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  • [Article 72]Let’s gather the troups!


    In view of how difficult it is to regroup the scattered rebels, TMC has now a page on Facebook to help in that noble task of reuniting the matrix people after their many meanderings and diasporas.

    If you would like to contribute or prefer to share your contents from there, have a look. Ultimately though we believe that the only way of discussing profoundly and deeply in a sense of COMMUNITY is not going to happen over there, but here on our domain and within our DISCUSSION FORUMS.


    See you in the Matrix or the real world, you choose! :)


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  • [Article 64]Invitation to Synchronised Viewing of The Matrix Reloaded on 17th May 2014 Midnight GMT (Saturday to Sunday)

    The matrix fans will remember the 11th anniversary of the theatrical release of The Matrix Reloaded on 15th May 2014. Even if the second film of the trilogy might not have wooed as many people as the first film, we still believe that it would be a great occasion to repeat the great experience of last month Synchronised Viewing of The Matrix, by doing the same for The Matrix Reloaded.

    This means that during the night of Saturday to Sunday 17th to 18th May, at stroke midnight London time (GMT) we will have a countdown and everyone will start their movie at their homes, while everyone will be connected to our IRC channel #dotr to chat and discuss what we see or remember. I promise you it’ll be great fun as you will realise when reading the chat log from our previous occasion HERE.

    For those who might be new to the procedure, you will find all required information about our own IRC channel #dotr on our website.

    Those who wish to participate should check their local time zone on the World Clock to see what midnight London time (GMT) means in your location.

    Later this month we shall set up a thread to register if you are interested to be a part of it.

    Looking forward to seeing as many members of our old Community as well as new “recruits” for that event!


    unholy Trinity

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  • [Article 43]The invigorating power of a Synchronised Viewing of The Matrix

    So we did it, those of our former Matrix Community who got the call and felt like taking a shift, joined us last night for a long since not practised Synchronised Viewing of the first Matrix film, the one piece of art that started our fascination and brought us all together as a Community, way back in 1999. We had held several of these Synchronised Viewings before. They consist of everyone at their respective places starting their copy of the film at a Countdown executed within our Community’s own IRC chat channel called #dotr ( Desert of the Real ). While everyone is watching the (hopefully same ) scenes, a chat is going on with everyone in IRC and thoughts, ideas, questions or comic release are being shared. One of the toughest issues apparently is timing, no matter how organised and precise this World has become in matters of time-keeping, apparently time transcurs at different pace for all members involved and at some point in the Synchronised Viewing everyone realises that they are either lagging or rushing, but that too is part of the energising experience.

    I enjoyed this practice very much, especially since it constituted a fabulous journey way back memory lane, to share with everyone those insights and the maybe new way we look at the film after all that time. But if there was one common notion shared in the chat, it was that The Matrix had not aged (except for the clothes of the lot in those Night Clubs :D). The film still has this striking smartness, the timeless elegance and the appeal to mind and senses. This to me was one of the most amazing aspects.

    A heartfelt thanks to everyone who could make it to the Viewing and let’s keep the hope up, that there might come more occasions in the near future, in order to keep this unique tradition alive!

    unholy Trinity


    The Transcript of the chat can be viewed here


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  • [Article 31]Head count for Synchronised Viewing

    Hi again,

    So next Saturday/Sunday is approaching swiftly. I just wanted to let you know who so far has shown up to either pledge their participation or to inquire and give a maybe:

    Confirmed participants (chat on #dotr)










    unholy Trinity




    Graphic Enemy


    Please drop me an e-mail if you want to register. Looking forward to next weekend. I will be in dotr plenty of time before the Viewing to make sure everything is fine.

    Operator! I need an exit to dotr … FAST!! :)


    unholy Trinity


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  • [Article 1]Mr. Anderson! Welcome back, we’ve misssssed you …

    If there are any of the by now heavily scattered matrixers from our once striving Matrix Community out there, here ZION calling!

    Please check in to the Nebuchadnezzar for a head count and the planning of a great event that should get our code flowing: the 15th Anniversary of the original release of the first film, THE MATRIX, on March 31st 1999.

    For this reason we are planning the renewal of a once cherished tradition – a SYNCHRONISED VIEWING of the film – during the night between Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th, 2014.

    The precise starting time is set for midnight 12:00 am GMT (London time). This seems to grant the best chance for matrixers from all time zones to be part of the event. Please check the world clock forĀ  your respective local times and leave a comment here to register properly for the viewing.

    While everyone will watch the film after a common countdown on their respective device at their homes, we will be commenting and chatting away in our still existing own IRC channel – dotr (desert of the real). Instructions how to get there and how to access it, you will find HERE


    invitation to Synchronised Viewing
    invitation to Synchronised Viewing
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