is I could imagine us all getting into the chat mode after the dinner and going no where!
[20:38] <Furious> maybe several times.
[20:38] <PatriciaX> Whereas, we might be a bit hyper after the film and need to get rid of energy?
[20:38] <kirascurr> ya knw..if we show it ourselves we can show it every nite..
[20:38] <PatriciaX> of course.
[20:38] <Random> I may bring DVD tech with me....
[20:38] <Furious> that's why I suggested Pizza.
[20:38] <Furious> besides
[20:38] <kirascurr> it'll only be fair for folks coming in on sat..
[20:38] <Furious> Friday nights at clubs suck!
[20:38] <Oneiroman> dammit, that sucked......the bar wasn't scrolling, and I thought people weren't talking......and then I saw it wasn't scrolling, and had about 90 years of conversation to catch up with, lol
[20:38] <Furious> all the teenyboppers with fake IDs come out.
[20:39] <PatriciaX> they do? They're the night here.
[20:39] <Furious> Saturdays are more fun.
[20:39] <Furious> here, anyway.
[20:39] <PatriciaX> All the good nights are on a Friday. After work.
[20:39] <kyoda> gotta go y' attempt pretty...%|
[20:39] <kyoda> c-ya later!
[20:39] <Oneiroman> later kyote
[20:39] *** kyoda has left #dotr
[20:39] <PatriciaX> By.
[20:39] <Her0> AMF!
[20:39] <Random> Brak a string, Kyote!!
[20:39] <kirascurr> looks like we're gonna need a poll.
[20:39] <Random> break
[20:39] <PatriciaX> Perhaps we'd need to find out what nigihts are on where on each evening?
[20:39] <PatriciaX> Que One?
[20:40] <kirascurr> fridays are good here too..peeps get down after work friday..
[20:40] <Random> a poll would be fine, but this will be refined as we get closer to the date, of course.
[20:40] <Furious> Kira ~ tat's what I mean
[20:40] <kirascurr> parties are usually on sat..
[20:40] <PatriciaX> aha.
[20:40] <Casse> I think it will too, Random
[20:40] <PatriciaX> So we'd have our own party on the Sat?
[20:40] <Furious> do we really wnt to be standing in line to get behind all those peeps??
[20:40] <Furious> EVERYONE comes out on Friday
[20:40] <kirascurr> that'd be nice..
[20:40] <kirascurr> who do we not want to be around trin?
[20:40] <PatriciaX> If its an organised outing - could we arrange cheaper/preferential tickets before hand?
[20:41] <Furious> coppertops :P
[20:41] <Random> Won't be surprised that in later hours peeps will do their own thing anyway.
[20:41] * Furious doesn't like coppertops, even partying ones.
[20:41] <Oneiroman> lol
[20:41] <kirascurr> well we could find a pvt
[20:41] <Furious> HMM MORE $$
[20:41] <PatriciaX> But could you imagine everyone elses face when us lot walk in?
[20:41] <Furious> sorry, caps lock instead of tab
[20:41] <Casse> exactly
[20:41] <Furious> I dont' really care about what everyne else thinks.
[20:41] <kirascurr> i think we should schedule organized activites early that eeryone can participate in..
[20:42] <Furious> I'm not going to CHicago to try and impress strangers, lol
[20:42] <PatriciaX> definietly
[20:42] <kirascurr> then leave the later hours for personal stuff.
[20:42] <PatriciaX> Kira.
[20:42] <Random> right, Kira.
[20:42] <Furious> Agreed, kira
[20:42] <kirascurr> i do think a party of our own is good though for the younger peeps..
[20:42] <Random> Indeed.
[20:42] <Casse> me either, I meant "exactly" for the more $$ thing.
[20:42] <PatriciaX> the dinner will no doubt turn into a bit of a party?
[20:42] <Furious> and that's another problem
[20:43] <Random> and necessary....nobody should feel left out.
[20:43] <kirascurr> what's the prob trin?
[20:43] <Furious> how will the younger peeps get into the oh-so-cool club?
[20:43] <Oneiroman> we can kick the bouncer's ass:)
[20:43] <Furious> mmhm, right.
[20:43] <kirascurr> let's forget the club as an organized thing..but look into for those who want to go into the city..
[20:43] <PatriciaX> I was minded of that too, but I would still like to experience a US club.
[20:43] <Casse> yeah, One, that'll work hehe
[20:43] <Random> I prefer to bribe, I'm fragile in my old age.
[20:43] <Oneiroman> LOL
[20:43] <Furious> lol Random!
[20:43] <Furious> [liar :P]
[20:43] <Oneiroman> so I'll have to bring back-up, huh random? lol
[20:44] <Random> Yep!
[20:44] <Oneiroman> lmao
[20:44] <Furious> hey I'm all the backup you need.. except I don't hurt innocent little bouncers ;p
[20:44] <kirascurr> so if we have a party sat nite..shall we have food then too..
[20:44] <Oneiroman> yeah, they're too fragile, hehe
[20:44] <Furious> all you have to do is bat an eyelash, one ;p but then again that might not work for you :PPPPPPPPPPPP [j/k 8)]
[20:44] <Oneiroman> hmph
[20:44] <Casse> LMAO
[20:44] <PatriciaX> Isn't that the dinner night anyway, K?
[20:45] <Oneiroman> no, probably not, hehe
[20:45] <Furious> [I mean bat as in a baseball bat.. .what did you all think I meant]
[20:45] <Casse> yes, Px
[20:45] <Oneiroman> LOL
[20:45] <Random> Do we have an idea who or how many peeps might attend that are under the age of 18?
[20:45] <kirascurr> yeah..but are we going to have it in the same room..or go to a restaurant?
[20:45] <Casse> sure Trinity ;)
[20:45] <PatriciaX> Isn't it 21 in the US?
[20:45] <kirascurr> one may know..
[20:45] <Furious> some clubs are 18
[20:45] <Furious> some are 21
[20:45] <Oneiroman> hold on one sec........
[20:45] <Random> Drinking = 21, entering club = 18
[20:45] <Furious> but the age is 21
[20:45] <Furious> yup.. for drinking
[20:45] <PatriciaX> If we had it in the room, then we could party ourselves - without age restrictions.
[20:45] <kirascurr> i def agree px..
[20:46] <Furious> if you buy or serve alcohol to a minor, you face a fine 8(
[20:46] <Furious> at least here.
[20:46] <kirascurr> and everyone could come reeegardless..
[20:46] <PatriciaX> Someone would have to bring a sound system. But it would be so much fun if it was entirely our party.
[20:46] <Furious> yup
[20:46] <Furious> I agree.. w/ our party
[20:46] <kirascurr> with dinner sat nite?
[20:46] <Casse> me too
[20:46] <Furious> I just hope the hotel people wont' get into our hair re: minors & booze
[20:46] <Furious> yup Kira
[20:46] <Casse> ok
[20:46] <Oneiroman> yep, that sounds like the best idea, as I do believe there are a couple peeps going that are under 18, wouldn't wanna leave 'em out....
[20:46] <kirascurr> the hotel doesn't serve..we have to bring our own in..
[20:46] <Furious> yup.
[20:46] <PatriciaX> I don't suppose they would if we keep it quiet - they probably wouldn't expect young ones at such a meeting?
[20:46] <Furious> are we allowed to bring own in, Kira?
[20:47] <Random> right, Kira. Club can be left to individuals to discuss.
[20:47] <kirascurr> their fine on's just none is allowed outside the room..
[20:47] <Furious> I mean, is it ok to do tat there?
[20:47] <Furious> unless they'r enot carying alcohol, right
[20:47] <Furious> or else there could be a problem..
[20:47] <Furious> [re: bathrooms]
[20:47] <kirascurr> think of this as a wedding reception can be there...if they drink it's on us only..
[20:47] <Furious> hey, I'll be 21 by then! 8)
[20:47] <Random> If minor peeps get disorderly, BIG keep this in mind.
[20:47] <PatriciaX> yes.
[20:47] <Furious> our minor peeps won't get disorderly
[20:48] <Oneiroman> lol
[20:48] <PatriciaX> So, would we get the hotel to cater or order in or what?
[20:48] <Casse> I'll be 20 and 5
[20:48] <PatriciaX> It'll be the older peeps ;)
[20:48] <Furious> cuz they are *NOT* minors in the U.S/Canadian sense of the word
[20:48] <Furious> yup but we are allowed!
[20:48] <Furious> ;p
[20:48] <Random> sorry, PX, cater for which event?
[20:48] <kirascurr> the hotel doesn't cater..they would refer us to who they usually use..
[20:48] <PatriciaX> Sat night dinner b4 the party.
[20:48] <PatriciaX> Right.
[20:48] <Furious> PIZZA
[20:48] <Furious> :P
[20:48] <PatriciaX> Pizza after the film?
[20:48] <PatriciaX> Not the sat night thing?
[20:49] <Furious> instead of catering :P
[20:49] <Furious> cheaper
[20:49] <Oneiroman> pizza sounds good:)
[20:49] <Random> we might even be able to handle it ourselves, food-wise.
[20:49] <Casse> what day do we go check out the ciyt? Sat?
[20:49] <kirascurr> do we want to go trin can have her pizza..
[20:49] <Furious> Fri an sat during the day
[20:49] <Furious> yay kira
[20:49] <Furious> italian is good
[20:49] <Oneiroman> nothing wrong with italian
[20:49] <Furious> I'll eat lasagna too
[20:49] <Random> sushi, anyone?
[20:49] <Furious> unles sit has pork in it
[20:49] <Casse> I want pizza too.mmmmmmmm
[20:49] <Oneiroman> ewwww
[20:49] <Furious> yuk sushi
[20:49] <kirascurr> love sushi random..
[20:49] <PatriciaX> I like the idea of steak - or a posh-er dinner? Cheap and pizza on the Friday?
[20:49] <Random> we're there, Kira.
[20:49] <Furious> pizza don't have to be cheap, Px ;p
[20:50] <kirascurr> the most likely thing is steak and chicken..
[20:50] <kirascurr> k..random!
[20:50] <Furious> hmmm
[20:50] <Random> Living chicken salad, anyone?
[20:50] <Furious> LOL Random
[20:50] <Oneiroman> lol@random
[20:50] <Furious> we'll need uT for that
[20:50] <Oneiroman> hehe
[20:50] <kirascurr> don't know how many entrees we can get for $20 dollars..
[20:50] <Furious> cuz it's HER salad the chicken must be eating.. for authenticity
[20:50] <Furious> I think that we should go to a restaurant for the dinner
[20:50] <PatriciaX> Could someone speak to a caterers and ask them what they could do for us for 20 a head?
[20:51] <Furious> so everyone can have wha tthey want and px can have her steak
[20:51] <Random> Buffet if possible.
[20:51] <PatriciaX> Is 20 a suitable prie?
[20:51] <Furious> and then we all go to the hotel
[20:51] <Furious> and have a party with munchies and booze
[20:51] <Oneiroman> hehe
[20:51] <Casse> 8)
[20:51] <Furious> instead of staying indoors all night lik ehermits. :P
[20:51] <kirascurr> yes..i can check that px..and $20 isn't gonna get us far in a restaurant..
[20:51] <PatriciaX> Thats a good idea.
[20:51] <PatriciaX> right.
[20:51] <Random> right, Kira
[20:51] <Furious> $20 a piece we could get a deal KIra
[20:51] <Furious> and besides
[20:51] <Furious> if we do the Travelsomething deal
[20:51] <kirascurr> nope trin..sorry..not in a restaurant..
[20:51] <Furious> that's $23 a night
[20:52] <Furious> 4 nights
[20:52] <Furious> that's 92
[20:52] <PatriciaX> Is that expensive Trin?
[20:52] <kirascurr> don't understand what you're figuring..
[20:52] <Furious> well for 4 nights.. the hotel
[20:52] <Furious> I'm figuring a ballpark figure peeps should be looking to spend
[20:52] <Furious> if they take tonight's suggestions
[20:52] <PatriciaX> If its $100 for the accommodation - I think thats amazing.
[20:53] <Furious> I'd say about $150 here and there for everything, plus tips
[20:53] <Furious> minus the room, of course
[20:53] <Casse> plus taxes, of course
[20:53] <kirascurr> ok..
[20:53] <Furious> well I'm not thinking of the taxes
[20:53] <Casse> well, I am
[20:53] <Oneiroman> brb
[20:53] <Furious> so $150 without the taxes, then
[20:53] <Random> 6% sales tax, I believe?
[20:53] <kirascurr> but what we were talking about was a catered meal vs a restaurant..
[20:53] <Furious> something like that
[20:53] <Casse> hehe
[20:53] <Furious> catered where.
[20:53] <Furious> in the hotel?
[20:53] <kirascurr> at the hotel..
[20:54] <Furious> I mean, inside?
[20:54] <PatriciaX> Id like to do both - actually. Theres good in both. May be it will come down to the cost.
[20:54] <Oneiroman> back
[20:54] <Furious> it's gonna be summer, peeps
[20:54] <kirascurr> yes..
[20:54] <kirascurr> so..
[20:54] <Furious> hanging out outside at night is MORE FUN IN SUMMER!
[20:54] <Furious> lol
[20:54] <Oneiroman> hehe
[20:54] <Furious> VS inside.
[20:54] <Furious> 8)
[20:54] <Casse> we can't keep doing things inside...
[20:54] <kirascurr> but it'll only be the one nite..
[20:54] <PatriciaX> yep.
[20:54] <Furious> no
[20:54] <Furious> we're watching the Matrix the night before
[20:54] <Random> Depending on the number of peeps, I think we could do amazing things on our own, but I don't know what catering costs might be.
[20:54] <Furious> so 2 nights out of 4 we are staying in!
[20:54] <Furious> boring 8)
[20:54] <PatriciaX> but where are we going to go outside at that time, if the club thing is out?
[20:55] <kirascurr> no what..but that's just 2 and a half hours..
[20:55] <Furious> you mean you'll be happy to watch it just once
[20:55] <Furious> ;p
[20:55] <Oneiroman> lmao
[20:55] <kirascurr> sure..every nite..
[20:55] <Oneiroman> hehe
[20:55] <Furious> just once??
[20:55] <Oneiroman> lol
[20:55] <Furious> when you can have as many times as you want?
[20:55] * Furious faints
[20:55] <kirascurr> just once..every nite..
[20:55] <Casse> haha
[20:55] <PatriciaX> if its a good one - once a night does me!
[20:55] <Furious> lol Px
[20:55] <Random> LOLOLOLOL
[20:55] <kirascurr> i can watch it as many times as i want
[20:55] <Oneiroman> lmao
[20:56] <PatriciaX> one good view and I'm knackered anywayz!
[20:56] <kirascurr>
[20:56] <Furious> but you can't watch it with THE PEEPS as many times as you want can you now
[20:56] <Furious> I mean, surely watching the Matrix with the Peeps is a different experience
[20:56] <Casse> no 8(
[20:57] <Random> Honestly folks, mid-to-late afternoon agendas leave most of the day up to the peeps.
[20:57] <kirascurr> if we schedule a say 6 oclock showing every nite..or whatever time..that leeavse us hours to do whatever..
[20:57] <Furious> I'm expecting a lot of 'Rewind, I wanta show you something'!
[20:57] <Furious> or Rewind, THAT's what I was talking aobut in that thread where nobody got it!
[20:57] <Oneiroman> ok, I gotta head out peeps, you seem to be doing fine without me:) catch ya all later....
[20:57] <PatriciaX> But the first viewing should be straight through?
[20:57] <Furious> byebye One
[20:57] <Random> bye, One...!!
[20:57] <PatriciaX> see ya one.
[20:57] <Oneiroman> laters......
[20:57] <Furious> Px I mean after the first straight viewing
[20:57] <kirascurr> well..if we keep the room all 4 days..trin you can live in the room with the
[20:57] <Casse> me too, Trin...or "look, look, look" then everybody misses something else
[20:57] <Furious> there might just be a lot of that
[20:57] *** Oneiroman has quit IRC (Leaving)
[20:57] <PatriciaX> Thats alright then - plus, I'm sure we'll have a few copies floating about for room viewing?
[20:57] <Random> some of us might bring DVD wit us...
[20:58] <Furious> duhh... I'm still talking about watching it with The Peeps
[20:58] <Random> with
[20:58] <Furious> I can watch it on my own any time, in fact, I am now, lol
[20:58] <kirascurr> but what i'm saying if we have scheduled viewing each can go to the room and run it whenever you want..
[20:58] <PatriciaX> yep.
[20:58] <Random> sounds like board discussion will handle the viewing particulars.
[20:59] <Furious> I thin kso too random
[20:59] <Casse> I still think so
[20:59] <PatriciaX> I suppose the scheduled viewing could be a good meeting poing - everyone will know its going on and can come and join whenever they want. Like a meeting window of about 2hours?
[20:59] <Random> for sure.
[20:59] <kirascurr> but back to catered vs restaurant..if we go to a restaurant it's gonna cost more than $20 a piece..
[20:59] <Furious> Px it sounds to me more and more that you'll be spending a lot of tim away from the group?
[20:59] <Furious> Is there some gossip I am not aware of
[20:59] <Furious> ;p
[20:59] <kirascurr> yeah..px..
[21:00] <PatriciaX> NO, not at all - I'm just minded that there may be some peeps not staying in the same place. I want to spend a lot of time with everyone
[21:00] <kirascurr> not agreeing with trin was about viewing..
[21:00] <PatriciaX> I'm trying to thing broadly so we can make provisions to keep the group together.
[21:00] <Random> Yes Kira, and I am wondering if our own creative shopping might handle dinner at a conf room, rather than catering? what does it cost to cater a meal, per person?
[21:00] <PatriciaX> Without a recognised base, its sometimes hard to keep large groups together.
[21:00] <Furious> sure, Px, but I still don't know how the group would split up, hehe
[21:01] <kirascurr> but keep in mind..everyone's not gonna wanna do everything..some might just like to relax..
[21:01] <Furious> true dat, Px
[21:01] <PatriciaX> Exactly.
[21:01] <Furious> hmm I can relax in Baden Baden
[21:01] <Furious> alone 8)
[21:01] <PatriciaX> If we have a rough base, it'll be like a beacon if anyone has gone off and one their own thing for that day.
[21:01] <Casse> yes, Random. and I noticed that some AS rooms have small kitchens
[21:02] <Furious> I dunno, Px, I guess you are right, exctept I don't see myself going to a gettogether to walk off and spend the time by myself, lol
[21:02] <kirascurr> depends on what we order, random...i asked about 15..she said plus tax..comes to about 20..and the thing with catering we can be served..unless we want to set up a buffet..which calls for equipment..
[21:02] <Furious> what equipment, Kira?
[21:02] <Furious> and we'll need peeps preferences.. what if we have diabetics, etc.
[21:02] <PatriciaX> Niether do I but some peeps might - I don't thinki it'll be planned but sometimes it happens.
[21:02] <Casse> set up equipment, dud
[21:02] <Casse> lol
[21:02] <Furious> wouldnt' the caterer provide that?
[21:02] <Casse> duh not dud
[21:02] <Furious> caterers here do.
[21:03] <kirascurr> serving know..what they use on buffet tables..
[21:03] <Casse> I was being sarcastic
[21:03] <Furious> well, caterers here prpovide the equipment, dishes, etc.. duh, casse :P
[21:03] <Furious> I guess it's diff in the US?
[21:03] <Casse> ;P
[21:03] <PatriciaX> We could probably work out a deal with the hotel?
[21:03] <kirascurr> yes..if we catered..but random asked about buying food ourelves..brb..
[21:03] <Furious> yeah, that (tm)
[21:03] <Random> depends on what's desired, but I don't know $$$$.
[21:03] <Casse> or all bring paper stuff to eat on lol
[21:03] <PatriciaX> Right. But could we cook for all of us - in the little kitchens?
[21:04] <Furious> Casse PAPER
[21:04] <Furious> ???
[21:04] <Random> I was thinking that too, Casse.
[21:04] <Furious> forest killer :P
[21:04] <Random> recycled, F.
[21:04] <Casse> paper plates, plastic utinsels....
[21:04] <Furious> doesn't matter
[21:04] <Casse> LoL
[21:04] <Furious> if you spent a week where I work, you'd get VERY touchy about the forests.
[21:04] <PatriciaX> It all comes down to how accomodating the hotel are going to be.
[21:04] <PatriciaX> How did they sound when you spoke to them, K?
[21:04] <Furious> my dad was right.. hte computer did *not* create a paperless office.. what more it created more paperwork *sigh*
[21:05] <Casse> ok...pushed a button...backing off now
[21:05] <Her0> maybe everyone should bring their own utensils each
[21:05] <PatriciaX> From England?
[21:05] <Random> yep, it might be time for some salesmanship (salespersonship)
[21:05] <Furious> lol Px
[21:05] <PatriciaX> Exacatly - salespersonship is needed. I can sell good but its a pain from the UK.
[21:05] <Furious> I used to sell knives, don't look at me :P
[21:05] <Random> BRB...going for beer #2.
[21:05] <Furious> lol random
[21:05] <Random> Knives, I have!
[21:06] <Furious> Henckel sucks :P
[21:06] <PatriciaX> Id be happy to have a go though.
[21:06] <kirascurr> would be nice to minimize what we had to there as much as possible so we could enjoy..
[21:06] <Furious> well Random I did show you my pride and joy right
[21:06] <Furious> the one with the green handle?
[21:06] <Furious> or didnt' I
[21:06] <PatriciaX> Don't understand K?
[21:06] <Furious> I agree Kira
[21:06] <kirascurr> and i don't think the kitchens are such you can cook big meals..
[21:06] <PatriciaX> Oh, right.
[21:07] <Furious> I don't want to be carrying a whole damn suitcase
[21:07] <Furious> fulla stuff
[21:07] <Furious> a backpack, that about it..
[21:07] <Casse> I don't either
[21:07] <PatriciaX> K, if you have spoken to the hotel already - do you think you'd get a better reception than cold calling?
[21:07] <Random> Lets do some more research about the food and do this chat again.
[21:07] <Furious> I don't like the cook ourselves idea.
[21:07] <Casse> agreed
[21:07] <kirascurr> can i chek into some menus and facilities for a catered meal for $20, please?
[21:07] <Furious> definitely dont'.
[21:07] <Furious> sure, Kira
[21:07] <PatriciaX> yep.
[21:07] <Furious> that definitely don't was about cooking ourselves, heeh
[21:07] <Random> indeed, kira!
[21:08] <Casse> fine with me
[21:08] <kirascurr> k..will do..ok so that's at nite..were we gonna do something sat day?
[21:08] <Random> Though I have to say I'd be proud to cook for you peeps!
[21:08] <Furious> go to the sites!
[21:08] <PatriciaX> have a tour of the city - to work up the appetite?
[21:08] <kirascurr> wow ran..for 40 of us?
[21:08] <Furious> Random *you* can cook if you want ;p
[21:08] <kirascurr> you could do that and bring it..
[21:08] <Furious> I'll eat it too, hehe..
[21:08] <Furious> I have room, as you know, lol
[21:09] <PatriciaX> but its your holiday too, Ran, don't you want to relax? Cooking for 40 would be a full days job, almost.
[21:09] <Random> but you'll pass on the "uncooked" part, of course!
[21:09] <Furious> dpends what you cook
[21:09] <Furious> if it's popcorn... :P
[21:09] <Furious> yup Random
[21:09] <kirascurr> please guys..gotta go..what are we doing sat day?
[21:09] <Furious> especially the fishy part
[21:09] <PatriciaX> How long would we need to schedule the tour of the city? 4 hours or something?
[21:09] <Furious> Matrix sites, definitely.
[21:09] <Casse> touring the city
[21:09] <Furious> by Saturday everyone should be there
[21:09] <Furious> if not, their loss..
[21:09] <kirascurr> k..will check into train tours..
[21:09] <Furious> train?
[21:10] <PatriciaX> If we set off at, say 12 - 4 hours tourinig, get back at 4 and get ready for meal?
[21:10] <Furious> the Matrix crew did not use a train. :P
[21:10] <kirascurr> what about fi?
[21:10] <kirascurr> friday?
[21:10] <Furious> I think that should be an on-the spot thing
[21:10] <Furious> whoever's there by then will plan
[21:10] <PatriciaX> What?
[21:10] <Furious> whatever..
[21:10] <kirascurr> casse..what was that itinerary you had agian?
[21:10] <PatriciaX> but we may need a little more time to plan properly than on the spot.
[21:10] <Furious> but Saturday needs to be organized cuz for SURE peps who are going will be there
[21:10] <Casse> hold on
[21:10] <Furious> and I *still* don't like the idea of wimpy train tours... we can all walk right?
[21:11] <PatriciaX> I want to walk.
[21:11] <kirascurr> sure..don't need train tours at all..
[21:11] <Her0> ok, i cant say ive really participated in this discussion (seeing as im not actually going).......but im off - AMF!
[21:11] <PatriciaX> Depends how far away everything is but that would come in the planning of a Chicago peep.
[21:11] <Casse> 17=meet, 18=movie, 19-dinner/party/tour, 20=?
[21:11] <Furious> bye should really look into going
[21:11] *** Her0 has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:11] <kirascurr> see ya hero..soryy we didn't get to your stuff..
[21:11] <Casse> I want to walk
[21:11] <Furious> 20= whatever for those that are left.. kind of like Friday day
[21:11] <Furious> ?
[21:12] <kirascurr> if we show the movie every nite..we need something for frid..
[21:12] <Furious> cuz I know some peeps will be staying longer than the 20th
[21:12] <Furious> well Friday I think not everyone will be there yet.
[21:12] <PatriciaX> Well, it could be the first showing.
[21:12] <Random> don't feel too bad about specifics, folks...this will get better and more defined with discussion.
[21:12] <Furious> sure, Random
[21:12] <kirascurr> we could go into the city frid too.
[21:12] <PatriciaX> But they wont be missing out that much if we show it every night.
[21:12] <Furious> yup.
[21:12] <Furious> true Kira
[21:12] <Furious> no, course not Px
[21:12] <Furious> I mean the other programs
[21:12] <kirascurr> and stay late if we wanted..
[21:12] <Furious> there is really only one day that we can organize for *eeryone*
[21:13] <Furious> everyone
[21:13] <Furious> and that's Sat
[21:13] <kirascurr> yeah..that's sat..
[21:13] <PatriciaX> Id probably come a day early and go late on the Mon or tues.
[21:13] <Furious> some peeps might only arrive late Fri
[21:13] <Casse> yes
[21:13] <Furious> work etc
[21:13] <Random> true.
[21:13] <Furious> well cuz it makes sense for you Px ~ you are coming from all the way there
[21:13] <PatriciaX> exactly. I'll need to adjust to the time zone etc.
[21:13] <Furious> but some peeps might not be able to get away before Fri
[21:13] <kirascurr> ok..does the amsement park on sun sound decent..possibly?
[21:13] <Furious> Kira YEAH!
[21:13] <PatriciaX> yep - definitely.
[21:13] <Furious> amusement parks rock!
[21:13] <Casse> YES
[21:13] <Furious> excellent idea
[21:14] <Random> I have all the adjustment you'll need in a glass, PX!
[21:14] <PatriciaX> ?
[21:14] <Furious> LOL R
[21:14] <PatriciaX> surely it would come in powder form? LOL
[21:14] <kirascurr> k..did you guys see my idea in the thread about reading spunks story..waddaya think of that?
[21:14] <Random> Hangover = cure for time difference.
[21:14] <Furious> which thread
[21:14] <PatriciaX> After the meal, after a few drnks - it would be a very very good idea.
[21:14] <Casse> I didn't
[21:14] <kirascurr> px's threa..
[21:14] <Furious> I haven't read many threads
[21:14] <Furious> :(
[21:14] <PatriciaX> cheers!
[21:14] <kirascurr> did anyone else?
[21:14] <Random> Kampai!
[21:15] <Furious> what was it Kira
[21:15] <Random> again, Kira?
[21:15] <PatriciaX> The story is pretty long, we could have volunteers to read a chunk of it and then those that wanted to get invlved could do so.
[21:15] <kirascurr> to take parts and read one of spunks stories out loud..
[21:15] <Random> Love to!!!!!
[21:15] <kirascurr>
[21:16] <Random> Love narration & speech....;-)
[21:16] * Furious has always hated reading stories out loud.. 8) but sure...
[21:16] <Casse> sounds good
[21:16] <kirascurr> when would we do that..sat..after dinner..before party..
[21:16] <Furious> hey we could do it outside
[21:16] <PatriciaX> Thats what I mean. some would just like to listen, some would like to get involved but I think it has to be voluntary - after dinner sounds perfect.
[21:16] <Furious> and put on a show for the coppertps
[21:16] <kirascurr> this is diff trin..more like a sit down play..
[21:16] <Casse> yes, OUTSIDE
[21:16] <Furious> I realize that Kira 8)
[21:16] <Random> after or during dinner?
[21:16] <Furious> that's why I say put on a show for dem coppertops
[21:16] <PatriciaX> I don't think I'd like to do it front of anyone else - just us.
[21:16] <Furious> in da middle of chicago
[21:16] <Furious> during dinner!
[21:16] <kirascurr> kewl..will ask the hotel what they're outside facilities are like..
[21:17] <Furious> with tomato chunks falling from mouths! 8P
[21:17] <kirascurr> after everyone can eat..
[21:17] <Furious> hey we could do it by the pool
[21:17] * Casse laughs at the idea of everyone spilling their food during the story
[21:17] <Furious> or in the pool ;p
[21:17] <Furious> lol Casse
[21:17] <Random> Hell, I'd even practice this!
[21:18] <Casse> in the pool, R?
[21:18] <Furious> I think it should be outside
[21:18] <PatriciaX> yes. Ran - good idea.
[21:18] <kirascurr> nice idea...but f we do it anywhere but our meeting room..anyone can listen..
[21:18] <Casse> LoL
[21:18] <Furious> for sure
[21:18] <Random> not the food spilling part, of course!! LOL
[21:18] <Furious> but if we do it in the meeting room, I can't smoke!
[21:18] <Furious> :P
[21:18] * Furious is lookin out for number one primarily on that one.. stories make her want to smoke
[21:18] <kirascurr> ...hahaha..too true..trin..maybe chicago's ok about that though..don't know..
[21:18] <Furious> i won't smoke inside with Px ans Scraps there..
[21:19] <Furious> and others whodon't like the smell..
[21:19] <PatriciaX> thank you very much :)
[21:19] <Casse> what brand, Trin?
[21:19] <Furious> outside is better cuz I can sit away from the non-smokers..
[21:19] <Random> maybe we can find bottled carcinogens there for you...LOL
[21:19] <Furious> DuMaurier, hopefully Marlboro when I get there :P
[21:19] <PatriciaX> are you getting back on the shower thing :)
[21:19] <kirascurr> ok..guys..far as i can tell...the only thing we need money for is the room..the dinner..and the av equipment if we need any..
[21:19] <PatriciaX> yep.
[21:19] <Furious> lol px
[21:19] <Random> right, Kira.
[21:20] <Furious> tobacco smoke *does* stink up clothes
[21:20] <kirascurr> i know what i'm looking for...
[21:20] <PatriciaX> And some admin costs - printing?badges?
[21:20] <Casse> I like the Marlboro smell. That's what my fav aunt smokes, and I find it comforting for some reason.
[21:20] <PatriciaX> They should be pretty small though.
[21:20] <kirascurr> aah, yes..
[21:20] <kirascurr> are you doing that or ut?
[21:20] <Furious> badges??
[21:20] <Furious> AWWWWW
[21:20] <Furious> badges?
[21:20] <PatriciaX> I think we'll work something out.
[21:20] <Furious> Hello my name is badges?
[21:20] <Furious> with the smiley faces?
[21:20] <Furious> AWWWWW
[21:20] <Furious> can we not?
[21:20] <Random> Not that simple, Trin...
[21:20] <kirascurr> maybe decorations for the party..and booze..and nonalcoholic drinks for the party..
[21:20] <PatriciaX> I have a link on the welcome packs - looking into it (a hem)
[21:21] <Furious> was that not what the Unmasking thread was for
[21:21] <PatriciaX> It would be good to have a keepsake - so that when this thing gets bigger every year - we can show we were there at the beginning!
[21:21] <Casse> compliants or not, I'm getting pens for all
[21:21] <Furious> but we can make something else
[21:21] <Random> Hahaha!
[21:21] <PatriciaX> pens are good.
[21:21] <Furious> not badges
[21:21] <Furious> please
[21:21] <kirascurr> much do you think we need for booze and drinks for the party?
[21:21] <Furious> buttons like 'I survived the Matrix Con'
[21:22] <Furious> or something.
[21:22] <Random> for me?
[21:22] <Furious> just not name badges 8(
[21:22] <PatriciaX> Some peeps aren't on the unmaksing thread and I'd like to know everyone at a glance - save for the introductions that would seem out of place among such friends.
[21:22] <kirascurr> not just for you!!
[21:22] <Random> LOL
[21:22] <Furious> I think the peeps that are going ARE on the unmasking thread :P
[21:22] <kirascurr> what a coupla hundred?
[21:22] <PatriciaX> I want booze!
[21:22] <Casse> I was, at UE 8(
[21:22] <Random> good question...we may buy as we go, Kira. Should be up to those who wish to drink.
[21:22] <Furious> You are, on my machine, Casse 8)
[21:23] <PatriciaX> yep, Ran
[21:23] <Casse> 8)
[21:23] <Furious> you can go up at Zion if you want.
[21:23] <kirascurr> yes..but we hae to buy for the that has to be in what we collect..
[21:23] <Furious> kira ~ do you want that $ collected before the trip or once we get there/
[21:23] <Furious> ?
[21:23] <PatriciaX> But if we buy what we want individually, it'll cover all individual tastes.
[21:23] <kirascurr> before..
[21:23] <Furious> but beer must be bought in bulk.
[21:24] <PatriciaX> why
[21:24] <Furious> [just not budweiser please]
[21:24] <Random> This will take more discussion, too.
[21:24] <kirascurr> if we let everyone bring a bottle, i don't think it'll go well..
[21:24] <Furious> [cuz that is *not* beer]
[21:24] <Furious> Px - cheaper
[21:24] <kirascurr> been to parties like that..
[21:24] <PatriciaX> I like other stuff - not just beer.
[21:24] <Casse> so what are we looking at to add to the fund per peep?
[21:24] <PatriciaX> I thnk about 50
[21:24] <Furious> well I dont' think non-drinkers should be adding to the booze fund at all, personally.
[21:24] <kirascurr> still not sure..but it shouldn't be more than 50..
[21:24] <Furious> there are some among us are there not..
[21:24] <PatriciaX> If we try to keep our budged to 50 per peep, would that be enough?
[21:24] <Random> of course, trin.
[21:24] <Furious> I only drink on big occasions.. so I'll be drinking, lol
[21:25] <kirascurr> yes..but non drinkers need something to drink..
[21:25] <PatriciaX> Good job - I was worried I might be the only boozer.
[21:25] <Furious> $50 per peep just for the booze??
[21:25] <PatriciaX> NOOOOOOO!
[21:25] <Random> per night...
[21:25] <Random> LOL
[21:25] <PatriciaX> LOL
[21:25] <Furious> Kira ~ well that still own't be coming out of the booze fund [something to drink].. or will it
[21:25] <kirascurr> earth to
[21:25] * Furious phews
[21:25] <Furious> I was about to say, DAMN those Brits DO drink too much ;p
[21:26] <PatriciaX> oooh, I forgot - are we making provisions for peeps who are not going? Like a chat or something?
[21:26] <Random> More discussion on this one, folks, for sure.
[21:26] <kirascurr> yeah..i'm thinking $50 or under each..should cover room dinner booze, decorations badges everything..
[21:26] <PatriciaX> right.
[21:26] <Furious> ok fine.. have your badges.. I'm not wearing one 8P I'll put it in my pocket and wear a pointy hat instead, that way Px will knowwho I am.
[21:26] <Furious> 8)
[21:26] <Random> and peeps will bring their own anyway if they are picky.
[21:26] <Casse> send the $50 to the po box?
[21:26] <Random> no, to me.
[21:26] <kirascurr> can't have too much more discussion cause things have to be booked..
[21:26] <PatriciaX> I thnk I'll know who YOU are anyway! The one carryong a pipe!
[21:26] <Furious> HA!
[21:26] <Furious> not a chance.
[21:27] <Random> Just Kidding
[21:27] <Furious> that wasn't even my pipe.
[21:27] <Furious> 8)
[21:27] <PatriciaX> you say that now!
[21:27] <Furious> you can ask my friend whose arm is visible in that pic ;p
[21:27] <PatriciaX> yeah, right!
[21:27] <Furious> it was his friends' pipe
[21:27] <Casse> ask the arm?
[21:27] <Furious> hey anyone need cigars?
[21:27] <PatriciaX> ha ha
[21:27] <Furious> yes, Casse, try
[21:27] <PatriciaX> Not here.
[21:27] <Casse> hahaha
[21:27] <Furious> let me know if it talks back, I might build my career on you
[21:27] <Furious> ;p
[21:28] <Random> bring Cubans, Trin.
[21:28] <PatriciaX> Should we do the sending personal videos in?
[21:28] <Casse> ok, I'll let you know
[21:28] <Furious> a worker from the plant was handing out free cigars today
[21:28] *** casse_ has joined #dotr
[21:28] <Furious> my boss got 5
[21:28] *** casse_ has left #dotr
[21:28] <kirascurr> ok..i've got enough to go on..i'll append thread info to this chat..or start one of my own with requests..what else? -
[21:28] casse_ is * lol
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[21:28] <Furious> what the hell?
[21:28] <PatriciaX> huh?
[21:28] <Furious> that's the second time the non-casse is here
[21:28] <Random> nothing else for now from me, Kira.
[21:28] <Furious> *was* here
[21:28] <Casse> I know
[21:28] <Furious> ok Kira.. are you going to post the log?
[21:28] <kirascurr> anything else i need to ask peps about though?
[21:28] <Furious> or should I?
[21:29] <Furious> OHOHOH
[21:29] <Furious> can we quickly discuss the matter
[21:29] <Furious> about the domain thing.. yea/nay
[21:29] <kirascurr> please do trin..i'm not at home and won't put up the thread till i get there..
[21:29] <Furious> ok Kira
[21:29] <PatriciaX> Casse - will you be doing the puter talk?
[21:29] <Random> please mention the new subject of discussion?
[21:29] <Furious> just a yea/nay, do we want, or do we not want.. I posted it earlier
[21:29] <Casse> what?
[21:29] <kirascurr> what domain thing..whether we should get it from clicking or buy it?
[21:29] <PatriciaX> I think they're going to start talking puters.
[21:30] <PatriciaX> I get lost in that sort of thing.
[21:30] <Furious> I think we should buy it. for hte $20
[21:30] <Casse> I have no idea what you're talking about, Px
[21:30] <Furious> cuz the clicking, that requires us to put all their ads above the fold, etc
[21:30] <kirascurr> thought it was $50..
[21:30] <Furious> restrictions and stuff
[21:30] <Random> BUY
[21:30] <Furious> is cheap
[21:30] <Furious> cuz you don't need your own host
[21:30] <Random> BUY
[21:30] <Furious> it redirects wherever you want
[21:30] <Random> BUY
[21:30] <Furious> lol Random
[21:30] <Furious> I know what you mean.
[21:30] <Random> BUY
[21:30] <kirascurr> trin..i think you should put up the domain thread,..i don't know enough about it..
[21:31] <Furious> well I *did* put up a blurb about it
[21:31] <Furious> but no one said anything. :(
[21:31] <Furious>
[21:31] <kirascurr> it's own threead?
[21:31] <Furious> as compared to
[21:31] <Casse> oh yes, I remember about that now. I say yea
[21:31] <Furious>
[21:31] <Furious> no, not its own thread
[21:31] <Casse> Px, hold on a second or two longer, K?
[21:31] <PatriciaX> OK
[21:31] <Furious> heck, the bot needs its own thread
[21:31] <kirascurr>
[21:31] <Furious> the 'what else do we need done' needs its own thread
[21:31] <PatriciaX> PX stares blankly at the screen - trying to keep up!
[21:31] <kirascurr> that i will put up..
[21:32] <Furious> yes, by the way, so you know.. admin peeps
[21:32] <Random> yes?
[21:32] <Furious> I will be posting a 'where hte hell are we' thread on Sunday
[21:32] <Random> ok.
[21:32] <kirascurr> where the hell are we?
[21:32] <Furious> regarding the UBB, the Archive, our site, the HTMLing of threads, etc.
[21:32] <Casse> I like that title lol
[21:32] <kirascurr> oh yeah guys...we bought the board..
[21:32] <Random> that will help a lot, Trin.
[21:32] <Furious> we have mentioned and tentatively approved *a lot* of projects
[21:32] <Furious> now we need t manage things.
[21:32] <Furious> and since I'm the techie person
[21:32] <Furious> and all those things require techie stuff
[21:32] <Random> YESSS!!! Kira!
[21:33] <Furious> I will be nagging the hell out of your sorry butts.
[21:33] <Casse> Kira, YEA!!
[21:33] <Furious> Kira rocks
[21:33] <Random> Understood, Trin.
[21:33] <Furious> I downloaded the UBB last nightt
[21:33] <Furious> will be playing with it on the wkd
[21:33] <Furious> preview versions will only be available to Kira and Random
[21:33] <kirascurr> you think that statement needs a thread..that the board is bought..and i totally agree about the manage aspect trin..
[21:33] <Furious> Kira ~ definitely
[21:33] <Random> Yes, new thread Kira.
[21:33] <Furious> you put a lot of work into it
[21:34] <Furious> I was gong to start it but I didn't want to steal your thunder..
[21:34] <PatriciaX> I think its an ongoing point though - you'd be posting every 5 mins wouldn't you?
[21:34] <Casse> I think so too
[21:34] <Random> Very appreciative, are we all.
[21:34] <Furious> yup
[21:34] <Furious> I mean, we had whole threads to thank Penix for god's sake
[21:34] <kirascurr> didn't think it tht's 2 threads i'll put up..
[21:34] <kirascurr>
[21:34] <Furious> and this is way better than anything Penix has ever done
[21:34] <Furious> including being born!
[21:34] * Furious is still bitter :P
[21:34] <kirascurr> hahahahahahaha
[21:34] <Random> Way better than shit he hasn't done, too.
[21:35] <Furious> like sex?
[21:35] <Furious> ;p
[21:35] * kirascurr sure knows that!
[21:35] <PatriciaX> should've been drowned at birth
[21:35] <Casse> really, Trin? I would've never seen tha bitterness
[21:35] <kirascurr>
[21:35] <Casse> ;)
[21:35] <Furious> Me, neither, Casse
[21:35] <Furious> I can't even see it myself!
[21:35] <Random> ok, calming back down, now...
[21:35] <Furious> 8)
[21:35] <PatriciaX> Oooh, it just takes one mention of his name ...
[21:35] <kirascurr>
[21:35] <Furious> teehee
[21:35] <Furious> well anyway
[21:36] <PatriciaX> deep breath.
[21:36] <Furious> teehee
[21:36] <Casse> ok, so..everything talked about that needs to be for now?
[21:36] <Random> Good chat, peeps....sorry for arriving late.
[21:36] <Furious> yup.
[21:36] <kirascurr> i'll put up those 2..and you do the domain and manage stuff..
[21:36] <Furious> I am going to be rounding people up into a techie chat
[21:36] <kirascurr> kewl..then we're done?
[21:36] <Furious> and everyoneeven remotely techie better damn be there
[21:36] <Casse> I think so Kira
[21:36] <Random> go play, Kira!
[21:36] <kirascurr> when's that trin?
[21:36] <Furious> yup yup Kira
[21:36] <Furious> Kira ~ not soon, lol
[21:36] <kirascurr>
[21:36] <Furious> first I have to figure out what needs to be done 8)
[21:37] <Random> Making progress, we are!
[21:37] <Furious> indeed.
[21:37] <kirascurr> yeah..feel real bad about the htmling i STILL have to do,...
[21:37] <Furious> And progress is better than lack thereof.
[21:37] <Furious> Kira ~ me too!
[21:37] <Furious> 8)
[21:37] <kirascurr>
[21:37] <Random> here too, with shared work with uT.
[21:37] <PatriciaX> thast whta I meant about the techies getting too much to do
[21:37] <PatriciaX> I can help out with non-techie stuff
[21:37] <Casse> well, I'll be leaving now then. This was great! I can't wait for August!!!
[21:37] <Furious> uT is cheating???
[21:37] <Furious> no fair
[21:37] <Furious> bye Casse.. me too
[21:37] <Random> I offered.
[21:37] <kirascurr> well..px that's sweet..but our world here is techie..
[21:37] <Random> Bye Casse!!!
[21:38] <Furious> PX ~ it's the organizing of it that's too much.
[21:38] <kirascurr> bye casse..
[21:38] <PatriciaX> chicago isn't techie?
[21:38] <Casse> oh...Px, do you have ICQ
[21:38] <Furious> the actual doing is a breeze once I figure out a plan.
[21:38] <kirascurr> as far as web cams and matrix movie..yep..
[21:38] <Furious> very techie.
[21:38] <PatriciaX> yes. my number is on the thread - I'll have to download it at the cafe.
[21:38] <PatriciaX> hang on.
[21:38] <Furious> that's Kira and Iggy's thing, though.. the A/V stuff. I like computers.
[21:38] <Casse> I forgot you were there. oops
[21:38] <PatriciaX> I've sent you a note on this thing though - don't you want to use this?
[21:39] <kirascurr> k..guys...i'll be seeing ya...good info tonite..
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