Your appearance now is what we call "residual self image". It is the mental projection of your digital self.


The Matrix Community Gallery constitutes the visual memory of almost four years of Community life so precious to us, which began basically with a first unmasking thread, when some of the members of the young community started feeling comfortable enough to share some pictures of themselves. The more we were discussing passionately the movie The Matrix and everything that came to mind triggered by that movie, the more we were becoming a community, a collective body that shared more than just interesting and passionate discussions online.

A very strong stimulation of those feelings came thanks to the very first Minimeet some of our Community Members had: way back in 2000, when Random from the USA and unholy Trinity from Germany met The_Trinity from Canada at the Niagara Falls (Canadian side). It was only one day but the entire community was awaiting online the pictures of that meeting and the spark jumped over to many of our members in the most diverse geographical locations and the first plans for more gatherings and get togethers started.

But the Community Gallery is more than just a chronicle of Community gatherings. We have collected in this spot visual memories of our online interactions, of mad "photochopping", where members were making up fun images of themselves or other peeps of this community, of special situations, of matrixesque disguises and lots of things more, often being born out of a single thread, an idea, a funny occurrance of somebody.

The conservation of these images and their presentation online has been possible thanks to several community members: unholy Trinity collecting all of them, Graphic Enemy creating the graphics and thumbnails and all members collaborating with pictures, editing jobs of some pictures and participating in the gatherings themselves.

Enjoy our visual memories and help us to create many more of them!

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