[Article 1]Mr. Anderson! Welcome back, we’ve misssssed you …

If there are any of the by now heavily scattered matrixers from our once striving Matrix Community out there, here ZION calling!

Please check in to the Nebuchadnezzar for a head count and the planning of a great event that should get our code flowing: the 15th Anniversary of the original release of the first film, THE MATRIX, on March 31st 1999.

For this reason we are planning the renewal of a once cherished tradition – a SYNCHRONISED VIEWING of the film – during the night between Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th, 2014.

The precise starting time is set for midnight 12:00 am GMT (London time). This seems to grant the best chance for matrixers from all time zones to be part of the event. Please check the world clock forĀ  your respective local times and leave a comment here to register properly for the viewing.

While everyone will watch the film after a common countdown on their respective device at their homes, we will be commenting and chatting away in our still existing own IRC channel – dotr (desert of the real). Instructions how to get there and how to access it, you will find HERE


invitation to Synchronised Viewing
invitation to Synchronised Viewing
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