[Desert of the Real]
-Welcome to the desert of the real

#dotr is an IRC channel created by, and used by, the Matrix Community. The community members voted for calling the channel 'Desert Of The Real', dotr for short. The channel is also known as #dort and daughter and has been the place of much laughing, ramblings, joy, soul sharing, decision making, story telling and silliness as well as being a place of support in many of the community's more difficult times.

How do I get into #dotr?

While it is often 'hit and miss' as to whether there are people active on the channel, we hope you will make 'Desert of the Real' a regular stop. The 'official' weekly chat time is Saturday 10:30 PM GMT --> Britain • Saturday night 10:30PM, Western Europe • Saturday night 10:30PM, Moscow • Sunday morning 1:30AM, East Coast US • Saturday night 5:30PM, Chicago • Saturday daytime 4:30PM, West Coast US • Saturday daytime 2:30PM, Australian East Coast • Sunday morning 8:30AM. Of course, chatting is not restricted to scheduled times but can occur 24/7. :)

(Go to www.timeanddate.com if you need help converting to your local time)

Thanks go to NoVuS and Redraptor, whose hard work has resulted in the current incarnation of #dotr and also are the people to ask if you have any questions about the channel.

Past community discussion transcripts

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