Administrative Positions Chat [ICQ], May 2000

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<kyote> i don't see trin
<kirascurro> so what do you guys think about positions
<kyote> eating words
<furiosity> I see Kira, Random, kyote, spoon, Spunk and Vel <nospoon> lol K
<kirascurro> that's eveyone i think..
<furiosity> but I can't see myself... %)
<furiosity> [j/k]
<nospoon> lol trin
<kyote> well?
<kirascurro> positions everyone..
<Velouria> ok, well first can we clarify ecaxtly what positions we're talking about ?
<furiosity> k should be implemented
<Ranšom> Hi there everybody again
<kirascurro> that's what we're asking..
<nospoon> options?
<Ranšom> what needs to be done?
<furiosity> well, things like treasurer, etc
<Velouria> ahh ok... :)
<nospoon> ahh
<Ranšom> OMG!!! <Spunkmeyer>
<furiosity> and Kira doesn't want to be treasurer
<kirascurro> first a head..hahahaha...
<furiosity> %)
<kirascurro> what to we call it...moderator..
<furiosity> neither do I, I hate movie
<furiosity> huh
<nospoon> lol
<Ranšom> hahahaha
<furiosity> I hate MONEY.. sheesh
<kirascurro> ok is administrator kewl?
<Ranšom> me too
<kyote> i'll do it, sheesh.
<Ranšom> do what????
<kirascurro> hello?
<nospoon> you go k
<furiosity> I do not see sheesh.. who's sheesh... %)
<kyote> hehehe
<kirascurro> first position guys..admin..moderator?
<nospoon> Kyote is the money person <Ranšom> agreed
<Velouria> yep
<kirascurro> agreed what random?
<Ranšom> k being the money person
<furiosity> I thought we weren't agreeing on the PEOPLE yet.
<Ranšom> lol
<kirascurro> no we not trin..just the names.. <furiosity> who do we need
Scraps enters the chat
<Velouria> ok.. so we're just discussing what positions are necessary, right <Velouria> hey scraps
<kyote> what elssorry
<Scraps> Hiya peeps!!! 8)
<Spunkmeyer> your checkbook? :)
<furiosity> up.. or a board vote
<nospoon> oops sorry
<Ranšom> We suggest a triumvirat of ADMINISTRATORS,
<furiosity> Three?...
<kirascurro> let's not guys..we don't have that much time..what positions..
<furiosity> I like that number :)
<kirascurro> k..that sounds good..
<Velouria> sounds good to me
<kyote> yup
<furiosity> yes.
<furiosity> so 3 admin positions are one thing.
<kirascurro> ok...then treasurer..secretary?
<Ranšom> great
<furiosity> what does a secretary do
<kirascurro> yep consense..
<Ranšom> treasurer AND secretary in one positiiopn
<furiosity> hmmm I don't know about that
<kirascurro> well inho zygotes been doing a good job of what one would peopl..keep track og things..
<kirascurro> nope too much for one position...imho..
<Ranšom> sec could be one to keep logs of formal chat, conversations, etc. as pertains to the group positions
<nospoon> oh got random
<nospoon> go
<nospoon> shezz
<furiosity> that's what I was gettin at.. keeping track of money AND stuff like that would be a bit challenging..
<Scraps> I agree
<Spunkmeyer> 2 positions
<furiosity> and it's all a volunteer thing too
<kirascurro> yeah..please not the same position..
<Ranšom> two peeps then, no prob...
<kirascurro> so secretary and treasurer???
<furiosity> How do I know that it's Random who's speaking now and not uT
<Ranšom> agreed
<furiosity> ok
<furiosity> I have that written down
<Ranšom> R here
<furiosity> hehe 8)
<furiosity> why didn't you guys get mICQ just for this bit..
<nospoon> ut is is upper case
<kirascurro> ok..any other
<furiosity> counts then..
<Ranšom> because I don't zpeak like ziz.... LOL
<furiosity> security? gladly >B)
<furiosity> hehe
<kirascurro> any other's guys?
<Velouria> security yes.. heh.. defintely
<kirascurro> spunk? <Spunkmeyer> what would security do?
<furiosity> uh, well, what about graphics designer/web designer/developer..
<Ranšom> I'm in trouble now....
<kirascurro> no j/k..sorry..
<kyote> definately SECURITY
<nospoon> ya want a team of security?
<nospoon> with a head person
<kirascurro> why do we need security..i mean do we??
<furiosity> to have a graphics designer separately 'cause both web and graphics is a little challenging to say tht least
<Velouria> i think the technical side of it is very important...
<nospoon> you got that TRIN <kirascurro> but that's a chosen postion be whomever needs one..
<furiosity> o be taken care of by the UBB admin
<kirascurro> just kidding guys about security!! sorry...
<furiosity> the person who has access to the Perl source of the board and the person who manages the server, whatever it will be
<furiosity> spokesperson?
<kyote> spokesperson?
<kirascurro> yeah..but that's soemthing we won't vote on..these are just voting things..the rest can be hammered out in the chat..
<Spunkmeyer> eh?
<Velouria> what would a spokesperson do?
<furiosity> eone to speak on our behalf..
<Velouria> ok, true
<Ranšom> announcements for activities?
<furiosity> we can't ALL be communicating with them like we did with WB, lmao
<kirascurro> wondered spunk if you could think of other positions..
<furiosity> no, a spokesperson usually communicates the needs of the group to other parties, from what I've heard.
<Ranšom> We don't have to come up with all positions right away...
<furiosity> outside parties
<kirascurro> do agreed? it's 3 admin, secretary and treasurer??? <nospoon> who would the spokes person speak to
<furiosity> well, Kira suggested we contact Burst for ad service at the board.
<furiosity> what if we decide to get hosting of our own.
<furiosity> what if we decide to affilliate with someone
<Velouria> ok so basically theres the technical positions, the admin positions, and the positions to help with the day to day running of the board - mods, as well as 'social secretary' etc... <kirascurro> we need a moderator for the chat...we're thinking you random since you're a dotr op..but we would put all dotr names up for a vote..
<Spunkmeyer> ?
<furiosity> hur
<kirascurro> can't vote on site maintenance..gotta be the ones who can do it..
<furiosity> I guess you peeps want to take the 'let's all email them' approach to talking to outside companies, is that right? <kyote> no
<kirascurro> outside compnaies??
<kirascurro> no what kyote?
<furiosity> well, Kira, you sent me a link to Burst
<Velouria> NO i think you're righ trin - we need someone who can speak on behalf of the group in relevant situations
<furiosity> ecide to go with them?
<Scraps> yes, one person as a contact
<kyote> it should be handled businesslike, one person
<kirascurro> oh yeah..well we can talk about that in the chat..this is just a prelim so we can have an orderly chat..
<furiosity> shouldn't there be a person who people liek Burst can *always* contact? <furiosity> well, is it not a positoin to consider?
<nospoon> I get it trin
<kyote> yup
<nospoon> and you are right <furiosity> will have to vote on that one, methinks..
<Spunkmeyer> uldn't that have to be one of the admins
<furiosity> not necessarily
<kirascurro> i think the site admin and the group admin is something diff..
<Ranšom> If you're looking for someone available 24 hrs/7 days a week i might volunteer.
<nospoon> just someone that commucates well
<furiosity> munity because way too often have I seen spokespeople who had no idea what htey were spoking about
<kyote> sp..heheh
<Spunkmeyer> agreed
<Velouria> yep
<furiosity> because they had no understanding of the community..
<Scraps> exactly
<kyote> sure
<Spunkmeyer> hat is why I think it should be one of the three admins
<Velouria> and as that has been our major problem in the past...
<kirascurro> so wadadaya think guys..should site admin and matrix community group the same?
<furiosity> the three admins is another problem, lol...
<Velouria> what arnot necessarily
<furiosity> e the three admins going to do?
<furiosity> 8)
<kirascurro> that..makes sense..
<furiosity> so I see what Kira is saying
<furiosity> one of the admins is simultaneously a spokespeep
<Spunkmeyer> bingo
<furiosity> hey, that's what Spunk is saying too
<furiosity> hehe
<furiosity> 8)))
<kirascurro> agreed.. <Scraps> then Random would be perfect...
<furiosity> so we've got a Spokes admin, a Site admin
<kirascurro> ok..5 positions..and of the 3 admin one will handle the board..
<furiosity> and what does the third admin do?
<Ranšom> Balance
<furiosity> well, Site = board in my mind
<kirascurro> break ties.. <Spunkmeyer> help the other two
<furiosity> oh, make sure that the other 2 admins aren't at each others throats? hehe
<furiosity> 8)))
<Spunkmeyer> backup
<Velouria> 3 is a good number :)
<kirascurro> yep..spunk.. <nospoon> lol VEL
<furiosity> hehe Vel
<kyote> 3333333333333333
<Scraps> it must be 3...
<furiosity> ook so
<furiosity> we've got 5 positions 'drafted' so to speak
<Velouria> recap someone?
<furiosity> legal advisor?
<kirascurro> for a list of what we talk about at the chat...what's that thing called..a program?
<furiosity> huh?
<Ranšom> Meeting Minutes
<kyote> Sec
<kirascurro> but itinerary..
<furiosity> that was the secretary wasnt' it
<Velouria> schedule
<Ranšom> Agenda
<furiosity> agenda
<furiosity> hehe
<furiosity> 8)
<Velouria> agenda! thats the one
<kirascurro> agenda..ok..what's on the agennda for this chat?
<furiosity> I forget
<furiosity> damn
<kirascurro> haha...
<Spunkmeyer> positions
<Ranšom> agree on positions but not necessarily names.
<kirascurro> positions..yep..
<Velouria> yep
<Spunkmeyer> and which are assigned and which voted
<furiosity> yup spunk.
<Ranšom> good., spunk.
<Scraps> good
<kirascurro> and what we do with the we want to make ad money?
<furiosity> ll save the transcript and upload it to the archive
<furiosity> for now
<kirascurro> k..trin..
<Ranšom> money talk = another meeting
<Spunkmeyer> yes
<furiosity> yes Random that's my feeling about it..
<Scraps> yes
<kyote> agreed
<furiosity> since there's no money to speak of yet
<Velouria> ajgree
<kirascurro> we shouldn't discuss whether we want to discuss it in the chat.. <kirascurro> sorry that was a question
<Spunkmeyer> st handled by the committee after appointed
<kyote> i think so
<furiosity> l have some money and we'll have to decide what to do if any extra is left right
<Ranšom> I can arrange conference calls from my end if we schedule in advance, if ever need be...
<kirascurro> so what else in that chat...i should have some money by fri yep..
<furiosity> want to use it for a domain
<furiosity> so there are enough ideas, lol
<kyote> si
<kirascurro> ok...then we just talk about nominations for postions in the chat..and then free form on what else we want to do..
<furiosity> ideas bouncing around and see what peeps have to say
<furiosity> [re: money]
<Velouria> yep
<kirascurro> yep...
<kyote> yip
<Scraps> peeps have been discussing $$
<furiosity> and use the chat for position stuff..
<furiosity> poll?
<furiosity> lol kyote
<Spunkmeyer> ven know what the money issues are?
<Velouria> both maybe.. not everyone will be able to do a chat <kirascurro> i'm not sure spunk..waddaya mean?
<furiosity> the only thing we know is that it costs $170 to buy the license, right Kira?
<kirascurro> right trin..
<furiosity> everything else is still ideas
<nospoon> ideas are good
<kirascurro> yep..
<Spunkmeyer> We don't know what else we have yet and what we may need to spend it on.
<Velouria> :) spoon :)
<furiosity> yup,.. and by putting a thread up we can get more ideas %)
<Scraps> I like Vel's point...not all can attend chats
<kirascurro> no we don't..but do we want to discuss that in the chat?
<nospoon> hmmm do you need a gang of folks to look into all those ideas?
<kirascurro> yes, spoon, we might..
<furiosity> exactly, and I think if we throw the thread up there then peeps will be ablno, not look into........
<nospoon> like reseach peoples
<kirascurro> ablno?
<furiosity> sorr, that was the other thing I was gonna say, lol
<furiosity> lol
<furiosity> 8)
<kirascurro> peeps will be what trin?
<furiosity> I thought I said it already
<Spunkmeyer> k the money issue is cart before a horse
<furiosity> will be able to participate even if they can't make the chats
<kirascurro> what was that word?
<Ranšom> Be right back...
<furiosity> true Spunk
<kirascurro> so we don't have to discuss it..but dollars to dougnuts someone will bring it up..
<kyote> mmm
<Scraps> who's bringing donuts?
<Velouria> thats also true
<Scraps> ?B)
<Scraps> >B)
<Spunkmeyer> MMMMM...doughnuts
<furiosity> yup Kira
<furiosity> heh espunk
<furiosity> did I tell you the one about 'Donut parking only'?
<furiosity> 8)
<Velouria> back in a sec.....
<kirascurro> nope..but please don'
<Spunkmeyer> no but LOL
<Ranšom> anything more to cover in this chat?
<nospoon> hungey
<kirascurro> don't think so...
<kyote> 5 pos.
<Spunkmeyer> s are voted on, etc?
<Scraps> btw, kira...thanks for setting up the suite
<kirascurro> anything else guys??
<furiosity> hte third is balance
<kirascurro> no prob. spunk..
<Ranšom> vel's not back yet...
<furiosity> is that it?
<kirascurro> and listen guys i don't want to be treasurer..
<furiosity> what about a legal peep..
<nospoon> and then ya can add if ya wanty
<nospoon> want
<kirascurro> will help with the box and all but..i'm not the one..
<furiosity> are copyleft issues to consider.. in terms of graphics, etc.
<nospoon> nothing is written in stone
<kyote> security
<furiosity> official with it then we'll have to consider the legal stuff. <Spunkmeyer> looked at by the admin's
<kirascurro> these are good q's discuss in the chat..that's why i thought we neede an agenda..
<Ranšom> will have to be discussed further, no doubt.
<furiosity> by whoever administrates the board.
<furiosity> oh definitely.. with more peeps..
<kyote> legal items, security
<furiosity> oh i see
<furiosity> bye vel
<furiosity> hmm
<kyote> she may have been booted out
<furiosity> well we're voting on the admins, secretary and treasurer right
<Ranšom> sounds ok to me
<furiosity> well I invited her back..
<kirascurro> right..
<kyote> yip
<furiosity> no more peeps for now..?
<furiosity> I mean, positoins
<furiosity> positions argh
<kirascurro> not that we can think of...
<Spunkmeyer> or the positions?
<Ranšom> another good question: who gets to vote?
<kyote> pagh...lmao
<kirascurro> why not eveyone who wants gets to vote?
<kyote> poll
<furiosity> Kira suggested polls
<Spunkmeyer> or run
<furiosity> I dont' know about 'running'
<Scraps> lol Spunk
<kirascurro> we should nominate in the chat and vote thru polls maybe?
<furiosity> I don't like the idea.. either way.
<furiosity> yes, I agree with Kira
<Scraps> what do you mean, Trin?
<nospoon> good on ya kira
<Ranšom> can the pole be run in true fairness, no double votes? all it takes is IP address manipulation.
<kirascurro> trin? good q random..
<Ranšom> not pole, poll
<furiosity> I don't like it ~ what, we're going to have AD campaigns and stuff 'vote for me'.. I think we're a bit above that.
<Spunkmeyer> right...I just don't think we should vote for a person if they don't want the position.
<Ranšom> Nominations, then votes?
<furiosity> yes, Random, of course
<kirascurro> no not that kind of running..i won't participate..don't like that stuff..
<Scraps> Odd that peeps would double vote anyhoo
<furiosity> me neither kira
<kyote> don't we all have a general perspective on the peeps anyhow?
<Ranšom> nobody can nominate themselves?
<Scraps> nominations YES
<furiosity> no, no nominating peepsselves
<nospoon> I doubt the who's are going to be a big issue
<kirascurro> right random..good guideline..yeak, kyote..i guess..
<furiosity> but Random you've got a nomination from me 8PP
<Scraps> ??? soley volunteers then?
<Spunkmeyer> run = nominations ...sorry I'll master this language yet!
<furiosity> lol Spunk
<kirascurro> well when thy are nominated they can decline..
<kyote> :)
<furiosity> Scraps ~ nominations, yes but not for the person who wants to run..
<Spunkmeyer> yes
<furiosity> not FROMN the person
<furiosity> FROM argh
<Ranšom> Then full title and descriptions of duty need to be posted to the masses, so they know what a nominee must do for a particular position.
<furiosity> so Kira will you or shall I put a thread up about it?
<Spunkmeyer> why can't a person nominate themselves
<Scraps> wellhat about a nominating committee or nom peep?
<furiosity> well cause wwe're talking admin positions for now, and treasurer, etc..
<kirascurro> you it ok if trin words the duties herself.?
<furiosity> oh come on we don't want to get mired in all this political crap
<kirascurro> or should we make it general and then decide duties in the chat..
<Ranšom> we're already treading a fine line into the "crap" ;-)
<furiosity> I hate the idea that we have to do this, honestly, but I realize it has to be done..
<furiosity> yes Random but I think we can get away with the minimum necessary .. o fthe political stuff
<kyote> yip
<Ranšom> lets keep this discussion open, then....
<furiosity> just cover the bases that need to be covered and ten see what happens.
<furiosity> Yup, Random, my sentiments exactly
<kirascurro> well we could let folks nominate's up to others to vote for them..
<Scraps> well there needs to be some structure...that's all
<Spunkmeyer> right
<Ranšom> not necessary to come to conclusions in this chat.
<furiosity> yup yup
<kyote> no barking
<furiosity> besides, as soon as the thread goes up I'm sure peeps will come up with ideas too
<furiosity> so is it OK if I word the responsibilities?
<Scraps> ideas = good
<Ranšom> This'll have to be watched carefully!!
<kyote> yes
<Scraps> yes Trin 8)
<Spunkmeyer> ok by me
<Ranšom> ok!
<kirascurro> as far as you can go trin..and we can add or subtract in the chat..
<kirascurro> yes, random..will you help us there?
<Ranšom> ok
<furiosity> yes, and if any of ya'll dont like something tell me and I'll edit it out/in
<Spunkmeyer> fair nuff
<kyote> ser
<nospoon> well yous seem to have this WELL in hand
<nospoon> I gotta bail
<Ranšom> adios
<kyote> see ya
<furiosity> ok spoon.. lol 8)
<nospoon> let me know when this chat is
<furiosity> byebye
<Spunkmeyer> later, spoon
<kirascurro> bye spoon...
<furiosity> course
<furiosity> oh and the chat is most likely happening on IRC peeps
<Scraps> okie
<Ranšom> gotta get my act together, then
<furiosity> with peeps getting voice when they want to speak and the chat being moderated
<kirascurro> and is next fri eve ok?
<furiosity> we also need to decide on a moderator for the chat.
<furiosity> someone without a hot head :-)
<Spunkmeyer> lol
<Ranšom> LOL
<kyote> lmao
<Scraps> hee hee That's me!
<Scraps> NOT me
<furiosity> the way it would work, would bethe mod would put
<furiosity> uh
<kirascurro> but the dotr ops in a poll..and we can vote on moderator..
<Scraps> lol
<furiosity> um, we can only choose among the existing #dotr operators
<furiosity> forgot to add tat 8)
<Ranšom> rotate mods...
<Scraps> Fri is good
<kyote> v
<furiosity> good idea Random..
<Scraps> wb Vel
<kirascurro> yeah..that's fine..
<Velouria> thanks, sorry bout that - inevitable icq crash :)
<furiosity> bedause the mod all the mod needs to do is make sure the channel stays moderated and only people speaking at the moment have voice.. no outside chats
<kirascurro> for the whole chat, random?won't that get sticky?
<furiosity> because these things are a bit .. uh.. important? 8)
<Ranšom> no, one chat at at time.
<furiosity> when the channel is moderated no one but ops or voices can send anything to it.
<kirascurro> can't we just have one person we can depend on for the chat?
<Ranšom> Gotta bail out, folks...
<Scraps> bye you two
<kyote> bye
<furiosity> yes, Kira, I feel that way too.. wel'll see
<Velouria> seeya radnom, uT
<Spunkmeyer> bye
<kirascurro> see ya random..
<furiosity> can't wait fo rthe pics random, ut 8)
<Ranšom> another discussion on this? let us know.
<furiosity> see you 8)
<Ranšom> I'll speak to you a bit later about the pics!
<kirascurro> k..but this should be all...unles..
<furiosity> ok Random
<Velouria> im a bit lost - the chat re positions is to be moderated?
<kyote> is that it?
<kirascurro> i think that's all though..anything else guys?
<furiosity> yes.. Vel
<Velouria> ok, good plan
<furiosity> otherwise we're gong to have a bunch of people talking about offtopic stuff
<kirascurro> we're gonna vote on a moderator for the chat..
<Velouria> heheh very true..
<furiosity> ok, I'll set up a poll.. I do have a problem with something like that but it's necessary
<furiosity> [I mean moderated chats]
<Scraps> vote NOW on chat mod?
<kirascurro> k..trin..thanks...
<Velouria> well, if its someone we trust then it should be ok
<kirascurro> apoll trin will set up, scraps..
<furiosity> and I am not putting my name on the poll because uh.. because I fail the 'no hot head' requirement
<furiosity> :-)
<Scraps> okie...
<Spunkmeyer> lol
<kirascurro> thank you again
<Velouria> lol trin
<Scraps> heh
<furiosity> the only thing that I hate about polls about people is that it's kind of.. I dunno. Others might feel bad when someone gets many votes and someone gets few or none
<furiosity> :(
<Spunkmeyer> true
<kyote> no other way
<Velouria> thats true
<kirascurro> well, i know how you feel..but it's gotta be done as tank says..
<Velouria> however I hope we're right enough as a community so that shouldnt happen so much
<furiosity> I mean, even while setting up the poll I'll konw who I'm voting for, and I know several peeps will vote for that same person
<kyote> indeed
<furiosity> yes Vel I hope there won't be any bad feelings
<kirascurro> that;s how it goes
<kyote> yip
<furiosity> sigh
<furiosity> well then I'll set up the poll an dlink to it in the postitions thread
<kirascurro> k...kewl..
<Scraps> well I think that we've survived enough events that we are strong as a community...
<furiosity> then again I don't think anyone will see this as a popularity contest
<Scraps> right
<furiosity> hardly can think of anyone who will.
<furiosity> bye spunk
<furiosity> bye vel
<furiosity> hmmm
<kirascurro> yes...and make sure you make it clear in the tread trin that only so many are listed acuse of dotr..
<furiosity> oh of course
<kyote> suck it upfair
<kyote> that's interesting
<kyote> fair was all i typed
<kyote> v
<Velouria> is it just me that keeps crashing out?
<kyote> heheg
<Scraps> 8( yes
<kyote> well that is all correct?
<furiosity> you were going to type the suck it up part, kyote, but it didn't let you erase it 8P
<kyote> it was erased
<furiosity> I mean, you backspaced over it
<Velouria> dammit.. i thought it was all you! hehehe
<furiosity> yes, but ICQ chat is quirky that way
<furiosity> you don't always erase everything..
<kyote> quirky...
<Scraps> I noticed that myself
<kyote> that could get dangerous
<furiosity> well so is that it?
<furiosity> yup kyote
<furiosity> MPE
<kyote> think so.
<Scraps> yes & thanks Trin for setting up the poll
<furiosity> Vel, you need to come back to #dotr so I can set your access permissions.
<Velouria> prompt as ever :)
<kyote> i'm outahere..............----------)>...thanks Trin and Kira...
<Velouria> ok.. ill open up irc, one sec
<kirascurro> bye kyote..
<furiosity> no prob Scraps.. least I can do
<kirascurro> thanks..
<furiosity> I'm taking off too need to set up #dotr
<furiosity> and the poll
<furiosity> and post the thread 8)
<furiosity> and do my webring banner! a
<kirascurro> i think we're done folks..
<furiosity> argh
<furiosity> yup
<furiosity> byebye 8)
<furiosity> /quit
<Velouria> ill be off too... cant have icq AND irc open...
<furiosity> shit.
<furiosity> too used to irc
<Velouria> heheheh!!!!!
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