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Terms of Use

This service is free - and because it is free webspace, there are certain rules users are expected to follow. Please read through these terms of use before signing up for the service, and make sure to comply with the terms once you are granted an account. Noncompliance with any aspect of these terms will lead to the immediate deletion of your account, including all Web content, as well as any and all e-mail messages you have stored at the server. This is not negotiable; every user is expected to comply with these terms of use - they are neither elaborate nor complicated.

Services Provided

Each user receives one account, which includes e-mail and FTP space for their sites pertaining to the Matrix series. The total amount of space granted initially is 25Mb, though if your site grows more than that, you can ask for additional space to be allocated to your account. The maximum amount of space you can have is 55Mb.

There is no advertising forced onto user pages by the provider, nor will there ever be. This space is free, and is available to users as long as they understand and follow these terms of service. No claim is lain to users' work intellectually or materially - users' work remains their property at all times. However, the space on which the work is stored is property of the provider, and hence the provider can and will choose to remove a user's content from the space here if that user violates these terms of use.

Please note that the space allocated to your account includes Web space as well as e-mail server space, so if you are using the e-mail account, make sure to check it on a regular basis and download any messages - this will make sure that the maximum amount of space is available for your site's growth.

If you are using the Web interface for e-mail, any messages you keep saved there count towards your total space allocation. If you start running out of space due to many e-mails saved as well as the growth of your site, you should forward the messages to another e-mail account and delete them off the server. Alternatively, you can choose to use an e-mail client for your zionmainframe.org e-mail needs and that will allow you to avoid piling up mail on the server. You can also apply for more space due to e-mail expansion, of course, but please remember the decision whether or not to grant you the space is up to the site operator.

Rules of Engagement

  1. The site you set up needs to be related to the Matrix series.
  2. No commercial content allowed. That means no selling, no advertising, no paid links, no links to MLMs, no get paid online links, no affiliate links, no pay-per-click banners/images/buttons - nothing commercial whatsoever.
  3. No pornography, racist material, or anything that violates human dignity.
  4. No spam is to be sent using the mail servers at zionmainframe.org, or e-mail addresses @zionmainframe.org.
Accounts found contravening any of the above points will be removed. You will get notice from the provider advising you of the removal.

There is a three-month probation period after which your site will be reviewed - if there is no content, the account will be deleted without question - if you don't use it, you lose it. If there is some content at the site but it's obviously unfinished, you will be contacted for further review. Those sites with appropriate content will be granted the webspace for an additional year, after which another review will take place.

Limitation of Liability

The providers of this service assume no responsibility for content generated by the users of the service. unholy Trinity, the Matrix Community, Superb.net, and any third parties [individuals or otherwise] involved in providing this service are not responsible for the content of the pages or e-mail messages generated by the users of this service. In the event of a legal dispute, the only party responsible for any content of a user account is the user to whom that account is assigned.

In the event of impending account deletion, the user will get notice and will be expected to save whatever they want to save within a week of such notice. If they do not take the opportunity to save their content, the providers are not liable for any losses incurred as a result of the deletion.


To sign up for the service, please send an email to the site operator:

This e-mail should contain the following information:
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