I am giving the results of my enquiries, so that the memory of what those have done shall not perish from the world nor their achievements, whether of Matrixers or of coppertops, go unsung: they form my theme, and the cause of why they went to war.

The Great Publication

Little is known of the Matrixers prior to the Great Publication, for at this time they were a scattered people, without congress or religion, and they did wander all the lands in an aimless fashion. Greatness did await the Matrixers however, for from lands unknown two bothers, gifted with enlightenment of The Truth, did cometh. In a book known simply as The Matrix, the Brothers of Enlightenment did record The Truth, and all whom read The Matrix did proclaim its great wonders. Yet proclamation of the truth to the masses was a slow progress, so the Brothers of Enlightenment to travel to the great mercantile city of Warner, wherein they did seek audience with the two brothers that did jointly rule there. The Brothers of Warner, upon reading The Matrix did also proclaim its greatness. The Brothers of Warner, being men of commerce, did see The Matrix for its value in the commercial, rather than the spiritual. And yet, with the financial support of the Brothers of Warner, The Matrix was taken to the Great Hall of Publication, wherein it was reproduced for all to read. And so the Brothers of Warner, despite their mercantile interests, did assist in the spread of The Truth, and did profit greatly from it. And from this day forthwith, this period was known as The Great Publication.

The First Age

With the coming of The Great Publication, many did come to know The Truth, and marvel at the writings contained in the holy book. United by the words of The Matrix, many of the Matrixers, did wish to converse with others of similar disposition. The Brothers of Warner, seeing the desire of the Matrixers for a place to congress, did create within the city of Warner, a place in which these aspirations could be fulfilled. The Matrixers were a numerous and diverse people however, and in the neighboring city of Acme - also ruled by the Brothers of Warner - a similar place of congress for the Matrixers was established. And so in the two cities of Acme and Warner, a grand civilisation did arise, based on the ideals of freedom of expression, the rule of thought.

And in these places the Matrixers did praise the words contained in The Matrix, and were free to worship the Matrix gods. Neo, Pigeon Toed ONE; Trinity, the Latex Mistress; Morpheus the Bald; Tank, the Desired one; Agent Smith, the Shaded Pursuer and his minions, Agent Jones and Agent Brown of the evil Cult of Multiple Ambiguities and Unknown Details; Switch the White Warrior; Apoc of the Long Hair; Mouse of Summer Bay; and Cypher, the Blissfully Ignorant. (Her0 note: anyone not familiar with the show Home and Away can refer to Mouse by his other name, Mouse of the Tasty Wheat)

For many a time, the Matrixers did live in peace and harmony, living under the fair rule of the local administrators, simply known as The Moderators. In this first golden age, the Matrixers did create a rich and varied culture. Many great debates were conducted, discussing not only the teachings of The Matrix, but other important civil and social issues as well. The Matrixers did also engage in many other activities, holding many noodlebaking sessions, parties and food fights. During this period, Matrixer literature did also blossom greatly, with many fine works scribed for all to read.

But calamity did fall upon the unsuspecting Matrixers. The Brothers of Warner, being interested primarily in the pursuit of monies, did feel threatened by the success of the Matrixer societies and sought to steal the literature of the Matrixers, fearing its would infringe on the control they had over the distribution The Matrix. The silver-tongued Brothers of Warner did try to trick the Matrixers, telling them that the confiscation of their records, a process they called 'pruning', was for the good of the Matrixers and the other communities of Acme and Warner, such as the Midget Pokemons With Foul Mouths, the "Friends" and the Cult of Rosie.

The deviousness of the Brothers of Warner was soon revealed, for while they did distract the Matrixers with ambiguous (and brief) talks of pruning and sacrifice for the community good, they did violate the sanctity of the Matrixer's Hall of Records, thieving countless records of the community. The reaction to this devious act by the Matrixers was swift - their records lost, their holy places violated, many a Matrixer did rise up in anger, calling for a swift rectification. These malcontent Matrixers did then march upon the offices of the Brothers of Warner, calling for the return of their records. The Brothers of Warner did reply "Fear not Matrixers, your records are safe and under our protection in the Vault of Knowledge. The pruning was an unfortunate, but necessary course of action - but we do declare that your most vital records will be returned at the soonest appropriate date".

Thereupon a division of opinion did arise - many did trust the Brothers of Warner, who had till now allowed the Matrixers to prosper, and they did try to calm their fellow Matrixers. These Matrixers did urge the malcontents to turn their energies back to community and await the return of the records with patience, for surely the Brothers of Warner would keep to their word.

Many Matrixers did remain in a negative disposition to the Brothers of Warner, arguing that they had already broken their covenant of trust with the community, and could therefore not be trusted again. Moreover, they did declare that the cities of Acme and Warner were not the citadels of freedom that they had once thought. While many could still remember the glorious days in Acme and Warner, many did find these lands now tainted with the foul stench of corruption, and did propose a great pilgrimage to new lands and the promise of a new beginning. For many of these malcontents, these calamitous times would forever leave a foul taste in the mouth, and would be remembered with ignominy in Matrixer history as The Great Pruning.

It was at this time of great upheaval, that Phoenix, ruler of a hitherto unknown city of Ultimate did send envoy to the Matrixers, inviting them to reside in his domain, promising that it be fair and free of the nefarious manipulations of tyrants such as the Brothers of Warner. The malcontent Matrixers did think this offer most attractive, and turning their backs upon their former homes in Acme and Warner, did begin the First Great Exodus, and migrated to their new abode in Ultimate. And with the coming of the First Great Exodus, the First Age of Matrixer society did come to a close.

The Second Age

The Second Age did begin with a new beginning and the promise of great things for the Matrixers in the city of Ultimate. As was their custom, the Matrixers did select from amongst them a few to serve as Moderators, to administer the day to day running of the community. Phoenix would still act as the highest level of authority in the land however.

It is for certain that the First Great Exodus did create many tensions within the Matrixer community. Despite the move by much of the Matrixer community to the city of Ultimate, there were many Matrixers whom did still reside in the old lands, of Acme and Warner, wherein they did live in hope of the eventual return of the old records. Others who did remain did so out of memories for the old times before The Great Pruning, hoping that those glorious times would again return to Warner and Acme. Still more, there were the Nomad Matrixers, whom did only visit Warner and Acme rarely and as yet did not know of the migration to Ultimate.

The union of the two Matrixer cities of Acme and Warner did also add tensions of its own. For while all the Matrixers were united by the belief in The Truth as written in the holy book of The Matrix, they did develop slightly different cultures in their respective cities. The Matrixers of Warner did practice a more philosophical culture, Warner was the City of the Noodlebakers, somber discussion and debate. The Matrixers of Acme however, did practice a less formal approach to the interpretation of The Matrix. Acme was the City of the Silly Buggers, in which the popular activities were food fights, smiley parties and interactive stories. For a time, there was some disquiet between the clashing cultures of the Noodlebakers and the Silly Buggers, however the bonds between the factions were great - many Matrixers were members of both - and after a short time both cultures were merged in entirety.

Still, many Matrixers did continue to reside in Warner and Acme, reluctant to move on from their old homes even though the Brothers of Warner did not return the threads as promised. Many of the Matrixers in Ultimate did question the continued presence of the Unwilling in Acme and Warner, for clearly those once grand cities were merely shells of the greatness that they once were. As the Brothers of Warner did continue to refuse further dialogue however, many of the remaining Unwilling did eventually join their fellow Matrixers in Ultimate.

One prominent Unwilling did not join their fellow Matrixers in Ultimate. Christimin, in the power vacuum created from the First Great Exodus did rise to the highest position in Acme under the Brothers of Warner. The reasoning for this move by Christimin is unknown, perhaps the memories of the glory days of Acme were too great. It is known that the city of Acme that Christimin presided over was an empty shell of what it once was. After a period, the fate of Christamin and the other Unwilling became lost to the Matrixers, their likeness never seen of again.

Yet the Matrixers did overcome these trials, and indeed, they did grow stronger from the experience, for while this was a period of great tension for the Matrixers, it was also a time of development. Spurned by their recent experiences with the Brothers of Warner, the Matrixers did devise a number of policies to ensure the continued survival of the community. Firstly, the Matrixers did take action to fortify the protection of their records, so that the likes of the Brothers of Warner could not take what was rightfully theirs again. This they did by creating The Great Archive, wherein all their records could be stored in safety, secure from the machinations of the ruler of any city they might inhabit. Among other steps taken to ensure the community's survival was the conduction of a census, in which the names, emails and icq numbers of all Matrixers was recorded and distributed, so that in the event of the destruction of their new home, a resistance movement could easily be formed. Advancements in the field of science, technology and the arts were also made by the Matrixers, with the discovery of "Message Bay" communications, and the construction of the Hall of Unveiling, in which great portraits of notable Matrixers were hung for all to see. Furthermore, a great arena was created in which Matrixers could recreate. Upon noticing the utilitarian names given to all the other great public buildings in Matrixer society, the Matrixers did call this great arena the Desert of the Real, in reference to their religious beliefs.

And so in the Second Age a new period of peace and prosperity did arise in the city of Ultimate. Matrixer society did flourish in their new home, the Matrix gods were worshiped, debate and exchanges of thought, and many did engage in all kinds of recreation. Yet within the very processes by which the Matrixers did seek to secure themselves in their new home lay the instigating factor for the unexpected calamity that would soon smite the Matrixers a heavy blow. Debate had arisen over the selection of a site for a new Matrixer colony, for it was only by chance that a few Matrixer Pioneers had discovered the city of Ultimate before the great migration from Acme and Warner was undertaken. Some within the Matrixer community had argued right from the very arrival in Ultimate that their needed to be the creation of a Matrixer colony in which all could take refuge should disaster strike the Matrixers again. Yet too, for many, such talk was unnecessary, for they were living in what was seemingly paradise, free from the like of the Brothers of Warner. Yet as was there custom, such discussions continued, in a free and open manner. It would seem in hindsight, that such debate was an instigating factor in the growing paranoia and madness that had befallen the ruler of Ultimate, Phoenix.

While debate over the creation of a Matrixer colony continued in what was still a rather sedate fashion, the first sign of the degeneration of the psyche of Phoenix was revealed. Unfortunately, much of the records of this period have been lost, so the details of these events remain forever lost in time, yet it is apparent that Phoenix did slander a member of the community for actions she did not commit. In response, one of the fair moderators, The_Trinity, did verbally smite Phoenix for his harsh judgment in publicly defaming a Matrixer without supporting evidence. This did cause much discontent amongst many within Matrixer society, for it did now seem that Phoenix did see himself above such concepts of justice. It was clear however, that this incident was of great public embarrassment to himself, and The_Trinity was now seen by Phoenix as a threat to his authority.

It was at this time that Phoenix did also proclaim of the need for a "prune" of the documents of Ultimate, however many within Matrixer society did feel great unease at such action, given that the Brothers of Warner had lied to them in such fashion in the not so distant past. In light of the insanity of Phoenix that would follow, we can perhaps at least question the truthfulness of such a claim by Phoenix. While the city of Ultimate was much smaller than Acme or Warner, one could question whether the limited resources to store the records of the Matrixers was quite as limited as claimed by Phoenix, or whether there motivations of another sort behind Phoenix's call for a prune. It is certain that the timing of Phoenix's call for a prune given the recent slander dispute was suspicious. Perhaps under the guise of a prune, Phoenix hoped to eliminate both his recent embarrassment, as well as the debate over the Matrix colony, which he also saw as a threat to his authority.

Whatever his motivations behind the declaration of a prune, the response was certainly not to Phoenix's liking. Upon hearing of the apparent limited resources within Ultimate, the debate over the establishment of a Matrixer colony in another city did gain an immediate sense of urgency. Many Matrixers did argue, "if the resources of Ultimate were so limited, surely we should spread the burden to other cities? In the age of Acme and Warner we were not limited to one city, perhaps we should continue the tradition?".

Since the creation of a second Matrixer city would limit Phoenix's power and status, Phoenix did try to discourage this debate, and became increasingly paranoid and dictatorial in his conduct. In the mysterious mind of Phoenix, arguments for the creation of a second Matrixer city became calls for a new exodus to another land. Ironically, as Phoenix attempted to tighten his grip on the Matrixer community, the more Matrixers slipped through his fingers, joining the growing ranks of the Malcontent. It was then that Phoenix did attempt to disrupt the debate entirely through censorship. It was then that the War of Resistance began.

The War of Resistance

In contrast to the debate during The Great Pruning, the Matrixers were united in their opposition to the actions of Phoenix, some even referring to him as "Penix the Lame". Unlike during The Great Pruning however, the Malcontents within Matrixer society were forced underground. Debate was strictly curtailed, and many of the Malcontents were forced to come out of hiding to plaster their arguments on walls, in the hope that some Matrixers would partake of their message before Penix and his police could take them down. Contradictorily, Penix would profess great apologies for his censorship practices, while increasingly using his censorship powers over debate.

Results of the Penix censorship were two in number - on the one hand, it caused great confusion within the Matrixer community, for many were unaware of the extent of the turmoil that was taking place, all evidence of such being censored by Penix. On the other hand, this censorship was only serving to enrage the Malcontents to even greater magnitudes. Yet, many Malcontents did continue to try to end the dispute through negotiation, unholy_Trinity and Random being at the forefront of this effort. Indeed, these two did both seek and gain audience with Penix in order to negotiate a truce, for the War of Resistance did tax the Matrixer community greatly. The results of this negotiation were thought fruitful by both unholy_Trinity and Random, for they did return to the Matrixer community with a settlement, signed and agreed to by Penix, in which he agreed to abstain from further use of his censorship powers and would even be abdicating his position.

For a time, it did seem as if the War of Resistance was over, and all would be saved. The hopes of a return to normality would be soon quashed however, as in a display typical of his unstable mentality, Penix did immediately try to renegotiate the agreement he had only just signed. Penix did also immediately break the agreement, continuing to censor any arguments that questioned his rule, or even did mention any discussion of the issue at hand. And so the Matrixers did increasingly become disenchanted with the city of Ultimate, as they saw by the actions of Penix that the claims of free speech in city of Ultimate be a farce, and that in reality it be a land of dictatorship, censorship and benevolence. Unholy_Trinity, being one of the architects of the agreement to which Penix was blatantly abusing did become particularly angered, declaring, "Hear me fellow Matrixers, we have lived under oppression of Penix the Lame for too long! I cannot ask you to leave this land, your homes, and all that we have accomplished in such a short time, but I will say this, I go to seek a new land, a land truly free from the oppression of dictators and the greed of mercantilists. I go now, but as I go, I leave you with this my beloved Matrixers - they may take our records, but they'll never take, OUR FREEDOM!"

And with that unholy_Trinity did put blue markings upon her face and did ride off to the home of the_Trinity, the land small city of Resistance, never to be seen in Ultimate again. The retribution of Penix was swift and violent, for he did set alight the city of Ultimate, evicting all who remained and barring their reentry, all the while accusing the_Trinity and unholy_Trinity of leading a revolt against his rule. And so with the brutal destruction of Ultimate, the War of Resistance and the Second Age did come to a close, and the Second Great Migration did begin.

The Great Smiting of Ultimate was a wicked day indeed for the Matrixers, for while the Great Purge of the Brothers of Warner was the result of greed, the Great Smiting of Ultimate was an act of personal vindictiveness. Through the ramblings of Penix, it can be seen that while he might have been the ruler of Ultimate, the one time home of all Matrixer society, he never truly understood that society. His city profited greatly as a result of the First Great Migration, gaining many citizens and an industrious, thriving culture - yet it was only by chance, not the actions of Penix, that the city of Ultimate should become the new home of the Matrixers, this, Penix did not quite understand. Penix was immediately thrust into a position of great power, and responsibility - a character trait he lacked. His rule of Ultimate showed great immaturity and great ignorance of the culture of his own citizens, for his actions as ruler were more dictatorial than those of the Brothers of Warner - the very reasons for The First Great Migration. Moreover, in a final and immature act, he tried to destroy the Matrixer society rather than see it continue to challenge his rule, failing to realise that while he ruled Ultimate, he never had lordship over the Matrixers themselves, this too, he did not understand. Indeed, the ignorance and foolish actions of Penix cannot be overstated, for even at the end, he still failed to realise that the destruction of Ultimate was the fault of him, and him alone.

The Third Age

Following the fall of the Land of Ultimate, the Matrixers began to plan in earnest. The land of Resistance was good to them and The_Trinity shared her wealth and resources without complaint however all were aware that this land was in the control of the Lords of Ezboard and were keen to be self-governed at last. The Lords of Ezboard imposed heavy taxes on the Matrixers to protect them against such menaces as pop-ups and unwanted advertising. The Matrixers paid heavily for a gold sign to hang upon their doorsteps, so that the demons of capitalism would pass them by, but all the time they searched for a home to call their own - for the place they would call The Matrix Community.

The Space Port

After much planning and preparation, the Matrixers believed they had found their home. The_Trinity toiled long and hard and, with baited breath, the Matrixers once again set out on a great pilgrimage. The Matrix Community was in existence at last! The new home was located at the Great Space Port and it was entered with much jubilation. Gigantic markers were once again set up in the Land of Resistance (for the Matrixers did not wish to lose any of their number) and all eyes looked to the future! The new land was indeed beautiful; it dripped with milk and honey and the Matrixers enjoyed a time of peacefulness and prosperity. Indeed, it was during this time that one of the greatest discoveries of The Matrix was made - the mini-hoover. The Matrixers felt satisfied that the abundant Power Of The Hummms, a technique developed by The Matrixers to bounce positive energy around the globe to each other, had brought them a home of their own. Many times had The Matrixers relied upon the Power Of The Hummms and never had they been forsaken. And to this day the Power Of The Hummms is used whenever a Matrixer faces adversity or trial, as all join together to participate in the ritual, and the positive energy is created and sent to where it is most needed.

It was also during their time at the Space Port that the Matrixers held The Great Gathering. For some time the Matrixers had been traversing over land and sea to visit one another and inspired by the success of these meetings they organised the Great Gathering in the birthplace of the Prophets Wachowski. The Gathering was a time of great celebration and learning and was attended by many of the Matrixers. Those who could not be there in person were communicated with via open channels to the space port and shared in the joy as best they could. One Matrixer was the most joyful of all after an encounter with the divine Keanu, who, as the faithful know, is the conduit for Neo, god of the matrix. And so, Keanu was informed of The Great Gathering and given a copy of one of the Matrixer's great chronicles - “Cypher's Fall”.

The Great Chronicles

In the years after The First Great Publication the Matrixers eagerly awaited more communication from the Prophets Wachowski. It had been fortold that more, much more, was to come yet the Matrixers were impatient and hungry for news. Many amongst them were appointed as scribes to interpret and adapt The Great Publication - even to surmise what had gone before and what was to come. One scribe emerged as the greatest scribe of all scribes - Spunkmeyer. Spunkmeyer's Chronicles of Neo and related works sustained The Matrixers during the dark times of Little Communication and continues to inspire them, new and old, to this very day.

The Fall of The Space Port

Whilst The Matrixers enjoyed the Great Gathering disaster was waiting to strike, for unbeknownst to them the Space Port was never meant for permanent habitation. Not long after The Matrixers returned to their homes it rejected them and their discoveries and wiped many of their thoughts from the land. This time there was no reason for the rejection and many were puzzled and distraught, declaring “We should have stayed in the land of Resistance! We were safe there!” And safe there they were, once again. A rescue mission was launched and many of The Matrixers belongings were salvaged, however the space port was uninhabitable and they could not return.

The_Trinity once again provided a safe haven for The Matrixers, who, dispirited and upset to lose their new home, debated whether they should keep striving towards their dream or if they should stay where it was warm and dry and peaceful. Some Matrixers said they could not and would not move again, whilst others urged them not to give up on the dream of independence born so long ago. Whilst these debates raged and the search continued for a place to call The Matrix Community, the Matrixers continued to commune with each other in dwellings all over the world. It was to one of these meetings that the Brothers of Warner sent an emissary - Josh Orek. Josh made initial contact with The Matrixers in the Land of Resistance and told them of his intent to create a short documentary about the ‘true followers’ of The Great Publication. It seems the Brothers of Warner had not forgotten the Matrixers, though some were suspicious of their motive. The small group of Matrixers who met with the emissary shared with him a ritual viewing of The Great Publication before answering his questions and recording their thoughts. These interviews would later be released under the banner of The Great Publication: Revisited and would be viewed by millions - from the soon-to-be-born community, and from other tribes.


Buoyed by the emissary's visit, The Matrixers returned to fervent planning for the creation of The Matrix Community. And lo, the promised land was found. A server of their very own! For unholy Trinity didst purchase a vast continent and set aside for The Matrixers as much land as they needed. And they did rejoice! Once again The _Trinity slaved to prepare the land for habitation and once again it flowed with milk and honey - and once again The Matrixers packed up their belongings, left clear markers for those who followed and moved to their new home. The Matrix Community was finally at peace and would not move again. And in the land of The Matrix Community many wondrous things didst happen though the power of democracy, for The Matrixers liked to discuss and vote on every thing. The process was slow but the work was careful and detailed and every Matrixer was afforded a say in the new land. Forums were created, for the Matrixers talked of many things and some feared that discussion of the sacred texts of the Great Publication would be lost amongst them. To watch over the forums The Matrixers appointed moderators, who vowed never to abuse the power that the community had granted them. For moderators in The Matrix Community differ greatly from The Great And Almighty Moderators of other tribes and do not wish for acclaim nor power - only to serve their people. To watch over the land the community recognised three administrators - unholy Trinity, Random and The_Trinity, who henceforth shall be known as Furiosity. Furiosity came forth and gifted the community The Zion Mainframe, a massive repository of research and ponderings on the sacred texts. This added a vast amount to the knowledge and resources of The Matrixers and they rejoiced in her generosity.

Now that The Matrix Community had found their promised land, they began to expand at a rapid pace. During the previous ages many ideas and projects had been born, yet few had been completed. Some of these ideas, such as the forum of the many tongues, had been taken by spies from other tribes and claimed as their own. These tribes, who cared not for democratic processes, were able to act quickly and without integrity - and The Matrixers could do naught but watch as their ideas took flight elsewhere. In response to this injustice The Matrixers locked some of the ideas away, where they could not be found, and concentrated on completing the others. The Matrixers were busy with work and ideas and rejoiced in their new surroundings.

Some time during this expansion came a great change. unholy Trinity and Random relinquished the position of administration for reasons personal to both and, after announcing their retirement, they took some time apart from The Community. Reeling with shock, The Matrixers looked around for possible candidates to replace them - for it was written that there should always be three. Eventually The Matrixers elected Graphic Enemy and Velouria75, who swore their vows and faced their fear of touching the wrong button.

And so, the age of The Matrix Community continued and the expansion of their land was swift, now. unholy Trinity and Random returned to launch Rebel Radio, The Matrixers own broadcast frequency whereby they could communicate with the masses as well as their own tribe. The forum of many tongues was built and decorated with the beautiful work of Graphic Enemy, who also undertook widescale redecoration of The Matrix Community lands and all their projects. A plethora of icons, images and all things beautiful poured forth from his studio and blessed all who looked upon them. The Community Gallery, which had been enjoyed by many before it spent much time hidden from view, was reopened and once again The Matrixers could see each other. The Great Archive was completed and made searchable by all. Guidelines were voted in and given a permanent home, translated into many different tongues by multilingual Matrixers, and Matrix Community mail accounts were set up so that the members could communicate with each other over long distances. And in an act of generosity, unholy Trinity offered sections of her own continent to Community members to set up homesteads, as long as they remained faithful to the gods of The Matrix. Truly, this was a golden age for The Matrix Community


And throughout the changes and golden times, one Matrixer didst keep the faith and work constantly and with dedication to keep The Matrixers knowledge of the Prophets Wachowksi and their promised works alive and current. Igpajo, the appointed Rumour Monger of The Matrixers, scoured the expanses of the world from one corner to another and brought back his findings to share with the Community. And so The Matrixers did not despair that they had been forgotten by the gods of The Matrix and they continued to prosper.

At this time Revisited was released to the greater world and The Matrixers involved received both acclaim and ridicule for their words. Thus is the way of the world. The Great Bear of The Matrix, LuciDream, became a cult figure amongst many tribes and his 'fro of power a life force of its own. Also during this time The Matrixers were visited by those known as spammers, those with multiple personalities and those who love to flame. These visits continue to this day. Those tribes who do not respect democracy beget those tribe members who seek to slander and cause flame wars on The Matrix Community's land - for they are not free to do so on their own. But those tribes also beget tribe members who are discontent, and who will find a home in the haven for intelligent thought and freedom of speech that is The Matrix Community, so the community rejoices in the existence of all tribes - for no-one is forced to join one or the other and there is room for all in this vast world. The Matrix gods do not claim a chosen people (though, in this historian's opinion, they have labelled their true followers well). :D

The Age of The Second Great Publication

And so, the long awaited Great Publication II didst arrive! And with it came great excitement and rejoicing amongst the Matrixers for long had they waited for some direct word from the Prophets Wachowski. And with the new publication came many new pilgrims to The Matrix Community and they were all welcomed. Also, many old faces returned and though some did not stay long their presence was well celebrated. And soon after the Second Great Publication came the Animatrix and Enter The Matrix and the Matrixers were overwhelmed with new information and theories. The quiet town of The Matrix Community became a bustling metropolis and all day and all night the sound of ideas being swopped and the smell of noodles baking was everywhere. And the Matrixers did rejoice, for soon to come was the Third Great Publication and who knew where that would take them?

To be continued...

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