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greetings fellow worshipper of the "matrix works" and their impacts!

Since our matrix community (www.matrixcommunity.org) has been experiencing an amazing and exciting growth, many new projects have been developed, always with the idea of providing more service and better forms of interaction for the members of our Community. We are proud and pleased to be capable of offering this free service to you as an active member of our Matrix Community and we are looking forward to see your website, created in this space to add a new facet to all our deliberations and amazement about the Matrix movies and animated short films, the universe of philosophical meanings fused in there from the most diverse sources and given a new feeling as for people of the now.

The members websites, to be hosted on our twin domain www.zionmainframe.org (kindly provided by Furiosity, who owns this domain), are meant to provide two services with one effort: to grant completely charge-free webspace to active members of our Community, who desire to create a website which in one way or another is devoted to any imminent aspect of the Matrix series. At the same time, we believe that those member websites can grant a precious enhancement to the material, our Community as such has been creating and offering online, so that our members can enjoy even more the ideas of other fellow matrixites by visiting their matrix sites.

Who can use the service?

The service is provided exclusively for sites about any aspects of the Matrix series, and exclusively for members of the Matrix Community who are registered at the message board and have participated in discussion. For more information on limitations and guidelines, please refer to the registration page which contains the terms of use.

What do I get?

A you@zionmainframe.org e-mail account and ad- and charge-free Web space (25 MB space with 500 MB monthly traffic) under http://www.zionmainframe.org/~you/. Please see the registration page for more information. If this disk quota would not be sufficient for you because of the extense character of your project, please don't hesitate to contact the operator and if there is good reason for needing more space, you will be granted with it with pleasure. Now we are looking forward to see all your contributions and to share in the fun of creating websites about our favourite subject, learning all of each other and sharing ideas, questions, material and knowledge! Best luck for your projects and let the fun begin!

With uTterly matrixesque regards ;)

unholy Trinity




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