[Article 43]The invigorating power of a Synchronised Viewing of The Matrix

So we did it, those of our former Matrix Community who got the call and felt like taking a shift, joined us last night for a long since not practised Synchronised Viewing of the first Matrix film, the one piece of art that started our fascination and brought us all together as a Community, way back in 1999. We had held several of these Synchronised Viewings before. They consist of everyone at their respective places starting their copy of the film at a Countdown executed within our Community’s own IRC chat channel called #dotr ( Desert of the Real ). While everyone is watching the (hopefully same ) scenes, a chat is going on with everyone in IRC and thoughts, ideas, questions or comic release are being shared. One of the toughest issues apparently is timing, no matter how organised and precise this World has become in matters of time-keeping, apparently time transcurs at different pace for all members involved and at some point in the Synchronised Viewing everyone realises that they are either lagging or rushing, but that too is part of the energising experience.

I enjoyed this practice very much, especially since it constituted a fabulous journey way back memory lane, to share with everyone those insights and the maybe new way we look at the film after all that time. But if there was one common notion shared in the chat, it was that The Matrix had not aged (except for the clothes of the lot in those Night Clubs :D). The film still has this striking smartness, the timeless elegance and the appeal to mind and senses. This to me was one of the most amazing aspects.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who could make it to the Viewing and let’s keep the hope up, that there might come more occasions in the near future, in order to keep this unique tradition alive!

unholy Trinity


The Transcript of the chat can be viewed here


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8 Responses to [Article 43]The invigorating power of a Synchronised Viewing of The Matrix

  1. I just found this and I’m devastated I missed it!! :( If anyone feels like doing one for the sequels (or hell, just the first movie again! or the animatrix! or just listen to the soundtrack and chill!) I’d love to join.

    Now, off to read the transcript to see what I missed!

    • dammit torak, that is such a pity! But I am glad you have found us. I might organise a synched viewing for the sequels at some stage this year, so stay in touch!! So good to see you around :)

      big hug

  2. Interestingly, here is a media coverage on account of the 15th Anniversary of the Matrix and how it still holds up to nowaday’s standards. Strangely the author of the article even mentions an annual viewing of The Matrix, so it would appear we are not the only ones following this noble tradition :)

    Read the article HERE: http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/entertainment/archives/2014/03/20140324-100530.html



  3. Such a pity, my friend! I had even put a public countdown on the matrixcommunity.org homepage to help people with all that time zone confusion. Next time you have to be around!!



    • Yes, sorry, I just seen it too late… This period as new mom is taking all of me, Gaelle doesn’t let me hang around the web as I used to, she loooooves banging the computer so I’ve been using mostly the phone ( that I can hide when she try to reach it ! lol )

  4. Ahhhh I can’t believe I missed you peeps!!
    Got march 30th in my mind… Should have payed more attention, my bad =(

    Much love from shaking California