[Article 87]Anticipation is rising in view of February 6th theatrical release of JUPITER ASCENDING

For any fan of the varied work of the Wachowskis another moment of intense anticipation and high hopes is approaching as their newest film, the SciFi Epic Jupiter Ascending will be hitting cinemas on 6 February. The road to this work apparently has been a thorny one which a much discussed postponing of theatrical release last year, when Jupiter Ascending was supposed to be released in June 2014. But the Wachowskis felt that SFX were not ripe and truly worked to a perfect finish and thus managed to force the studio to delay the release. I say it can only be for the better! I’d rather wait another seven month than seeing a debacle of a film with an unfinished, rough feel to it.

The latest trailer raises expectation levels to the almost unbearable I’d say and after seeing it I will definitely be on the edge of my seat until seeing the last credit disappearing from the screen on opening night.

As an avid SciFi lover and buff I can’t help but feeling like a child before Christmas, so many sparkly things at display and high hopes for a gift that will make a lasting impact, maybe even at a level like THE MATRIX, but that remains to be seen and judged by viewers after seeing the flick.

So let’s be done quickly with the remaining 5 1/1 weeks …!

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