First Administrative Nominations - #dotr [moderated] Summer 2000

[20:36] <Random> OK folks, the agenda hasn't been etched in stone, though you probably understand from the threads what's up.
[20:36] *** Redraptor has joined #dotr
[20:37] <Random> "offices" have been discussed. TTrin, any comment from your end about this discussion and goals tonight?
[20:38] <Random> First things first:
[20:39] <saty> random, you have to give TTrin voice, otherwise we can't read what she's typing...
[20:39] <Random> got it.
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[20:41] <Random> This is gonna be very messy.
[20:41] <kira_> well should we talk about the positions?
[20:41] <kira_> and then the nominations?
[20:42] <Random> agreed. anyone who is not familiar with the discussion of having a trio of board admins?
[20:42] <Random> saty?
[20:42] <saty> kira, yes. should we also talk about the features we want on the board after that?
[20:43] <saty> on the new board...
[20:43] <saty> ...and what we'll name it...
[20:43] <TTrin> I dont' think the new board features are an issue right now. I'm going to post a thread later today about a bot we're getting in the channel
[20:43] <TTrin> I think we can worry about the features once we have th elicense
[20:43] <kira_> hmmm....
[20:44] <kira_> well, what we have to find out saty
[20:44] <kira_> is what's available on the board for us
[20:44] <kira_> and then ttrin can decide how we'll configure it
[20:44] <kira_> all the extras we can bring to you guys to decide on
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[20:44] <saty> that's what I meant, kira.
[20:45] <Awoken> Who are the nominees???
[20:45] <kira_> we don't have any yet
[20:46] <Random> I don't think we've gotten past discussing nominees yet. Am I wrong?
[20:46] <Awoken> I none??? Are we compiling nominees and voting tonight???
[20:46] <saty> let's clarify first what the three positions mean...
[20:46] <kira_> we're nominating in polls..
[20:46] <saty> I understand it, each moderator has a different task...
[20:46] <Her0> ummm can we also talk about what i posted too?
[20:47] <Her0> (organisation)
[20:47] <kira_> good idea hero..
[20:47] <kyote> 3 moderators~~balance~~ a treasurer-for obvious reasons and a secretary...
[20:47] <Random> please refres, Her0, and saty, lets start with Admin positions?
[20:47] <Random> Admin, not Mods
[20:47] <kyote> done/notice Random
[20:47] <kira_> any thoughts on that hero?
[20:47] <Her0> refres?
[20:47] <Random> I might have missed the post to which you refer, Her0
[20:47] <saty> ?
[20:47] <kyote> shite
[20:48] <Her0> oh ok
[20:48] <TTrin> saty: I outlined the responsibilities we discussed in the thread
[20:48] <kyote> done /notice Random
[20:48] <TTrin> kyote: /notice Random done
[20:48] <kyote> heheh
[20:48] <saty> The_, yes you did.
[20:49] <TTrin> Her0: the agenda for the chat is the 5 positions, as well as the rest of the money.. I think we can discuss your ideas further on the board, no?... I've been behind on that thread.
[20:49] <kira_> doesn't matter...this is a good time to talk about the responsibilities..
[20:49] <Her0> ok, about organisation - i posted about having a formal way of decision makings
[20:49] <TTrin> let's just stay on the MAIN topic for now, please?
[20:49] <Her0> sure
[20:49] <kira_> isn't that the topic?
[20:49] <Her0> what IS the main topic
[20:50] <Her0> if this is about the board....
[20:50] <Random> That's a bit of a problem with no formal agenda.
[20:50] <kira_> but it's all of a piece trin...
[20:50] <saty> I think it may be good to vote for positions as temporary arrangements, for now
[20:50] <Random> I agree, saty.
[20:50] <kira_> why just temp saty?
[20:50] <Her0> BUT if we get a decison making thing going it could make everything else easier....
[20:51] <saty> because we have to see how it will work out in practice, kira. Someone...
[20:51] <kira_> i agree..
[20:51] <Random> Its true, Her0, but even now we're struggling with simple comm.
[20:51] <saty> ...might opt for a position now and then be driven stark mad by it and not want it anymore. Also...
[20:51] <kira_> yes saty?
[20:51] <Her0> its not that bad Random!
[20:51] <TTrin> Ok, well the first thing we need to do is to nominate the peeps. I mean, I thought everyone was coming into the chat with a good idea of what the positions are and who might be good at them.
[20:51] <saty> it's good to vote 'again' once in a while, make it a democracy.
[20:52] <kira_> i think making it temp just makes it more difficult..then we have to come back and do it all again..but i'll go with the flow..
[20:52] <Random> I'd like to see nominations for 3 admins tonight.
[20:52] <Her0> thats why i would like a set way of voting
[20:52] <TTrin> I like the idea of elections every once in a while
[20:52] <TTrin> I agree, Random.
[20:52] <saty> I'm not the flow... just one peep here.
[20:52] <TTrin> Her0 - the polls don't work for you?
[20:52] <kira_>
[20:52] <TTrin> we've been voting that way for a while
[20:52] <TTrin> :-)
[20:52] <Her0> yeah - but i think i explain it better in my post (too long)
[20:52] <kyote> I Nominate Trinity for ADMIN position...
[20:53] <kira_> hero are you familiar with them?
[20:53] <kyote> the
[20:53] <kyote> _
[20:53] <kyote> Trinity
[20:53] <Her0> helps peeps vote anonymously
[20:53] <Her0> secret ballot and all that
[20:53] <Random> Does anyone object to beginning the noms for three admins?
[20:53] <Her0> go ahead
[20:53] <TTrin> ok.. so we're establishing a government here? I hate goverments.
[20:53] <kira_> i see where you're coming from hero..but the polls are the place for the ultimate vote..
[20:53] <Random> we can discuss voting later.
[20:53] <Awoken> No objection here
[20:54] <saty> Certainly, The_Trin is the one here who has all the HTML and codes and stuff down better than anyone else...
[20:54] <kira_> who said that trin?
[20:54] <TTrin> well all this secret ballot stuff, and all these positions... makes me queasy, a little.
[20:54] <Random> We are establishing a GOV by beginning nominations.
[20:54] <Random> no way around it, sorry!
[20:54] <kira_> random has to ask for nomins before we can start reasonably..
[20:54] <Her0> govs represent ppl - my suggestion wouldnt create a gov
[20:54] <saty> no need for secrecy, IMHO...
[20:55] <Random> we can use a nicer word if we want ;-)
[20:55] <Her0> yeah but youll all think of it differently
[20:55] <saty> who opts to be nominated for a position?
[20:55] <kyote> I wish to be placed as admins:...uT...Random...and The_Trinity
[20:55] <kira_> well in the futre maybe secrecy but not yet for these positions..
[20:55] <Awoken> I second that kyote
[20:55] <kira_> are we following any rules of order at all?
[20:55] <TTrin> I nominate Zygote for secretary. :P
[20:55] <Her0> its not really THAT secret (i agree to kyote's nominations)
[20:56] <Random> I would like to protest, if you'll let me elaborate...
[20:56] <Zy> Zy opposes
[20:56] <TTrin> I think Kira should be an admin
[20:56] <kira_> please random..
[20:56] <Zy> Talk Random
[20:57] <Random> I would like to nominate uT, but as well I'd like to withdrawl any nom for me at the same time. It would twist the "balance".
[20:57] <Random> Not Both of us.
[20:57] <Zy> I understand
[20:57] <TTrin> The reason I nominate Zygote is the same reason Kira brought up in the other chat [where Z wasn't there]
[20:57] <kira_> awhat are the rules of nominations..can we nominate more than one person each?
[20:57] <Awoken> Good point Random
[20:57] <Zy> why TT?
[20:57] <TTrin> Z is always there to help peeps out and she always knows where everything is at.
[20:57] <saty> I agree, random.
[20:57] <TTrin> she's been a great help with saving chat logs
[20:58] <kira_> can we stop for a sec?
[20:58] <Zy> Can I say something?
[20:58] * TTrin stops
[20:58] <Zy> Kira first..
[20:58] <Her0> well, arent we just at the nominations stage - dont be to restrictive yet
[20:58] <Her0> sorry
[20:58] <kira_> random will you ask for nomins for each position
[20:58] <Awoken> But aren't these just nominations??? Or are we deciding on who is filling the positions tonight?
[20:58] <kira_> starting with admins...
[20:58] <kira_> one per person please
[20:58] <Zy> STOP
[20:58] <Zy> PLEASE
[20:59] <saty> we're being very haphazard here...
[20:59] <Random> go zyg
[20:59] <Zy> We can't nominate anyone, because we really don't know what everyone will do
[20:59] <Zy> I have no idea what a secretary will do
[20:59] <kira_> may i speak
[20:59] <Zy> How can you nominate me?
[20:59] <Zy> same thing with the others
[20:59] <Zy> yes
[20:59] <Random> That's why I'd like to stick to Admin at this time.
[21:00] <TTrin> the duties of the peeps were outlined in the thread.........
[21:00] <kira_> we were suppose to get an idea of what the
[21:00] <kira_> positions entiled from the thread
[21:00] <kira_> if we don't want to be nominated
[21:00] <kira_> then we just decline when someone
[21:00] <kira_> nominates us..
[21:00] <Her0> i think we should start with the admins - we all have more of an idea of their roles
[21:00] <Random> declination is perfectly ok.
[21:00] <TTrin> Reminding:
[21:00] <TTrin> Admin 1 - spokesperson type
[21:00] <TTrin> Admin 2 - techie
[21:01] <TTrin> Admin 3 - gobetween between the two; a 'balance'
[21:01] <kira_> thankyou..may i make a nomin random?
[21:01] <saty> can I say something before nominations start?
[21:01] <Random> yep
[21:01] <saty> I think the way we go about this is too haphazard...
[21:01] <TTrin> I would like to nominate Kira for the spokesperson admin.
[21:01] <TTrin> ups
[21:02] <saty> ...there's over 130 peeps on the board now...
[21:02] <TTrin> 8)
[21:02] <kira_> hold on random isn't taking nomins yet..
[21:02] <Awoken> I second kira
[21:02] <saty> ...and it seems like we're gonna nominate here mainly the peeps who frequent the board the most...
[21:02] <saty> ...because everyone knows them. But that doesn't mean they're the best peeps for the job!
[21:03] <kira_> may i speak?
[21:03] <Zy> I agree
[21:03] <TTrin> how do you nominate someone you don't know, saty?
[21:03] <Her0> (hence my proposal in my post)
[21:03] <saty> well... my idea is,
[21:03] <kira_> sorry cont saty
[21:03] <saty> we need a list of everyone on theboard,
[21:04] <saty> like what we have on that one thread where everyone left their icq nrs and stuff
[21:04] <Random> saty, I believe noms are to be made by someone feeling strongly about an individual.
[21:04] <kira_> i don't think she's fini
[21:04] <saty> hm... maybe...
[21:04] <Her0> ok, hows this - we elect the admins now - this way, get a formalised voting later - re-elect later
[21:04] <Random> The support for the individuals (or lack of) comes with voting.
[21:04] <kira_> oh you can i say something?
[21:05] <Random> go kira
[21:05] <kira_> saty..i think the thread
[21:05] <kira_> let everyone who was interested
[21:05] <kira_> know if they wanted to be involved
[21:05] <kira_> everyone won't
[21:05] <kira_> these are the peeps here
[21:05] <kira_> most folks just want a board i think
[21:06] <kira_> done.
[21:06] <Zy> yep
[21:06] <TTrin> I agree with Kira. The peeps here are the peeps who are interested in the positions.. if someone else was interested they would have come.. some said they were nt coming because they were busy, etc.
[21:06] <TTrin> but htey will try tomake it.
[21:06] <saty> but we're only nominating now... not voting et.
[21:06] <TTrin> exactly
[21:07] <Random> saty, any objections to continuing with noms?
[21:07] <saty> so why narrow down to four or five peeps for three positions already?
[21:07] <kira_> voice?
[21:07] <kyote> Yes only nominating...This will take us nowhere, we should remain focused on who we KNOW that can perform the Administrators' duties...that is all...Once Nominated...then the Poll will take we should nominate..for Admins..only
[21:07] <Random> There can be hundreds of noms. no limit.
[21:07] <Random> go kira
[21:08] <kira_> we wouldn't nomin anyone
[21:08] <kyote> hundereds...there's only 130 peeps.
[21:08] <kira_> who wasn't here would we
[21:08] <kira_> if they wanted to help they'd
[21:08] <kira_> be here..
[21:08] <kyote> right.
[21:08] <kyote> i agree
[21:08] <Awoken> unless they couldn't make it
[21:08] <Zy> some really coudn't come kira
[21:08] <Random> sorry, k, got carried away!
[21:08] <Zy> but you are partially right
[21:08] <Awoken> voice???
[21:08] <TTrin> Iggy couldn't come
[21:08] <saty> there's quite a few peeps who are NOT here who I think would be willing and wanting to help...
[21:09] <kira_> but then they woulda said somehting don't ya think to someone.
[21:09] <saty> igpajo, PAtricia X, Oneiromancer, Jung...
[21:09] <TTrin> this is going to get us nowhere, hypothesizing about peeps who might want to help but aren't speaking.
[21:09] <Random> you're on, Awoken
[21:09] <kira_> it stated on the thread what we planned to do..
[21:09] <Her0> ok, cant we just nominate admins now, get a formalised voting system, do it again later
[21:10] <kyote> so...the nominations so far are thus: Zygote, Kira, Random(maybe), uT, and The_Trinity...
[21:10] <Awoken> We just need to nominate...then befor we vote, we let the peeps know and let them remove themselves
[21:10] <Random> Does anyone object to beginning noms for 3 admins?
[21:10] <Zy> I'm not an Admin
[21:10] <TTrin> We also have to take into account the online time of the person. It is a very time-consuming operation to run any sort of board by yourself.
[21:10] <Zy> Secreetary maybe, but no Admin
[21:10] <saty> should vote for each position seperately...
[21:10] <kira_> yes..let's do it a little more formally pleas..
[21:10] <TTrin> Zy - that's what I nominated you for.. secretary
[21:10] <Her0> nominate admins only first?
[21:10] <Zy> sorry
[21:10] <TTrin> speaking of which Rainbows would be great fr that position too.
[21:10] <Zy> I thought we were only talking about Admins
[21:10] <Random> I'm revoking voice for all...lets begin noms for 3 admin, please.
[21:10] <TTrin> and MissFiction
[21:11] <TTrin> ok
[21:11] <kira_> please random//each postion separately..
[21:11] <Zy> ditto TT
[21:12] <Random> please make your nominations for the admins, other positions at this time.
[21:12] <saty> admins = same as first moderator?
[21:13] <saty> ..the spokesperson position?
[21:13] <Random> yes.
[21:13] <Random> first come, first served
[21:13] <Random> go kira
[21:13] <kira_> i nominate random for the first spokeperson postion..
[21:14] <Random> done kira?
[21:15] *** Awoken has quit IRC (Signed off)
[21:15] <TTrin> I would like to nominate Kira for the first spokesperson position and Hal3K for the balance person.
[21:16] <Random> go kyote!
[21:16] <kyote> you suck trin.((already had it written out))..I'd like to nominate Kira Scurro as spokesperson Admin....and The_Trinity for TECH Admin...cuz she is very tech-ni-cal..hehehe
[21:16] <kyote> and uT as admin as well....................(if I'm allowed..)
[21:17] <Random> go Her0!
[21:17] <Her0> Kira spokesperson, ut balance, Trin techie
[21:17] <Her0> (but i think thats been done)
[21:18] <Random> done H?
[21:18] <Her0> yep
[21:18] <Her0> sorry
[21:18] <Random> sorry to keep you waiting, kira
[21:18] <kira_> i second trin as techie...and gosh i'm at sea about the rest..
[21:19] <Random> done?
[21:19] <kira_> sorry yes
[21:19] <Random> go saty...
[21:19] <saty> can I vote for only one peep per position?
[21:20] <Random> no voting, only noms, and one person would be preferred.
[21:20] <saty> Sorry, I mean, nominate more than one?
[21:20] <saty> k...
[21:20] <saty> The_ for techie...
[21:20] <Random> please, no. one peep per position. the person you feel best fits each spot.
[21:20] <saty> spokesperson: don't know. Too many.
[21:21] <Random> done, saty?
[21:21] <Random> balance person?
[21:21] <saty> 3rd peep: Kyote, or rainbows
[21:21] <Random> one please
[21:22] <Random> go MissF!!
[21:22] <MissF> I'd also like to nominate Trin for techie, Kira for spokesperson, and have no idea for the balance person...
[21:22] <Random> thanks.
[21:22] <Random> Go Zy!
[21:22] <Zy> I also nominate TT for techie, and the rest will have to wait a sec. still trying to decide who gets what.
[21:22] <Zy> :)
[21:23] <kira_> don't we seconds
[21:23] <kira_> rather than multi nomins?
[21:23] <Random> All being recorded...
[21:23] <kira_> need seconds sorry..
[21:24] <kira_> oh, i see..
[21:24] <Random> adequate?
[21:24] <kira_> yes.
[21:24] <Random> done, kira?
[21:25] <kira_> yes..sorry forgitot the code.
[21:25] <Random> Thanks!
[21:25] <Random> NEEEXXXT????
[21:25] <Random> Step Right Up!!!
[21:25] <Random> 130 peeps, eh?
[21:26] *** Casse has joined #dotr
[21:26] <MissF> I decided on Hal for balance peep. :)
[21:26] <Random> ok!
[21:27] <Random> hi Hal!
[21:28] <Random> earth to Hal3K! LOL
[21:28] <Hal3K> Hiya! I am really honored that some of you think I could be a good balance peep. I just don't know how much time it would take, like, per week. Any ideas?
[21:28] <Hal3K> Hal back to earth! :)
[21:28] <Random> don't can decline your nom later if you wish...
[21:28] *** nospoon has joined #dotr
[21:29] <Random> And folks, don't worry...we can fill these shoes on an as-needed basis if life's changes come about causing someone to step down, or otherwise...
[21:30] <Random> Any peeps watching and not understanding please go to #OTdotr
[21:31] <Random> #OTdotr
[21:31] <Random> #OTdotr
[21:31] <Random> #OTdotr
[21:31] <Random> #OTdotr
[21:31] <Random> For general discussion regarding this moderated chat.
[21:32] <TTrin> Ok..
[21:32] <TTrin> I propose we move on to the Secretary and Treasurer nominations. We can always catch peeps' late coming in nominatins for admins later.
[21:33] <Random> Anyone with objections to moving to Secretary & Traesurer next?
[21:33] <saty> I agree with that. Voting for...
[21:34] <saty> treasurer: Oneiromancer, and
[21:34] * TTrin slaps X around a bit with a large trout
[21:34] <saty> secretary: wrygrass
[21:34] <Random> ....nominations, rather than votes...
[21:34] <saty> sorry, nomnating, not voting...
[21:34] <Random> done, saty?
[21:34] <saty> *annoyed with myself* sorry again..
[21:34] <Random> its ok!
[21:35] <Random> go bud!
[21:35] <kyote> BTW-(yer doin great sir Random) I would like to PROPOSE ::::::::::::
[21:35] <Random> drum roll.......
[21:36] <kyote> ONE as Secretary...............iromancer........and err..i dunno 'bout treasurer...gawd...backgrounds would be could fer dat.....but is that possible.........NO!!!!!!!!
[21:36] <Random> ok! done?
[21:37] <Random> didn't forget about you
[21:37] <kira_> i nominate spoon for treasurer..and whoever it turns out to be i'll work closely with them and the po box..
[21:38] <Random> nospoon??
[21:38] <kira_> yes..
[21:38] <Random> ok.
[21:38] <Random> done, kira?
[21:38] <kira_> yes..
[21:39] <TTrin> treasurer = spoon
[21:39] <TTrin> secretary = rainbows
[21:40] <kira_> i nominate saty for secretary..
[21:40] <kira_> done..
[21:40] <Random> ok!
[21:40] <MissF> for secretary: rainbows
[21:40] <MissF> treasure: no idea...
[21:41] <Random> dooobedooobe dooo....
[21:42] <Random> Shall I begin my faous impressions of infamous peeps?
[21:42] <Random> famous
[21:43] <Zy> I want to hear your opinion, and uT's.
[21:43] <Random> Coming:
[21:44] <Random> adding to others for ADMINS (thirding, fourthing, whatever) uT for spokes, TT for Tech, Zy for balance
[21:45] <Random> done zy?
[21:45] <Zy> yes
[21:46] <Random> go casse!
[21:46] <Casse> I think nospoon would be good for treasurer, but I'm not sure who to nominate for secretary yet.
[21:46] <Casse> done :)
[21:46] <Random> Please consider admins also, Casse.
[21:47] <TTrin> Random was that your opinion or uTs?
[21:47] <TTrin> I would like to hear uT's nominations
[21:47] <Random> Sorry, that was me, Random.
[21:48] <Random> uT says spokesperson = Kira, Tech = TT, balance = Random
[21:48] <Random> uT says Treasurer = Luna, Sec = kyote
[21:49] <Random> hi!
[21:49] <nospoon> HOWDY
[21:49] <nospoon> this is not at all my kinda thing
[21:49] <nospoon> the trin
[21:50] <nospoon> random spokes person
[21:50] <nospoon> and kira balance
[21:50] <nospoon> thanks oodles
[21:50] <Random> seeya!
[21:50] <TTrin> I'd like to take advantage of my NOT yet nominating a tech admin..
[21:50] <Casse> how about TT=Tech, Kira=spokes, & kyote= balance
[21:51] <TTrin> and nominate 3seas for tech.
[21:52] *** kyote is now known as kyoda
[21:52] *** kyoda has left #dotr
[21:52] <Random> Any more noms, for any of the 5 positions?
[21:53] <saty> just thought of a spokesperson...
[21:53] *** luna31 has left #dotr
[21:53] <saty> 12321
[21:54] <Random> any more noms?
[21:54] <Random> If not, I suggest we adjourn this meeting in 10 minutes...
[21:55] <Casse> I forgot, I stll need to nominate for secretary. So, I think Rainbows would be good.
[21:55] <kira_> oh, ok
[21:55] <kira_> i need for us to at least discuss
[21:55] <kira_> our name
[21:56] <kira_> we can go by what's on that thread
[21:56] <Her0> our name for the board?
[21:56] <kira_> and do a poll
[21:56] <kira_> but i need a name for the license
[21:56] <Random> Shall we handle it as we did the name for the chatroom?
[21:56] <kira_> our name period
[21:56] <kira_> yeah why not..t trin?
[21:56] <Her0> oh, the 'community' name
[21:56] <TTrin> WEl, I can certainly collect the names from Neolotus' thread
[21:56] <TTrin> and put them in a polll..
[21:57] <TTrin> don't see any reason not to.
[21:57] <Random> and ask for new names as well...
[21:57] <kira_> yeah..something like that...
[21:57] <TTrin> yes of course
[21:57] <Her0> a agree
[21:57] <kira_> and another thing..when the money is collected
[21:57] <kira_> i think i'll just get the license on my
[21:57] <kira_> credit card, but...
[21:57] <kira_> the license will be in the name of the community..
[21:58] <Her0> hmmmm what if our name is already taken - if its to be legal, do we have to register it or something?
[21:58] <Random> Perhaps some discussion on the board regarding this would be a good start, eh?
[21:58] <kira_> no..
[21:58] <kira_> regarding what..sorry random?
[21:58] <Her0> the name?
[21:59] <Random> Regarding licensing in general, names, etc. You could explain the process to peeps.
[21:59] <kira_> there is really no process...
[21:59] <Random> i see.
[22:00] <kira_> i want to get it on a card so we can get it quickly...but
[22:00] <TTrin> ok so what exactly do we ned that name for and how soon do we need it?
[22:00] <TTrin> Also,
[22:00] <Her0> perhaps we could start an number of 'community' threads
[22:00] <kira_> i don't want to be the name on it..need a licensee name..
[22:00] <Random> Understood. I thing the board is a good spot to discuss and poll.
[22:00] <TTrin> Kira, can you be in contact with me about the name/license thing privately?
[22:00] <kira_> k..
[22:00] <kira_> sure...
[22:00] <kira_> trin
[22:00] <TTrin> We'll figure it out and I'll post a note about it
[22:00] <Random> done, all?
[22:00] <TTrin> Another thing
[22:01] <TTrin> I remember, in last week's chat,
[22:01] <TTrin> we had some discussion about
[22:01] <TTrin> what we would do with any excess cash
[22:01] <TTrin> from the PO box after the license was purchased
[22:01] <kira_> aah yes,...
[22:01] <TTrin> Do we want to throw out ideas now as to what that money could be used for?
[22:01] <Her0> couldnt the tres hold on to it till we come up with a solution?
[22:02] <kira_> please..and some talk about chicago..
[22:02] <Random> more board discussion.
[22:02] <Her0> something to spend it on?
[22:02] <TTrin> Her0 we're not talking about where itwould go, we're talking about WHAT to do with it.
[22:02] <Her0> arg dont worry
[22:02] <TTrin> yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about.
[22:02] <TTrin> I thought
[22:02] <TTrin> we could
[22:02] <TTrin> collect ideas from the peeps here
[22:02] <TTrin> then put them up on the board for consideration of the other peeps
[22:02] <TTrin> no polls, just board discussion
[22:03] <kira_> we will need money for chicago..
[22:03] <TTrin> Chicago is approaching, and so is the launch of the new board so we'll have to move quickly
[22:03] <Random> answering to the board will give peeps more time to consider.
[22:03] <Her0> well, im thinking that (when it gets there) my $$$ wouldnt we worth sending back
[22:03] <TTrin> I'm talking about a few starter SPECIFIC ideas now.
[22:03] <TTrin> to get peeps started.
[22:03] <Random> one moment casse... this is getting busy..
[22:03] <kira_> is there anyother thing beside chicago..and the consideration of buying a server..
[22:03] <TTrin> buyind a domain
[22:04] <Her0> yeah, i was thinking bout that too.....
[22:04] <TTrin> and exactly what in chicago? a hotel? a banquet hall?
[22:04] <Random> Too much for this chat now, folks.
[22:04] <TTrin> hte hosting of the board is another issue.
[22:04] <TTrin> I'm assured by Spaceports admins that they can handle a board as busy as ours would be
[22:04] <Random> getting a lot of notices, peeps.
[22:04] <TTrin> but I'm doubtful.
[22:05] <Her0> thats what the other boards said too wasnt it?
[22:05] <Casse> thank you Random, I know it's probably getting busy now
[22:05] <Random> thanks for waiting.
[22:06] <saty> so we're not gonna be talking about a name here? Why not?
[22:06] <Casse> back to the Chicago idea, I thought that we could use it towards renting a theater or a meeting place
[22:06] <Random> These topics will be suggested to go to a poll, then the voting can begin.
[22:06] <Casse> good plan!
[22:06] <TTrin> I disagree with the idea of a poll for the money issue.
[22:06] <saty> and regarding chicago, I don't think we've really discussed the financial side of that yet. Surely, it will require more funding then just left-overs from kira's po box...
[22:07] <TTrin> I think It's too big of an issue to point and click, sorry.
[22:07] <Random> Agreed TT & saty.
[22:07] <TTrin> there are a lot of things that could be done with it and we need careful discussion.
[22:07] <Casse> I think so too, saty. that's why I said we could use it towards what we need
[22:07] <kira_> so we should we nominate these admins
[22:07] <Random> I suggest you allow me to set up a conference call for REAL discussion ...I can bring in lots of peeps.
[22:07] <kira_> have a separate admin secy treasure
[22:08] <kira_> meet..and then present info to everyone
[22:08] <Her0> do we know how much we have to spend?
[22:08] <kira_> we dont yet hero\
[22:08] <Her0> cause THAT could really impact on how we spend it!
[22:09] <Rain> I have e-mailed the hostel, there is a possibility of getting group rates
[22:09] <kira_> yeah..these things shoulc be investigated..
[22:09] <Random> money is still going in..sent mine yesterday.
[22:09] <kira_> kewl 3 seas
[22:09] <Rain> And I'm not allowed to send money
[22:09] <Casse> my money should be arriving at least by tomorrow. if not, it might not have made it
[22:09] <kira_> why not?
[22:10] <Rain> parents..
[22:10] <Her0> god knows when my $ will get there
[22:10] <Random> You're on, Trin
[22:10] <TTrin> oh yes I am
[22:10] <TTrin> lol
[22:10] <Casse> on Monday, my bro will talk to the peeps at hi stheater, and see what can happen with that.
[22:10] <Random> I'm showing a + for you and no response to my +v command
[22:10] <TTrin> you never took it away,hehe... well... are we done with the agenda for today? And can we not resolve themoney issue please?
[22:10] <TTrin> yes
[22:10] <TTrin> YET
[22:11] <kira_> the money will prob go to meet room and/or theater..
[22:11] <TTrin> I see a lot of peeps getting comfortable aobut the idea of using it for Chicago. And I don't know if that's such a great idea.
[22:11] <Casse> if we can get one through their help, then next week I could probably start getting estimations on that part.
[22:11] <Her0> board discussion on a lot of things prolly
[22:11] <TTrin> You see, Chicago is 4 days in August and the board is forever [hopefully].
[22:11] <kira_> why not trin?
[22:11] <Her0> (is necessary)
[22:11] <Random> Agreed, board discussion.
[22:11] <Hal3K> I propose that we have a separate discussion about money another time. Let's stick to nominations for today.
[22:11] <saty> Why are we not talking about a name for the board?
[22:11] <kira_> aaah, i think i see...
[22:11] <TTrin> which is why I think th emoney should be discussed at the board
[22:12] <Random> sdaty, board discussion.
[22:12] <Her0> plus most of us (myself anyway) dont know enough about it
[22:12] <saty> k...
[22:12] <Random> board discussion -v Casse
[22:12] <TTrin> ok so let's forget about the money for now.
[22:12] <Random> woops!
[22:12] <TTrin> has everyone done nominating?
[22:12] <Her0> a name for us is important too - we need a consensus based decision on it (boards)
[22:12] <TTrin> And I thought we agreed on a poll for hte name?
[22:13] <TTrin> way back up there? lol
[22:13] <Random> agreed
[22:13] <Her0> musta missed it
[22:13] <Random> Nominations are over, unless I hear otherwise in five minutes.
[22:13] <Hal3K> I would like to see a summary of the nominees.
[22:13] <Her0> same
[22:14] <Random> Took notes over here, would like to compare to others + chat.
[22:14] <Rain> Can I still nominate?
[22:14] <Random> yep,Rain!
[22:14] <TTrin> I am preparing a nominations summary from the logs.
[22:14] <Rain> k, For 1st Mod - Kira, for Techie - 3seas, for Balance, Random
[22:15] <Rain> for secretary and treasurer i have no idea
[22:15] <Zy> Balance= Random
[22:15] <kira_> i have one more too please..
[22:15] <Zy> I can't figure out the rest
[22:15] <Zy> to many peeps
[22:15] <Random> go kira
[22:16] <kira_> patriciaw for secy..
[22:16] <Random> Px you mean
[22:16] <kira_> yep..
[22:16] <Random> ok
[22:17] <Her0> ok i have a tres nom now...
[22:17] *** negah has quit IRC (Signed off)
[22:17] <Random> Last call
[22:17] <Random> go Her0
[22:17] <Her0> tresurer: Random
[22:17] <Random> tnks!
[22:17] <Her0> i still dunno for sec, so i guess ill leave it
[22:17] <Her0> no probs!
[22:17] <Random> don't worry...the vote is what counts.
[22:18] <kira_> one more random..
[22:18] <Random> go kira
[22:18] <kira_> zygote for secretary..
[22:18] <Random> ok
[22:18] <TTrin> hey we can do multiples?
[22:18] <Hal3K> I have one too. Igpajo for treasurer.
[22:19] <Random> already said no to one peep....single noms only, sorry.
[22:19] <Random> got it Hal.
[22:19] <Zy> I think it's more important to get everyone that could possibly get the pplaces here
[22:19] <TTrin> uh, Kira did 2 for sec
[22:19] <Her0> arg, i can see its gonna be hard to choose who to vote for
[22:19] <Zy> so we can vote later
[22:19] <TTrin> why can't I do 2 for secretary ?
[22:19] <Zy> so it doesn't matter if it's 2nd
[22:19] <Zy> than do it Trin
[22:19] <TTrin> [22:16] <kira_> patriciaw for secy..
[22:19] <Random> uh-oh...missed that. We'll have to have her narrow it down to one, please.
[22:20] <kira_> well actually then
[22:20] <kira_> i'll go with my first one saty..
[22:20] <Random> thanks, kira.
[22:20] <TTrin> there were THREE?
[22:20] <TTrin> you sneak ;p
[22:21] <TTrin> 8)
[22:21] <Random> I'd like to say goodnight to this agenda, folks!
[22:21] <kira_>
[22:21] <Hal3K> I second Random's motion!
[22:21] <TTrin> ok......
[22:21] <Her0> i third Randoms motion!
[22:22] <Random> Let me say thanks to all for being so patient and making this relatively easy.
[22:22] <Hal3K> Thanks to you, Random!!!
[22:22] <TTrin> thanks Random!
[22:22] <Rain> yeah, thanks random :)
[22:22] <Her0> yes Random, u were a good chairdude
[22:22] <Random> tnks.
[22:22] <kira_> yes thanke sai RANDOM!! yay!!!
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